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5 Dollar Wi-Fi Coming To a Hot Spot Near You

It was not too long ago that the startup company named FreedomPop made the headlines with its free basic cellular plans. Now they are offering unlimited Wi-Fi use at 10 million hotspots across the United States. Most of the current hotspots are located in the top metro areas in the country. Places that host a pro sport teams are on the top of the hotspot list. FreedomPop is planning to expand the coverage to 25 million spots by the end of the first quarter.

The app needed for this service is available on an Android device. Such devices can be purchased from FreedomPop. An Apple app was also released. One of the advantages to this Wi-Fi service is when a user is in the proximity to the hotspot, the user is automatically signed into the service. There is no more searching for service or having to log into the hotspot. This feature will allow for a smooth transition from users going from service from their cellular service to the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop.

CEO Stephen Stokols sees many benefits from this type of service. One benefit is that cellular customers will be able to eliminate costly data plans. They will be able to cut their cellular bills in half in most cases. People who do not have a cell service will now be able to use Wi-Fi compatible phones without having a cellular carrier. This is an inexpensive way for people who cannot afford the expensive premium plans that cellular carriers charge their customers. Unused phones will now have a purpose. FreedomPop also plans to introduce a Wi-Fi handset to their customers in the price range of 50 dollars. The FreedomPop reviews are in and at this price point it is certainly more affordable than most tablets and cell phones that are on the market.

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Admonishes Findings By Economist Dambisa Moyo

As foreign aid institutions try to determine the best way to efficiently provide aid to various African countries, the very nature of the benefit of aid to Africa in general has been hotly debated. Technology giant Bill Gates, who is the founder of Microsoft, responded to a question during a forum held at the University of New South Wales regarding whether current aid programs to Africa has actually caused wide spread negative implications. The genus of the question was based on the key theory by Zambian acclaimed economist Dr. Dambisa Moyo and her much noted publication, “Dead Aid, Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa.”Gates and Moyo Row

Attorneys for Mr. Gates responded sharply that Dr. Moyo “didn’t know much about aid and what it was doing in Africa.” Gates added that Dr. Moyo’s book was actually “promoting evil.” The question was relevant to Mr. Gates as his foundation provides substantial aid to a number of causes based in Africa including the funding of efforts to eradicate malaria.

Dr. Moyo’s work which was at the heart of the heated exchange presents as its premise that blanket aid continues to hamper the development of Africa and that there are better alternatives to securing economic prosperity for Africa. The book was on the “New York Times” list as a bestseller.

Many who read Dr. Moyo’s book came to her defense and stated that Gates statements indicate that he must not have read Dr. Moyo’s book.

Timbaland Claims Aaliyah Spoke to Him During His Sleep

Producer Timbaland, who collaborated with the late Aaliyah and reportedly admitting his feelings of romance toward her, recently stated that Aaliyah spoke to him in his sleep.

People are either going to believe that Timbaland has some sort of spiritual connection with the late “Are You That Somebody?” singer or that he’s just plain out of his mind.

Dan Newlin said that the producer opened up about the experience during a showcase at the SWSW entertainment festival when he premiered a song by another aspiring musician, Tink.

“I don’t touch my sister’s records, but she spoke to me in my sleep and said, ‘She’s the one.,” Timbaland said.

Could the message have been that Tink was the perfect candidate for Timbaland to incorporate one of Aaliyah’s song into her own music?

Timbaland told MTV that he felt that Tink “saved” him.

“She’s just got it, like really got it,” Timbaland gushed. “She’s 19 and we just don’t see that anymore.”

At nineteen, Chicago native Tink has already collaborated with Rick Ross and rap royalty Jay-Z.

Aaliyah, often referred to as Baby Girl, was an up-and-coming singer and actress. She collaborated with producers Missy Elliott and Timbaland for her sophomore album release, “One in a Million.” The album spawned the smash hit, “Try Again.”

Aaliyah died in August 2001, in the Bahamas, after the private plane she had chartered crashed shortly after take off.

