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Brad Reifler: A Successful Entrepreneur

Bradley Reifler is best known for being the Founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC, as well as its subsidiaries, Forefront Capital Management, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Markets. Brad founded this business in June 2009. Forefront Group specializes as being a boutique investment banking firm, meaning they are small and only deal with high quality clients. They are also a wealth management firm. They offer services of investment advice to both individuals as well as institutions. The company works for global companies, distributors, and investors to help them reach their financial goals. Forefront Management uses banking and portfolio management, as well as leaders in distribution and coalitions of business to advise their clients.

Brad Reifler also founded Pali Capital earlier in his career. As an entrepreneur, he acted as the Chief Executive Officer until late 2008. Under his watch, Pali Capital grew from a small company into a large corporation, bringing in over $200 million per year. They have over 200 employees, and additionally they now have offices outside of the United States in the United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America.

Reifler has led a career of entrepreneurship and been successful in the financial industry. The companies that he starts continue to grow throughout the years.

The Efficiency of the Law System in Brazil

The law in many countries involves a convoluted law system that is usually defined by a constitution that stipulates the rights of individuals. Similar to Brazil, their law comprises of complexities in the law system. The Brazilian Constitution is known as the Federal Constitution that came into force on October 5th, 1988 and is the supreme law of the country featuring a rigid written form. The Constitution organizes the country into the Federal Republic of 26 indissoluble unions of federal states. These federal states have the power to implement their own laws and Constitutions, but their autonomy is however controlled by the standards created by the Federal Constitution. As of today, only the Supreme Court has the authority to create binding rules and the public administration, and inferior courts and judges are obliged to observe them.

The Brazilian legal system is derived from Civil Law tradition that comprise of French, Portuguese, German and Italian civil law. It is based on statutes as well as the súmula vinculante (stare decisis) that was implemented recently. Since Brazil was a Portugal colony, they utilized the Law of Portugal as the Law in Brazil. Brazil’s independence and the rise of the Empire called for the establishment of a sovereign judiciary and educating its staff on legal education.

The country is now teeming with lawyers that make the legal system efficient. The Brazilian Constitution created in 1988 established many rights that make it necessary for people to make use of such lawyers to litigate their rights. Brazil is famously known as the land of many lawyers since it has a law school in every state, around 1,240 compared to the entire world combined. The lawyers total up to 800,000 proving that there are more lawyers per capita as compared to the United States. The state with the highest number of lawyers was the State of São Paulo with 222,807 lawyers making it a third of the country’s total lawyers.

The country has 16,000 judges, and the Brazilian judicial system is keeping pace with all the lawyering. The lawyers are expected to observe the set of disciplinary and ethical rules imposed by the OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil) Ethics and Discipline. There are many professional lawyers that undertake their duties to act independently and honestly and are competitive in helping clients with legal matters. Among the lawyers who have been successful in litigation matters is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian-based corporate litigation lawyer. Mr. Tosto has over 22 years of experience in legal matters within and outside the court room. He is a strategist and a renowned leader in the Brazilian legal system whose experience includes but not limited to Banking Contracts, Business Restructuring, Acquisition Review, Power Concessions, Reorganization, Civil, and Commercial.

Ricardo Tosto is a co-founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados and also owns his law firm from where he undertakes his legal practice. The law firm is one of the largest and most accomplished firms in Brazil and through this; he has successfully defended huge companies and various public personalities.

US Mobile Operator FreedomPop Expands to the UK

Originally posted on The Telegraph, the young four year company FreedomPop expands it’s revolutionary mobile services to the UK. Utilizing a venture capital, FreedomPop has begun it’s first phase of international expansion.

FreedomPop’s service has been making waves in the telecom business. Using completely unconventional methods their service is quickly catching popularity. After a one-time £7 setup fee, you have 200 minutes of call time, 200 text, and 200MB of data. There are several ways for subscribers to add more to their plan. The conventional way is to add an allowance by subscribing to a plan for about £4.99 and £16.99 a month. The unconventional way is allowing subscribers to complete third-party marketing surveys to add to their plan. The basic business model concept is to get subscribers in for free and allow them to obtain more call, text, and data through as many easy convenient ways.

