Tips From Upwork For Successfully Completing A To-Do List

Creating a list of the things that a person has to get done can be helpful when it comes to that person actually getting everything done. Upwork has shared some powerful secrets to help those who struggle with all that they need to get done in a day. This company has advice for those who are looking to create a to-do list and actually follow through with it. Upwork helps to match up freelance individuals with those who can use their services, and this company suggests that a person include everything that they need to do on a written down list. They believe that it is important for the one who is looking to get a lot accomplished to write down all of the things that they need to get done.

Upwork has twelve million people registered on their website, and they know that it can be helpful for the freelancers who find work through them to have a to-do list that they use and actually follow. They suggest that those who are creating a to-do list should do that ahead of time, before the tasks actually have to be accomplished. They believe that creating a list one night and completing the tasks the next day can help a person get everything done. They also believe that a person should figure out what their priorities are when it comes to completing all of the tasks that they need to get done.

Upwork allows their clients to interview the freelancers on their site before they decide to work with them, and they believe that it is important for anyone who is working through a to-do list to be willing to delegate some of the work that needs to get done. They also believe that those who are hoping to successfully finish off a to-do list to figure out when each task needs to get completed and just how much energy each task is going to take from them.

The Awards Keep Rolling In For Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group:

Businessman Sheldon Lavin is a former financial consultant who is primarily known for his long tenure as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. OSI is one of the worlds leading meat processing and custom food solutions company. After a college career that saw stops at the University of Illinois, Northwestern and Chicago’s Roosevelt University, Sheldon began his career in the financial consulting industry. One of his clients was the ownership group of Otto & Sons, OSI Group’s predecessor. Sheldon helped in arranging expansion capital for the company and its executive leadership was impressed with him to the point that he was asked to join the food company. Over 40 years and a name change later, Otto & Sons became OSI Group in 1975, Sheldon Lavin is still vibrant and active in all of OSI’s operations, even at over 80 years of age.

Sheldon maintains his enthusiasm because he is such a firm believer in OSI Group’s guiding principles. He has worked hard to foster OSI’s reputation for family values. At OSI, the customers and the employees feel like family members. Due to this, there is very little turnover in employment at OSI Group and many of the firm’s customers are long-standing, often times having contracts that go back decades. OSI’s consistent ability to deliver the most innovative and best food solutions in the industry is what keeps the customers happy staying put.

2016 was a particularly busy year for the award-winning food company. Acquisitions and more awards were in store. OSI Group acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe in the European market and expect huge boosts in revenue as a result of bringing these great companies into the OSI family. Sheldon Lavin was awarded India’s World Visionary Award for his work with OSI Group over the years. In the U.K. OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honour award for its commitment to being environmentally sustainable.

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OSI Industries, Top In Food Production And Distribution

OSI Food Solutions is a UK-based company that has risen through the ranks and become one of America’s top 100 food companies. OSI Industries has 65 facilities in 17 countries all over the world. With their focus on services and making customized products for their clients.

OSI food Solutions mission is to make its processing and deliveries as promised everyday and to make every product perfect for every customer. This mission gives them a very high standard that needs to be met daily from there food vendors. OSI only wants the best product possible, requiring their vendors to be of top quality. OSI also has the Financial backing and resources to do whatever needed to make the client happy. Sometimes this includes creating a completely new processing method or even purchasing new equipment to meet their clients needs.

These high standards have also earned OSI Food Solutions a globe of honour award from the British Safety Council in in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

As one of the 18 organizations that were presented with this award in 2016 worldwide, OSI had to demonstrate great Merit within its Environmental Management team. Before even qualifying for the globe of honour award these organizations had to gain a maximum of 5 stars within the British Safety Council Environmental Management audit, that took place between August 2015 and July 2016.

Kelly grimwood, OSI Environmental manager of Europe stated that leadership is a key factor in achieving excellence.

