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Chris Burch Uses Investments And Marketing To Succeed

Chris Burch has shown that he has a lot of skills when it comes to managing finances. He uses it in order to build up his investment portfolio which is very diverse. Given that he is very successful, he knows when to invest and when to avoid investing. He also knows when to cut his losses with a company that is not doing very well. One of the most important aspects of investing is to make sure that one has a lot of promise in bringing in a good return on investment. Given Chris’s experience, he has managed to build up some profits with his decisions.


He has also run some successful businesses. One of the aspects that have helped his businesses succeed is that he has managed to develop a vivid vision for the company to follow. He has also collaborated with a few celebrities. Among the celebrities that he has collaborated with is Ellen Degeneres. He has helped her launch her brand called ED. He has also launched Cocoon9, a company that specializes in turning homes into energy saving pieces of property. He also helps with energy saving plans for homes and some even more helpful designs.


Another company that he is involved in is Trademark, a women’s apparel and accessories company. One thing that women are known for is being fashionable. Chris Burch enjoys helping women save money while building their confidence and self esteem. Trademark has tons of really elegant styles available that help women achieve the look they want. Chris is someone who is involved in many different industries. He invests in companies that he believes in. One of the reasons that he is so successful is that he does not focus on making money. He instead finds companies that he loves and gives them the dollar vote.


ClassDojo Bridges the Gap Between Teachers and Parents

Tech company, ClassDojo has created a communication platform app to help empower the connection between teachers, parents, and students. ClassDojo is offering a 21st century alternative to the all-too-rare parent-teacher conference. This app keeps parents in the loop with daily updates from their child’s classroom.

ClassDojo is creating a community where parents can feel completely involved in the child’s education. Parents can receive texts about their child’s progress and even pictures or video of the projects being worked on in class.

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Students and teachers also benefit from ClassDojo. The app helps teachers foster positive development with their students by rewarding them for skills such as working hard or being kind to others. Students can display current projects and archive past academic achievements using portfolios.

ClassDojo, founded in 2011, was originally started for the purpose of helping students learn good behaviors. This evolved into discovering a way for schools to have better communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Today, ClassDojo has raised 21 million dollars from venture funding. They have yet to monetize the app as they are more concerned with allowing schools to learn the benefits of their product. As of now, over 85,000 schools have embraced the app with positive results.  Follow and know more about the App, hit

ClassDojo does plan to charge for the app eventually, but in the meantime, the company’s priorities are more in line with creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.  To learn more about the App,  click


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Bruce Levenson Bring Lawsuit Against Insurance Company

According to an article on September 14, 2016, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, file a lawsuit against AIG, a New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. This lawsuit was placed against the insurance company by former ownership group (AHBE), including Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner at the time.

So, what is breach of contract? A breach of contract is a binding agreement in which the agreement in which the parties have agreed too, are not honored. The lawsuit claims that the Insurance Company did not honor

This AHBE group brought the civil action lawsuit on September 13, stating that they were insured by the insurance company for certain losses that were related to employment practices, which included such acts as “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts”. On April 2, 2015 claims were submitted by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks, for issues that was believed to be covered by the insurance contract. AIG is refusing payment.

AHBE group and Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson are asking AIG for compensation for the initial loss, 50% additional payment beyond the initial loss, and payment of their attorney’s costs and fees.

Since this claim was brought forth by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks, the current owners would make no comment on the matter.

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist, businessman and former controlling partner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. As a philanthropist he was the founding donor of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, as well as, funding other various causes for the Jewish community.

In a report by, since conception he has been a supporter for the Seed Foundation, a boarding school program for disadvantaged students in the DC, Maryland and Miami area.


A Look At Adam Milstein’s Career and Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American who makes his home in Encino, California. He started his professional career as a real estate broker. After three years he founded his own real estate investment company, Hager Pacific Properties, where he is the Managing Director. Hager Pacific Properties specializes in purchasing, rehabilitating, and repositioning properties that are multi-family, retail, offices, and industrial.

One of the things that Adam Milstein enjoys about the real estate industry is that there are a lot of ups and downs in prices. He said that the supply of properties always lags behind demand by a few years. He has learned how to take advantage of these fluctuations but he’s cautioned that it can take years to get the results you seek when investing in real estate.

Milstein relies on himself in order to get things handled. He has said that you really can’t rely on other people so you’ve got to be part of the solution to any problems that you face in business. Another piece of advice he has is to not set specific goals as he thinks they are self-limiting. He’s also said that you shouldn’t listen to critics and don’t let people’s opinions sway you from doing what you believe is right.

As the Managing Director of Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein handles the company’s accounting, financing, and overall strategy. He is a graduate of Technion, in Israel, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics. He also attended the University of Southern California where he earned his MBA.