FreedomPop’s UK headquarters will be located in London. The company has been rapidly expanding as of the past year. Recently they have added 600,000 people in the United States and expect to reach 1 million by the end of the year. The company is very confident that they will be able to achieve the same numbers in the UK within the next 12 to 18 months.

After their UK expansion, FreedomPop plans on taking on 5 more countries within the next 2 weeks.

Because of how fast this mobile operator is growing, many companies are starting to take notice. The Europe expansion was delayed at one point when Sprint was in talks with the company to buy them for about $450 million.

Improve Online Dating Skills and Experience Success

Anyone having a tough time connecting or succeeding on the dating scene has to make some changes. Making the same mistakes on the dating scene is not exactly going to improve the chances of meeting the perfect person. Well, meeting someone might not be tough. Impressing the person and then getting a second date is where so many run into problems. Online dating sites do provide an excellent means for meeting someone new. However, those who are a bit awkward when it comes to dating success do need to become proactive and seek the help of others in order to improve results.

One way to increase the chances of dating success is to keep a log of all interactions with others on the site. To some, this step might seem like a wee bit too much. Who would be interested in keeping a journal of dating success or foibles? There is a simple answer to such a question. A person who wants to improve social and dating skills to the point bad dates and doomed relationships become ghosts of the past.

Keeping an updated journal is not all that difficult. All that needs to be done is type down the basics of what occurred on the site (or on a date) on Notepad or Word. Save the document. Review the notes and log pertinent questions about steps necessary for improvement. Write down any questions that might come to mind as well. All of these steps aid in performing reliable reflections over what has occurred. From this, better steps towards making improvements becomes possible.

Figuring out how to make all the improvements does not even have to be something done by one’s lonesome. The internet is home to tons of discussion boards and social media sites. Simply asking others for help could lead to really positive results. In order to acquire sought-after advice, it is critically important to ask the right questions. The only way this is possible is through carefully reviewing what went right and what went wrong on previous days.

Having access to a great social network and dating community definitely makes this possible. Skout has emerged as a really popular name in the land of online dating. The Skout app can be downloaded onto a mobile device and, once it is in place, logging onto the dating community is pretty easy. Connecting with possible partners is not the only thing a member can do on the site. Asking advice of others is an option as well. Exploring this options is definitely recommended. Skout’s easy to use platform certainly makes interacting with all members fairly straight-forward and even enjoyable.

The dating game has changed in some ways thanks to the arrival of new forms of technology and communications. Online dating is one of the cooler and fun results of these new technological and software developments. Members of online dating communities must still do their part and approach others the right way. Improving from day-to-day helps with this cause.

FreedomPop Is Now Offering More People Its Great Services

What could be better than a mobile service that is offered for free? Not much, and that is why so many people have been getting excited about FreedomPop. This company offers mobile services for free, and the company has grown quickly in the United States. It has gotten a ton of users because of the free service that it offers, and now it is excited to be able to take the company to the UK.

FreedomPop is hoping to do just as well in the UK as it has done in the United States. It knows that the price of its services are very appealing, as they are either free or upgraded for a low price, and the company knows that once people realize that they will quickly gain a lot of customers in the UK. Everyone loves getting a good deal on any kind of product, and that is what FreedomPop is all about.

FreedomPop isn’t about to just stop at the UK with their expansions, but the company is excited to keep going and growing larger. The company has plans to take their services to more countries in the upcoming years, and that is exciting for people all across the globe. FreedomPop just keeps growing in popularity, and there is no stopping it and all that it is doing.
It is a great thing that FreedomPop has been able to expand into the UK, as all of the people over there are finally getting the chance to use the free services that the company offers. The news of FreedomPop’s expansion was originally released on Digital Trends.

Humanity Is a Virtue: Courage to Defend Others

Yeonmi Park on youtube is a North Korean native born in Hyesan in 1994. She is a human rights activist at this tender age as well as a North Korean defector. She has gained fame and has become a voice and defense of the voiceless and oppressed in her society. She has also inspired the freedom-loving people all over the world. Miss Park takes residence in Seoul, South Korea and is currently writing a book. She is a junior student in Donggkuk University in Seoul where she is majoring in Criminal Justice.

She has been featured in a couple of high profile magazines and newspapers including the Washington Post, the Voice of America. Yeonmi has also been interviewed on Radio Free Asia, BBC2, SBS Insight;she is also a regular guest on the South Korean TV variety show “Now on My Way to Meet You” which is a broadcast that aims at closing in on the gap between the North and South Koreans.

