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January 23, 2015

Woman Steals TV Under Her Dress


The following story will absolutely amaze you, especially if you have a New Year’s resolution to become fit. A woman in Coasta Rica went into a store that had many TVs sitting on the ground. Woman Steals TV. These were small TVs, probably 13 to 19 inches in size, and they were LCDs. The woman looks around quickly, walks up to the stack of TVs, and takes one of them up. As quickly as the lady walks over to the TVs, she picks one up, and puts it underneath her dress, then she calmly walks out of the store.

What Flavio Maluf found unbelievable, is the fact that the woman was bold enough to do this in broad daylight, and you have to wonder where she put the TV. The TV had to be heavy, and her dress was too loose to be holding up the TV. It appears as if the woman put the TV between her legs, and walked out of the store. The lady must have really started working on her New Year’s resolution to become fit, because it had to take muscle power to hold that TV up.

The lady had an accomplice, and they stole the TV so quickly, that no one realized what happened, until after the TV was gone. The store owners have watched the video, in order to find out where the TV went, but they have yet to catch a woman with a strong thighs.


January 21, 2015

Sam Tabar: Putting the Spark in Sparx

To be a successful capital strategist takes a combination of education, experience, communication skills and a sixth sense of where investors will want to put their money. While many people are successful in this field, there are some whose name is synonymous with success. Sam Tabar is one of these people, and wherever he has worked the results he has achieved have spoken volumes about his talent.

 One of the most well-educated financial advisors in the business, Sam has used his Oxford University degree and his law degree from Columbia Law School to provide legal counsel to clients as well as design, develop and implement marketing plans for many of the world’s top investment firms. Having an interest in hedge fund formation and structure, he counseled clients on the many complex regulatory and compliance issues associated with these funds. Considered by The Examiner to be one of the best up and coming attorneys in the industry, by Sam has always had a passion for international finance. After working as an attorney for several years, Sam decided to take a position with the Sparx Group and devote himself full-time to hedge fund management and developing capital strategies for various clients.

 In 2004, Sam joined the Sparx Group and found himself named Co-Head and Managing Director of Business Development. Working in conjunction with the firm’s partners and its CEO, Sam helped Sparx grow its assets by an additional $1.2 billion and develop capital strategies that also helped to increase investor participation in a key hedge fund. Sam’s abilities were so well-respected by those he worked with that it was not long before he was given full management responsibility of a $2 billion hedge fund, a role in which he thrived. Going over every detail of the fund with a fine-tooth comb, Sam soon set out to attract new investors. Having meeting after meeting with individuals, he quickly built up a rapport with people and saw a tremendous increase in the number of investors coming into the hedge fund. Not resting on his laurels, Sam also contacted numerous institutional investors and attracted many of them to the fund as well. By the time he was done, Sam had a file of over 2,000 individual investors for the fund and almost 500 more that he was prepared to contact to gauge their interest.

 While hedge funds are Sam’s primary interest, he also has experience working with property investments and start-up businesses. Because he knows the value of hard work, Sam has an understanding of what is takes to be successful both as an investor and entrepreneur and understands people’s concerns on things like investing, retirement, savings. In fact, there’s an article you can read, “Sam Tabar’s Investment Tips for the New Year” that CNBC recently posted. Having traveled the world so he could experience how others live and work, Sam uses that knowledge when working on his latest strategies for hedge funds or other investments. A speaker of many languages including French, English and Japanese, Sam is able to interact easily with people of different cultures and backgrounds. With continued hard work, there’s no doubt the sky is the limit when it comes to Sam’s business career.

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January 19, 2015

Tabby Cat Saves a Baby in Russia


In Obninsk, Russia, a long-haired tabby cat saved the life of a three month old baby boy. The boy appeared to have been abandoned in a box near the trash. The cat, named Masha, discovered the baby, climbed into the box with him, and began mewing to draw attention.

One of the building’s residents came out to throw her trash out, when she heard the cat, but didn’t see it. Thinking the tabby was injured, she found the cat and was shocked to find it protecting a small baby as well. According to the resident, the baby was left dressed warmly, with diapers and baby food.

