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Qnet-A company for the people

Qnet is an international e-commerce website. There is also an app that can be download on the Apple and Google Play Store. This company is one of Asia’s top-selling business. They have been in business for seventeen years.Their website is market to more than 100 countries worldwide. They offer something for everyone on their website. The company also have QNET distributors. The company inspiration comes from the life of Gandhi. Leadership skills are this company number one focus, and of course Gandhi had exceptional leadership skills. They live by the model “Raised Yourself To Help Mankind”.

These QNET distributors are known as Independent Representatives. This company also strive for people to be able to create a living for their self. They believe that more people should be self-employ. They believe that anyone can start a business as long as that have the drive and ambition to get it started, and to keep working at it until he or she become a success. They are all about empowering people to achieve in life. They want to see people dreams come a reality.

This is a company that thrives on diversity. They celebrate people that come from all different walks of life. There have many employees that are from all different parts of the world. The company also advocate fitness and health. Some of the items they sell on their website are gels that will give you the perfect tone tummy. They are also big on fiber. They sell fiberfit; which is a powder that you can put in any liquid. It can also be mix in almost any type of food.They also sell other wellness products, skin care, and jewelry.The products that they sell on their website receives high reviews.

The goal of the company is to become the greatest eCommerrce leader within their field of expertise; They want to have a positive influence on people who are looking to becoming more self-efficient. They work as a team to ensure that everyone is on the right path of success; they do not want any man left behind. They want everyone on their team to be able to reach their highest potential. Their expertise in their entrepreneur skill gives people the right layout plan so that they do not stray into the wrong path. An individual will never have to worry if they would be treated unfairly if they join this team because the company believes in treating everyone as equal and with the utmost integrity.

They have awesome products that are sold by some great ambitious people. They have a great layout plans for anyone who have the drive and focus to begin to take their life on the path that they want to be.

George Soros the Humanity Champion

The world is full of flaws and imperfections. Everybody works towards taking advantage of each other either socially, politically or economically. It is, therefore, important for us to look for ways of ensuring that we remain committed to the making of the world a better place to live in. One man alone cannot save the world. However, George Soros, in his small way, has tried his best to make the world a better place for all of us.

Many institutions have been built on imperfection. While some have prospered, they have left suffering to many in their wake. Communism and anarchism are one such example. In Eastern and Central Europe in 1930, this was the order of the day and not many people grew up knowing peace. George Soros is driven by his desire to change the world for the better for all people in the world.

George Soros is an advocate of human rights. He believes in a society where all the people in the organization are treated equally. Growing up in political anarchy could be the reason he has come out so strongly against the oppression of all kinds. He yearns for a society that places value on human lives and one that fosters equality and protects the oppressed, marginalized and vulnerable people.

George Soros Open Society Foundations has been instrumental in helping people all over the world cope with injustices that have been meted on them. The organization has helped shape the fundamental principles of the societies around the world. The foundation has been very successful in many parts of the world mainly South Africa during the apartheid. It also was involved in working for the organizations in European countries during the cold war.

Ukraine is one country that George Soros helped establish Democracy in the society during the cold war. His efforts have borne fruits in the society as the society in Ukraine is more integrated and cooperative in ensuring that human life is valued.

His work in South Africa during the apartheid was very commendable. He was in the forefront of speaking against the evils being committed against the people of South Africa. Many were bitten and illegally detained for speaking against the evils happening to the population of the South Africa by the national rule.


Dan Newlin: representing clients with mind and heart

How many personal injury clients can say their attorney saw their situation from a first person experience perspective. The clients represented by Dan Newlin and his law firm have been served by an attorney who has seen what accidents, negligence and personal injury cases bring to the victims. Dan began his career life as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana. He saw first hand what serious damage injuries cause both physically and emotionally. He took this experience with him to his next stop,as a police officer. He relocated to Orange County, Florida and served as a Deputy Sheriff. While in this position he entered college and law school. With the real life experiences as EMT and law enforcement officer he took on the practice of working for accident and personal injury clients.

Insurance companies employ every means to keep settlements to a minimum, despite pain and suffering of victims. Dan uses his skill,s education and real life experience to counter claims that minimize the stress and trauma of victims. Dan seeks justice and compensation for his clients. Lost wages, loss of mobility and emotional trauma that persists long after the accident can rarely be fully replaced but a just settlement often begins a healing process.