Adam Milstein has a long history of philanthropy. In 2000 Adam and his wife, Gila, started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to educate young Israeli-Americans students about their history and that of Israel and inflate their pride of being Jewish. The foundation helps students in a number of ways including grants that help to fund cultural events, student-led activism, and initiatives to help build coalitions. Another effort of the foundation is supporting the “Inspired By Israel” video contest where participants submit short videos showing the world the positive things that happen in Israel.


Andrea McWilliams Level of Political Activism and Fundraising Capabilites Might Have Everyone “Eating Humble Pie:”

The next time anyone wants to be challenged by a true go-getter: look no further than the vivacious Austin political advisor: Andrea McWilliams. Andrea McWilliams is a super-woman–of sorts. Her fund-raising efforts and success goes unrivaled. She has raised so much money for Women’s Breast Cancer, as it applies to various non-profit organizations: that one healthcare organization actually named its screening room after Andrea. Now that is one fund-raising super-star.

This is not the only area, Andrea has made herself distinct. She continues and has received dozens upon dozens of awards from the business community: She is a very successful political strategist and adviser to the influential.

Andrea McWilliams is the “go to” person when an organization or influential person wishes to make in-roads, as to the legislative process. And it is easy enough to see: with Andrea’s marked professionalism in the field, anyone employing her services cannot go wrong. Andrea, not only is very good in presenting the case of her client–she is also a master, in way of her own self-promotion. All the better, with regard to presenting her solid and reliable services.

In fact, it seems like everything Andrea McWilliams touches turns to “gold”. She is definitely not a lightweight, in the field of fundraising activity; as briefly described above. Too: her business recognition with prestigious organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce and even the Girl Scouts is quite impressive.

Ms. McWilliams, time-and-time again, earns and is recognized for her business acumen, her politicking talent, and her charitable contributions.

No need to clone Andrea. She tends to “clone” herself. She does the work of three or four people: without complaint and with a great deal of vim and vigor. “Hats off” to Andrea. Or: maybe better put–which hat is Andrea going to wear today?


John Goullet Leads Top Staffing Firm

Diversant is a leading staffing firm that specializes in helping companies seek and recruit information technology professionals. Over the years, Diversant has also helped a number of technology professionals find the ideal employment opportunity to advance their career. What has made Diversant among the top staffing firms in the industry is its core values of diversity, discipline and teamwork. With these values, Diversant has been able to easily meet the needs of many companies and technology professionals on a consistent basis. The staffing firm Diversant is able to use the core values to not only help companies and professionals but also reach their various goals as well.


John Goullet is the principal of Diversant. He has been in charge of this company for nearly two decades. He has brought exceptional leadership to the company as well as giving it the direction it needs to remain a top technology staffing firm. Since Goullet is one of the more experienced professionals in the technology industry, he knows what companies need in order to run efficient technology departments. Since information technology is always an industry that changes frequently, professionals need to have updated skills as well as companies needing new resources. Goullet tells his staff about these things and therefore urges them to find companies the workers they need in order to fill their positions. With this direction, Diversant has been able to satisfy companies and provide them with the help they need to better run their technology departments.


At the beginning of his career, John Goullet started out as a traditional employee like most people. He worked for computing companies that specialized in offering computer hardware and software. When working at these companies, Goullet would serve as a consultant and provide feedback on what the company needs to operate more efficiently. John would suggest getting updated hardware and software on a regular basis to ensure that his company would always be in position to have what they needed to meet the needs of their customers. By the middle of the 1990’s, Goullet looked to start up his own staffing company. He would put together a staffing firm that helped companies get the skilled technology workers they needed to fill open positions.


College Basketball with Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is a top American coach and recruiter currently serving as the assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Nevada. He has held this position since April 2016. The Jewish boy, as he is commonly referred to grew up in Scarsdale, New York. He enjoyed basketball since his high school days in Scarsdale High school. He later attended Cornell University where he studied a bachelor’s degree in industrial and labour relations before joining the University of Oklahoma. At Oklahoma, Yanni Hufnagel earned a master’s degree in adult and higher education specializing in intercollegiate athletics administration.


After College, Yanni Hufnagel chose a less travelled career path but which looked bright and promising. The 30-year-old has outstanding recruiting ability. In a 2011 CBS report survey comprising of more than 100 coaches, he was voted the assistant coach from mid-major school. Yanni Hufnagel passion began when he was a kid, he read coaching books over and over and was quite ahead of his age mates regarding analyzing basketball.

