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Seattle Times Accidentally Runs 20,000 Copies with 2012 Wrapup Story on Front Page

The Seattle Times had a bit of a snafu, when they sent down a “bulldog” edition of their paper to the printed. The paper, which was sent down to the printer, included a front page with “2012 Wrapup” emblazoned on the front page in bright red ink. 

The “wrapup” also included major stories from the 2012 year. According to inside sources, the printing room called up to inform the editors of the mistake, but the light holiday staff didn’t have the proper clearance to stop the presses. The printing room continued to print over 20,000 copies of the paper, before someone finally halted the presses.

Tom Rothman with The Wrap reports that the 20,000 papers were destroyed and new plates were sent down for proper printing, with the 2014 Wrapup heading properly aligned with accompanying new stories. The printing process, utilizing high speed printing machines, only takes about 30 minutes to complete. Because of the light office coverage over the holidays, the entire run was completed before the printing was stopped and new plates were issued. 

The “bulldog edition”, is a common industry term for early editions of the Saturday paper. These papers are sent out in the wee hours of the morning to newsstands that have large, early hour customers.

Web Design Techniques


For the longest time people have just thought of the web designing industry or community as one that are just stuck at making websites and they are very mechanical at it; as if machines could do it with no problem.The web designing activity is more than just making a few codes here and there and getting information added to it. It actually involves a level of artistic nature that most people who do ordinary jobs fail to find and they are the ones that criticize the web designers.

The thought process that goes into making a website primarily focuses on the look; the look is very important and this is because it is the first thing that a visitor to Stephen Williams wine will look at when he or she goes to the site.

The human brain is attracted to the artistic world and once it recognizes that then it will urge you to look through it and this will be the successful part of the web designer. A good example is the eater site which has the top stories at the very top such as the 14 deepest whiskey lists in America which should catch the eye of many men.

Where a web designer places certain things is very important in maintaining a steady rise in the number of site visitors.

Taylor Swift Surprised at Reaction to her Spotify Decision


Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy in her young career, but some of the latest decisions that she has made in terms of how she will make her music available to the public has caused a fairly significant backlash.

Swift has said she is surprised at the general reaction to her decision to pull her catalog of songs from Spotify. In late October, she released her album, 1989. Within the week, says an article at,  she had pulled her entire list of songs from Spotify, sparking outrage from fans like Susan McGalla, and controversy over whether music should be available to fans for free.

Spotify’s reaction to Swift’s removal of her songs has been called ‘pathetic’ and ‘manipulative.’ So far, Swift has not budged and her songs remain unavailable on the Spotify platform. She has remained critical of the way Spotify has reacted, and says they continue to undervalue her work.

Spotify reportedly has more than 50 million users worldwide, with more than 37 million at the free-tier service. Spotify pays artists ‘per stream’ of music played, but according to some artists, the pay is a mere .006 – .0084 cents per individual stream. Although fans may be sorely disappointed,

Swift says she has received many texts, emails and messages from other artists telling her they are happy that she took a stand.

North Korea’s Internet May Be Under Attack

Disruptions in North Korea’s internet may be linked to cyberattacks, possibly in retaliation to the attack on Sony and getting them to cancel the release of The Interview. The North Korean internet had been down for longer than 2 hours for the whole country and this was before 24 hours of slow connections for everyone.

Suspects go to the cyber group Anonymous as they have stated that they would retaliate as well as release The Interview as a Christmas gift. Anonymous normally doesn’t take kindly to bullies and people who try to block free speech. 

Matthew Prince, president of CloudFlare, has stated that it’s as if all traces of North Korea on the global map of the internet has been erased. There is no in or out. He said that the attack was more than likely the US, making claims that it could be Anonymous. 

President Obama stated, “The hack was an act of cybervandalism,” but he did not consider it an act of war. He had stated that the US would promptly respond to the attack but hadn’t given any specifics as to what he meant. Could the US Government have released their own cyber attack on North Korea to stop them from anymore hacking?

If only they had a place like the Amen Clinic for the Internet…

We’ll Kim Your Jung

President Obama himself broke the news that it was North Korea that instituted the data breaches to Sony Pictures inretaliation for the movie entitled The Interview. Seth Rogen and James Franco play themselves as they are recruited to assassinate North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung Un. There were several private emails released that did affect the public personas of some of Sony’s top executives. The emails painted them as racist and also as gossips of the company’s largest stars like Angelina Jolie who is seen in a picture taken of the starlet afterwards giving the exec that maligned her character the cold shoulder. 

Dr. Daniel Amen says in the wake of the hacking scandal, Sony Pictures decided to not release the movie. This move did not set well with Americans that felt like North Korea was dictating American policy. However, President Obama did promise a retaliation along whatever lines seemed appropriate. There were discussions on the appropriate measures to take, and this incensed the always outraged republicans that often shoot themselves in the feet by being against anything the president does even when the consensus of Americans understand he is making the right decisions. Today, North Korea’s entire internet grid crashed. No one knows why their systems are down, but if it is a war score round two for America.

