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Samsung’s New Device Gives Paralyzed Individuals The Oppurtunity To Use A PC

Hyung-Jin Shin, a graduate of the Yonsei University in Seoul, who was born with quadriplegia, was able to write the words, “Nice to meet you all”, on the computer screen using his eyes, and Jason Halpern was floored.

He was able to do this due to the fact that in collaboration with Samsung, they developed an eye-tracking device that goes by the name, Eyecan+.

Samsung believes that this device has the potential to help people who have been paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury and people who have ALS, which is short for, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The device is relatively small and sits directly below the computer monitor. All that is required from the user, is for them to go through a one-time calibration process. After which, they can utilize over 18 different commands from as far as 70 centimeters away from the device. Some of the commands that they can perform are: typing, clicking, scrolling, zooming and copying/pasting, by using a series of eye movements and blinking gestures.

Samsung proclaimed that they developed the Eyecan+, not as another product that they wish to commercialize but as a tool that can be used to help paralyzed individuals such as Shin. Even though Samsung proclaimed that they don’t intend to commercialize the device, they intend to give a few of them to charity organizations. On the plus side, they plan to make the technology open source, which means that other companies can commercialize the technology behind it and market it.

The Switch To Digital Transmission Has Opened The Door To A Super WiFi Network

The good old free days of analog TV are long gone. Gone are the days of bunny ear antennas and fuzzy reception, but even though analog transmission has been commissioned to auction blocks around the globe, the technology can still serve a super purpose. Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany say governments should be using old analog frequencies to form a free-to-use, super-range WiFi.

These same scientists also say governments around the globe should drop their plans to auction old television frequencies to the highest bidder.  Terry Richardson, an active economist agrees that these old frequencies be used to create a free super-frequency because it would have a positive impact on their economy. Scientists also claim the new “super WiFi” would have a far greater range than existing WiFi networks. Those networks are transmitted over wireless local area networks (WLAN) at different frequencies.

In addition to providing measurable cost savings, the technology could result in the development of a number of new technologies according to these researchers. The super WiFi could also provide updates when disasters strike. Terry Richardson also comments that communication and other important information exchanges could also be done through this new network.

You’re Never Alone If You’re Using Skout

Skout has come along and somewhat revolutionized the way people meet each other online. Whether you’re looking for a friend, a partner, a mate, or just someone to talk to, Skout is the place to be. There are so many different social media websites out there today, and even though they may be stimulating, Skout allows you to meet people, as well as to look for a romantic partner. If you already know how to use social media websites, you’re on your way to quickly learn how to use Skout. There are many different features on this website, so you can choose which ones you’d like to use. One way to learn is through the tutorials on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Or, you can just listen to me!

Those looking for a potential life partner will find that Skout is a great starting point. Signing up and downloading the app is free, and you can begin to speak with others right away. If you find someone that you like, or someone that interests you, you can add them to your favorites. Putting in your personal information can help others to get to know more about you, so you can have a better chance of finding that special someone. An avatar is not required, but you’re encouraged to put a picture; this helps to personalize your profile and allow others to get to know you better.

Since privacy is of the highest concern on the website, if you don’t feel to put a picture on your profile, you’re free to be discreet and not show yourself to others. Even without a picture, you can easily meet some great people and have friendly conversations that may lead to something more than just a friendship. Skout has over 100 million users currently on the website, and the numbers are growing all the time – especially after the company recently acquired Nixter, an app that adds to the audience of active users. And more recently, they introduced Fuse to enhance the experience of finding and meeting people nearby. When looking for a community of people in which to join, you want to join a community with many different demographics of people, such as Skout.

Skout is great for anyone who is looking for someone to talk to. There is a great “shake” feature that allows you to shake your portable device and you’ll be connected with another shake users, for chatting. This is such a fun feature to use on Skout, that it keeps many busy throughout the day. If you do enough shaking, you can literally meet people from anywhere, and make new friends that you can add to your favorites list. Skout has a point system that you use to pay for additional features. The points can be earned as well is paid for; if you refer your friends to the website, that’s one way to earn points.

