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Andy Wirth Encourages Listeners About the Upcoming Ski Season

 The President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth, is optimistic about the future of the ski industry despite unusual weather. I heard the interview on KCRW’s program, “Press Play” with Madeleine Brand where she asked the executive, “How will the drought affect California ski resorts?”

A lot of people have been nervous about the upcoming year after El Nino caused a shortened 2015 season and the driest summer in years. Since skiing and ski resorts rely on snow, the extensive drought seems to indicate a major problem for both. Andrew “Andy” Wirth however, has a different outlook. “This past winter was certainly a tough one, as everybody knows… but we actually made our way through quite well,” he explains.

And El Nino doesn’t just make for dry weather. He explains how the real affect, as explained by the Stanford report on the subject, is in an increased volatility in the weather, and that’s something of which they can take advantage.

“I can manage and build this business model for the long term,” he says. With the ability to invest in more snow making and management, Wirth is confident that even if all 6,000 acres of the Squaw Valley land aren’t covered naturally, they will be able to open 4,000 at a minimum, which still makes for a very fun time on the mountain.

He also notes that the most probable affect of an El Nino winter is actually colder weather and that there’s no reason to fear for winter in the region entirely. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The company, and others like it, is also looking to hedge their business with increases in summer land use, such as weddings, meetings, and large events like the Ironman. In fact, most of their summer, he explains, is already completely booked and the company is making money despite a shortened ski season.

Andy Wirth confidence in the matter doesn’t come out of ignorance. An avid outdoors-man, Andy Wirth spent several years as a back-country ranger in Colorado, as well as fighting wild land fires in Northern New Mexico. Wirth holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado and attended Edinburgh University as well.

He sees the interaction of business with nature as quite normal and considers himself and others in his position to be resource managers above all else. He believes that they are managing the legacy of the mountains and hardly sees the weather as his enemy.

Andy Wirth overall statement is that Squaw Valley and the other resorts in Olympic Valley are not in any financial danger and the different possibilities for the upcoming season and years beyond are being closely watched and attended. There is nothing to fear: Your vacation is safe.

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US Shows Concern Over Ongoing Crisis In Venezuela

With the uncertainty surrounding Venezuela at the moment, the Obama Administration has begun looking at ways to find out how to implement change in Venezuela without compromising the United States. US Secretary of state John Kerry recently announced during a meeting of the Organization of American States that the United States will support an OAS plan regarding a referendum of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
If the date of the referendum is postponed until next year, then Maduro’s vice president could be in position to succeed him, explained expert David Osio. It would also give Maduro’s followers more time to create a militia to withstand the leftist movement created by Hugo Chavez, the former Venezuelan dictator.

Kerry’s announcement could ease tensions between Maduro’s supporters on the left, and the opposition-controlled parliament. Some Venezuelans had talked about the potential for a civil war soon in the country. America is looking at ways to assist political change, without enhancing the reputation that the United States meddles too much, says Osio.

The OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro recently released a report on the status of Maduro’s regime, in which Almagro agreed with calls for a recall vote. Almagro also believes that the OAS should consider revoking Venezuela’s membership. Countries such as Mexico, and Argentina appear to be on the side of the OAS, while the United States has also shown support.


Sanjay Shaw Spreads Love with Autism Rocks

Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio recently had the great Sanjay Shaw interviewed by Eric Dye for their show, which provides business advice, inspiration, and other content for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Shah is a successful entrepreneur and none other than the founder of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital.

In addition, he owns several dozen other businesses throughout London, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, and other places in the world. He first began a career, not in business, but instead in the medical field. However, he later decided that medicine was not his niche and continued an education in accounting.

For some time, he worked for a number of investment banks. Then, in 2009 when the financial crisis began, he was forced to leave and find his own way. Eventually, this led him to establishing Solo Capital, a Boutique Financial Services company that is located in London.

Shah also shed a little light on his success with his businesses and charity endeavors in the interview. He stated that the most important part of going into business is to keep in mind the initial investment and that everyone needs help getting started.

After founding Solo Capital, he established the charity group Autism Rocks in 2014, in honor of his autistic son. Shah had the hope of using his love for both music and the people of his family in order to help make a difference. Autism Rocks’ mission is to raise funds for research on the neurological condition, as well as awareness for it. April marked the 2016 Autism Rocks Fest where music artists Flo Rida and Tyga both performed for families and friends in concert. Past performances have also included musicians such as Michael Buble and Prince. There were also numerous activities available at the event.

As autism can have many effects on people in relation to their communication skills, Shah has given his full support to the cause. More research will be possible as a result of his efforts to raise money, even as autism continues to appear in children.

For more information about autism or Shah’s charity events, visit the Autism Rocks website at


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Lead a More Fulfilling Life With The Midas Legacy

Possession of wealth, whether great or small, is one of the greatest ingredients of the recipe for a happy life. However, a large number of wealthy people live with a constant worry about the likelihood of their investments going under. As a result, they don’t enjoy most of the benefits of possessing wealth. Often, these worries become a breeding ground for ill health. Nevertheless, there is an easy way out: seeking professional wealth management advice.