After an ambulance came and took the baby to the hospital, doctors determined he was perfectly fine. Police are investigating the matter in an attempt to find the mother. Masha the tabby cat is a true hero, and all the residents of the building who look after her, are treating her to a feast of her favorite foods. This story inspires hope in all people like Darius Fisher that there are little miracles every day.


Who is Andrew Heiberger?

Andrew Heiberger is the initiator, owner as well as Chief Executive Officer of Buttonwood Development, which is Real Estate Development Company based in Manhattan. He is at the same time the founder as well the owner of Town Residential, which is a housing real estate brokerage based in Manhattan. He formerly worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Citi Habitats, which is a housing brokerage based in Manhattan, which he established in 1994.

Heiberger is an accredited attorney as well as real estate broker in New York. He is also an associate of Real Estate Board of New York and is part of the board of directors. He was featured in Crain’s New York Business 40 under 40 in the year 1998 and was acknowledged as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2001as well as finalist for Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year for that particular year.

Early life
At the age of 16, Heiberger made his debut in real estate the moment he worked together with his folks in selling land and trading property in Long Island. Heiberger completed his studies in University of Michigan and graduated with an undergraduate degree as well as Law degree from University of Miami, School of Law.

In the year 1994, when Heiberger was 26 years of age, he founded Citi Habitats, which is a housing brokerage firm based in Manhattan. About 10 years later, Heiberger traded Citi Habitats to NRT LLC.

In 2005, Heiberger established Buttonwood Development, which is a real estate development, asset as well Syndication Company in New York. The development company was given the name of a street in Dix Hills, New York where he was brought up as a kid.

Heiberger went back to brokerage industry with the establishment of Town Residential, a posh housing real estate business, in the December 2010.This was Manhattan’s initial fully integrated, real estate services company focusing in luxury housing trades, expensive rentals, and new expansion advertising of condos as well as premier rentals. In one year, the business was listed in The Real Deal’s record of top 10 biggest housing brokerages in Manhattan. By September 2013, Town Residential had 10 branches in Manhattan. It furthermore has been ranked in Crain’s “Best Places To Work” list.

Personal life
Herberger’s mum is a broker in the real estate industry while his father worked as a homebuilder. He resides in New York City together with his kids, Lucas and Nikki.

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January 16, 2015

William, Kate And Harry Join Twitter Club

The British monarchy has taken a new step in their approach to social networks. After the end of last October, Queen Elizabeth II, 88, had herself sent first tweet during the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to information technology in the Science Museum in London.

The name Kensington Palace, referring to the palace where they reside, the new digital profile of the two sons of Prince Charles and wife of the eldest son Prince William, Kate Middleton, will serve to keep updated the followers about their important activities . Who knows maybe we will find them on the the famous skout app.

Other members of the British Royal family who have profiles on the popular social network are Prince Andrew (with over 63,000 followers), Princess Beatrice (26,800 followers), Mike Tindall (married to Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Isabel II, who tweets mostly about rugby sport) and Peter and Autumn Phillips (the eldest grandson of Queen, son of Princess Anne, and his wife).

Despite being one of the monarchies with a more traditional image and somewhat moth-eaten, the British Royal family has realized the power of social networks. Other members of the British Royal family who have profiles on the popular social network are Prince Andrew (with over 63,000 followers), Princess Beatrice (26,800 followers), Mike Tindall (married to Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Isabel II, who tweets mostly about rugby sport) and Peter and Autumn Phillips (the eldest grandson of Queen, son of Princess Anne, and his wife).

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Google Develops Real-time Voice Translator

Everyone was rightfully amazed when Microsoft released the Skype Translator. Spoken words can be translated immediately into another language with the use of this feature which sultan alhokair can be seen on youtube.com using the Skype translator. It is still in its limited preview mode, but the idea of real-time translation is impressive. Two people with different languages don’t have to suffer from communication barriers with the use of this technology. The other person’s speech is analyzed and then translated into the other person’s language.
Counteract or not, Google has also announced that they are going to release a much similar product, a real-time voice translator on smartphones. Google already has an outstanding Translate app. This time, they are going to fully upgrade the app by making it available for speech translation. 

