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Handyman And DIY Services Form The Background For Oisin Hanrahan’s Handy App

Dublin, Ireland’s Oisin Hanrahan is a man on a mission to supply the best in DIY and cleaning services for those who are hoping to get the best possible professionals to handle their everyday home maintenance issues. The Handy app has been in development since 2012 when Hanrahan began studying for an MBA at Harvard Business School, the success he has found with Handy has seen the cleaning and home maintenance app reach its one millionth customer in just over three short years of operation.

The 32 year old Hanrahan has been looking to make the most of his skills in home maintenance and business for a number of years, which led him on the path to founding handy with a group of fellow Harvard students. Hanrahan had set out on a career as a real estate developer in many different areas of Europe and found success in developing properties in Budapest, Hungary in the early part of the 21st century.

By 2012 the real estate developer had made his way to Harvard Business School, but had struggled to overcome his memories of the problems he had experienced in finding home maintenance professionals in his real estate business. In the summer of 2012 Hanrahan set out to develop an app that would only allow the very best professionals in the world to be found on a single app that would cover the major cities around the globe. The experiences Oisin Hanrahan had as a developer in Eastern Europe molded his view that a global network of maintenance experts would be of major assistance to all homeowners and property developers.

The assistance of Highland Capital provided Handy with its first funding of just $50,000, which has since been eclipsed by a finding drive bringing in more than $110 million. Hanrahan has explained in interviews and articles how the company receives hundreds of thousands of applicants to be listed on the app, but only three percent of applicants are given approval to be listed on the app that is now available in more than 28 cities across North America and Europe.

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Handy’s Great New Tipping Feature

Handy has implemented a feature in which customers can tip cleaners with the same payment method used to pay for the cleaning services. The only way that cleaners could be tipped is by paying them cash for the job, which is not often possible because tips are meant to be given after the receiver of the services is able to review them or experience them. If a customer is not there at the time the cleaners finish, they are probably not going to get tipped. Everybody is happy that Handy has added this feature because it is much easier and more convenient to tip now, not to mention safer.

Handy is the leading home cleaning service listing agency in the world for many reasons. One of these reasons is because it is free to use until a booking is completed, and the only money that Handy takes for their advertising services is taken from the cleaner themselves. Users do not have to buy the app or pay anything for using it, unlike some other competitors who have all failed trying to compete with Handy.

As a business, Handy has relied on funding from many investors to get to where they are now. Some estimate the amount of funding to this point has reached more than one hundred million dollars. Few other apps get this type of opportunity, but few are also as good as Handy is.

Handy has an official website at There are many reviews of the app on the app store, as well as all over the internet. The most common opinion of Handy is that it is easy to use, reasonably priced, and most customers would use Handy time and time again. Many of the bad reviews of Handy are from people who were listed on Handy but got removed for breaking rules or not following standard operating procedures. Fortunately, thanks to the lengthy process that new users have to go through the get listed on Handy’s mobile application, these occurrences have been few and far between. Download Handy on mobile application stores for free today.

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Susan McGalla: the Force Behind Pittsburg Steeler’s Success

The company launched a brand new fashion line and a new website, which is geared towards connecting with the fans and members of the team. The fashion line has been well received by the fans who are currently demanding merchandises to suit their styles. According to Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn, who is the current director of strategic planning, the new fashion line is available on the firm’s website. The online selling is preferred because it makes it easy for the customers to get what they want in a convenient way. The firm has been able to launch new products in 2015 such as the Pandora Jewelry, Tommy Bahama, Victoria Secret, and Nike Golf labels. Lots of pink items were also launched for the girls who love the Steelers, including neon yellow and the metallic gold.

Susan McGalla is an experienced lady in the retail business. Before she joined the Steelers, she used to be the chief executive officer of the Eagle Outfitters and later the Wet Seal. The Wet Seal Company specializes in the provision of services in the real estate market. Previously, she also used to work as a board of trustee at the University of Pittsburgh, and she has also worked as the president of the Allegheny conference. Susan McGalla is very experienced in marketing, talent management, and branding.

Susan McGalla had begun her illustrious career while working for the Joseph Home Company. At the company, she held several managerial positions, and she eventually left to join the American Eagle Outfitters, where she established herself as a buyer who concentrated on women clothing. At the company, she served in various positions, and because of her hard work, she was promoted to serve as the president of the enterprise. It is at this time while she was serving as the leader of the organization when she launched the famous 77kid’s brands. Susan McGalla spends her free time advising young women on how they can be competitive and succeed in business. She does offer motivational talks to the students, and one of the organizations that has benefited immensely from her speeches is the Girl’s Foundation that is situated in Pittsburgh.

Creating Problems on Facebook Has Consequences

Facebook makes it easy to communicate and that is a good thing. What someone chooses to publish, however, does not exactly always serve a positive purpose. Just one error in judgment can lead to problems on the job. A series of poorly-conceived posts could lead to serious problems in life. Inflammatory posts turn people off. When looking for a job, it would clearly not be a good plan to create controversies. All those years of posting over-the-top comments on Facebook, however, cat

ch up with the person making the posts.

Not everyone realizes there is a connection between Facebook and the social media site’s news feed and the search engines. The way things work is the search engine crawlers eventually scan and index the material posted on the platform. Anyone who assumes anything posted on Facebook is going to disappear is sorely mistaken. If “Jon Doe-Smith” is posting things on the internet, then any Google search of “Jon Doe-Smith” is going to lead the persons searching to the body of work Mr. Doe-Smith has opted to post.

Status Labs, the reputation management firm based in Austin, TX, works hard at helping people overcome the problems they have created on Facebook. Those Google search engine results could be loaded with material that is backfiring on the author. Status Labs can go to work at creating a variety of new content to help change the results in the search engines. Instituting a change really is going to be necessary if all those Facebook posts are leading to trouble on the job or keeping someone from being hired.

There are just some things best avoided on Facebook. These things are best avoided when hoping to keep a professional career sailing smooth. Spending too much time on Facebook instead of working is one of the obvious ones. Getting into fights and arguments on social media, making controversial posts, appearing immature, speaking poorly of previous (or current) employers are all things that could have consequences.

Status Labs has helped 1,500+ clients overcome online reputation woes. Clients ranging from celebrities to major executives have called on Status Labs for help. Those whose errors in judgment on Facebook have gotten them into trouble may wish to contact the service.

US Money Reserve Starts Crowdfund to Feed the Hungry

Crowdrise, a popular crowd funding website, has a new participant in the form of the US Money Reserve, who has started a campaign to support the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, a hunger relief service in its third decade of operation. The charitable act is hardly a new step for gold market veterans, who have a history of philanthropic activity and community service. By teaming up with the CAFB and appealing directly to the people, the US Money Reserve’s sense of social service will help provide hunger relief in over 20 Central Texas counties spanning nearly 20,000 miles of Lone Star land with the aid of several hundred partner agencies. The announcement was made in a press release on Digital Journal and can be viewed here. One can also visit the Crowdrise campaign directly and help provide hunger relief to the largest state in the contiguous US.

For those that want more financial security than can be afforded with a paper money and bank notes, US Money Reserve offers a way of dealing in precious metals that is more accessible to the average citizen. One need not be a gold trading veteran, because US Money Reserve employs hundreds of their own senior veterans in the gold market, each with a lifetime of experience ready to help one invest wisely in the precious metals market. Their gold market acumen is only rivaled by their superior service, which has ultimately led the company to become of the largest distributors of Government issued coinage in the United States, where they have traded in literally millions of gold, silver, and platinum coins minted by the US Government.