OSI Food Solutions has also made several expansions over the last several years including expanding into Spain. In the summer of 2017 they purchased a high capacity production line in Toledo, Spain. This new production line would allow them to process chicken products up to 2,400 tons a year, which is an increase from their 1,200 tons per year. This also added 20 new jobs to their existing 140 person Workforce within Spain.

In December of 2016 OSI purchased a piece of Flagship food groups. Flagship Europe contributes South vide products, pies and Frozen poultry as well as dressings, sauces and mayonnaise with in the UK for food service.

According to chief executive of Flagship Europe, Russell Maddock, they welcome the increase in resources and the admission to new clients from being part of the OSI group. Flagship Europe is excited to strengthen their Market and for the new opportunities to serve their customers better.

President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI, David McDonald, stated that they are excited to continue broadening themselves to better serve the forever changing needs of their customers.

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IC System Ethical and Honest with Professional Results

IC System began in 1938 thru the efforts and organizational skills of Ruth and Jack Erickson. The Erickson’s core values for IC System were honest service while being guided by ethical standards. IC System is celebrating 80 years in the business of portfolio recovery for its clients and remain firm in the founding principles in which it started. The Erickson ownership is now in its third generation and carries on the principles fo Ruch and Jack Erickson.

IC System has always integrated innovation into its business practices and was the first portfolio recovery company in the United States to switch from typewriters to computers in 1968.

IC System follows strict government regulation standards set by the Consumer Finance Standards Bureau and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. IC System is continually seeking better ways to carry out its work using acceptable government standards in its professional applications for clients and consumers.

IC System agents have at their disposal the most advanced collection tools to use in interacting with clients daily.

IC System is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. While the times have changed and we live in a digital age, the principles began with the Erickson’s in 1938 have remained the same, “ethical and honest.” IC System takes great pride in being able to offer customer-friendly practices. IC System strives to gain the best results for every opportunity at hand. IC System has been awarded the BBB Torch Award consecutively from 2013-2015.

When Ruth and Jack Erickson were starting their small business back in 1938 to serve the needs of its clients, they made sure they founded on honest and ethical principles that would last. Now having served over thousands of its clients with professional and satisfactory results the three generations of Erickson input have made IC System the family-owned and customer-friendly portfolio recovery business what it is today.


Vegan Commitment More Than Just A Concept At Lime Crime

There are many companies in the world who are doing their best to take a stand in one form or another. One of these is a cosmetic company known as Lime Crime. This company and their CEO and Founder, Doe Deere have a strong vegan commitment. As a result all of the amazing products that are being offered by the company are standing up to their commitment by being vegan approved. Because of the way they are made, these products are a favorite of people who are living the vegan lifestyle. This is a product line that they can get behind and use.

Lime Crime goes out of there way to keep their promise of vegan commitment and Doe Deere has made some important choices regarding the company and their products to make sure that every product in their product line lives up to that commitment. Another thing that Lime Crime is known for is the fact that are not animal tested. Being a cruelty cosmetic company is a choice and it is working well for this company and their product line.

If you don’t already know about the fine line of vegan friendly products offered by Lime Crime cosmetics you are in for a real treat. You can find everything from hair dye to lipstick and everything in between. Doe Deere started the company on a shoestring budget and a dream. Her dream was what made the company such a success. She knew that people wanted to find makeup that was bold and colorful in a world where so many other cosmetic companies were making boring nudes that only worked in the nine to five business world.

Doe knew that there must be more to live than those boring shades of makeup and she set out to build a better cosmetic line. Along the way she found the companies vegan commitment and their commitment to not harm animals. Today her company is developing bright and powerful colors of makeup that people love and are happy to purchase. The company does their best to keep the pricing structure cost effective too which keeps buyers coming back .