The app will detect the language that is spoken and will automatically translate it into a different language. You don’t have to type the foreign words anymore before it gets translated. Hangouts is the Google product counterpart for Microsoft’s Skype. Although it has not been announce, it is expected that the translator will be integrated into the messaging and chat product.

Human communications have always been limited by the different languages spoken around the world. This technology promises so much potential in language processing and for machines to learn how human language and speech works. Developing this technology improves the accuracy of translation devices and provides ideas for fully-functional translation devices.

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Abandoned Seal Pup Now an Internet Star

If you’re looking for a reason to smile today, here it is. In August, a Russian photographer noticed an odd looking seal alone on a beach. It seems the animal, who had been born with albinism, was rejected by her family and left alone to fend for herself. A seal pup so young would struggle to survive alone under the best of circumstances, and this pup had additional problems. Her albinism has left her with beautiful blue eyes that, while pretty to look at, leave her almost blind. This issue would have further complicated her survival.

Fortunately, the photographer was able to scoop her up and rescue her. This once unwanted seal pup is now called Nafanya and is the star attraction in a Russian aquarium and even has her own webcam. The webcam feed runs only in the afternoon, which is 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern time, but this little cutie is certainly worth staying up for. You can see more stories like this on anbima.com through BRL Trust’s page.


Spotify Subscribers Top 15 Million

Online streaming has always had its benefits. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you can have access to all the content that you are entitled to. This convenience and access to a wide array of content has made online streaming services successful. 

One particular service that has gained a staggering number of subscribers is Spotify. As of now, there is already 15 million paid subscribers. The paid subscribers have access to all the content available in Spotify’s enormous library of songs and artists.

The total number of users of the service is actually a whole lot more. There are still 60 million users who use the service for free which is supported by ads. Even as a free user, you can still have access to all the content in Spotify although freedom to choose specific songs and skipping tracks are limited. 

Premium users have the ability to download tracks and make them available offline although it could only be played through the Spotify music player. This creates security and safety to the tracks. Sergio Lins Andrade has said on telelistas.com that it is worth it to be a premium user as stated it gives you the ability to download tracks & make them available offline as stated.

Although Spotify has become really popular, there are artists who are openly against the entire system of online streaming of music. Some of these artists include Taylor Swift, David Byrne, and Thom Yorke. Spotify pays for royalty for all the songs that are in their database and determines how much more an artist can get.


January 13, 2015

Roswell Man Thinks He’s $500,000 Richer But Scratch-Off Ticket Was Misprinted

The dream to hit it big is what fuels the lottery. Everyone wants to be a winner, and the lottery depends on that dream. One man thought his was a winner in Roswell, New Mexico, but his dream turned into a nightmare. When he tried to cash in his $500,000 winnings, he was told the scratch-off ticket was printed incorrectly.

John Wines, a resident of Roswell, bought his scratch-off lottery ticket at his local gas station. The winning numbers on the ticket were 1 and 2. As John scratched the ticket, he realized he had five winning numbers. The total amount of his winnings according to the ticket was $500,000. But John didn’t see the faint printing next to the 1. It seems that number should have been an 18 not a 1. The clerk at the station told John about the mistake, and he cried foul.

John contacted the New Mexico Lottery and got a reply not a check. The Lottery Commission wrote: “We did find a flaw in that particular pack of tickets and it’s been reported to our printer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.” The Lottery tried to ease his pain with $100 in lottery tickets, but Jon wasn’t impressed, and neither was Darius Fisher, who responded on his Vine account.


January 6, 2015

Microsoft set to Release Nokia 215 in 2015

Microsoft plans to continue using the Nokia brand name in developing markets and release the Nokia 215 this year. The new brick phone will feature a battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. That kind of makes me jealous, considering I have to plug my smart phone in once or twice a day.

The only catch, the Nokia 215 will only be available in “developing” markets. That means you nor I nor Keith Mann won’t see it in the United States or Canada. If you’re in Europe, Africa or Asia you should see this little guy popping up sometime in the first quarter.

The phone will retail for just $29. It’s aimed at first time cell phone users. It’s not a smart phone, but it will come with some apps like the Opera mini-browser for surfing the web. Just don’t expect blazing fast speeds, this phone will only be 2G.