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ClassDojo,Education Application

December 7, 2016

How Educators Are Using Class Dojo to Teach Empathy and Values

Educators around the United States are now implementing Class Dojo’s empathy-inducing videos into public elementary curriculums. ClassDojo, the educational application which was developed to enhance teachers’ relationships with parents and students, has recently develop a series of these videos in an effort to instill empathetic values into children on a regular basis. Representatives from ClassDojo recently participated in an interview where they discussed the development of educational videos about empathy and reasons the company believed these videos were relevant to the educational process. The videos, which were made available to Class Dojo subscribers a short time ago, have received raved reviews by educators, parents, and students alike.

Development of Empathy-Based Videos

Class Dojo representatives stated that the development of empathy-based videos has been on the company’s agenda for several months. After the launch of Harvard University’s empathy campaign, which was developed in an effort to convey empathetic values to the nation’s youth, Class Dojo decided that the videos should be created and rapidly released. Class Dojo’s creative department developed a series of videos which feature lovable monsters and other characters who engage in interesting plots which teach children how to respond to difficult situations with empathy for one another. Representatives from the ClassDojo stated a new wave of instructional videos will soon be released to Class Dojo subscribers.


Relevant Nature of Educational Courses About Empathy

Class Dojo representatives emphasized the need of empathy-based videos in the public education system. According to the latest Harvard University study on empathetic values in the United States, there has been a drastic decline of empathy between American citizens who disagree. ClassDojo hopes to rectify this decline through the education of the future generation of American citizens. By including empathy-based programs in the public school curriculum, educators can teach students to develop successful practices for communicating with those who disagree with them. Although students could also benefit from an education that teaches them to think critically and react to difficult situations logically rather than emotioanlly, ClassDojo representatives believe that the first step toward the development of successful citizens is the development of empathetic values. Students who are taught to place themselves in the shoes of those with whom they disagree are likely to successfully engage in conflicting situations in the future. ClassDojo has become widely regarded as one of the best educational applications in the United States and is quickly growing through the development of successful strategies.


For more update student’s and parent’s can stay with @ClassDojo .

Entrepreneur,Jason Hope,SENS Research Foundation

December 6, 2016

Jason Hope, Scottsdale Entrepreneur, Brings Hope to Many

Jason Hope is an Internet entrepreneur with a passion for giving. His interests are widespread, and he has donated much to foundations that work with kids. He is also passionate about disease cure, and he wants to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other age-related diseases that people still (unfortunately) suffer from. He has recently partnered with the SENS Foundation to this end.

You see, Jason Hope just pledged to give half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. In case you haven’t heard, the SENS Foundation is an organization that seeks to cure diseases using biotechnological means, and they have been part of innovative thinking on this topic for many years. Hope’s generous contributions will no doubt help them to achieve their goals.

Hope has also expressed much passion in giving to the Boy and Girls Club, a local outfit from Scottsdale, AZ, among many other organizations that seek to better kids’ lives through education. He most especially values education that happens inside and outside of the classroom, and hands-on learning matters a lot to Hope, who is an entrepreneur.

In Scottsdale, he has been known for his chosen generosity, and with this generous gift to the SENS Foundation, his name is sure to live on for many years. As SENS seeks to help folks find cures to diseases that the aging suffer from, we are all in Hope’s debt for this gift. For, as you know, we are all aging.

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The gift will go, according to SENS, to help those who suffer from hypertension. This is a common disease that many suffer from, and SENS will continue to make progress toward a cure. Jason Hope’s futuristic vision in making this donation is only one reason why he is a worthy entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Learn more about Jason Hope here.

Inmate Communication App

December 5, 2016

High Profile and Reliable

Securus Technologies a high-profile and well-known information technology company. They are based out of Texas, and are heavily involved within the United States prison system. Their main focus is to provide customers currently living within the American penal system with reliable forms of communication and security support. Securus Technologies has already seen a massive increase in the amount of customers that its services, which is interesting considering the type of customer base that they usually attract. While most of their companies seem to try and push away inmates as a customer, Securus Technologies and braces them for the consumers that they are. In order to try and to attract more customers to the corporation, Securus Technologies is currently running a promotion on what are the most famous products, a video chat software package.


