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Quarterly Report of Highland Capital Management

The Chairman and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero filed their quarterly report dated 3rd February 2016. The files show that they had acquired 69 new positions with Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (call) leading the list. They had also added 62 positions to already existing with American Airls Group Inc. (call) topping the list with 60% increase. They reduced 80 stocks of those held with Ishare Tr (put) being the most affected with -52.05% and sold out 119 stocks with Spdr Series Trust (put) topping the list. The files also reveal that they had amassed a portfolio value of $3.42 billion, a decline by $1.49 billion from their previous quarter value. This, however, did not consist of their $15.04 billion in assets under their management. Looking at the sectors, Health Care topped the list with an allocation of 20% while Consumer Discretionary closed with 10%.

James worked as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. This was between the years 1989 to 1993 where he saw the subsidiary grow to over $2 billion. Prior to this, he worked for American Express first as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later as a Portfolio manager with over $1 billion of assets under his management. In 1993, Jim went into a partnership to open Highland Capital Management, an asset manager registered by SEC and which specializes in high-yield fixed income investments. Currently, Jim is the Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund; affiliate advisor of NexPoint Advisors and Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and CCS Medical. He is also a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Jim is an alumnus of the University of Virginia where he joined McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated with Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi having majored in Accounting and Finance. Jim is also a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Jim, who has over 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets, chose to focus mainly on distressed and high-yield investing. He is known for his support of initiatives more so those dealing with education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs.

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They Call Him the Soul of the Lacrosse World

Jon Urbana is a man who lives in the Denver area. He has a name that is quite known in the area and that’s because he really is a jack of all trades. He’s just one of those all-around good guys that is out there trying to make a difference in the world. He helps those in need whether it’s people or animals, young or old, and rich or poor. It doesn’t matter to Jon Urbana. He simply wants to make the world a better place.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

One way Urbana has been doing that is by helping to raise money for a variety of different causes. Right now, he is heavily involved in two different ones that are making great positive impacts in the world. One of those is a fundraising campaign for ARAS which is a no-kill shelter in the Denver area for stray cats. Urbana truly believes in this campaign because he doesn’t believe animals who were abandoned should just go somewhere to die. In fact, Jon Urbana believes they should get a second chance.

Urbana has also been helping out with Earth Force which is a fundraising effort to get the youth mobilized to care about the environment. It’s teaching a younger generation to band together and to take action before it’s too late. The younger crowd is learning all about the benefits and necessities of keeping the world clean.

When Urbana isn’t putting his heart and soul into fundraising, he is focusing on the business world. Urbana is the Director of Ellipse USA. He oversees a variety of aspects within the company and has really been helping it to grow.

Urbana is also co-founder of Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He helps teach youth the skills that he has developed during his Villanova career. He advises them on how to best play the game and how to become the best player that they can be. Overall, Urbana can be seen out in the community doing just about anything. That’s because his passions spread well beyond just one thing. He cares about his lacrosse fans, sports, fundraising, and much more. It’s truly remarkable to see someone devote themselves to so many different causes.

Charles Koch Finds Common Ground with Bernie Sanders

On the surface it would seem that Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders are from polar opposite points of view but according to a great op-ed he wrote for The Washington Post, Bernie Sanders has at least one positive belief. Both the political left and right seem to be unanimous in the idea that the buying and selling of politicians and their votes needs to be addressed in a real and vital manner. Koch wrote a heartfelt message about how the current economic practices in the United States is hurting every segment of our society except for a few corporations and their CEO’s that control many politicians through kick backs and campaign contributions.

Charles Koch is one of the richest men in the world. He is the CEO of Koch Industries which has been a major financial powerhouse in the United States for generations. He has become more involved in politics over the years and put a lot of financial support behind the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney in 2008. The loss soured him in the process until this year. Koch is a conservative and believes in less government and more individual freedom.

On the surface, this attitude might be quite a surprise coming from one of the most influential and richest people in the world. If you look at their history, both Charles and David Koch have long expressed their dislike of the “cronyism” and favoritism the current political system engenders. Koch has long railed against the seemingly obvious buying and selling of politicians and their votes. The federal system of government is tilted to benefit those who are rich and powerful and hurt the common citizen. This system doesn’t protect people, their jobs, the environment or even their liberty and freedom.