Dan Newlin and Partners has assembled a team of experienced professionals and specialists who conduct investigation in depth to make sure their cases is won. They share the same dedication to clients that inspired Dan to enter law after his EMT and law enforcement experience. They have to date won over $200 million for clients. They are licensed to practice in Florida and Illinois.

As a law enforcement officer Dan realizes what an unjust arrest or accusation can do to someone’s career and personal life. Recently Dan Newlin and Partners began defending clients arrested or accused unjustly of criminal behavior. They apply the same diligence and persistence in these cases as they do in personal injury law and they win for their clients.

Dan Newlin: Much More than a Super Lawyer

Accidents happen when least expected even if someone is being careful. Unfortunately, many accidents happen as a result of someone else’s negligence. The injuries sustained in an accident that perpetrate physical pain can range from head injuries, neurological damage, or emotional stress. Personal injury lawyers are highly skilled and they recognize what steps to take when dealing with personal injury litigation.

Many people are unsure of how to search for the perfect personal injury lawyer to represent them.Some lawyers post ads and are well known in the area but don’t have a great reputation when it comes to settlement. Others have a hard time connecting with their clients which cause unnecessary gaps in the case. That is not the situation for Attorney Dan Newlin, a personal injury lawyer with offices in Orlando, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Attorney Newlin has been recognized as a Super Lawyer which is an acknowledgement of peer recognition and professional achievement. Less than 5% of all lawyers in Florida earn this distinct appreciation.

Attorney Newlin has had many successful outcomes. He had a record setting verdict of $100 million while representing a teenager who suffered brain damage and has been in a coma since 2012. What is the key to Attorney Newlin’s success? Perhaps it goes beyond the support he has from the solid attorney’s employed at Newlin Law.

Attorney Dan Newlin has made many endeavors to reach out to people in his community and develop professional relationships. In fact, he has developed the Dan Newlin Miracle Project to help bring miracles to children. One remarkable effort he made was bringing Evander Holyfield to the Arnold Palmer’s Children’s hospital to bring smiles to children battling cancer. His ongoing support to meaningful charities has helped him gain trust in people.

Personal injury lawyers have many responsibilities, and staying on top of the latest technology is sometimes pushed aside. Attorney Newill has developed a new way for his clients to reach him via telephone without having to listen to a catchy tune. With the assistance of local phone companies, #Dan (hashtag Dan) has been created for the ease of his clients to reach him.

It is evident that the success of personal injury lawyers has to do with more than just knowing the law. Connecting with the community, gaining trust, and implementing unique ideas will allow these hard-working lawyers to have an edge over other competitors.

Darius Fisher Outlines Steps to Prevent Being Hacked

Getting doxxed, when a hacker posts your personal information online so they can harass you, can be a personal and public nightmare. It can ruin not only your personal life and relationships, but also your career and financial status. It’s time that we all get more concerned about what we post online, what it really says about us, and who can read it.
Recently, Darius M. Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has been front and center in helping victims learn what they can do to protect themselves in the future. Fisher was recently honored as one of the years Innovation 50 in PRNewswire. Fisher and his company have also been the recipients of honorable mentions from the New York Times and Yahoo! News for the work they have done to help the victims of the hack on Ashley Madison.
Fisher has been credited with creating a very vital plan for the company as well as creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with companies and influencers. He is credited as helping build a company that has the ability to give public figures and companies a second life after a PR nightmare.
Fisher has recently given numerous interviews where he outlines a few key steps anyone can take to protect their personal information and reputations. Begin by removing your personal data, like phone numbers or home address, from the internet. He recommends that all social media settings be set on private. His personal belief is that nothing can be private on social media, even if your are set on private, so nothing should be posted if you are not 100% ok with it being completely public. He also believes everyone should change their passwords at least four times a year to help prevent hacking. Fisher has also stated that there is one good way to keep up with what has and hasn’t been leaked, Google yourself. He says you should regularly use a logged out browser and google yourself or your company and see what comes up.

Known Shaygan Kheradpir Takes helm at Coriant to lead in its growth

Coriant Company, a leading telecommunications company that started in the year 2013 has emerged as a leader in providing technology solutions worldwide. Because of its expansion, the Coriant Company appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the chief executive officer and the board chairman.