This software package is a free downloadable application that is compatible on both Apple and Android devices. The application is easy to operate, with an inmate having to open the application and accessing your Wi-Fi signal for them to be able to call their loved ones on the outside. This advancement in technology means that traditional visitation methods can be ignored, with family members no longer having to drive long distances to visit with their inmate loved ones, and then being able to successfully bypass mandatory Security checks.


The promotion of this technology increase the ranks of customers that Securus Technologies will see in the following months. These are exciting times for the communication technology world, as this level of support for individuals facing social stigma is a clear example of how everyone needs to be represented in some way, shape or form.



December 4, 2016

Can Kabbalah be the Magical Cure for Depression?

The Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles, California, has spent decades teachings its pupils that depression is not an inevitable part of life, but merely a symptom of losing one’s connection with the spiritual source. Through studying what Kabbalah says about the secret spiritual realities of the universe, depression is most definitely something which can be cured.


Kabbalah, the ancient mystical interpretation of Judaism, has been around since long before the Earth was created. Its teachings provide us with insights into the purpose of life and what it means to be human. At the Kabbalah Center, which was opened in 1984, students wishing to learn these ancient secrets may partake in numerous workshops and seminars to better understand the meaning of their existence, as well as how to navigate through this world happily and peacefully.


According to Kabbalah, much of our unhappiness comes from egotistical wants and desires. Material possessions distract us from our true purpose, which is to stay connected with God and nature. These material possessions give us a false sense of accomplishment, but ultimately we become slaves to these superficial symbols of prosperity, and we suffer emotionally.


Kabbalah also teaches us that we did not randomly end up with the families we were born into. Rather, we chose the family we have now in a past lifetime, and it is part of our higher purpose during lifetime to learn something from the family we are in. Therefore, nothing about this current existence is an accident, and rather than pity ourselves for our circumstances, we must understand that our souls have something to learn from these family relationships.


God has given us each a spiritual purpose which is unique to us. In Kabbalah, we learn that when we are not in tune with the guidance God provides to us, we lose touch with our higher purpose. Then, our lives suffer because we are living in a way that does not fulfill our purpose on this planet. By reconnecting with the spiritual source, we are living right with the universe, as has been destined by God.


The Kabbalah Centre has turned around the lives of many suffering from various forms of depression and anxiety. By working personally with pupils to address their own emotional needs, and by educating them thoroughly on the teachings of Kabbalah, many students have seen a complete positive transformation in their lives.


December 2, 2016

Fabletics Expands Growth and Success With Retail Stores

For the past three years, Fabletics has been a staple online. Chances are that you’ve seen their commercials on television, their advertisements online, and their social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. They have a huge online presence because they’ve typically been a company that’s based online. Fabletics operates on a subscription-based model. All a person has to do is log in, shop around for clothing they like, and check out. They can decide to shop as a guest or as a VIP member where they get discounts each month but also have to pay a fee.

Fabletics has seen a lot of success online. This is because people love shopping from the comfort of their own home. They don’t have to deal with long lines, fighting the crowds, and even just getting dressed to go out. People also have the option to read other people’s reviews of products. Not everyone is the same, however. There are some people who absolutely love shopping in stores. They get a feel for how things fit before purchasing them. They also just love the whole process of seeing clothes in person and trying on a variety of different styles.

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Therefore Fabletics is branching out to make everyone happy! Fabletics will still be available online but they are now opening up brick and mortar stores. These retail stores are perfect for anyone that’s been nervous about trying out a product they’ve never seen before. Consumers can head to the retail locations, browse the selection, and try on different styles! The best part is that stylists will be at the store to help each individual out. They’ll give them guidance on choosing an outfit, letting them know what looks good on them, and what they can expect with sizing. These stylists will even help customers sign up for the subscription-based service. That way, they can shop at home and get the best deals. There are constantly new clothing becoming available online. What’s a woman sees how these clothes will fit at the store, they can have the confidence and knowledge to continue shopping online.

These retail locations are scattered across the country. There are a few in Illinois, California, Florida, and several other locations. These stores started opening in September and October of this year. It’s likely that as their popularity grows, more locations will pop up to give people easy access to shopping the clothes in person. You can find these locations as stand-alone stores or as part of a mall.