Perry Mandera: Secret To Success

Giving back is so important in life. When we get to places that we consider successful we must reach back and help those who are maybe having a rough time to show respect and honor to what we have achieved. There are many ways to give back but serving the community is one of the main ways. The world or universe has a way of helping those who help others and maybe that is truly the biggest secret to success. Someone who may know this already and who is a prime example of what service can provide is Perry Mandera (

Perry Mandera is the leader and CEO of a company called Custom Companies. They in this company do their best to provide transportation for several different members and groups in communities. The company was started in Northlake Illinois in 1986 by Mandera himself. He has received several accolades for work with this business like the inclusion in the to 100 American Transportation Executive of the Millennium from the Illinois transportation association.

Perry Mandera’s giving back goes farther than that. He served as a marine in the military as a youth and a motor polo driver. His job was to get troops and cargo to different places with his vehicle and this might have been the inspiration for his company. After he was done with the armed forces he did a different type of service and giving back. This was as a public 0ffical in the Chicago Illinois’ 26th ward. He ran and was elected to be a Republican Ward Committeeman. Perry Mandera obviously has the itch to help his fellowman from a young age because as a member of the committee he was the youngest at the time to do this in Chicago history.

Mandera’s love of charity is something he is also known for. Especially when it comes to kids he has a penchant for helping out. Through his company and the funds, they raise he donates financial, transportation, and material goods to the youth. He also helped extensively with hurricane Katrina. Perry Mandera has seen success in everything he has done and maybe it’s because he cares to help his fellow man more than to line his pockets.


OSI Group is not Stopping at Anything in the Global Food Market

Being honored ahead of other worthy competitors shows remarkable success and progression especially in the business world. OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2015. This follows development by the company efforts in ensuring safe, healthy and eco-friendly working environments for it employees. The awards honor firms that have demonstrated health and safety risks management at work earning a maximum of five stars in both categories. The company was among eight other organizations to win the global award.

Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has made remarkable expansion into the global market in the recent year. The leading global food provides supplies custom food solutions and has 65 facilities spread over 17 countries. In Europe, the company increased its presence when it bought Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, convenience food industries, and snacks. Baho Food owns five affiliate companies in Germany and Netherlands whose management will work with OSI in coming up with a growth strategy. They have been expanding and acquiring food companies as an expansion strategy in the last three years.

OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group in December 2016. Flagship Europe makes sauces, pies, poultry, sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, dips, marinades and dressings for the UK market. These additions will help OSI fulfill their customer needs and expand their resources in Europe. This was followed by the purchase of a high capacity production line in Toledo, Spain that will increase the production to 24,000 tons of chicken products annually. There is an increased demand for chicken products in both Portugal and Spain, allowing the company to have a more significant share of the market. OSI Food Solutions Spain will meet the demands increasing their products, customers and new jobs in the process.

In 2015 when Tyson Food Plant in Chicago was closing down, OSI Group offered and acquired the 200,000 square feet plant. Preparing meals such as omelets, meatballs, crepes, and tempura chicken, the plant will see OSI diversify its products serving a bigger number of clients. Located near one of OSI North America plants, the Tyson plant will serve as an expansion plan for storage and processing. OSI offered to retain 250 employees of the plant providing those jobs.

OSI Group, a holding company for meat processors, which provides food for restaurants and other food outlets, was founded in 1909. It has over 20,000 workers with annual revenues of $6.1 billion producing food products such as meat patties, pizza, vegetables, poultry, hot dogs, fish, and bacon.

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Desiree Perez Has A New Plan Going Forward

You can’t look at anything happening in the music industry today without realizing that the people behind it all just aren’t getting the recognition that has allowed it to happen. Desiree Perez has played a major role in making sure that Roc Nation, the company created by hip hop mogul Jay Z, is able to stay afloat regardless of what situation comes up. Her work has allowed Roc Nation to produce billions as she helped seal some of the most prominent deals out there. There simply aren’t too many people out there who have the same drive and have contributed to the same extent.