The new CEO

Coriant operates in over 100 countries and its expansion means appointing top executives to turn it around. Shaygan has been a senior manager within the company, taking the role of Operating Partner. Here, he oversaw the company strategic planning and managing. The new CEO was appointed by Coriant to ensure the company growth and strengthen its business solutions. Before his appointment, Shaygan Kheradpir has worked at GTE Company rising through the ranks and getting his experience, thereby making him one of the leading executives.

Shaygan Kheradpir is known to be a leading business executive and operations manager, having a 28-year experience in executive positions. Therefore, Coriant is expected to turn around the client demand on data and expand the market such as the construction of hyper-scale data center and long haul transport deployments. Shaygan Kheradpir studied electrical engineering and holds a bachelor, masters and then a doctoral degree. Previously, he had had stints working at GTE, Barclays, Juniper and Verizon, where he was tasked with developing various products that enhance client relationship with companies.

The Coriant connection

After holding executive positions in charge of product developments at Barclays, Verizon, GTE and Juniper, Coriant poached the famous Executive. Something that attracted Shaygan to this company is its comprehensive portfolios for data networking and packet optical solutions, innovations in technology, worldwide service to clients and the need to expand and reach hundreds of clients. With the current expansion and efficiency, Coriant will be in a position to give clients cost effective solutions as outlined at FierceTelecom’s site.

With its expansion, Coriant has proved itself as a company supplying innovative networking solutions to clients. Today, the company boasts of having the top clients in the world comprised of Tier 1 Communication and Service Providers, government, cloud providers and business enterprises. Today, the company provides mobile backhaul solutions and in class packet optical transport. One of the company achievements is world record transmission capacity at 57.6Tbps using hollow core fiber.

The man behind the face of Bruce Levenson


Many of use the fast pace information as a key tool to get what we need fast.To think that at one time none of what we have today even existed.It is more then scary to think that not to long ago you had to wait for every little thing when it came to getting information.Well fortunately those days are forever gone and today we are going to talk about a man who made this dark period of inferior service nothing more then a thing of the past.


The answer to this problem was not born in some lab under the cities in a bunker but more in a Jewish family where he would see first hand the positive results when you mix hard work and passion into one motion. His name is no other then Bruce Levenson.Sure in the start of things he is nothing more then a kid with a family that owns a small liquor store but over time even to this day he is still a power player in the world of business.

Steps To Victory

After completing high school Bruce would take his desire to college where there he would begin to make the first major step by along with his room mate formed United Communications Group.This new service would handle all the micro paper work of any company using the modern tech later known as the web to make once long term simple projects in to simple time simple projects that they are today.After its birth in 1977 the service would begin to make the future bright by 1978 and with these outstanding results Bruce would have a name for himself.

Personal Time

During his years hitting the books Bruce would run in to a woman named Karen.Sure she may of not been the business type like Bruce but if there was one thing that they had in common was the desire to help their communities with any problem they may have no matter what.Since the early eighties after being married they would begin and still do today help their people with education and health by spending their time an money to provide for those that can not for themselves.


He would spend over two decades working around the clock in the world of the modern service for the info but what does he do when it comes to other forms of business?Well in 2004 Forbes billionaire Bruce would make a kid dream come true by buying both the Atlanta city professional basketball and hockey teams.With the thrashers and the sea hawks under his control he began to improve the teams from the ground up almost over night.But as with everything all must must come to an end and with the year of 2010 in sight Bruce began the prep work to sell the thrashers an soon afterwards the sea hawks. Wrap From geek to husband to sport owner this man has more hen made his 40 years of hard work pay off right?


Adam Sender was not only a hedge fund manager, but he also collected art in his spare time. He leaned toward a surreal life, evidence of which could be seen in the art work he displayed in his office. Examples of his surrealism are seen in artist, Dan Flaven who created sculptures from commercial light fixtures and did weird figure painting; John Currin, who was a pop artist; Kara Walker who dealt with race, gender violence, identity and sexuality, plus Thomas Ruff’s suggestive, blurry photo of a scantily clad woman. Copies of Greenspan’s “Age of Turbulence” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugs” seen on his coffee table were also signs of his surrealism.

