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August 25, 2016

Educations App Hits It Big With Teachers and Parents

Sam Chaudhary Had an educational app startup in mind and traveled to California to conduct his research in order to make one important discovery. In order to make it successful he had to discover what teachers considered the worst part of being a teacher. he aimed to create proactively create a solution to their problems in order to create a positive culture with the classrooms and schools. After conducting interviews and partnering with Liam Don, his co-founder of the startup ClassDojo, Chaudhary returned home after his tourist visa expired to continue developing his educational app.

After five years, ClassDojo has successfully expanded. In fact, Every 2 in 3 schools nationwide use the platform. This includes public private and charter educational communities. The app is also utilize in the over 90% of the school districts and operates in over 180 countries around the world. last summer, more than half a million people downloaded the app each day during the back-to-school season. This number is above and beyond the count downloadable apps like Yelp and Tinder.

Even though Chaudhary did not imagine the level of success his startup would experience from the beginning, he and his cofounder were able to raise $1.6 million in seed funding when the startup company was first introduced in 2012. During the following year, ClassDojo was able to attract $8.5 million in first round venture funding. Two years later, the company performed their second round of venture funding and raised an additional $21 million. Educational professionals, venture investors and analysts alike were obviously impressed with the quality of the app and fully supported the company’s hopeful achievements.

ClassDojo is an communication platform that is similar to a social media platform. It allows teachers, parents and students to connect inside and outside of the classroom on a consistent basis. Students are empowered and encouraged to participate in class and behave well by receiving points as incentives on the app. Students are also able to share their classroom work with their parents by downloading their assignments.

Parents can monitor the increase or decrease in their child’s account balance in order to evaluate the activity in the classroom as well as review their childs’ assignments in order to identify areas where the child needs additional assistance. Parents can collaborate with their childs’ teachers to All of this can be accomplished without the parent physically being in the classroom, which is empowering for concerned parents.

Teachers can communicate with parents in order to provide feedback on a regular basis as opposed to waiting for periodic parent and teacher conferences. Teachers also have the ability to utilize the app in order to create a community of support, encouragement and collaboration that is beneficial to the students. Chaudhary may have needed more than 90 days and visa to get the app created, but it appears he has identified what makes a teacher’s job difficult and successfully created a solution that not only makes the role of the instructor easier, it also strengthens the communication between all parties involved.

Andy Wirth,Lake Tahoe

August 23, 2016

Andy Wirth Gets Expansion Plan For Squaw Resorts Through

Andy Wirth has been able to get his expansion plan for his resorts in Lake Tahoe past the review board, and he has made sure that it will now be ready to go the next step. There was a lot of discussion about what the council was going to do, and they had a lot of things that they needed to talk about. Andy Wirth was happy about how it worked because he believed that they could all talk about the right things.

The planning commission wants to be sure that it is bringing good projects to Lake Tahoe, and that is why they wanted to be sure that their work with Andy Wirth was done the right way. The first thing that needed to done was to make sure that he would have a good plan, and then they have been able to hash out this plan to be sure that it would work the right way.

It is also important that people are aware of how much commerce is going to be brought to the area by expanding his hotels. Andy Wirth actually has two hotels on the same mountain, but he has property that he can use to expand. He wants to do this because he knows that it will work for him if he does it right.

He just needs to be sure that he is going to get the help that he needs from the community to make the project go through. They talked a lot about traffic and transportation, but this could be a time for them to find out what can be done to help the whole area. Read more: Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

Andy Wirth put together a good project that will help the whole of the Lake Tahoe area benefit from more tourists and more skiing. More snow in the area will be helpful, and he wants to be sure that he is able to host all those people. He wants to be able to maximize the space that he has, and his expansion is now the one thing that can bring more jobs and more vacationing skiers.

