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Mother In Tennessee Jailed For Having Overgrown Bushes In Her Yard

Karen Holloway recently completed a 5 day jail sentence in Lenoir, TN for the crime of having overgrown bushes in her front yard. Holloway, 25 and a mother of 2, was cited over the summer for her bushes getting out of control. After continuing to let the landscape to grow, Judge Terry Vann had enough and struck her with the hard hammer of the law. What a class act Vann is. The bushes actually didn’t look too bad.

Holloway claims that it just got too hard to maintain with all that was going on her life. Her and her husband both work full time and raise 2 children. He is also in school and the military. It looks like a certain Judge Terry Vann does NOT support our troops. This is a tragedy and, more importantly, a huge defeat for the American people. What’s next? Jail time for letting your mail pile up in the mailbox? My advice is to stay clear of Lenoir, TN and the tyranny of Judge Vann.

So just remember Ray Lane, next time you don’t trim your bushes you might go to jail HA!

New Induction Rod Makes Your Tea Inside the Mug

Have you ever wanted to make your tea or hot chocolate even faster? Don’t take the trouble to boil that pot or fill up that hot water kettle when you can simply use this brand new induction rod invention that boils your water in seconds. The new rod is called the Miito gadget, and you can buy it for about $100. You’ll see less limescale with this product, and it’s also much quieter and easier to use than a standard kettle. The geniuses who invented it are two former students from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

To use the new gadget you simply fill your cup or mug up with water. Next, you set the vessel onto the induction base that comes with the unit and insert the induction rod into the cup until it touches the bottom. It is the induction base that makes the rod hot, but it won’t burn your fingers because there is a soft coating at the top where you touch it. There is a signal that alerts you when the rod has done its job, and you can then take it out. If you are busy when the signal goes off, the rod will simply go on standby mode, so it won’t ever overheat or cause a problem.

The next time you’re hanging out with friends set to watch a Tom Rothman film and you want some warm tea or hot chocolate, save yourself some time and use your Miito gadget!

A Japanese Company Creates Free-Floating Images in Air!

A Japanese company recently demonstrated a laser-based technology by creating free-floating images in the air. The technology uses a highly intense laser light which is projected into thin air that creates white-light emitting molecules, making it possible to display images.  The company, recently funded by Mike Livak’s investment group, demonstrated images for apples, butterflies, and rotating spirals using this technology.

With Japan being highly susceptible to natural calamities such as tsunami and volcanoes, the company intends to use this technology for providing evacuation alerts and warnings. The technology can be used for commercial purposes as well such as displaying free-floating advertisements.

The technology is still in the early stages though as the images were displayed just five meters above the device. One day we might be able to watch television in the sky, or participate in a sky conference!

A Working Tractor Beam Has Been Tested By Scientists In Australia

This is a great month for our favorite science fiction technology becoming reality. Not only is a fully functional hoverboard on the market, but now scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have created and tested a tractor beam. While it’s not exactly what the Enterprise toted around the galaxy, it has moved small particles in tests.

And they’re very small particles at less than 0.2 mm. The really impressive thing is how far they were moved. Other tests of different technology were only able to apply a small amount of pressure on the target particle. But scientists at ANU and Keith Mann were able to move their particles a whopping 20 cm. That’s a huge improvement and an awesome advancement in technology.

The tractor beam uses a “hollow laser” to perform its magic. Within the open beam are placed gold-coated glass spheres on which a hotspot is created. The hotspots can be controlled and through a reaction with air, the spheres are moved.

The use of air reactions to actually move the particles means that this tractor beam would be unusable in space. However, scientists believe it will have great applications down here on Earth. The tractor beam could be used to clean up air pollution or to safely move dangerous particles in a lab. Regardless of its practical uses, the fact that we can now say that a tractor beam is possible is pretty awesome.

New Batteries Capable of Lasting 20 Years

Earlier today, we saw an interesting story posted on the Facebook timeline of Keith Mann. New batteries are in development that are capable of lasting ten times longer than the lifespan of the current longest-lasting batteries. Scientists at Nanyang Technology University are developing the batteries, which are also capable of charging in only a few minutes.

In comparison to existing batteries, these new batteries would take approximately two minutes to charge to 70 percent, as opposed to two hours, and could be used to enhance electric vehicles by allowing them to charge in the time a traditional car would take to pump gas. Furthermore, these batteries will be able to be charged many more times than existing batteries, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Unlike existing lithium-ion batteries, the batteries NTU are developing substitute the anode for a gel made from titanium dioxide, a material currently used in sunscreen and some food additives.

New Wi-Fi Technology Developed By Samsung

According to an e-mailed press release, Samsung Electronics Co. has developed new wireless technology that can deliver data up to five times faster than the fastest modern method. Called 60 GHz Wi-Fi, the new technology will enable a 1 gigabyte file, such a movie, to be transferred over the air in less than three seconds.