Desiree Perez is going to be remember for the way that she stuck with the people who got her into the music industry helped them expand. She understood that the company had the potential to expand into new territory in sports and other areas with the right mindset. Now, we can understand that what she thought is quite true because Roc Nation has entered sports with all of the success you would expect. The success that Perez has generated is giving Roc Nation the potential to go down the same route as other prominent entertainment companies.

Jay Z has created an empire and he uses the people who have been with him since day one to help him. They have proven to be loyal and ambitious on a scale that others can’t hope to copy. Where the future is going to take them is certainly a major theme of Desiree Perez’s story now. She is tasked with helping this company become so much greater than what it started as. Her desire to make the most out of every move is going to prove to be an important part of everything going forward from now on.

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A few years back, terms like buttock augmentation were considered somewhat foreign, or reserved for hopeless cases like accidents. The narrative keeps changing today, with tons of research and increasing numbers of women turning to this procedure hoping to gain, or regain a more sensuous appearance. Needless to say, current celebrities knowingly or unknowingly carry out campaigns in support of it, as many have undergone the surgery and never deny it publicly. It therefore comes as great relief to an ordinary person considering it to hear of doctors recommending it, or willing to enlighten one on the whole process. One such doctor goes by the name of Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery since many years. He completed his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and went on to The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he competed his medical degree, an advanced craniofacial research fellowship and also completed a training in general and plastic surgery. Mark Mofid is widely recognized in the United States as one of the best and most vocal plastic surgeons who continues to do intensive research on gluteal augmentation specially where he has even sought the knowledge and expertise of world renowned Brazilian, Dr. Raul Gonzalez. He has particularly earned the trust and respect of many due to his strict adherence to medical safety practices, especially his deep knowledge of the body’s fat, muscles as well as skin as these are most crucial when it comes to any form of plastic surgery.

Having been in the industry for more than 8 years, Mark Mofid has since been certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He currently performs surgeries at several hospitals in San Diego and La Jolla where he is board certified. Over the course of his career, Mark Mofid has introduced a new implant that has improved ratios and intramuscular positioning and continues to replace the previous generic ones that would sag due to incompatibility with the body.

24 Years Later, Lawrence Bender’s “Killing Zoe” and Generational Zeitgeist

Considering that younger millennials had not been born when “Killing Zoe” was released in 1994, this Lawrence Bender production offers a few interesting clues about the societal views of the generation that preceded them.

“Killing Zoe” is a dark film about a young American who travels to Paris to help a friend with a poorly planned bank robbery that results in terrible bloodshed. The role of Zed is played by Eric Stoltz, an actor whose body of work during the 1980s and 1990s made him a cinematic ambassador of Generation X.

In 1992, Lawrence Bender had already scored a hit with “Reservoir Dogs,” a film that introduced audiences to the stylish crime fiction of director Quentin Tarantino. During the production of “Reservoir Dogs,” Lawrence Bender came across a location that he thought would be ideal to film a bank heist scene; moreover, it was an extremely affordable site. Bender’s business acumen prompted him to keep this Los Angeles location on file; a few months later, he called up his screenwriters to ask if they had any bank heist scripts.

Director Roger Avary did not really have a script ready for Lawrence Bender when he got the call, but this did not stop him from writing one in record time. Avary wrote the script with Stoltz in mind for the role of Zed, a thoroughly disaffected member of Generation X who pretty much waltzes through life with a careless outlook.

“Killing Zoe” presents the strange friendship between Zed and Eric, a deranged Frenchman who traded a journalism career for crime, drugs and dangerous sex. As a high school exchange student, Eric met Zed in Florida, where they robbed convenience stores for fun; both eventually settled on crime as a career, and the film presents them as men who would be amenable if they only cared about the direction of their lives. This blasé attitude was a dark societal trait of Generation X.

After “Killing Zoe,” Lawrence Bender would be nominated for three Oscars. He has received an Independent Spirit Award and two Circuit Community Awards. Bender was born in The Bronx and lives in Southern California; he is 60 years old and has a son with actress Leasi Andrews.