Clay Siegall

August 16, 2016

The Career and Life of Clay B. Siegall

In 2013, Mirna Therapeutics Inc. appointed Dr.Clay B. Siegall as one of its outside directors for its Board of Directors. Mirna Therapeutics said that they were very excited to have Dr.Siegall join their distinguished team, with his experience in the board pharmaceutical industry and achievements in the building of a successful oncology company. It is believed by Mirna Therapeutics that with the help of Dr. Siegall, they can continue to build and advance in the development of the microRNA-based therapeutics. MicroRNA-based therapeutics is known to be an exciting area when it comes to cancer research, and Mirna, with a strong pipeline is well-positioned with product candidates. Siegall said that he was pleased to join the board of directors for Mirna, as with early research in the miRNA field, he was looking forward to helping the team in advancing with promising programs that patients were in need of.
Siegall is the President, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of directors, and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors
Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology company who is focused on the commercialization and development of microRNA, as known as miRNA, therapeutics. Mirna Therapeutics has a foundational intellectual property portfolio for the therapeutic use of miRNAs, that have been developed by their own scientist, with in-licensed from other institutions as well. Mirna Therapeutics was founded in Austin Texas in 2007, and has received funding from both private investors and the state of texas.

Through the Leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has been able to build a diverse pipeline made up of antibody-based therapies that help in addressing the unmet medical needs for cancer patients. Seattle Genetics also has entered multiple strategic collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in oncology. Clay Siegall has had a hand in capital raising activities for Seattle Genetics, one of these activities included securing over 675 million dollars through private and public financing, this included the initial public offering for the company in 2001. Along with his time with Seattle Genetics, he has also worked with Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health. He is also an author, holding 15 patents and with over 70 publications.


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A Personal Review of Cleansing Conditioner from Wen by Chaz

An article posted on Bustle.com investigated another in the long line of quality hair care products from WEN by Chaz, with a little twist. The product reviewed is called a cleansing conditioner, the article (http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened), dubbed it as an all-in-one product. A shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment are the components of this Wen by Chaz product.
The twist? The author of the article, Emily McClure, actually did the product evaluation personally. Not only did McClure use and evaluate, she also included a photo journal covering a full week. Along with the daily pictures was the evaluation of this Wen by Chaz conditioner, to go with each corresponding day.

The “Wen” line is the child of Chaz Dean, who serves a client list that resembles a who’s who of Hollywood headliners. With a background in cosmetology, Dean finds himself doing something he loves, and doing it well. How well? That is evidenced by the great success of this hair care product line.

Wen by Chaz is now a recognized and trusted name. The product finds itself on the shelves of popular hair care stores like Sephora, on networks like QVC and online sites like Amazon. The wide range of products offered by Wen and the intentional focus of keeping this product line as natural and healthy as possible are leading reasons why Wen by Chaz has met such success.

The results of the aforementioned article reviewing the Wen by Chaz all-in-one cleansing conditioner was positive. If there was anything to note, it was the time needed to use this product properly. With that in mind, the article suggested that this product may not be the very best of the Wen line for women who don’t have the time on a daily basis, so a product for every day use may be a better option. No surprise that this is yet another winning product from Wen, in this particular case there is an eye witness account to the fact.

Check out the Wen hair website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/

Business Success

August 12, 2016

The Best Choice For An Advantage Care Plan

Those individuals that qualify for Medicare also have the option to get a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans are also called Medicare Private Health Plan. These are plans that have contracts with the federal government, and they receive a certain amount per person for their Medicare benefits. There are different types of Medicare Advantage Plans and they include HMOs, PSFS, and PPOs. There are many things that an individual needs to know if they are going to enroll in a Medicare advantage plan. If an individual has a Medicare Advantage Plan, they still have Medicare. This means that they still have to pay their monthly premium for parts A and B of the Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans have a limit to the out-of-pocket expenses for parts A and B, and they also provide additional benefits than just regular Medicare. These additional benefits can cover things such as dental care or vision care. Each plan can come with their own rules, and a individual does well to investigate the rules of each plan before they decide which coverage that they would want to take.

Read more: Meet Our CEO

Medicare Advantage Plans generally have a premium in addition to the Medicare premium. Generally, Each patient is responsible to pay the copayment whenever they see a specialist or a primary care physician. Individuals that are eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan are individuals that have Medicare part A and B, and live in the service area. If a person has end-stage renal disease, they are not eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Many individuals have chosen to go with InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare health is the most popular manage healthcare service in the United States. InnovaCare healthcare has the mission to always put their patients first, and they promise to give quality health care to their patients. They thrive on strong patient provider relationships, and they constantly strive for growth as an organization. Some of the leaders at InnovaCare Healthcare are the following: Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. With the help of Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. Leadership is something that is very important to InnovaCare, because they believe that good leaders provide excellent service to their employees, and their patients as well. InnovaCare Health believes that teams make the biggest impact, and as a team the providers and employees at InnovaCare healthcare work to pursue their vision and find effective solutions to difficult challenges.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141002006266/en/InnovaCare-Subsidiary-MMM-Healthcare-Acquires-FirstPlus-Medicare


August 11, 2016

Video Visitation Used for Education

Securus Technologies The company has continued to provide a number of different technology enhancements to correctional facilities across the country. Today, hundreds of facilities use the company’s products and services, which are ultimately used by millions of inmates and family members across the globe.