When Adam Sender had his own hedge fund and continued as an art collector, he was in the spot light in the Art Basil Miami Beach when he mounted an exhibit of works from his private collection that was staged in one of his Miami homes. On display were works by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. There were only 70 works out of 1,000 pieces valued at $100,000 on exhibit and Sender said he regretted that so much of his collection was hidden away.

The discerning eye that Sender used in buying for his own hedge fund carried over into his selection of art. He bought reasonably priced art which increased many times over. For instance, a Richard Price could at one time be bought for $100,000, but became unaffordable.

Even though Sender had financial problems from time to time, he continued to buy works only from new artists who were well established. Two of the later works he bought were by Frank Benson, who did sculptures and photography and Diana Al-Hadid who created sculpture, installation, and drawing using various media. Sender could probably find a permanent private collector museum, but said he was in no hurry and continued to be happy doing exhibitions now and then.

From Surgery to Success

The plastic surgery industry is flooded with a majority of male cosmetic surgeons. Making a name for herself in the cosmetic surgery sector Dr. Jennifer Walden is a professional who brings a ready smile, confidence and a skill-set that rivals any male surgeon in the field. A stand-out surgeon who recently re-located her practice to the Austin, Texas area after establishing a successful business in New York City, Dr. Walden is highly acclaimed and well-known in the media world. Her extensive knowledge in anything relating to plastic surgery procedures has garnered her television appearances as well as front page features in reputable magazines throughout the country.

Who is Jennifer Walden?

Hailing from Texas, an honored graduate from the University of Texas would soon become an inspiring icon for female professionals everywhere. Dr. Jennifer Walden carved her mark into the plastic surgery field by sheer tenacity, dedication and providing of quality service. After achieving the honor of Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she began her successful climb up the professional ladder. Through an internship at the well-renowned Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, she quickly established herself as an exceptional cosmetic surgeon.

There’s More! Dr. Walden’s Awards:

•American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award
•Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation
•Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship

Her achievements aren’t limited to her scholastic portfolio, they also extend to the role she plays as an independent and impacting woman professional. Leading the way for women in the plastic surgery field, Dr. Jennifer Walden blazes trails for professional hopefuls to follow, straight into the history books. As one of the only females to hold a seat on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), that accolade alone should be enough to impress. Even so, the accomplishments continue to mount. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the trusted spokesperson for ASAPS and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, her specific expertise on surgery holds up under the weight of media scrutiny.

Living a Life of Caring

Continually emphasized by various sources is Dr. Jennifer Walden’s propensity for winning respect. Her kind and considerate attributes touch the hearts of colleagues and clientele. A dedicated mother of two boys with a family oriented mindset illustrates her priorities are perfectly in place to be a success. Author, mother, cosmetic surgeon, expert, whatever title she is given, before each title the word “quality” should be placed. A professional who volunteers on medical mission trips to perform surgeries such as the cleft-lip and palate surgery on infants definitely displays a beautiful picture. Professionalism and philanthropy is definitely a winning combination and Dr. Jennifer Walden is a perfect mix.

New York City, where the real estate grows ever more luxurious

The real estate market in Manhattan continues its upward climb, hitting 9.5% in the third quarter, year over year. This is a dramatic surge, the highest in seven years. But the growing real estate market is not just the beginner homes market. One in five homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan can be termed luxury, their prices in comparison to the sales averages of the last year being markedly higher.

Town Residential is one of the companies filling the need of the luxury market. The company has focused on luxury residential sales and leasing. The sales statistics show that this a booming field, and Town is determined to be the leader in their industry.

Town believes in the personalized approach, a hand-crafted attention to detail with multiple offices to allow them to aid clients as conveniently as possible. The firm has also been voted one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in NYC real estate. This is a company that knows how to keep top talent, ensuring the utmost for their clientele.

Manhattan’s rent increases, the median hitting a jaw dropping $3,339, mean the luxury real estate market will only increase. As residents of New York City eye their rent, it only makes sense that the next step will be eyeing the real estate listings. If they can afford the rent, why not use that money to afford the luxurious home they’ve dreamt of? Companies like Town Residential are firm in their desire to become leaders in their fields by serving their clients better than anyone else can. This can only be good for nascent home owners.