Miss Park is a member of the media at the Freedom Factory Co. Ltd and a co-host of the English podcast Casey Latrigue and Yeonmi Park Show. She has also volunteered with NAUH (Now Action, Unity and Human Rights) and a volunteered ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees Program.

She grew up in the most brutal and oppressive parts of the North Korea as a child of privilege not until his father was arrested for exporting metals to China and then thrown into a Labor Camp. This spun Park and her mother onto a journey of looking for freedom and an oppression-free regime. This engraved very bad image of North Korea for a child’s living. She was restricted from even whispering by her mother. She was inspired by the Western culture of parents encouraging their kids to express themselves. She remembers the life as a child in North Korea under a dictatorship where the people had no freedom.

They crossed the border with the help of a friend since it was dangerous for anyone trying either to leave the country or even join the country through the North Korea- China border. This was only the beginning of this small family’s struggle. They were harassed and later sold into human trafficking. They later on decided to leave China and leave like dignified humans. They had to cross the Gobi Desert with five other people on a cold night. She was 15, during the exodus.

Park is commended as one of the brave women in the republic who can be able to stand and defend their rights and the rights of others. Hannah Song in the Women in World Summit that Yeonmi is one of the agents of change, and has remarked her courage to speak out despite of a traditional cult of personality that repressed a group of citizens within North Korea and rendered some victims in their own country.

The Genius of Brad Reifler

In many instances, the term genius is used when perhaps it does not apply. However, for people with an intimate knowledge of the financial industry, they agree the word genius definitely applies to Brad Reifler. Having established himself as one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs for more than three decades, his keen attention to detail and unmatched ability to analyze facts and figures has led to him starting various companies and succeeding with each and every one.

Beginning with Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980s, Brad made it clear from the beginning that he was something special. Using a unique combination of institutional research, information dissemination, and global advisory services, Brad grew the company into one of the world’s largest futures operations companies. In fact, by the time he chose to sell the company in 2000, RTC was considered one of the biggest and most influential futures companies in the industry.

While incredibly successful at RTC, it was his next company Pali Capital that put the world on notice that Brad was here to stay. At Pali, he perfected his use of the strategies used at RTC and also incorporated new ones such as derivative structures and in-depth credit analysis to develop strategic planning that took Pali to new heights. Believing strongly that these strategies were the keys to success for himself, his sales team, and investors, Brad put his theories into practice and produced stunning results. When he ended his wildly successful run as the company’s CEO after 13 years, his company and its investors had reaped the benefits of more than $1 billion in commission income. As he continues to look toward the future as CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad realizes it is hard work and determination that keeps a company on top.


Brian Mulligan is the current CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a media, entertainment and sports advisory company. In addition to this he has served as Managing Director of Deutche Bank Securities Inc, and at Joseph E. Seagram & Sons Inc. Mr. Mulligan he was Executive officer also served as a CFO and Executive Vice President of the Seagram Company Ltd. While there, he handled all corporate financial and strategic business matters.

Mr. Mulligan is a highly educated man. He attained both his BSBA and BBA from the University of Southern California. He graduated with an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

He is also an avid writer, especially sports. This is quite evident on his blog. He writes a lot about golf, basketball and any other sport that interests him. He jokes that he loves golf more than golf loves him! He got invited to co- produce the movie: The Legend of Bagger Vance and as much as he wanted to learn more about Golf, he passed because he thought he would lose half the audience, and hence revenue from other markets considering that golf is a mainly American and Western European sport. He is also served as a commissioner for youth basketball leagues. Apart from sports, he also writes about charity, inspiration and success.

He does not just write about charity, he is also deeply involved in various charitable activities and political causes. Some of these are:
• City of hope
• MCA charities
• United Way
• Land of free foundation
• USC Marshall School Dean Scholarship fund
• UCLA Lifetime Associate Member
• He has helped raise $90 million for schools
• A better LA
• UCLA Anderson Dean Society.

On inspiration, Mr. Mulligan believes that every young person can and should aspire to be great. He challenges young people and players not just believe in their dreams, but to go out and pursue them. To do whatever they’re interested in to the best of their ability. Just reading inspirational posts on his blog gives you the nudge you need to get up and explore your talents.

