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iFunding Making CrowdFunding For Real Estate Investments A Possibility

iFunding has announced some great new innovations for its 2016 strategy. The reality when it comes to real estate is the security of the investment. To make sure that all property deals that are presented to iFunding are worth the investment they will be putting together a completely new advisory board made up of professionals from many different sectors of industry. This is to ensure the knowledge and expertise needed for the screening of these opportunities is provided for. This makes the security and safety of the investment greater. The professionals will be made up of individuals from the financial services industry as well as top industry professionals for real estate, peer to peer lending and venture capital. This transformation of the advisory board will allow for future positive growth of the platform as well as success within the market place.

William Skelley believes that investing in the future of iFunding with these professionals will ensure that the company has on going success. This platform is new for those investors looking to secure their wealth for the future. iFunding and William Skelley take advantage of mixing investment best practices with disruptive ideas will allow them to define the industry. LinkedIn indicates William and Sohin Shah its cofounder have been friends since their days in collage and have always looked for ways to start a business together. According to the iFunding Twitter, William Skelley came across the idea of combining real estate and crowd funding during his job as a principal at Rose Park Advisors.

After registering on there is an easy way for investors to take part in great real estate opportunities which have since been untouchable to most people. Minimal investment and the pre-screened property list allows iFunding to guide its client to the best real estate opportunities on the market. With the new advisory board that will be forming in 2016, iFunding will improve the service they provide even further and making their real estate opportunities that much more attractive. Seasoned professionals such as William Sipple the executive managing director of HVS Capital Corporation, Greg Weingast, executive vice president of Van Metre Companies, Alicia Syrett the founder and CEO of Pantigrion and Jason Jones cofounder and CEO of Cardinal Rose Group are all part of the new advisory board at iFunding. The future looks bright for the innovative platform and this decision insures their future success.

Why George Soros Sees The Current Chinese Rooted Crisis To Be Similar To The 2008 Crisis

George Soros is a Hungarian-born American billionaire business person and philanthropist who founded and owned Soros Fund Management and Open Societies Foundation on George Soros is estimated to be having a net worth of $27 billion, and he is one of the richest men on the planet according to Bloomberg report. George Soros has been hitting headlines of daily’s worldwide due to his economic and philanthropic voice. He has been participating in the economic analysis since 1992 when he made a $1 billion fortune from his predictions on the U.K pound devaluation. George Soros has been called on to various economic forum and discussion on media platforms. His reputation as economic analysts originates from the accuracy of his predictions. The Greece European debt crisis and the infamous 2008 crisis make up for some of his biggest predictions.

George Soros recently attended a global economic forum in Sri Lanka. This successful business person on took this opportunity to offer insights about the reasons why he feels that the current market crisis has similar characteristics with to the 2008 global crisis. George Soros says that from his analysis he can confidently conclude that this crisis is behaving the same way the 2008 one behaved, and it is taking the same course. 

George Soros says that this crisis will have the same repercussions as the 2008 crisis if precautionary measures are not put in place as soon as possible. George Soros says that the economic changes in China are throwing the global economy off balance. He goes on to add in Asia stock markets were even forced to close the trade for Thursday in 2016’s first week. This came as the same markets recorded a $2.5 loss. George Soros says that China needs to reconsider its strategies to prevent further crushing of the Asian economy. He says that the country should implement its change strategy in steps to insulate the market from the 2008-like crisis.

George Soros says that Europe and developing countries will have the hardest time going through this crisis. Looking at Europe, it’s currently in a very unstable position from the internal problems that seem to be increasing day by day. From the Greece debt, the Russian aggression on Syria and Ukraine and the dwindling Euro. He said that this region will find it easier to address its problems if it first forges unity among its members. He says that a major drawback for the union is the fact every nation is taking its own stand in dealing with this issues. He says a United frontal approach towards this challenges will offer this union solutions faster than it thought. For developing countries, George Soros said that their only way out of the crisis is putting in place initiatives that will prevent further increase of interest rates.


Michael Zomber on Julia’s Gun Auction

Michael Zomber has spent his lifetime studying and restoring antique arms and armor. One of his favorite things to collect are antique Japanese swords. He says that other collectors should collect what interests them the most. He says for some collectors that may be a particular make and model of arms while for other collectors it may be arms from a particular period in history. He says that these pieces should be restored and protected so that future generations can see their value and understand the lessons inherit in them.

While Michael has collected arms for a long time, even he was surprised by the prices that some pieces brought during the first sale of the year at Julia’s first arms sale of the year in Fairfield, Maine.

Following up on a story that first appeared in Antique Trader, the sale occurred on March 14 and 15. Setting a world record, a Colt SP-1 Machine gun with 3 uppers sold for $42,000. During the sale, an ivory stocked Model 66, once owned by Porfirio Diaz of Mexico brought $230,000 while a Colt Model 1883 U.S. Navy Gatling Gun with two drum magazines was sold for $345,000. Incidentally, the new owner immediately sold the drum magazines to a person in attendance. A 4 Bore Holland & Holland hammer rifle made for the Nizam of Hyderabad sold for $258,750 while a President Harrison’s Lefever “Optimus” arm was purchased for $120,000.