The primary product that the company has been selling today has been a unique video visitation service. This video visitation service allows a prison to set up a terminal within their facility where an individual can communicate face-to-face with a loved one, friend, or even their attorney. Through the use of this system, an inmate can see a family member on a more regular basis without requiring them to come all the way to the prison and without having to deal with the frustration and anxiety that comes with live visitation. Any family member can use the system as long as they are approved by the prison system and have a phone, tablet, or computer that allows for video visitation.
While the technology is often used for simple conversations, Securus has revealed many surprising ways that inmates are using the technology today. One of the most rewarding ways is that it has allowed prisoners to continue to help their children with their homework. Various prisoners at facilities across the country have children that are in school and need a similar level of help when it comes to getting prepared for school.

As opposed to having to go to a tutor, they are now able to link in their imprisoned parent, whom is then able to go through assignments on a daily basis. This can help to ensure that a prisoner and their family member continue to feel the same bond that they would if the prisoner was not longer imprisoned. In the future it is also possible that a prisoner could use the technology to further improve their own education by video chatting into a live classroom setting.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Business Guru

July 19, 2016

A Brief Timeline of Adam Goldenberg’s Success with Fabletics

JustFab is a commonly heard name throughout the world, but few realize that Fabletics by Kate Hudson is a branch of JustFab, and was established as a means to abolish the theory that athletic wear is too expensive, ineffective and, frankly, uncomfortable. Co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, believes in the product rather than the marketing that builds it up, so there is no denying the general quality of Fabletics, and how anything less than amazing would not be approved by the meticulous CEO at http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1477272&privcapId=37181322.

A Brief Timeline of Fabletics and Its Success

* Established in 2013 as a means to eliminate the stereotypes associated with athletic gear by offering quality fabrics and patterns at affordable prices.

* Less than a year later, Fabletics launches in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

* A few months later, Canada welcomes the brand.

* In February 2015, the line heads to Australia.

* In June of 2015, the company that is led by male CEOs finally launches a male line.

The quirky personality of the Fabletics team is depicted in all of their actions as well as their success. With an unfaltering mission to deliver a quality product to communities across the world, the company remains an important part of people’s lives and, well, their closets, too!

Trendy patterns picked by experts and, of course, approved by Adam Goldenberg accent every piece, while their mantra of “Live your Passion” is heard from consumers willing to give their testimonies.

In conclusion, Adam Goldenberg morals and vast business knowledge allow him to operate such successful companies that do far more than improve people’s style choices, but motivate them to make better decisions and to maintain their general self-esteem. Adam Goldenberg believes in listening to consumer feedback in all of his business endeavors and, generally, uses the information as a means to strengthen weak portions of his companies. A vibrant personality that is eager to please rather than simply succeed has allowed him to do what he enjoys each day; improving the lives of thousands is just an added bonus. It will be interesting to see where Goldenberg’s ideas take him next!

Hair Transformation

July 8, 2016

Fine and Flat Hair Gone with Wen by Chaz

WEN hair by Chaz is a hair care line that has received rave reviews from those who have tried it. The product line forgoes the usual suds and bubbles associated with hair care cleaning. Instead, it opts for a cleansing conditioner that is not only going to clean your hair, but make it healthier in the long run.

The main question that is asked by Amazon consumers is how a cleansing conditioner is truly going to take their hair and turn it into something that they have often dreamed of having? The product is a combination of shampoo, conditioner and even styling products. Thus, it is a wash and go product that any woman would love to have on the shelf to reach for.

In an article originally appearing on Bustle (http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened), a young woman with fine hair decided to take the Wen hair challenge and see if her results were worthy of the hype surrounding the brand. The end result was simply stunning!