His other fields of expertise are, but not limited to:
• Film
• Recorded music
• Music publishing
• Cable channels
• Video games
• International entertainment

Brian Mulligan obviously wears many hats and is one of the most interesting people to write about. He is quite accomplished and still approachable which is quite an exciting combination. He wears success like a crown.

Creating a Wikipedia Page

The online encyclopedia history is believed to have started in 1993. It has grown over the years. Currently, Wikipedia boast for having over 26 million articles which are absolutely free, written in 285 different languages. These articles have been written by over 39 million members, as well as anonymous writers. If you are determined to create your own page on Wikipedia, there are several steps that you have to take. Here are some of the most important.


Before anything you actually have to decide which topic you are interested in writing to create a Wikipedia page on Get Your Wiki. It is important to give references and even citations, so that your article is accepted easily. The main point here is, selecting your preferred topic carefully, and then looking for references.


Most articles are rejected because Wikipedia already has published familiar article from another writer. This is why it is very crucial to research the topic you are writing and select a good topic. If you choose a good topic, you will save yourself the frustration that comes with a rejected article.


When you have done your research properly and chosen a topic of your choice, you are then supposed to open an account with Wikipedia. However, this registration is not mandatory. When you decide to open one, you will enjoy several benefits as a writer.

Wikipedia has made things easy for its writes. They are now proving Sandbox, an editor that is found on the website. The program is in the website, so writers do not require downloading it. When a writer is done writing, they only copy the content in the program.


After creating a good article, you have to review it. Check carefully to ensure that it doesn’t have any grammatical mistakes and that it has the right referees and citations. After you are though, then you can send it to Wikipedia. If their team finds that the article meets its standards, then the article will be published. Sometimes, you might be asked to add some few items on your content, and when you follow their guidelines, your article will be published.

However, if you want article to be written for you, then you can contact Get Your Wiki, a Wikipedia writing company. The company has a tea m of experienced editors who will get your work approved in a very short time. However, if this does not happen, the company refunds your money.

The History Of Human Rights Began 2500 Years Ago

Humans are born with the right to choose. But that right has been taken away from them by governments since the beginning of recorded time. Slaves still do the wishes of others in certain parts of the world, and the rest of world keeps their heads turned the other way. Human trafficking is still prominent in different areas of the world, and the rest of the world closes their eyes. People live under the rule of a tyrant, and the rest of the world calls it a way of life because the world would rather talk about it than stop it.

The history of human rights is actually as old as the human race, but the modern definition of human rights began in 539 B.C. when King Cyrus the Great freed the slaves of Babylon. King Cyrus said all people have the right to choose their religion and live with the notion that all races are equal. Once the word spread that slaves were free in Persia, Rome Greece and India did the same thing, but as we know now Cyrus’s edict was not followed by the rest of the world. In fact, human rights violations have increased thanks to countries like North Korea, Afghanistan, parts of Africa and in other countries. One only has to listen to the story of Yeonmi Park to understand how backward some of these countries are when it comes to human rights.

Ms. Yeonmi Park on is one of the fortunate ones. She escaped from a country where no one is free. No one has rights of any kind. Life is spent working for the state and worshipping the leader. Yeonmi believed what she was taught as a child. She believed the rest of the world was just like North Korea until she saw a black market copy of the movie Titanic. Park realized that her life was not a life. She was a prisoner, and she had to escape. With help from her mother and sister Yeonmi did escape, but she and her mother were brutalized by the traffickers that took them through the Gobi Desert. Yeonmi and her mother crawled across the desert to escape the traffickers, and they finally made it to Mongolia. That’s where they sought asylum at the South Korean embassy.

Yeonmi is now 21 years old but has lived many more years than that. She is dedicated to the human rights cause. She wants the world to give everyone their freedom to choose. She is currently writing a book about her life and how it has changed.

Yeonmi story is just one story of human rights abuses. There are tens of thousands more. Those stories are still be written through the anguish those people suffer every day. It’s time the rest of the world opens their eyes and acts rather than accept the torture that fellow human beings are experiencing. Maybe Park’s story will strike the match that burns down the walls of slavery and abuse. Maybe the world will realize that the lives of millions of people living under different forms of slavery matter.