Koch also agrees with Bernie Sanders on the treatment of criminals involved in non-violent crimes. They both agree the government provides a system to discredit any person convicted of any crime. A poor person arrested for a minor marijuana possession, may go to jail, and have that on their record for life, limiting their job opportunities and access to some federal programs. Where a well connected person, can do the exact same thing and escape without any punishment at all. This obvious inconsistency is one of the inequalities that both Koch and Sanders stand united against.

There is no way that Bernie Sanders and Charles Koch will agree on much because their basic philosophies are much different. Koch maintains the basic belief that a smaller government is better for people, while Sanders believes in a government that is bigger and fully entrenched in the lives of its people. Yet there is hope that in at least some areas, both sides of the political process can be brought together and united on some issues.

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Making a Difference in The Virtual World

I have been a rather large computer geek since the age of 14 and not once have I came across one video chat software that I actually enjoyed using. Normally I find one to two flaws in the system that make it almost unbearable to use. Well, needless to say I stumbled across a new software yesterday that caught my attention and did not let me down at all. It was called Talk Fusion, which was created by a man named Bob Reina. Bob has something like 20 years of experience in relationship marketing which is really huge in this type of business. For him to create something as easily accessible and clear viewed as Talk Fusion is absolutely stunning. Like I was saying, not many video software products are 100%. A lot of them have to many glitches to make it through a full conversation with someone.

I believe that Bob took the time to create Talk Fusion for everyone that is separated from a loved one. Between his compassion for people and his even deeper compassion for animals and contributing to causes for them, he seems like a respectful businessman and friend to those that are around him. I myself have always wanted to get a little more into the business world, but I cannot seemingly get my face out of a computer. Hence the fact why I am a computer programmer and designer. If I was to make it to the business world some day, Bob would be someone I would use as a steading post to get started. By this I mean someone to look up to and sort of be like by setting the goals that have reached for themselves. By having some type of role model when starting out in any new career, it makes it easy for you to know where you going.What really kind of sets Bob in the position of my role model is the fact that he works in the business field and created such a brilliant video software program. I am getting pretty good at software designing and am hoping that maybe someday I will be able to create something as popular as Talk Fusion. Maybe not a video chat, but something that will benefit people around the world and make something in their life a lot easier because of a software product I created. Being able to do something like this is a huge accomplishment for anyone. Bob’s creation of Talk Fusion is by far worthy of being considered a great accomplishment.

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Dr Weisfogel Wants Bright Smiles For The Little Ones

Operation Smile is a charity organization born of the belief that all children deserve to be treated as equals. Operation Smile operates on the donations of kindly benefactors to provide free surgery for the repairs of cleft palates and lips in children and teens. Individual who are born with these deformities can often suffer from malnutrition, difficulty with verbal speech, and extensive torment from their peers. Children have ever been known to be the most vicious of bullies.

Avi Weisfogel has crafted a GoFundMe page for Operation Smile. But Doctor Weisfogel is a very passionate man, and he’s turned his passions to helping children in need with this endeavor. Operation Smile’s charity is not the only thing Doctor Weisfogel does, however.

Avi owns Dental Sleep Masters, a dental education company where he teaches practitioners how to acquire and treat patients suffering from sleep disorders, a method he designed himself by working directly with other medical physicians to determine and craft oral appliances for the individuals in question. Prior to making this organization a reality, Weisfogel owned Old Bridge Dental Care, where he practiced dentistry and business management in tandem with one another for more than fifteen years. During this span, Avi Weisfogel was named New Jersey’s Top Dentist for six years in a row, receiving commendations in implant, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry.

But that’s only what Avi Weisfogel does on the clock. When he’s not working, he’s watching the hockey rinks, tracking the New York Rangers through their trials and tribulations; and their work with the Garden of Dreams Foundation, as they pull together fundraisers and other events to raise awareness and benefit children who are facing difficult challenges or illness.

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Whether he’s working or relaxing, Avi Weisfogel cares about children in need, and wants to help them.


Keith Mann launches the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship

Following a recent announcement by Keith Mann who works at Dynamics Search Partners, he steered the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship. This is meant to nurture innovative minds of tomorrow’s business leaders among the young. The scholarship program is in partnership with uncommon schools in New York City. Keith Mann has also seen to it that the scholarship will be availed to one graduating senior in one of the uncommon schools each year.