Dine Out With Wine

When dining out, the diner is presented with a series of choices. A diner must often choose an entire meal consisting of an appetizer, main course and a dessert. Diners also want to be able to drink with their meals as well. Picking out just the right wine to go well with all the menu choices that a diner has chosen can be tricky. This is one of many reasons why diners may be confused when they are trying to decide which particular wine may do well with which particular fish, meat or sweet dessert. Many restaurants offer diners a broad wine list. Learning to read this list and understand the varied kinds of wines that can pair with any given meal can take time and effort.

Those who want to make such an effort will find it far easier to do with help from others. One of the best companies to assist any diner with all aspects of wine ordering is the Antique Antique Wine Company. This company has been in business for over three decades. In that time, staffers here have been providing the kind of help that many people need and want in order to know the world of wine better. Under the leadership of founder Stephen Williams, the company has been able to assist consumers in places around the globe. Company officials offer classes in all areas of wine including wine making, wine production, wine varieties and advanced wine knowledge. A customer can take all kinds of classes on wine from this company in order to help expand their understanding of the field. Those who wish to focus attention on one area of wine may do so as well as those who wish to broaden their basic understanding of the entire subject.

Working with others who have a broad base of knowledge about a particular field can help make any diner far more confident. A diner can enter a restaurant knowing that they can easily read any wine menu that is presented to them and their party. The diner can then pick out which particular menu item is best for the meal that they have in mind at any given moment, allowing them to order with relaxation and a sense of being in charge of the situation. This is why diners are able to be more confident in a social setting such as a formal diner.

Cook from Disgrace Fraternity Finds a New Position

Howard Dixon spent the last 15 years of his career as the cook for the now defunct Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma. Now that the University has closed down the fraternity in the wake of racist videos that have surfaced over the last few days.

According to the story on, Howard was offered another position with the school however he opted to turn it down. Howard said that he has already accepted another position at a different organization.

Howard said that he will miss his previous position at SAE however stated He said the job was one-of-a-kind and that the boys were like family to him. When asked his opinion of the video, Howard said that their actions were stupid and selfish. Their organization was meant to promote brotherhood and that their chant showed that the fraternity was not a real brotherhood.

After the story broke about the racist video and SAE being shut down, many felt sorry for Howard who would lose his job because of it. A former fraternity member and University of Oklahoma student who remembered Howard fondly began an Indiegogo page to help him through his unemployment. So far the donations have amounted to $60,000 to help the cook.

The above Buzzfeed link can lead you to the donation page if you are interested in helping Howard Dixon out.

Diddy Excited To Work With Kanye

Although Diddy doesn’t even need the music industry to make his fortune, he still knows how the game runs and is very skilled in the producing area. Before Diddy made his empire of Ciroc, he was working with legends of the scene like Biggie and Mary J. His schedule has never been busier, but Diddy being himself just got involved with one more huge project.

Diddy announced on Tuesday March 10th that he is back at making music and is going to be working for artists like Kanye West and Pusha T. The Bad Boy CEO said in an instagram post, “Yes the rumors are true. it’s been a long time since I had been really focused on producing music. My first love. Is the type of love that will never go away. So I’ve come back for the next 12 months only.”

Fans like Jason Halpern have heard that he also mentioned that he will be working with Kanye West and many more artists on new music. He was really good when he was in the game and now he is back with a whole lot of power in his hands to make things happen.

Come to think of it, if Diddy made really good music when he had nothing, how good will his music be when he has a whole empire that is dedicated to doing nothing but releasing the best digital music available in the market by the very best artists.

Gigaom is Gone

Tech blogs do draw a lot of readers. Companies that promote and publish such blogs have been known to be quite successful. Gigaom is not one of them. The once revered tech blog is going dark. The reason is a financial one. The company producing the blog has just run out of cash.

Gigaom is hardly a new startup that sputtered and faltered out of the box. The blog was launched in 2006 and sought to provide an innovative source of news for all things tech related. For a short period of time, the company succeeded. Success, as world history shows, is fleeting. Gigoam ended up on hard times.