Overall, Fabletics is seeing a great amount of success. A lot of it is thanks to the vision of Kate Hudson. The actress, fashion icon, and mother of two knows just what women want when it comes to athleisure-wear. That’s why she’s made all these cute, comfortable, and stylish clothes. She also understands that different women enjoy different ways of shopping. That’s why she’s helped her subscription-based site move into retail locations across the United States. Fabletics is a company that will just keep growing.

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Atlanta Hawks Law Suit

December 1, 2016


Bruce Levenson is a business tycoon, a former Atlanta Hawks owner, and a philanthropist (read: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html). In 2004 Levenson bought the Hawks, Thrashers, and Philip Arena from Turner Broadcasting, a team of entrepreneurs who owned Atlanta Hawks, Thrashers, and Philips Arena at $250 million. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz were the principal shareholders of the Hawks and Philip Arena. Later on, in 2011, Levenson sold the Thrashers at $170 million.

In 2012 Bruce Levenson hired Danny Ferry, a former player at Cleveland Cavaliers as the general manager and president of basketball activities. However, in 2014, Hawks went on sale after receiving a letter from Bruce Levenson requesting them to sell the team and the arena. Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle to handle the bidding process. They ended up accepting Ressler’s proposal. Tony Ressler, Jesse Itzler the team’s consultant, Sara Blakely, Rice Partner, Steven Sarker and Clayton Dubilier, were mandated with the bidding task so as to ensure that the bidding process was smooth. Nevertheless, the NBA owners would have the final decision on the sale and transaction.

According to Goldman Sachs, selling Hawks and Philip’s Arena’s operating rights would amount to $1billion. Other statistics, however, indicated that Hawks and Philips Arena worth was ranging from $700 to $1.2 billion, reflecting the strength of the sport in the business world. Though the price was billed at over $1 billion by Goldman Sachs, Tony Ressler ended up buying the franchise at $730 million.

Without a doubt, Bruce Levenson made an incredible profit with the sale bearing in mind that he had bought Hawks, Thrashers, and the Philips Arena at $250 million. Nevertheless, by exaggerating the price, the bankers for the Hawks may have discouraged other bidders, leaving better options on the table. Selling Hawks and Phillips Arena did not affect the players since they still won a franchise-record of sixty games and were rated the best players in the Eastern Conference.

For more info, visit the brucelevenson.com website and Wiki page.

Billy McFarland

November 30, 2016

Billy McFarland Desire for Individuals to Live a Millionaire’s Lifestyle

Billy McFarland is the founder and CEO of Magnises, a social club whose members carry the Magnises black card. The black card can be linked to the user’s debit and credit card to effect payments via a mobile app. Using the black card, Magnises members can access great discounts at exclusive hotels, restaurants, bars, and private concerts which would otherwise be too expensive for commoners.

Nevertheless, McFarland says his primary interest is building brands that Magnises members trust. Consequently, he is not planning to have on board jut any product. The club is currently in partnership with top businesses such as restaurants La Esquina and Catch, spin studio Cyc, Finale ad Goldbar. In addition to clubs and hotels, members can also enjoy discounts on helicopter rides and attend concerts by top-flight rappers such as Rick Ross and Ja Rule.

Society places great value on education, and people who drop out of school may receive harsh judgment. Dropping out of school is considered a misnomer and people believe nothing good can ever come out of a person who suddenly quits school. However, this has not always been the case. Billy McFarland, 25, dropped out of college in his freshman year to become an entrepreneur. Now, thanks to the young man’s invention, Millennials can afford to live the lives of millionaires.

Owing to its growing membership, Magnises has relocated to a penthouse on Rivington, Lower East Side. Members can host many events here ranging from cocktail parties to late-night DJ shows. What is more, members can use the premises to hold meetings or carry out their work-related tasks. Space can accommodate up to 200 people per night.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland stands to reap heavily from this enterprise. With a membership of more than 6,000 individuals who pay $250 every year, it won’t take long before his accounts begin to swell with dollars. He is reaching out to young professionals in the field of finance, technology, and fashion. One becomes a member by filling out an online application form. This form must be approved by the Magnises team to accept a new member.

Thanks to the Magnises black card club, young professionals can live like millionaires.