The results that the young woman had showcased just how damaging other shampoos and conditioners must be to the hair. She immediately noticed that less strands were falling out, her hair seemed thicker and after washing she immediately noticed how much shinier and overall healthier the hair appeared. The week long journey with the Sephora endorsed Wen product had her getting compliments on her hair, noticing a bit more shine and bounce, and the hair felt softer than ever before. This review showcases that the product does indeed live up to the hype that surrounds it!

Why Wen Hair? Read http://www.wenhaircare.com/


Behind The Music,Industry News

July 1, 2016

Tidal’s Renaissance With Desiree Perez

There has been a lot of positive changes at Tidal recently. A lot of it has come as a result of Desiree Perez’s involvement. She has been someone that is very close to Jay Z and has been working with him for 20 years. She has a husband that runs Roc Nation Sports. One thing that could be said for Perez is that she is very tough with an impressive street cred. She is also very good at negotiating with people in order to find a deal that will make everyone happy. For one thing, it is important to know that the Rihanna Samsung deal and the Beyonce Formation Stadium Tour would not have happened without the involvement of Desiree Perez.

Tidal has revised its purpose as a music streaming service provider in order to focus on some of the more recent hits and new releases as opposed to its older style of catalogs. This allows people to keep on top of the new releases. Among the features of the new Tidal service is the list of new releases called Tidal Discovery. Then there is another feature called Tidal Rising which allows people to look at new artists that have released some of their tracks. Then there is the live performance feature called Tidal X which keeps customers knowledgeable of the new live performances that are being presented by Tidal.

Jay Z himself knows about good music. He has a very exceptional taste in music which allows him to be able to pick out which new artists are going to bring something great to the table. He is also very passionate about bringing about strong relationships with his artists. He encourages his artists and helps them develop their craft so that they could have something that is very successful and game changing. Desiree Perez is also helpful in making things happen for people who are in the industry and for people that are just listening to the tracks that have been released. Desiree is one of the powerful influences behind Tidal’s streaming service. She has a creativity and a thickness of skin that allows her to make sure everything happens to her satisfaction.

Business Leader,Ski Season

June 21, 2016

Andy Wirth Encourages Listeners About the Upcoming Ski Season

 The President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth, is optimistic about the future of the ski industry despite unusual weather. I heard the interview on KCRW’s program, “Press Play” with Madeleine Brand where she asked the executive, “How will the drought affect California ski resorts?”

A lot of people have been nervous about the upcoming year after El Nino caused a shortened 2015 season and the driest summer in years. Since skiing and ski resorts rely on snow, the extensive drought seems to indicate a major problem for both. Andrew “Andy” Wirth however, has a different outlook. “This past winter was certainly a tough one, as everybody knows… but we actually made our way through quite well,” he explains.

And El Nino doesn’t just make for dry weather. He explains how the real affect, as explained by the Stanford report on the subject, is in an increased volatility in the weather, and that’s something of which they can take advantage.

“I can manage and build this business model for the long term,” he says. With the ability to invest in more snow making and management, Wirth is confident that even if all 6,000 acres of the Squaw Valley land aren’t covered naturally, they will be able to open 4,000 at a minimum, which still makes for a very fun time on the mountain.

He also notes that the most probable affect of an El Nino winter is actually colder weather and that there’s no reason to fear for winter in the region entirely. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://andywirth.com/

The company, and others like it, is also looking to hedge their business with increases in summer land use, such as weddings, meetings, and large events like the Ironman. In fact, most of their summer, he explains, is already completely booked and the company is making money despite a shortened ski season.

Andy Wirth confidence in the matter doesn’t come out of ignorance. An avid outdoors-man, Andy Wirth spent several years as a back-country ranger in Colorado, as well as fighting wild land fires in Northern New Mexico. Wirth holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado and attended Edinburgh University as well.

He sees the interaction of business with nature as quite normal and considers himself and others in his position to be resource managers above all else. He believes that they are managing the legacy of the mountains and hardly sees the weather as his enemy.

Andy Wirth overall statement is that Squaw Valley and the other resorts in Olympic Valley are not in any financial danger and the different possibilities for the upcoming season and years beyond are being closely watched and attended. There is nothing to fear: Your vacation is safe.

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