With great experience having served in executive search industry for the past 15 years, Keith is well enlightened on issues concerning hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring strategy. So as to establish the current Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann first launched the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive search. This later on developed privately as an equity industry and it is following this that Dynamics Search Partners was formed.
Keith Mann is currently the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners and is responsible for the running of the firm. Under his leadership Dynamics Search Partners works with different firms in all investment industries based in Europe, Asia and the United States.
The scholarship has so far been implemented in various uncommon schools and the counselors are grateful to Mann for introducing the same. Through the scholarship, privileged students will be helped through a four-year study period in college. To qualify for the scholarship, one is expected to submit a 1000 word essay explaining on how the degree acquired will assist them in achieving their professional goals.
Mann is a philanthropist and an educational advocate, he is focused on selecting strong leaders of whom he will later on link with successful companies to help them grow in their profession. The scholarship also targets low-income students who will be seen through to graduation. The scholarship will be open this February with the winner being announced by the end of March. The qualifier will receive $5000 scholarship and this will help them to take care of their tuition expenses in college.
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Handy Home Cleaning Service Makes Your Life Easier

Are you in need of professional cleaning service to keep your home looking clean and tidy? Want to find a great company that is well known for providing top notch cleaning services for home and other residential places? Handy Home Cleaning Service can help.

Cleaning services are one of the best ways to make your life easier, as these individuals enable you to concentrate on other areas of life than keeping your residential property well-maintained while trying to maintain a very busy schedule. Utilizing the services of a cleaning company guarantees you always come home or apartment to a clean environment and keeps your residence looking its best at all times.

With the services provided by Handy professionals, you never have to worry about doing your own home cleaning, because a licensed home cleaning professional will come to your residence and provide that service. Even when you are away they can thoroughly clean every part of your residential home according to your requirements.

One of the main benefits to hiring good cleaners, such as Handy professionals, is that they will be able to work directly with you to create a specific work plan that meets your needs and requirements. Handy will want to find out exactly what you cleaning tasks you want performed and then schedule a service date for you.

Establishing a specific professional cleaning plan not only ensures you are absolutely satisfied with the outcomes you get from the home cleaning services, but also that you are provided the specific cleaning service you expect. And Handy definitely is a reputable company and meets the needs of customers.

One of the most important things you should consider when looking for a home cleaning service, is many references, as these individuals can tell you whether they have been pleased with the house cleaner service provider you are thinking about choosing. Handy has numerous satisfied customers across the country and can provide references upon request.

Many people have posted positive reviews about the top quality services they have received from Handy Home Cleaning Service.

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Charles Koch: Finding Common Ground With Bernie Sanders

Recently, Charles Koch wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post. In the article, Koch explained that he and Bernie Sanders disagree on most topics to such an extent that it seems like Sanders is running a campaign against Koch rather than just the other candidates. Charles Koch went onto explain that Sanders often misrepresents him and his business’ stance on many issues.

However, in the article, Charles Koch said that he would prefer to find common ground and have positive debates. He wants Sanders to know that they do agree on at least one issue. The issue is about a government environment and a business climate that make it difficult for individuals to work hard and succeed. Charles Koch explained in the article that he actually agrees with him. Koch agrees that the system, both economic and political, are rigged for a few privileged individuals while everyone else suffers. Koch also agrees that many businesses are taking advantage of this system, while the individuals are not given the opportunities.

Koch agrees with Sanders in regards to all of this and he blames both businesses and government. Koch says that government picks policies that create winners and losers and this only continues the cycle of dependency and poverty in the U.S. But Koch admits that the reasons these policies have gone through is due to a big push from the business community.

Charles Koch was born in 1935 in Wichita, Kansas, which is where he still lives. Koch attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelors in General Engining, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and another Masters in Chemical Engineering. For a year after college, Koch worked fro Arthur D. Little, Inc and then he moved back to Kansas to work for his father’s Rock Island Oil and Refining Company.