One of the best providers of advice on how to take control of your wealth is The Midas Legacy. For years, the company has been guiding investors through the best ways of ensuring maximum returns from their business. In addition, they have helped many potential entrepreneurs realize their dreams by offering impeccable mentorship as well as providing assistance to people who want to quickly retire.

Good health is wealth. The Midas Legacy is an unrivaled provider of counsel on how to improve your health through natural means of healing. Further, if you are generally interested in getting back your inner peace for a happier life, Midas Legacy is the place for you.

Highly Qualified, Experienced Staff
They’ve seen it all. They know the right direction and the wrong ones. Led by Jim Samson, a bestselling author whose expertise in entrepreneurship, trading, and real estate goes many years back, the team at The Midas Legacy is one of the best in the wealth management industry. Also at your disposal are the services of Sean Bower, a former journalist who combines his reporting and financial skills to help clients through every aspect of finances. The writer of Unlock Your Secret and Wall Street Informer columns, he’s credited for correctly predicting a 10 percent increase of Toyota’s profit. Mark Edwards, an expert in natural health provides advice on using natural cures to treat illnesses. He is also a fearless dispenser of the raw truth about foods and habits that could benefit or harm your health. He writes the Natures Cures Column.

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The Midas Legacy’s Role in Your Wealth Management

Philanthropic Work
Giving to the needy is an excellent way of creating and maintaining a peaceful inner self. Real happiness is contagious. Making people much happier than they were produces a pleasant feeling that is sure to increase your happiness and contentment. With this in mind, the Midas Legacy leads by example. The company has been involved in numerous philanthropic activities. Some of the beneficiaries include Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Moreover, Midas Legacy has provided support to the Salvation Army and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (ASPCA). The company has been awarded with a Gold Business Member recognition for donating to the Florida Sheriffs Association.

The Midas Legacy’s key focus is providing you with expert guidance on fulfilling your mission in life, easily, and happily. Through its team, the company offers resources that are guaranteed to improve the lives of people in different fields including finance, entrepreneurship, and real estate as well as retirement. The company’s inclusion of peace of mind and good health advice in the list of the services they provide is well thought of. Remember, it’s often impossible to create wealth without good health. In most instances, happiness is a product of inner peace.

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Wengie Tests A Collagen Based Face Mask

In this video, Wengie is testing a product that comes from Korea. These skin care masks, that were once only available in salons, are now available for at-home use. So Wengie hopped online and ordered one for herself, anxious to see if it would live up to the hype.

The product she chose is collagen based but there are other types available, such as Vitamin C. The package contains a very fine powder that is to be mixed with equal parts water. As Wengie discovered, this mixture did not necessarily give the desired consistency to the product, which is supposed to go on thick. She simply added additional water until it was they way she wanted it. Once the mixture was prepped, Wengie applied it with a plastic spatula that she ordered on eBay. She paid careful attention to make sure the mask went on very thick around the edges. The instructions state that this makes removal of the mask much easier.

Once the mask was applied, being careful not to have it come in contact with eyes or nostrils, Wengi waited the 25 minutes as recommended. During that time she reports a strong cooling sensation that lasted the duration of the application. The mask took longer than Wengi anticipated to harden fully but it did firm up after a few minutes.

Wengi was easily able to remove the mask with no discomfort. She was amazed that the mask was able to remove whiteheads from her skin. She was also very pleased that it did not remove any of her eyebrows like a previous mask she had tried did. After it was off she reported that her skin had not felt so relaxed or firm in a very long time. It certainly seems that she has discovered something all women should be rushing to order right away.


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How Did Venezuela Get Into Its Current State?

The single-word question expert Norka Luque ask about the crisis situation in Venezuela is “Why?” The single-word question begets a longer one. “Why did this once thriving nation descend into absolute and total chaos?”
And why is Venezuela the only country in Latin America suffering to such an extensive degree added Luque? Brazil is having an enormous number of problems, but nothing in that country rises to the level of mayhem found in Venezuela. Fortune Magazine’s website tried to answer this poignant one-word question. Many of the insights raised in the Fortune article do make sense.

Essentially, the situation is a mix of oil price drops, a massive drought, and fiscal mismanagement. The declining global price of oil was clearly out of Venezuela’s government’s control, but serious pre-planning work should have been done. The nation should never have been so exclusively reliant on oil exports. Electricity supplies were never effectively managed either. The horrible drought impacts Venezuela worse than many other countries because the bulk of the nation’s power come from hydroelectric generation. Again, too much emphasis was put into the one solitary means of generating power. When the water dried, so did the power in Venezuela.

With competent official running the government, these two problems could have been better addressed. Therein lies the third serious problem. The government in Venezuela is massively corrupt. Mismanagement is awful. A referendum hopes to make the necessary changes in the government, but things may be far too late. The damage to Venezuela is now both severe and endemic.



Excitement: Latest From Fabletics and Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and the Fashion Rescue
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