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Kickstart your day with Bulletproof Coffee

Sometimes our ‘to-do list’ is larger than the amount of energy we have to accomplish all of the tasks on it. Just getting out of bed can seem like a big feat, let alone having and maintaining a high level or energy throughout the day.

Thanks to Bulletproof Coffee those problems might be a thing of the past. Butter-infused Bulletproof coffee has gained popularity as word has spread of this great tasting beverage that delivers such huge benefits and boosts your energy level.
Word of mouth is a powerful advertisement and it wasn’t long before some of today’s most popular athletes discovered the benefits of the beverage as well as noted celebrities. Testimonials from both have helped promote the coffee to a level that is allowing the beverage to be the star of its own café’s popping up around the nation. Shailene Woodley and Maya Rudolph have both publicly touted the goodness and effectiveness of the creamy beverage.

Dave Asprey created the popular drink after taking a trip to Tibet in 2004 so he could learn how to meditate. While there he realized the yak-butter tea he was drinking was leading to changes in his life. He tried several combinations before hitting on the perfect combination of ingredients that people enjoy today.

Bulletproof Coffee clocks in at 460 calories and other such noteworthy benefits as having the ability to turn off those feelings of hunger and cravings and giving you the feeling of being full so you aren’t reaching for other fatty foods during the day. You can burn off fat while not taking any more in.

While putting butter in coffee doesn’t sound like such a good idea, if you are looking for a little boost in your energy level and a new way to lose a few pounds bulletproof coffee is gaining such popularity that it seems to be at least worth a try. Follow Asprey and the folks at BP on InstaGram.

Giants Fans Will Be Cheering Next Season

The New York Giants fans should have their heads a little higher heading into next season given all that has been accomplished from a personnel aspect with their favorite NFL franchise. Just looking at the roster alone will have even the most untrusting of fans looking on the positive side. So we thought it was worth pointing out some of the obvious improvements and the reasons for brighter days ahead of them. Starting at quarterback, with Eli Manning still taking the snaps they have a proven winner and gun slinger in their back field. The fact that Manning will have the talented Odell Beckham Jr, and Victor Cruz to throw the ball to will make any offensive coordinator smile said Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Also, their new kick returner Dwayne Harris formerly of the Cowboys will ensure the team does not get stuck in bad field position to many times to win the game.

That is just the offense…on the defensive side of the ball the Giants have brought back Steve Spagnuolo as the Defensive Coordinator. The last time he was leading the defense they finished in the top ten both seasons. When the fans look at their free agent pick-ups and their draft picks, this Giants defense will be much tougher than they were last season. Hopefully George Selvie and Owa Odighizuwa will finally reach their potential as defensive ends by putting real pressure on opposing QB’s. As for veteran Mykkele Thompson and the teams #1 pick Landon Collins they will be a strong duo at the safety positions.

Lexus Announces Back to the Future Hoverboard

Ever since Back to the Future 2 came out, people have been waiting for someone to invent the hoverboard, and Lexus may have finally done it. In the movie, Marty McFly uses his futuristic hoverboard to get away from some bullies, and it is one of the most iconic scenes in film history. The film was released in 1989, and it has McFly going to the year 2015, so it’s pretty good timing that Lexus was able to unveil the news of their hoverboard this year to keep some accuracy from the film. The Lexus Hoverboard seems like something out of a science fiction movie and has the sleek, futuristic design. The board uses magnets in order to make it levitate, which gives the rider frictionless movement. In order to keep the magnet system within the board cool, Lexus has implemented liquid nitrogen superconductors. Magnets eventually lose their polarity, but Lexus created permanent magnets for this board. Although the hoverboard from the film allowed Michael J. Fox to go virtually anywhere, the Lexus Hoverboard only works on a metal surface. In the video they launched to show off their hoverboard, the rider is at a skate park, but Lexus confirmed that the skate park has metal underneath the concrete surface. The video was simply an announcement of the design, but Brad Reifler told the folks at that Lexus hopes to debut the prototype in October of 2015.

Cat Videos Improve Your Health

A recent study done shows that people who watch cat videos are often in a better mental shape than they might be otherwise, according to some scientists. According to an article found on reddit and written by Fox CT, people who watch cat videos are said to be less anxious and more positive thinking after they are finished with it. Basically, it is a great way to start your day so that you can hit the ground running without many negative emotions that might be lurking with you from the previous day.

According to Jaime Garcia Dias, everyone knows that animals are often therapeutic and can be very healing when it comes to emotions, which is why cats have been known to be especially awesome in this department. I don’t know if there are any particular types of cats that are more appealing than others, but it can be said for sure that these creatures do improve the mood. In the last few years cat videos have really made a presence in the internet world and they seem to just keep getting more and more popular with each month that passes. These cute little creatures might be the key to happiness for all we know, and it would be interesting to see what the long term affects of these happy video clips can do to someone over a certain length of time. In any case, they are awesome for stress relief.