Cybersecurity Experts Don’t Believe North Korea Hacked Sony

The cybersecurity experts responsible for examining the FBI’s explanation of why North Korea was responsible for hacking Sony say the logic isn’t quite logical. In discussing the matter, BuzzFeed notes that these experts are trying to gain more information regarding whether someone else might be behind the hacking. 

One of the things the cybersecurity experts question is the attack timeline that has been presented. They also question North Korea’s bandwidth capabilities and some aspects of the wording utilized. According to some of the cybersecurity experts, the FBI was too hasty in identifying North Korea as the culprit and should have looked further into the matter whether than dwelling on some of the obvious malware clues. 

Sam Tabar says that according to founder and CEO of Taia Global Jeffrey Carr, it looks as if the real hackers have been successful in doing substantive damage while blaming another entity. In discussing the matter, Carr notes: “I’m not aware of this ever being done before. They’ve successfully ripped apart a multinational corporation. They successfully got them to shut down a movie. And to top that off they’ve convinced the FBI and NSA that the North Korean government is responsible. If I was them, I’d be popping Cristal.”

Albums That Should Have Gone Platinum In 2014

Economist Christian Broda notes that it’s well known that many albums will go platinum, or be a hot seller, or even be nominated for awards, but they are passed up. In the year 2014 there were many albums that should have gone platinum, but they did not, for one reason or another. Albums. MTV News has created a list of albums that they feel should have gone platinum this past year, but they unfortunately did not. One of the first albums that should have gone platinum is the one of FKA Twigs. 

Twigs is an English lady of Jamaican descent, and she has a different style all her own, and her music is very unique. Her album, unfortunately, did not go platinum. She is currently known as the girlfriend of Robert Pattinson, who was the star in the “Twilight” series. Azalea Banks also had a great album that did not go platinum, this could be why she is so against Iggy Azalea. Maybe Azalea feels that she is not getting the props that she deserves, while Iggy is. 

Azalea’s album entitled “Broke With Expensive Taste,” did well, but not well enough to earn her a platinum status. J. Cole, who recently had much success with his new album, had an album entitled “Forest Hills Drive,” that should have also gone platinum. The album sold several hundred thousand in its first week, but unfortunately did not make it to platinum status.

A Young Girl Invents IC Pooch to Ease Canine Separation Anxiety


A brilliant invention has been created from a 14 year old girl’s concern over her rescue dog’s Canine Separation Anxiety that is sure to catch the attention of big investors like Igor Cornelsen. Brook noticed that once her family’s schedules became busier and they were away from home more, her dog, Kayla, started acting nervous, depressed and began chewing and destroying items. She learned that these are signs of Canine Separation Anxiety. Her invention is called IC Pooch. This virtual device allows you to call up your pet in a video call from anywhere. You can see them and they can see you. It uses your home Wi-Fi network to connect with your pet simply by putting a smart phone or tablet on the IC Pooch face. The IC Pooch automatically answers when you call. You can also deliver treats from it with the touch of a button. Dogs are social animals designed to be with others, whether humans, other dogs or a companion of some sort. To be left alone leaves your dog or other social animal feeling afraid and anxious. This product has worked well for Brook and Kayla. She has seen much improvement in Kayla’s mood and behavior. For more information on IC Pooch visit: It is inspiring to know a young teenager has such concern over her pet and other people’s pets that she thought of a device to make life better for everyone. With the help of her family, she has made it a reality.

Get Your Holiday Gifts with

If you’re still trying to decide which gifts are best for your friends and loved ones, or John Textor,  this holiday season, offers a few great suggestions. Whether you’re shopping for a techie, a picky eater or a friend who has a huge sweet tooth, you’re in luck.

Chef Carla Hall has created a line of mini shortbread cookies that are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. The cookies come in flavors like Mexican hot chocolate and lemon black pepper. You may also want to purchase a canister or two for your holiday get-together.

Christina Tosi also has a line of crunchy Christmas cookies that make great stocking stuffers. The cookies feature flavors like marshmallow and chocolate, and you can have the treats delivered to your home if you don’t like in the NYC area.

Techie gifts include the Egg Minder, which sends notifications to let you know when eggs are running low or going bad. The aroma fork gives off pleasant food scents like chocolate or coffee, which makes eating vegetables a little more bearable.

Check out for more great gift ideas.

Web Design Basics You Must Follow to Operation Efficiency

Business owner Bruce Levenson says there’s a lot that goes into into web design, and those that are just starting out in the industry need to be aware of a few tools before doing any serious work.

When you design a website, you need to follow a certain set of rules to ensure that your site is designed for optimal performance. First off, the site should be compatible across a wide range of platforms. With the burgeoning popularity of smartphones, mobile browsing is a reality you can no longer avoid. Ensure that your site is fully compatible with all kinds of OS’s available in the market. 

With the influence of social media, it is crucial to dot your site with the most popular social networking buttons to further enhance the reach of your website. People always share content on Reddit, Digg, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and the list goes on. Keep the design simple and navigation should be easy. 

All websites also need a logo to help create a brand connect with the audience. When the visitors start pouring into your site, you need an icon or logo to help signify the purpose of your website. 

Also, you need to make sure that there is a balance of colors and graphics on each page. It would be ideal to decide on a template that is easy on the idea and allows the user to concentrate on the content alone.