November 21, 2016

White Shark Media Drives Home Conversions

With business owners, there are milestones towards their success. The first thing for online marketers is that they have to build up their platform and then do everything they can to market. The first step is to get traffic to their site. Afterwards, they have to work on getting the conversion. While it is true that a lot of sites depend on a large amount of traffic in order to make the sales, there are actually factors that have an influence on the conversion rate. One of the main factors is the advertising. There is a lot of work that goes into putting together the ad campaign that increases the conversion rate of the site.


While the business owner could take the time to try to get a ad campaign going, he will have a better chance with getting the help of an advertiser. One advertising firm that could help with the ad campaign is White Shark Media. They have a lot of experience and skills when it comes to putting together an ad campaign. One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that the professionals of this company have used their expertise in order to bring forth greater conversions to businesses.


White Shark Media will not only work on an ad that talks about a specific aspect of their clients business, but they will also include the client on every aspect of the work they are doing. For one thing, clients need to know what is working and what is not so that they will be able to adjust their business practices. One of the inner workings of the business is in the details of everything that is working. White Shark Media understands the strengths of businesses and sees the importance in bringing out the strengths to people so that they will want to do business with the company.


Find out more about White Shark Media:



November 20, 2016

Josh Verne: Not Just Being Heard, But Listening

The common dream for people is to be heard. Everyone has the right to be heard. It doesn’t matter the circumstances. There are businesses where the employees are not happy. Among the reasons that employees are not happy is that they are not listened to. When employees are not happy, then they are not going to make it easier for the employer. A good employer is someone that listens to what people are saying. While the employer does have to make sure that the employees are doing their job, he has to also present a situation that is good for all sides.


Josh Verne has learned the value of listening to employees. For one thing, he has learned that employees that are happy are going to make positive changes in the businesses. Also, another thing that he has realized is that people are becoming more aware of their options. One thing Josh wants to see is a business where employees are treated fairly. It is an uncomfortable situation where an employer is making things miserable for the employee. Even the employee that is the most willing to work for the company is going to find himself looking for a way out when he is faced with a bad work situation.


One thing that could be done for employees is to provide a platform for employees to voice their opinions. Among the things employers and business owners could do is run meetings. Even though many companies run meetings, a lot of those meetings are lectures of the employer to the employees. However, another option for meetings is for employers to leave room for the employees to leave their input. Not only that, it would not hurt to at least take in some of the suggestions of the employee. This would encourage the employee to work for the company more.


A large part of business is making things easier for the employee among others. The whole point of business is to provide benefits to people so that they will have the very thing they need or want in their lives. Every aspect of the business has to be treated with care.

Hiring Cleaning Experts

November 14, 2016

Handy Cleans Throughout the World

I love to throw parties. I hate to clean. This could be a very bad combination if it were not for Handy. This is the company that I trust with all of my cleaning needs. I can say that I have never been disappointed with this company. There have always been a skillful set of cleaners that were sent my way to help me after a wild party. I think that my ability to get such good cleaners in place so soon is a true sign of just how good Handy Cleaning Services can be.

There are representatives that usually show up in about 24 hours after I have made the call. There is also a money back guarantee that comes with the work that this company is doing. All of that equates to a better service because workers are not going to come out and half-clean if they know that disgruntled customers will request a refund. I have seen how Handy.com has made millions in the last couple of years, and I think that this is rightfully deserved. There are local maid services all over the world in every major city. The major cleaning franchise like Handy Cleaning Services, by contrast, is something that is rare. People in the United States have seen this, but Handy Cleaning Services are also being presented to people in London and Canada. This sets the stage for better opportunities to grow.

I think that more people that are in positions like I am will see the need for this type of service. I often work long hours. If I never hired anyone to clean I would be living like someone from Hoarders. It doesn’t take long for a couple of dirty dishes to become a load of dirty dishes. I make sure that I call Handy.com Cleaning Services when I think that things are getting out of hand. I used to get Handy Cleaning Services out once a month. Now I book the appointments once a week. This is a great fit because I can throw a party at any time that I choose to do so.

The Internet has made it possible for people to book services in a matter of minutes. That is what I really do like about using Handy. You can get on the website (https://www.handy.com/) and decide exactly what services you want the cleaning crew to do.