Michael says, however, that not all arms must be in pristine condition to bring good money at auction. Nor must they be owned by someone famous in the past. If you are interested in having your arms appraised, then he recommends you contact him or another established gun appraiser.


U.S. Money Reserve Takes Its Precious Metals Business Online


The U.S. Money Reserve has always been at the forefront of new technology and attempted to make sure as many investors as possible have the chance to get involved in precious metals investing as possible. CBS 19 reports the U.S. Money Reserve recently relaunched its Website from its Austin, Texas headquarters to allow easier access for all to its catalog of rare and precious coins made from silver, gold, and platinum; the relaunched Website has been described as a more user friendly option providing greater levels of information for customers to enjoy.

Originally established in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve was born in the digital age that has always included the use of Internet based technology as a sales and information tool. The basis of the U.S. Money Reserve has always been in providing a new form of precious metals investing experience, which is an idea formed by the founders of the company who had worked for major investment groups and government agencies; the skills of those involved with the U.S. Money Reserve allow the company to independently investigate the coins provided for sale to ensure a fair valuation is always available.

The U.S. Money Reserve is headed by a former director of the U.S. Mint and has looked to develop new areas for investments to be made within over the life of the company; the company is now regarded as the largest independent distributor of U.S. government issued coins, with more than 300,000 satisfied customers using their services. The ability of the U.S. Money Reserve to find different areas of investment opportunities that are found in various forms of coins issued by major governments has always played a key role in the growth of the business; expanding the portfolio of each investor is the aim of the U.S. Money Reserve through the highest quality of research and expert advice.

The redesign of the U.S. Money Reserve Website includes improvements made to the photography used in detailing each coin on sale, and providing the best quality customer service available. The chance to get the latest prices for each coin considered for purchase by the investor is part of the new look U.S. Money Reserve Website with the inclusion of live pricing options that go hand in hand with the ability to use the secure Online purchasing options offered by the U.S. Money Reserve.

Useful Information On Solo Capital and Its Philanthropic CEO Sanjay Shah

Solo Markets Capital is an investment firm that provides customized financial services that are particular to each client needs. It is a private limited company that was established in September, 2011. Since its incorporation it has specialized in investment management industries offering a myriad of services such as proprietary trading and consulting. The company is also involved in investment banking.

Solo Capital has set a new meaning to the term boutique firms having a net worth of over 15 million pounds, another 67 million pounds in assets and a cash flow of over 30 million pounds. According to these financial estimates the entity can correctly be termed a hybrid boutique firm. It acquired Old Park Lane Capital in a takeover bid that was finalized in 2014. This acquisition brought more expertise as it previously engaged in institutional and aviation stock brokerage. The company has an experience of five straight years offering quality and sound financial services. This has always left its various clients satisfied.

The company can trace its origin to the 2009 financial crisis when its founder and CEO first thought about creating it. Using his financial know-how and talent he started the firm which took off at a fast rate taking advantage of the financial crisis and offering job opportunities. The entity is part of the Solo Group which is controlled by Aesa S.a.r.i holdings. The company takes pride in offering quality and satisfactory customer experience to its clients.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Limited which he founded after losing his job as a result of Britain’s financial crisis in 2009. He trained as a doctor but changed careers after realizing that he was not cut out to practice medicine. He zealously engaged in the financial sector as an accountant and worked for investment banks. He worked in prestigious banks such as the Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Apart from Solo Capital he owns over three dozen companies which are spread out in different continents and countries. In March 31, 2011 he earned an average of 19 million pounds after betting on the sovereign bet markets in Europe. This is a clear illustration of his insight and financial savvy.

Apart from Sanjay’s business prowess he is a philanthropist actively involved in fundraisers to contribute to research in Autism. He founded Autism Rocks a concert-based fund raising event that has seen various artists perform raising millions of dollars. His son’s diagnosis with Autism inspired the need to create awareness about the condition. Shanjay has been quoted saying that as a trained doctor he is interested in finding the course of Autism and finding a cure to it. Hopefully, he will find a cure someday.

Brad Reifler on Smart Investments for the Common Man

Founder of Forefront Capital and CEO, Brad Reifler, gave an interview to Reuters where he talked about the investment options open to people outside the traditional finance industry and ways to manage their money along the way.

Wikipedia indicates that Reifler himself lost a bundle on a personal investment that he believed would help his kids through college. Having been on either side of the investment divide, and knowing that the average person is without options to make even the most sound of investments due to regulations put in place, he’s in a position to offer some solid advice.