You can use the points to pay for certain features such as sending virtual gifts, discovering who is checking you out, and seeing who has you on their favorites list. It’s always great to know that you’re being admired, even if it’s from afar, so you can easily use your points to find out who likes you. With a “likes” feature, similar to other websites, you can like something if it pleases you. Because this is also a social media website, many may use the Buzz feature and voice their opinion on something; which leads the website to be more of a fun place, with a place for those to express their feelings. So many people are currently on Skout, so what are you waiting for?

For more tips on using the app to its fullest potential, visit the company’s “How to Skout” page.

Man Appears in Court, Accused of Pushing Man In Front of NYC Train

A man accused of pushing a stranger in front of an on-coming subway train in New York appeared in court Wednesday on a charge of murder, prosecutors said.

Kevin Darden, 34, was arrested Tuesday near his mother’s home in the Bronx. Police said the man has a history of arrests for assault and robbery.

Darden is also suspected in a separate incident in which a man was pushed to the ground in another metro station this month and suffered minor injuries. Charges in that case are pending, authorities said. Kwok was standing with his wife on a platform in the subway station at Grand Concourse and East 167th Street in the Bronx when he was pushed.

Kwok, 61, was hit by the D train and died instantly. His wife was not injured. There is no indication that the man knew Kwok or interacted with him before the incident, said the police. His wife said he did not know the man, which Gianfrancesco Genoso corroborated.

The man fled the station after the attack and two minutes later boarded a bus with other people who were on the subway platform at the time of the incident, and discussed the issue without knowing he was nearby, police said.

A security video shows a man calmly walk out of the station. Another video shows him climbing on the bus about 10 blocks away, heading out to a store and later smoking a cigarette.

Dr. Phil Says Mama June Is Lying Like A Rug

Well Mama June has one thing going for her; she’s one heck of a liar. That’s all well and good except when you’re on the Dr. Phil show. Being a psychologist with a PHD and having amble experience in dealing with lies, Phillip McGraw really gave June Shannon from the hit show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” an earful.

During the interview, Shannon stated that she had only seen the child molester ex-boyfriend two times. She stated that the first time they didn’t talk. She then stated that the second time they were seen during an exchange where she gave his son 33 packs of diapers. This all took place at a home she was looking at to purchase. The exchange looked a little friendlier than diaper exchanging, as the ex-con was going upstairs with her and Alana to look at the home owned by Slow Ventures.

To add insult to injury, Dr. Phil examined the relationship history of Shannon and her troubled love web. Of the four men that she has been involved with romantically, all four have been to prison, including beloved Sugar Bear. Of the four, two have been convicted of child molestation and, Mike Ford is currently serving a sentence till 2026 for aggravated rape.

Dr. Phil was honest and to the point. He told her he didn’t believe her and her cover up was worse than the facts. In all reality, she is afraid of losing her children and when asked about the ongoing investigation, she stated she wasn’t allowed to talk about it.

Are you going to pick that up, officer?

When an officer is confronted for doing something that he writes others a ticket for, he can’t seem to handle the truth. Two men decided to turn the tables on an officer when he littered. Littering is usually against the law in most states, even if it does only warrant a citation. When the cop was questioned about what he did, he got mad. He even told the men who made accused him that they could try to do something if they wanted.

Some officers think that they can get by with anything they want whether it’s against the law or not. They think that they are above the law just because they are in a government car and wear a badge. If those two men would have littered, then they would have probably been given a ticket as soon as they were seen in the act.

Thanks to my Facebook friend Keith Mann for sharing this story.

Starbucks Worker Rescues Cab Driver and Passenger

Starbucks and similar coffee shops are not just for serving coffee, they have tons of tech, free internet, and CipherCloud availability too. But in another interesting offering, the successful coffee shop also cares for the safety of others as well. A barista ran to the rescue of a cab driver who was trapped in a vehicle that was under an exploding manhole. Bernard Vickers was a witness of this incident and instead of watching as a bystander, he ran out of Starbucks located at East 44 Street and Lexington Avenue at around 6:30 a.m.