Charles Koch is a big supporter of free-enterprise and libertarian advocacy and policy and looks to fund organizations that have similar views. Businessweek names him a top 50 American giver because of his 246 million dollars in donations between 2004 and 2008. His goal with this giving is to push forward free-market views. But Koch does not only give to other charities. He has also formed his own organizations. In 1977, he co-founded the Cato Institute and he is also on the board at the George Mason University think tank.

CipherCloud Leading the Latest Trend of On Demand Computing

In what has been one of the biggest new trends in the technology sector in cloud computing services, CipherCloud has been at the forefront as one of the leading innovators in producing on demand computing. Founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari, CipherCloud has come into the world of could computing by providing cloud security services as well as delivering on compliance and control. The company’s headquarters is currently located in San Jose, California.

CipherCloud is best known for its role in encryption of information before it is placed into cloud environments, by developing secure gateways. It has been able to provide encrypting services for some major well known products including Google’s Gmail services, Microsoft Office 365, and Chatter from the major customer relationship management producer Salesforce. CipherCloud released its latest product in April 2014, CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery for analyzing cloud applications for use by enterprises that wish to provide risk based analysis for organizations cloud based services.

CipherCloud has other numerous services now tied to some major vendors and their respective products. This includes CipherCloud for Salesforce, CipherCloud for Service Now, and CipherCloud for Box. a company known for cloud-content management service and file sharing online. The Salesforce product focuses on eliminating residency concerns and data privacy while the service now product focuses on increasing operational efficiency through data compliance and security. Finally, the CipherCloud product for Box provides an additional level of control and security by detecting, scanning and taking action to protect sensitive information.

CipherCloud has been a recipient of numerous rewards including the “Information Security Product of the Year” excellence award for SC Magazine as well as “Best Emerging Technology in Information Security”. Gartner also nominated the company as a cool vendor in April 2011 for Cloud Securtiy. Most recently, company CEO and Founder Kothari was honored at the Info Security Global Excellence Awards in its 10th year for “CEO of the Year”.

Moving forward CipherCloud appears to be on the up and up for its role in providing cyber security as the technological world has started to see a huge shift towards on demand computing, as outlined on their YouTube. CEO Kothari has put together a strong team of technological pioneers from great companies with strong reputations in providing base products in the cloud environments. The company will have its hand in numerous cloud based applications moving forward, and that is a strong sign for an up and coming company in a constantly growing industry.  Check them out on Twitter to see where CipherCloud goes in the future.

Highland Capital Management Gains Some and Sells Some February

Highland Capital Management released its quarterly SEC form 13F recently. Looking at the top 10 by category gives different portraits of their holdings.

In total, the hedge fund had a portfolio value of $3.42 billion. The fund increased shares and added more companies, as well. The new entry, SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR, entered at number 9 by value. Other companies like Amazon Com, Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Danaher Corporation, and Intra Cellular Therapies. All and all, Highland Capital Management bought 69 new stocks to their portfolio.

Other stocks were sold that quarter. Among the companies are Nexpoint Care Strategies, Mckesson, Envision Healthcare Holdings, and Laboratory Corp American Holdings. Highland Capital Management sold 119 stocks in total.

Highland Capital Management’s portfolio remains balanced. 20% of the holdings are related to health care, with information technology and finance companies following at 18% each. Energy made up 12% of the portfolio, with consumer products and services following at 10%.

The first will look at the top 10 by value in the thousands. American Airlines,, Patterson Companies, and Loral Space Systems gained increased shares in the portfolio, while IShares TR and American Express have gone down in shares. Anadarko Pete Corporation experience no change in percentage of portfolio.

The top 10 in number of shares more or less hold steady. Pendrell Corporation, Ocean Rig, Dryships, Cumulus Media, and Corning report no change in percentage of shares in portfolio. Kinder Morgan and American Airlines have gained space in the stock portfolio, while Spirit Realty and NRG Energy have lost space.

James Dondero, or Jim, graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelors of science in accounting and finance. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst, and has 30 years of experience in credit markets. He was employed as a credit investor in the 1980s, and his work included managing $1 billion fixed income funds for American Express. Jim co-founded Highland Capital in 1993, and is currently serving as president of Highland Capital Management. The firm specializes in credit investments and has had Jim Dondero at the helm since its inception.

Jim donates time and money to supporting initiatives in financial and math education, veterans and their families, historical and nature museums, and public health policy.

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