Before joining the University of Nevada, he did an internship at New Jersey Nets and served as an assistant basketball coach at Oklahoma where he is credited with greatly developing Oklahoma’s star, Blake Griffin. In 2009, Capel, the then Coach at Oklahoma recommended Yanni to Harvard’s coach, Tommy Amaker. He served as a volunteer assistant coach under Tommy Amaker and later got the job. Capel describes Yanni Hufnagel as a great salesman and a man who was not afraid to fail. These two qualities, Capel says makes Yanni one of the best recruiters. At Harvard, Yanni is not only concerned in recruiting blue chip players but is interested in great scholars who have the will to become stars and who would have never considered a four-year course through Cambridge.

Yanni Hufnagel’s career is at the peak, and he has many options to choose from such as serving as a head coach. He has acquired all the expertise it entails, and his age is just right.


Well, his future is bright due to his outstanding recruiting skills as Josh Pastner, as another top coach puts it.



Securus Technologies Is Making Customers Happier

With Securus Technologies leading the public safety industry, the customers that need their assistance can feel assured that they will get the help that they need in order to make their correction facilities around the nation a much better atmosphere for everyone involved. The correction facilities love the work that the company does for them, especially the Video Visitations because they are creating a more conducive situation for peace and quiet.


The Video Visitations technology that was created by Securus Technologies is extremely beneficial because it lets the inmates feel more in tune with the outside world on a regular basis. They can see and hear their friends and loved ones via the video. It is very easy for them to do.


Securus Technologies is a great company that has dedicated and professional staff that goes to great lengths to make sure that the people are safe in all situations. The public safety field is grateful for their knowledge and expertise because they are experts at the civil and criminal aspects of justice. Every week, they create more and more technologies that are beneficial, and they will continue to. In the future, the company will do even more positive things for the public safety field, and they want they want to make the world a much safer place for all people to live.



Stephen Rotella Elected as the New Chairman of LIFT by Its Board

Stephen Rotella, the President of StoneCastle Partners LLC, was recently announced as the new chair of LIFT’ National Board. He will be taking over from Michael Gilligan. The former CEO of LIFT said that he was happy that the leadership button was being passed on from one competent leader to another. He said that Steve had already proven himself a valuable member of LIFT during his time as the chair of the development committee. Stephen also thanked the outgoing Chairman Mr. Gilligan for his business acumen, wisdom, and compassion during his time at the helm.


Stephen Rotella’s career in business is 30 years long. He has broad experience in internet and retail banking, asset management, organizational development, large-scale operations management, and marketing. His work helping the underprivileged in the arts is also well known. He has served on numerous other boards such as YouthCare, The Seattle Foundation, BalletMet Columbus, and ArtsFund. Besides that, he is an active Jazz patron at the Lincoln Center.


Stephen Rotella said that he was honored to be able to take up the leadership mantle at LIFT. He stated that there was nothing more gratifying than knowing that something one had done would afford someone the chance to build a better life. He added that he would seek to expand LIFT’s reach to have an impact on more people.


Mr. Rotella has an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from State University of New York, Albany. He received his Economics degree in 1975 from the State University of New York, Stony Brook.


StoneCastle Cash Management


Steve is the current CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. The company is a leader in the administration of insured cash solutions for many large institutions the world over. It continues to grow the reach of its technology and operational platforms through a daily cash sweep solution that is available to RIAs, trusts, and brokerages. The company also offers other programs through wealth managers and financial intermediaries. Its stability is backed by world-class partners, Charlesbank Capital Partners and CIBC. StoneCastle continues to be among the leading investors in community banks in the United States.




How White Shark Media Is Transforming Marketing

White Shark Media Inc., founded in 2010, is a marketing agency that provides digital advertising services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has an additional office in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as one in Denmark. Over the past seven years White Shark Media has become one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the United States and has worked with thousands of companies to improve their digital marketing presence.

White Shark Media is one of only a few digital marketing companies who has earned the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner designation. In order to be picked by Google for the staff at White Shark Media needed to meet Google’s exacting eligibility and training requirements. The Director of Channel Sales Americas for Google, Ben Wood, said that this program was designed to help smaller businesses manage an advertising campaign that don’t have the time or resources to do so on their own. He went on to say that White Shark Media has the experience, skills, and knowledge required to provide these companies with end-to-end customer service. White Shark Media has also been designated by Microsoft as a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner.

White Shark Media was co-founded by three partners; Gary Garth who serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk. Other leaders for the company include Chief Operations Officer Sonia Schwabsky, Chief Financial Officer Ricardo Lowe, and Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Collins. The leaders of White Shark Media led the company to almost $36 million in managed ad spending in just the past year. Over the last three years the company has grown by 730% and has landed at #527 on Inc. magazine’s top 5000 companies list of 2016.