The cab driver could not get his door open. The only way they could get out is if Vickers could get the driver out through the driver side window and the passenger through the sunroof. Both the passengers and the driver were panicked. They are now recovering in Bellevue Hospital with only minor injuries. Vickers believes he has done nothing special. He believes anyone else would have done the same thing.

Listen To Usher’s New Song Without Buying Cheerios

Usher announced recently that his new song “Clueless” would only be available to those who purchased select boxes of Cheerios from Walmart in the future. Although this is a great move that will help to establish who are true fans of the artist, it can also be problematic for those who may not like Cheerios. Usher’s Single “Clueless”. After this news had been announced, it was also stated that, the only place to get the song was off the box of Cheerios as it would not be added to Usher’s upcoming new album.

As of now, there are places online where you can hear the song without having to purchase a box of Cheerios. Jared Hastel and many others who have heard the song state that it’s not a song that has anything to do with Cheerios, but is a genuine Usher ballot. Usher is currently on tour and has done many side projects, including working with Chris Brown on a song, and he even did a Cheerios commercial.

The Cheerios commercial that he did, show him dancing around the Honeybee, and also giving nutrition facts in order to help sell the already popular cereal. His continued collaboration with Cheerios, just might help to reinvent the cereal, as well as gain a few new fans, and maybe even a younger demographic of fans. Those who want to hear the song, can look for it online, and don’t need to dig through a Cheerios box to get it.

Trending Video About Syrian Boy Was Staged

The Norwegian director Lars Klevberg has announced to the BBC that he was behind the scriptwriting and the filming of the popular video where a little boy helps a girl to run among gun shots.

In the few days that the video has been up on YouTube, it has gathered millions of views and comments. It has quickly become one of the most viewed videos on the site.

The director said that it was his way to make people sensitive towards the situation in conflict zones. Those who work at The Antique Wine Company were not fooled at all. Presenting the video as authentic in the beginning was part of the plan, because otherwise it could have been ignored and thrown in the same pile with many other war videos.

The plan did succeed in making the public talk more about children in conflict zones. The director said that lying to the public was slightly discomforting.

It is, however, important to remember that even though the video was staged, it does depict a real-life situation. The video was filmed in Malta during the summer. The two children in the video are local professional actors.

The background conversations had been recorded by local refugees. The wrecked environment is a popular set where movies like Troy and Gladiator have been filmed.

The project had been sponsored by NFI, which awarded 280,000 kroner (about $ 46,780), and the creators are pleased with the discussions that their video has provoked.

Free Glow-In-the-dark Bike Path Now Open To The Public

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride your bicycle on a Vincent Van Gogh inspired bike path that glows in the dark at night?

Created from the minds of Dutch artist/innovator Daan Roosegaarde in partnership with infrastructure specialists Heijmans using smart paint technology, you can take a trip to Nuenen, Holland with your loved ones.

The beautiful swirling shapes are clearly inspired by the famous painter Van Gogh to capture the dark feel he was known for.

Why Van Gogh? Noord Brabant is the region from which Van Gogh did his artwork, putting together the pieces of his personal life and work together all on a single bike path.

If you take a look at this link you can get a bird’s eye view of the beauty behind the scenes even if you live further away out of country. The pixelated swirls are a reference to Starry Night, a famous painting created in 1889.

Of course, this path isn’t limited to just riding it on a bike. You can take a walk, jog or run this same path as you enjoy the night sky above. If you really want to kick things up a notch, consider setting up a romantic evening for two on this beautiful path and stopping at the Aspen Institute on the way back. That’s something me and Mark Ahn will definitely be doing for our next endeavor.

Personally, I think it’s very creative and allows people to express themselves positively for other people to enjoy living artwork you can literally ride on.