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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a prominent lender and issuer of the fast working money using shares as the collateral. For you to accept the income generated by the company, no one knows your investment deals in a way that accelerates better solutions in the industry. Equities First Holdings has always stated business solutions that help most of the individuals and companies in need of fast money benefit from their solutions during the harsh economic seasons. For those who work to benefit the company, they always develop the most sophisticated platforms in the industry. In this case, working to get tuned in business with Equities First Holdings offers the most sophisticated business solution in the world.

During the harsh economic crisis, banks and other companies dealing in the issuance of fast income get better business results from the proceeds of the company in a manner that does not develop income-generating ideas. For this reason, Equities First Holdings has always taken advantage of this season to proclaim the good news of the stock-based loans. These are the most innovative forms of the loans during the accepted business reality issues in the world. For you to get better business results in a manner that is not accepted on the internet, be sure to contact Equities First Holdings as the next best option in the industry. For the borrowers who are in need of fast money during the harsh economic crisis, they must consider testing Equities First Holdings as a better business option.

While many other options exist for the clients to secure fast money, banks and other conventional companies issuing the credit loans have their loan qualification methods tightened. For this reason, few people will have the capability to qualify for these loans. As a matter of fact, these loans are also characterized by the high-interest rates that scare away the applicants during the harsh season. According to Al Christy, there are many marked differences between the margin loans and the stock-based loans. If you are interested in the issuance of income factors, be sure to accept these deals in a manner that depicts leadership in the industry.

Discover the organization making a difference in health services

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association got invented in 1973.It’s a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute. They operate around Austin area. Its main aim is to offer anesthesiology care for all patients. Their dedicated efforts have made the organization grow to significant numbers. Currently, it has over 80 physicians and over 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. Their enormous success has been enabled by the high qualified technicians in different fields.


The firm offers all anesthesia assistance to patients around the Austin area. The services provided are like the general, regional among many other anesthesias. They are meant to reduce the level of pain during the operation activity. The organization is also placed at a better hand to succeed with most its services being offered online like the billing. It simplifies the procedure of seeking care from the qualified personnel.


CAA is also known for their philanthropic activities. They have been involved in various projects. Their aim is to see that the people of the area have a better life. They achieve this through their members donating the time and resources to ensure that all regions globally acquire the best health care. Among the top beneficiaries of the CAA assistance is the Austin smiles, Dell Children’s surgical Global Outreach, Operation smile among many others.


With a dedicated team and passionate of the less advantaged in the community, the organization is deemed to go far. Their high-quality services and skilled personnel place the team at a better position to have fast growth. Surely this is a must watch company in the near future.


Whitney Wolfe Makes Good On Her Passion

Whitney Wolfe is one of the many examples of people who have brought forth a product in the industry that has made a huge impact in the industry. This product is called Bumble. This is a dating app in the similar vein as OK Cupid and Tinder. However, there are a few key differences in this app.

As a matter of fact, this is the first time that this type of approach has been tried with any dating app. With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has decided to put a limit on the account of the male user. This limit prevents them from sending messages to women.

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With the limit of men on the app, women are given a little bit of freedom to choose who they want to talk to. However, women are urged to respond quickly when they are given a match. When it comes to dating, timing is a very important thing. In the outside world, there is no telling when someone who is available is going to be taken. Bumble simulates this experience with the time limit for responding to the match. Women are given 24 hours to respond. If they don’t respond, then the match is going to disappear from their page.

Whitney Wolfe’s approach to dating has made it a lot easier for people to find someone to go with. Dating is also made to be a lot more fun for people. One of the worst things about online dating was that there were many cases of people trying everything they can to get a date. However, they were not able to get any responses. Therefore, many people have given up on online dating. This is of course not what Whitney Wolfe wanted given that she is working in the online dating industry and wants to make sure that people are having the best experience possible.

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HDIT/HCT, the Future Hope for Patients with Active Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

If the clinical trials results are anything to go by, patients with (MS) – an autoimmune condition whereby the immune system attacks the nervous system- have all the reasons to be a jubilant lot. According to a five-year research involving a new treatment approach known as high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT), the majority of MS patients showed tremendous improvement in their conditions. Out of one hundred trial patients, at least sixty-nine survived without experiencing any side effect to the treatment. This is a much better statistics compared to the current MS medication.

The HDIT treatment is simplistic and seeks to overpower the MS causative agents by eliminating the disease-carrying cells and reorganizing the overall immune system. Under this procedure, a patient’s stem cells are collected and then the patient is taken through a high-dose chemotherapy process to restore the immune system completely. Once the chemo process is complete, the patient’s stem cells are reintroduced in the body to regenerate the immune system. In as much as this process carries its own shares of risks and side effects, it shows great results compared with the existing treatments.In order to benefit from the effectiveness of the HDIT treatment, procedure caution ought to be taken when choosing a physician. One physician who stands out of the crowd is Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta.

Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta is a licensed Medicare physician with a specialty in “Psychiatry & Neurology – Neurology” who resides in Voorhees, New Jersey. Dr. Shiva is a bonafide graduate of the Government Medical College Nagpur, 1979 and enjoys more than 38 years of active practice in the Neurology. Currently, Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta practices his skills at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates where he is an affiliate of Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus.Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be quite the bug in your life, however with the help of Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta and the new treatment all this can be a thing of the past.

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José Auriemo Neto And JHSF Built Brazil One Building At A time

José Auriemo Neto, a Brazilian, attended the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo and is the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Participacoes SA., (JHSF), a real estate company. JHSF was a family-owned business, which was founded in 1972. Auriemo Neto worked beside his father, Fábio Auriemo, who was then the president of the developer, JHSF.

JHSF and José Auriemo Neto became prosperous, one building at a time. For example, he wanted to convince his father to develop an 80,000 square foot lot to build a deluxe complex. His father demurred, not liking the idea of the development. But Auriemo Neto persisted, and as a result, one the largest complexes in Brazil stands on that vacant 80,000 square feet of land. In the first six months after the complex was completed, JHSF earned R $156 million (Brazilian Real dollars)

Then, Auriemo Neto took on the position of the CEO of JHSF which is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. JHSF develops and manages high-end shopping malls, upmarket apartments, luxury hotels and an international business airport located in Sao Paulo.

JHSF developed the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and integrated a public transport network with a private shopping complex. Auriemo Neto developed well-known complexes which include the Iguatemi Shopping complex in Sao Paulo, the General Motors racetrack, the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, and Shopping Ponta Negra.

Brazil’s urban outlook was changed by José Auriemo Neto and, in part, he has improved New York City. In 2015, he moved his entire family of four children to New York City and managed the construction of a high-rise building on Fifth Avenue, facing Central Park.

José Auriemo Neto has extended his reach beyond the real estate business and has partnered with Brazilian brands such as Reebok Academy, Cinemark, and Montblanc.

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USHEALTH Group Has the Insurance you Need

USHEALTH Group provides many options when it comes to finding the best fit for you specific insurance needs. You can choose from PremierChoice, SecureAdvantage, SecureDental, Pre,ierVision, MedGusrd, Life Protector, Accident Protector, and Essential Health Benefit Plans.


PremierChoice lets you choose any doctor or hospital for care and there at no calendar year deductibles to satisfy. If you need additional coverage, you can easily increase it without any additional underwriting. This plan also automatically locks in your rates for 15whole months for no extra fee.


SecureAdvantage gives you 24 hour coverage, on or off the job, and you can even take it with you-even if you move or change jobs. With this plan, there are many flexible choices and you can lock in your rates for 12, 24, or 36 months.


With SecureDental, you can choose between three plans: The Premium Plan, Saver Plus Plan, or the Saver Plan.


PremierVision has been designed to not only save you money, but to also make it easy for you to use, with a network of over 71,400 providers.


MedGuard is a five year renewable term life insurance that will keep you covered, even if you get a critical illness.


LifeProtector will ensure that your family is taken care of in the case that something should happen to you. It is a quality plan with a 10 year renewable term life insurance.


Accident Protector will give you extra coverage in the event that you get injured and will help you to cover the out of pocket expenses related to an accident.


Income Protector will help you get by in the event that you are unable to pay your bills due to an accidental injury.


USHEALTH Group also offers Essential Health Benefit Plans that you can choose from to suit your specific needs.


USHEALTH Group is located out of Fort Worth, Texas and is dedicated to providing the very best service and quality plans possible meet the needs of their clients. They have been successfully serving for over 50 years and have helped over 15 million customers to get the insurance coverage that they need.




Greg Secker Is An Exceptional Trader And Philanthropist

Greg Secker is a renowned British entrepreneur, master trader, international speaker, and philanthropist. He was born in Norfolk, England. Secker is an alumnus of the University of England where he studied agricultural and food sciences. Secker’s career began in mid-1990s by working for Thomas Cook Financial services. He served the company as a trading technologist. Greg was responsible for creating foreign exchange trading systems. In 1998, Secker earned the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce. This is after he had developed the Virtual Trading Desk, which is an online platform for forex trading.

At the age of 25, he became Mellon Financial Corporation’s vice president. The position allowed him to learn from remarkable financial traders working for the company. In 2003, Secker retired from the firm to venture fully into forex trading. He set a trading floor in his living space. Subsequently, he started to mentor individuals on trading strategies in his house. Later, he established Learn to Trade. In the last nine years, over 100,000 people have attended Secker’s multiple trading seminars and workshops. In the seminars, people learn the different ways of producing a second income by trading in currency markets and stock.

For his international speaking engagements, Secker has been featured on many leading market channels, including Bloomberg and CNBC. Regularly, he gets invitations to speak alongside revered personalities like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tharv Eker. In 2009, at the National Achievers Congress in Asia, Greg Secker shared the stage with Tony Blair. In 2010, Secker spoke alongside several successful individuals such as Richard Branson and Anthony Robbins at the Ultimate Success Summit in Sydney. At the event, he received a standing ovation for his powerful presentation. Notably, Greg has published various books, including Financial Freedom through Forex and Trading Your Way to Success.