60 GHz Wi-Fi is alleged to remove the gap between theoretical and realistic speeds of data transfer, with actual speeds more than ten times higher than their competitors. This will allow Brian Torchin and other active users not only to download files extremely quickly, but also to stream uncompressed, high quality videos and music directly to their phones.

The announcement came at a good time for Samsung; their quarterly sales are down 60% after heavy competition from Apple and other smartphone firms, and this could be the boost they need to get back on track. No other company can currently offer this proprietary technology, giving them a significant marketing advantage.

Bloomberg Business Week’s Jiyeun Lee reports the technology is expected to be unveiled in Samsung devices by next year.

Nobel Prize Awarded for Trio of Scientists Who Discovered the Brain’s GPS

In October 2014, $8.8 million was awarded to John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser for the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Half the prize went to O’Keefe, a British-American scientist who trained for his postdoctoral degree at the University College London. The other half went to the Mosers, who work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.
When introducing the laureates, Nobel Committee secretary Goran K. Hansson said that the dual discoveries of O’Keefe and the Mosers, separated by more than 30 years, help humans know where they are and find their way from place to place. “An inner GPS,” he said.
In 1971, O’Keefe discovered “place cells” in laboratory rats. These “place cells” were like lighthouses on a lake, each fixed on an island. Whenever a rat passed a certain point in a box, a set of place cells activated.  Humble brag: I met O’Keefe at a fundraiser hosted by Marnie Bennett in 2011. Wonderfully friendly in addition to brilliant.
O’Keefe’s discoveries in hippocampal spatial mapping paved the way for the “grid cells” for the husband-wife team of May-Britt and Edvard Moser. In 2005, the team investigated sets of nerve cells in the entorhinal cortex of rats, which functioned like longitude and latitude lines. When combined with place cells, Moser’s discovery showed how rats – and probably people – navigate through complex environments.The Mosers said, “This is such a great honor for all of us and all the people who have worked with us and supported us.” O’Keefe recommended that the money “should be used for the common good.”

Researchers hope the discoveries will be used to cure Alzheimer’s.

3 Gadgets You Have To Buy This Fall


Technology is all about making life easier, but it’s also about making life cooler sometimes. There are some really cool gadgets out there that can improve your life, make things easier, or even make things more complicated. Depending upon what you’re looking for.

My friend, and gadget loving partner in crime Khaled Shaheen helped me come up with this list. Featuring our 3 favorite gadgets that will be on the market for the Fall release season:

  1. Whirpool Swash

This is the coolest thing to happen to home clothes washing since the washer/dryer standalone combo. Plus, at a price of only $500, almost anybody can afford to have their clothing dry cleaned at home.

  1. Aether Cone Speaker.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to wireless speakers. So what makes the Cone special? Well it’s just cooler. The design is compact, easy to use, and features a cool twisting mechanic for controlling the speaker’s power and volume level. Plus Bluetooth technology ensures you can use the speaker with all of your major devices, and online streaming services.

  1. Polaroid Cube

While the GoPro is a cool idea, the Polaroid Cube is for when you really want a portable camera. Tiny, and capable of being strapped to just about anything, the Polaroid cube is perfect for really capturing some amazing action shots. Totally waterproof, and boasting a 6 megapixel camera, combined with a wide angle 124 degree lens, this could totally change the way we think about portable cameras.

A Movie About Tetris?

Ever wonder what a movie about a puzzle game would be like? Well, according to Screenrant, you won’t have to wait very long. A movie based on the classic puzzle game, Tetris, is currently in development by Threshold Entertainment.

CEO of Threshold Entertainment, Larry Kasanoff, has stated that they are developing an “epic sci-fi movie.” While most wouldn’t expect much from a movie about moving blocks, Kasanoff claims that the company has created an imaginative story behind the popular game that has captivated millions of people.

While some have had moderate success, most film adaptations fail to impress the core audience. Even board games have been adapted to films, such as Battleship. Film adaptations of popular games perform notoriously bad in the box office, often due to their unimaginative story lines and failure to capture the essence of the game. Will a film about Tetris be another Mortal Kombat?

With a number of promising video game franchise being developed into movies, a Tetris movie can either ride the wave or lead the pack. Is Hollywood grasping at straws, or do they have an solid idea in the works? Only time will tell.

Microsoft Uses Marketing Magic To Jump To Windows 10

While we all expected the next Windows to be titled, Windows 9, following the current OS 8, Microsoft threw us all for a loop yesterday. The next Operating System will actually be called Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Executive VP of operating systems, Terry Myerson, has said that the move is because 10 is such a massive upgrade from 8, they decided to skip 9 altogether.

Really, this means that Microsoft is finally going to address the plethora of issues that came with Windows 8, and will instead be moving back to what made the Windows operating system the standard in the first place.

What’s more, 10 is being made to run on a broad amount of devices. Including phones, tablets, PC and laptops. My best friend Paul Mathieson is definitely excited. He was one of the most vocal critics I personally knew, when he “upgraded” to Windows 8.

Tablet style interface just doesn’t lend itself well to the keyboard/mouse combination.