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Naval Research Laboratory Creates Inexpensive Mini-Drones

Reconnaissance and enemy surveillance may have just changed forever. Researchers from the US Naval Research Laboratory have come up with a new mini-drone that is inexpensive and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The prototype for the new drone cost just a few thousand dollars to build, a far cry from most government military operations according to Alexei Beltyukov. The final product could cost as little as $250 each. The mini-drones have no propulsion system and act like mini-gliders when dropped from a plane. They are equipped with GPS to help them hone in on their destination.

The military could deploy those mini-drones in great numbers for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering missions. They are very difficult to see when deployed and are said to look like a bird flying through the sky. A whole swarm of the mini-drones could be dropped on an enemy location. It would be extremely difficult to find them all.

Testing of the mini-drones was done 11 miles over Yuma, Arizona. The GPS powered drone fell to the Earth just 15 feet from its intended target.

The drones could be equipped with sensors to detect weather conditions, take pictures, transmit audio and more. The low cost makes them very practical to use even in large numbers.

Are Gadget Reviews Always Trustworthy?

If you are thinking of buying a new gadget, you already know the huge investment that often goes into them. Newer gadgets are just not cheap, so you may wind up spending hundreds just to get what you want according to Keith Mann. When you go online and begin to read reviews on a product, you may not know if it’s a good place to go to trust the source. In general, most reviews online are being written by people who own or have used the gadget you’re looking to buy. There are cases, however, where the review is being written by someone who is paid to write that review and give it either a positive or negative note.

The best way for you to tell if a gadget review is real is to see if it is a verified purchase. If you are on some of the more popular product and gadget sites, you can see if the person reviewing the gadget has actually purchased it from that site. If this is the case, you can easily rely on the review as something being written by a person who has used the item and wants to tell others what it is like for them. You will want to make sure that you look into quite a lot of reviews before making a decision on any one product in order to find exactly what you want without worrying that you are wasting money.

Planting A Billion Trees In A Year Using Drones

Thanks to BioCarbon Engineering, technology is now being used to counter what technology has done to our environment. In its latest venture, the company is using drones to plant trees. While so many trees are cut all over the world while very few are planted, this would go a long way in correcting the anomaly.

According to the company’s CEO, Lauren Fletcher, the old methods are just not working for us anymore and we need to use newer techniques that the latest technology has made available to us. He accepts that the method is not in any way better but it is a lot quicker than hand planting which is slow and expensive. They are hoping to plant around a billion trees in a year.

The method is said to be cheaper compared to hand planting. Ricardo Guimarães BMG says that according to Fletcher, if two operators were to handle a number of drones, they would plant around 36,000 trees in a day, which he insists is very possible. For that one day, the cost would be 15% of the cost incurred, while using the normal method.

In the new method,the seeds are first pre-germinated before the drones fly to specific areas and fire them into the ground. The seeds are covered by a nutritious hydrogel. A prototype of the system took part in the Drones for Good competition that took place in United Arab Emirates and left a great impression.