Having had great success early in life, Secker has always been seeking for the noble ways of giving back to the community. Over the years, he has supported multiple charity initiatives, including the Royal Princes select causes, Tusk as well as the Child Bereavement Trust. In 2011, Secker established The Greg Secker Foundation that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for different people around the globe.

Talk Fusion: Winning Every Day

Talk Fusion is the company that is winning each and every single day they are in existence. That is not a mistake and that is not because of luck. There is nothing lucky about Talk Fusion. It is all by having the right mindset doing the right things at all times. They never take a day off and they never take a moment off. They are always working around the clock to make sure that everything is running smoothly. They are a video communications provider and they allow people to chat, connect, and brand with one another. Branding is a word that a lot of people probably hear a lot.

The reason they hear that word a lot is because it is so important in today’s society, especially when starting up a business. There are a lot of folks out there with businesses and they are able to have them because of the Internet. There is Etsy and Ebay for example. A lot of people make a pretty good living doing it as well. It is well earned money by good people. Bob Reina loves good people with passion in their heart and soul. That is how he started and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007.

Now, it has grown bigger and better than ever before, and he could not be the happier. In fact, many people have said that 2016 was the best year yet for Talk Fusion. However knowing Bob Reina and the team of Talk Fusion, they have a lot more up their sleeve. They won two very important awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. They were so pleased and honored to receive both awards, especially the 2016 Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award. Solutions are what Talk Fusion and Bob Reina are all about, as solutions are what change the world.

A lot of people can talk, but they need solutions and they need answers. Everyone at Talk Fusion knows that for people that want to build their own company and watch it grow, they need solutions and they need them fast. Talk Fusion on Linkedin.

Fabletics Still A Major Player

It’s amazing the number of online retail stores that are in competition for customers. The number just keeps growing daily. However, Fabletics is taking on the leading online competitor and scoring big. The online competitor is Amazon. In fact, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown to a $250 million dollar business in just about 3 years. This is an amazing feat for a new start up. Fabletics is a success due to their actionwear line. People visit the Fabletics site and sign up to receive amazing clothing brands that fit their active lifestyle, monthly. It’s a marketing model that is working well for Fabletics.


Fabletics Reverse Showroom Technique

Major retailers realize that more and more people are shopping online for bargains. Fabletics realized this fact too. However, they’ve based their brand on building a personal connection with the customer and listening to their needs. This has led to many of their satisfied customers seeking out their clothing at their new physical stores. The fact is that Fabletics has turned browsing online at their site into a pleasant and positive experience. The result is that people browse the online store and decide to make their purchases in their new physical locations. Typically, this is referred to as reverse show-rooming.


Kate Hudson’s Take On The Winning Athleisure Brand

Kate Hudson was on a personal and business mission to provide great looking, high quality, and very affordable athleisure apparel to the public. This is clothing that is casual, comfortable, and looks great. She recognized the fact that Millennials were very health conscious and very active. They were interested in casual clothing that fit this type of lifestyle. Hudson saw that new clothing niche and quickly took advantage. Fabletics is all about affordable, fun, fashionable clothing for health conscious and active people.


Kate Hudson would like to invite everyone to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics website to discover which Fabletics gear is best suited for them. The fact is that the quiz will take only a few minutes. After taking the quiz, you will discover the type of gear that is best suited for your lifestyle.

How Agents Like Samuel Strauch have Contributed to the Expansion of the Real Estate Sector in Miami Beach, FL

With the increase in the number of residential and commercial developments in Miami, Beach FL, investing in the real estate sector in the city can be tricky. The demands for luxury properties are also on the rise as foreign investors venture into this lucrative business. In a survey conducted by the city’s top real estate specialists, over 60 percent of those who invested in the industry were foreigners. The other 40 percent represents local buyers and investors primarily from New York.

Since Miami Beach, FL borders South American countries, most of the city’s dwellers are Latino. Real estate challenges, such as political instability and low commodity prices, have affected Miami Beach, FL. However, real estate brokers, such as Samuel Strauch, are on the verge of ensuring that these challenges are curbed. They are encouraging more foreign investors from European and Latin American countries to buy property in Miami Beach.Miami Beach is one of the favorite holiday and vacation destinations for tourists. This factor has greatly contributed to the growth of its real estate industry. The US government has also exempted state income tax and homestead ownership fees. This incentive has enabled the locals to own residential and commercial properties in Miami Beach.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a realtor who is based in Florida. Throughout his 14 years professional career, he facilitated the sale and acquisition of several properties. These structures are situated in Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Margate, Hollywood, and Miami Beach. Samuel Strauch currently serves as an agent of Affinity Realtor Group Inc, a Miami Beach-based real estate company.

He ranks in the top 100 list of Miami Beach-based agents who sell residential properties fast. Samuel Strauch’s high-profile sales include a condominium at 3801 Collins Avenue that a buyer acquired at $889,500. He also facilitated the sale of a Collins Avenue-headquartered condominium at $732,500.