The company did try to assuage problems by diversifying into other business interests. Generating more cash flow could have kept the blog endeavors alive. Obviously, this is not what happened and the company is going under.

To say the company ran into financial trouble is not rooted in rumor. Official reports were released that the inability to pay creditors was a real and serious matter. The inability to pay debts to the point daily operations are severely impacted is usually the final curtain for a business.

Would it be possible for the once legendary tech blog to make a comeback? Anything and everything is possible. CNN reports that right now though, the company is going to shutter its doors. Nothing short of a miracle is going to keep it open.

A New Sound For Mumford & Sons

No one wants to hear the same thing from a band over and over again. Diversity is what makes music great, and that is exactly what Mumford & Sons is going to give us with their new album. Fans like Brad Reifler ( have heard that they are abandoning their formerly used banjo and acoustic sounds for something completely different. I, for one, am excited to hear what they put out with a louder, higher energy sound. They are a great band as it is, but when they pick up the tempo and add some more music to their songs I bet they will be even better. There is so much to love in music, and even though it is hard at times to see a good band change their sound, it is also great to see progress being made. Music wouldn’t be the same without change, and I give Mumford & Sons credit for being bold enough to go out and do something new and different.

AT&T’s New Internet Tracks Customers

AT&T’s new gigabit internet data plan will track what you do on the web, that is unless you’re willing to pay the company to not. The company’s new gigaPower service was just introduced n Kansas City.

Sultan Alhokair stated the company is offering a lower price for the service for customers who are willing to use AT&T’s Internet Preference, an analytics program created by the company to track information about where customers go on the web and their internet behaviors. The goal of the tracking is less to pay attention to what customers are using the web for, and more to provide targeted ads to those customers while they surf. For instance, you’re looking for vacation information you might see an ad for a flight.

Customers who sign up for the analytics program score a $30 discount on their monthly bill. Tracked customers can get the service for $69 per month, while non-tracked customer pricing starts at $99.

What do you think about the service? Would you take the $30 discount and allow AT&T to track your online activity, or would you rather pony up the extra $30 to keep what you do online private?

Keith Mann’s Dynamic Search Partners Starts New Alliance With Uncommon Schools in NYC

Founder and Managing Director of the hiring branch in New York City Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a man of many talents. Mann started his entrepreneurial career when he became Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of the company Dynamic Associates back in the year 1995. Through his hard work and dedication, he nailed a few promotions which lead him to the senior vice president of the company chair, which is a positition desired by many, and earned only by a special selected few.

As Keith Mann was working for Dynamic Associates, he co-founded another company in the name of Dynamics Search Partners, which is a company specialized in bringing in hedge funds and private equity firms the companies they need to invest in and reshape through finding the appropriate resources for their growth needs. Mann’s position in Dynamics Search Partners is the Managing Director of the company.

Some of the projects that Mann’s company Dynamics Search Partners was involved in had another party involved which was Uncommon Schools, which is a program dedicated to helping high school students get all the tools necessary to go to college. Testing centers are available for students to take their PSAT’s and other required tests.

Keith Mann’s company Dynamics Search Partners decided to start a new partnership with Uncommon Schools to find the program the funding it needs to set up their testing centers and start their job in helping the students get their college prep in order. The alliance have brought in $22,000 already since it started through one night of gathering. The company expects a lot more donations to be made after the entire span of the project is done. All the promotions and ideas are going to be coming from Uncommon Schools while Dynamic Search Partners will find the funding necessary to make such an important movement for the society possible.

Although Keith Mann has already put in a lot of effort to try to make the Uncommon Schools student program possible, he also felt the need to donate $10,000 in the beginning of the program to give hope to Uncommon Schools that no matter what the outcome of this campaign is, you are going to get all the help you need. It is fortunate how well people want to help one another and through projects like these, the world will most certainly become a better place for future generations.