For those looking to get into investing, Reifler suggests that people set reasonable goals for themselves while considering the risk involved and the capital necessary to invest and covering all applicable fees. This will help allay the uncertainty first time investors may feel. Developing a relationship with your financial manager will also help with this, making them more confident in the person in charge of their money. But even if with a professional managing your money, Reifler cautions new investors to be safe with their money and know how much and in what they choose to invest in.

While these tips are helpful, not everyone will have the opportunity to act on them. Keeping the average individual from throwing money at the stock market at this moment are regulations put in place by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They decide who has the permission to go ahead and invest, and it’s tied into net worth. For an individual who has $1 million or more in net worth, or who receives more than $200,000 in annual revenue, receive the status of accredited investor and can interact with the investing world easily. These income brackets, however, doesn’t apply to the overwhelming majority of people.

These regulations were put in place to protect investors from predatory money managers or unnecessary risks that may have made the market volatile in the past. But with the passing of Dodd-Frank and the formation of the Investor Advisory Committee, Reifler sees many of these investments as intrusive and unnecessary.

Offered as an alternative, Reifler has redirected the focus of his firm, seeking to attract more investors who’d fall beneath high-income requirements to better secure their own financial future with knowledgeable managers to service them. Even with the skittish nature of investors following the 2008 global recession, he’s confident that people who want to can take investing into their own hands.  From Brad’s official website.

European Union Problems Concern George Soros

The life of iconic hedge fund manager George Soros has not been limited in its size or scope, particularly after he began using his fortune to help the people of the world through philanthropic giving. George Soros has been taking a deep interest in the future of his native Europe, which the Hungarian born financial expert believes sits at the edge of total collapse, according to an interview with his own Website.
George Soros believes a series of events and forces are combining to force the European Union, and the single currency Euro zone towards collapsing; the major problems facing the European Union are described by George Soros as coming from Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. In many ways, Soros believes the future of the European Union has come down to a personal battle between Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The refusal of the U.K. to join the Euro zone and the uncertain future of the country in Europe has made Germany the strongest and most powerful nation in the European Union; in turn, Angela Merkel has been described by George Soros as the leader of the free world in the face of Russian aggression.

Despite the fact George Soros told Bloomberg TV he believes the future of the European Union sits in the hands of Angela Merkel the German Chancellor has been roundly criticized by the financial expert for her leadership skills. Soros believes Merkel has failed to provide strong leadership for the entire Union, and instead simply keeps the German people happy in reacting to the issues facing Europe. Since the start of the Greek debt crisis in 2009 Merkel and other European leaders have failed to act positively to end the problems facing the country, and those that have followed between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is seen by George Soros as taking advantage of an opportunity to lead his country to further expansion into the European Union after the successful invasion of areas of Ukraine. The Russian leadership looks set to benefit from any collapse within the European Union with further advances into Ukraine, but also with an eye on taking an aggressive stance against the economically powerful Poland. Only with strong leadership from Angela Merkel does George Soros believe a European Union collapse can be averted and Germany hold on to her position as the most powerful nation in Europe.

Lime Crime Inspires Personal Beauty and Expression

There are a lot of reasons that women have traditionally used make up. Most often to hide their own perceived imperfections and to appeal to what they feel society finds attractive. Enter an exciting new company called Lime Crime which provides women with another option of using their makeup to express their unique personality to the world. If you want to be who you are and display that to the world without apology then the Facebook indicates Lime Crime makeup provides colorful and unique products that can help with the process of self expression and personal beauty.

One of the things that make their makeup different is the philosophy and attitude of their founder Doe Deere. She started this company with the idea that a person could look pretty and desirable and still express their inner personality to the world. That is where they began to produce one of the most colorful, powerful and cruelty free lines of makeup available anywhere in the world today. From meager beginnings Doe Deere has inspired a generation of young women to continue to follow their dreams and reach to become the best versions of them and to share that with the world through the use of makeup products they have produced.

In a world that tries to place people inside a box and limit what is acceptable behavior, Lime Crime is a company that offers young women another option. Sometimes branded as makeup for unicorns, the company is appealing to young women because they often feel like they are not fitting into what they feel society is expecting from them. Lime Crime allows for a vehicle of expression that allows them to show the world the different palette of color and style that is living under the surface. Each product comes in a variety of wilder colors that provide a nontraditional appearance. That is the contribution and mark of this company that has revolutionized the industry and captured a loyal and passionate following all over the country.

Each day all across the country there is a growing number of young people who are using Lime Crime products to express their own unique personal style. The bright candy colors and combinations between different types of makeup will allow for their feelings of freedom and manner to everyone they meet. The products are designed to allow people to aim for the best that they can be and apply all the vigor and enthusiasm that they have into the process of personal fashion. Tumblr shows that makeup provides expression and allows people to express their inner beauty on the outside and share it with the world. Expressing your style with Lime Crime allows for a better, more authentic version of yourself to be shown to the world.  Check out some of the cool things people are doing with Lime Crime on Pinterest.