Foreign companies allow to own e commerce sites in China

China has announced that it is now allowing foreign owned companies to operate e-commerce websites in China. China, which has strict website controls by their centralized government, has previously blocked access to many sites which has limited the ability and desire for foreign companies to do business in the country. Google, for example, formally withdrew from the country stating the control by the Chinese government.

In addition, online data processing and transaction processing businesses will also be able to be wholly owned by foreign companies as per an announcement by the Chinese State Ministry.

Ownership of Chinese websites is expected to further attract capital to China which will lead stability and strength to markets there says CipherCloud. Chinese companies are richly valued due to the growth prospects in the country, which are not existent in many western nations.

Some fear that Chinese companies will be withdrawing from their listing on American and other international stock exchanges as a result of this news. Operating in the United States, for example, is particularly costly due to extensive regulations. However, some analysts believe this risk is muted by the presence of international companies being attractive takeover targets for Chinese businesses which will further raise the importance of being listed in these international markets.

The move is mostly viewed as a positive one for the world. For China, will gain strength in their currency and new investment capital, while foreign investors will gain the ability to invest in international growth markets more effectively.

Raising Eyebrows at Rob Zombie

Groucho Marx is forever a symbol of laughter for Americans. As a member of the Marx Brothers, he helped lay the foundation of comedy for future generations. When it comes to his life, his memoir was published in the book Raised Eyebrows. That book is on the verge of coming to the screen, but most people find it hard to believe who the director will be.

Rob Zombie, the horror leviathan of the 90s, has stepped up to direct the legendary comedian’s biopic. FreedomPop pointed out that most people identify Zombie with his heavy metal music. He was a founding member of White Zombie and found great success as a solo artist. When he didn’t want to stick to music, Zombie drifted into the world of directing. House of 1000 Corpses premiered in 2003 and was the hallmark to Zombie’s directing career. From there he went on to do a remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween which eventually overtook the original and was the highest grossing movie in the series.

It appears Zombie doesn’t like to stay in one thing for too long. Even his name itself is a vision of horror. However, he isn’t going to do scary cinema forever. In fact, he’s set his sights on being the Groucho Marx director. Fans are on pins and needles waiting to see exactly how Zombie’s vision comes to life with something so different.

Couple Decides To Get Married At Bonnaroo Festival

Christian Broda suggests that many people are getting married in different places these days, and some places are unbelievable. There was a festival called Bonnaroo, and a couple decided that they would get married at the festival. In the pictures that are available on MTV News, you can see the couple kiss, and they are standing right beside a water fountain that’s big enough to hold people underneath it. Wedding At A Music Festival. The picture is very festive and beautiful, but who would really get married at a music festival?

People are getting married in different places these days, and it’s not always traditional. A couple decided to get married at Taylor Swift’s concert in Philadelphia recently, and they may have made the best choice. Taylor Swift decided to meet the couple behind stage after her mother brought the couple to Taylor’s attention. Although this is one of the best days of their life, it just seems weird to get married in the parking lot of a stadium.

It could be a lot of fun to get married at a festival or even in a parking lot, but many are still down for a traditional wedding. Those who want to do something different, they’ll have something to pass down to their kids and their grandkids after all is said and done. It might be fun to be able to tell your kids that you listened to some great music from different bands while you got married.

The Good Samaritan

What if the idea of a taxi cab ride was not just limited to humans. What if the taxi cab could be used by animals as well. According to Super Lawyers this is exactly what happened when Urga Adunga, a taxi driver, recently saw a duck followed by her nine ducklings on a road. Adunga knew he had to do something to help them.

Unfortunately the duck and her ducklings were stuck in traffic and had no way of safely making it across the road. Urga decided to take action and pull over to the side of the road. In addition he flagged down other drivers to help put the duck and her ducklings into his cab. The duck and her ducklings had a 21 dollar taxi fare to pay at the end of their trip. Luckily, having no money on them, Adunga let it slide.

While doing his good deed he had others help him along the way. One woman had pulled over to help him who apparently was a mother. She had a backpack in the car that they both tried to put the little ducklings in. When this did not work, the taxi driver decided to put each one in the back of his taxi. Unfortunately, safety could not come first considering that these little ducks could not wear seat belts. However, safety was exactly what the ducks received by this good Samaritan who found the ducks and transported them to the river.

Why Social Media is Great for the Older Generations

The rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are continuing to grow in popularity every single day. Most people of the younger and even middle-age generations are choosing to open their own social media accounts and benefit from it for themselves. While it is easy to see the younger generation joining in on the social media bandwagon, you may notice that some people of the older generation are doing the same thing as well. There are actually quite a few benefits of social media for older folks, and this may be why a lot of them are joining in and creating their own accounts on the Internet as well.

One of the major benefits of social media for older folks reports Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, is that it can help them to stay connected in ways they were never able to do. Nowadays, many families grow and move apart from one another and it is not at all uncommon to have relatives clear across the country who you do not get to see very often. Because of this, social media fills this gap and enables you to stay in close touch with these individuals without worrying that you either have to make a trip to see them or you don’t see them altogether. Social media is a wonderful thing for anyone and of any age, but it is especially vital for those who are older and need to keep in touch.