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A Simple Proactive Strategy Makes Trading Possible in a Choppy Market Environment

The recent selloff of the technology sector has intensely changed most opinions on Wall Street. Most people had approached the matter with an arrogant attitude making some investors think that the market is unrelenting. Apparently, things have changed, and people are highly nervous about the situation. The change of attitude has brought about an opening for irregular markets to emerge during summer. This situation is sometimes experienced during the summer months that are characterized by low volumes. Apparently, due to change of the Wall Street sentiments, the likelihood of the same experience occurring more is quite high.

It is possible to take advantage of the irregular markets by applying a proactive strategy and end up making profits. This strategy is known as ‘Lock and walk’ and is designed to balance support and resistance points in the Nasdaq100NDX, +1.44%. You should then craft the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, +2.79%, and ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, -2.88% only when the resistance and support points are broken or tested. The strategy has been proven to work before and thus might still work for any optimistic individual or entity. The strategy has simple rules while include that if support is tested through QLD, then there is target resistance to trade, if support happens to break, then you should sell QLD, if resistance is tested through QID, then there is target support to trade and finally if resistance breaks, you should sell QID. The main idea about this strategy is that it directs you on when to shut down your business until the next profitable trading period. It is very helpful whenever a business person is operating in a choppy market environment.

About NetPicks

NetPicks is a trading consultancy company that was established in the year 1996 to provide trade education to current and emerging entrepreneurs. The company is dedicated to assisting regular traders in attaining success in online trading markets by teaching them about systems, signals, futures, forex, stock options and EFTS.  Additional tips on   The company is located in Irving, Texas and its leader, Mark Soberman together with his experienced staff team specializes in bringing wealth through trading experience. The team is made of real trading professionals, and for the 25 years they have been operational, the company can pride of their ability to reach high-end trading goals.  For various views and feedbacks from users, check on

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Equities First Holdings Moves To a More Accessible Location

Australia’s Equities First Holdings has moved their Melbourne office to the center of Melbourne to make it easily accessible to customers and business associates. Since the firm’s Australian Equities First business is continually expanding, relocating to a new office will provide ample space for current clients and employees with room for later expansion, explained Mitchell Hopwood, the organization’s Managing Director.

Equities First Holdings Australia’s regional office is now situated at a different location in Melbourne: Level two, 287 Collins Street, Victoria 3000. Equities First Holdings is still located in three other areas in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. In addition, the firm maintains its location in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The Equities First company’s headquarters are located in Indianapolis, US.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is focused on providing alternative lending services for high net-worth customers and business seeking non-purpose funds. The company’s approach to lending allows the clients the flexibility to pursue their preferred interest. It is ideal for borrowers who are unable to get financing from traditional lenders due to a lot of red tape and undesirable LTV ratios. The hyper focused Equities First firm offers transactions tailored to empower investors to access capital quickly and efficiently. The global firm has conducted more than 700 transactions offering customers loans at low interest rates.

To access their services, individuals and businesses can get in touch with Equity First Holdings providing them with details about the amount of capital you require and proposed collateral. Once the firm designs a solution for you, the team will determine the terms of your loan, loan-to-value ratio, and fixed interest rate.

If you agree with the terms, simply sign the agreed collateral to the firm’s custodian account. The proceeds of the collateral and loan will then be transferred into a holding account. Throughout the financing period, the clients will pay the agreed upon interest. After the period, collateral will be returned after payment of principal funding. For more inquiries visit the firm’s website:

The Aspire Project Fulfills Omar Boraie’s Dream For New Brunswick

Sam Boraie is one of the few real developers who believed that New Brunswick’s real estate industry had the potential to rise. To this end, he dedicated his and money towards achieving that dream. When he arrived at the New Jersey city, he had seen how European cities were well developed. Omar had traveled across Europe as a chemistry scholar. His vision was to transform the city by developing properties similar to those he saw in the European cities. Forty years down the line, he has achieved a lot towards the realization of this dream. One of his achievements is The Aspire, an incredible luxury residential high-rise building.

Omar is the founder and head of Boraie Development LLC, a real estate developing company based in New Jersey. When he first shared his dream for the city with the locals, many believed that he would not be able to achieve a lot since the city was slowly turning into a ghost town, with many residents fleeing it to seek for greener opportunities in other parts of the United States. The completion of The Aspire has proved all these disbelievers wrong. Such projects have continued to attract more investors, businesses, and residents to the city. The result has been a steadily booming real estate industry in the area. You can find more about him here

The Aspire is constructed just a stone throw away from the real estate developer’s offices. From his eighth floor office, he is able to enjoy a generous view of the property. Omar says that he purchased twenty one buildings one by one. Later, he brought them down. In their places, he constructed high-end real estate properties that have helped transform the city. His office is located on the first building that constructed in the area in the 80’s. It is named Tower One. After building several office buildings, Omar noticed that it he needed to construct a residential property. The Aspire will provide the city’s residents with luxury apartments for single individuals and those with families. These units have loads of modern and luxurious features that make them some of the most sought after residential properties in the city. They are also affordable. This information was originally published on Central Jersey Working Moms as highlighted in this link

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC is a New Jersey-based real estate company. The corporation focuses on the construction, marketing, and management of high-end real estate properties in the city of New Brunswick. It was founded by Omar Boraie over four decades ago. The company has played a pivotal role in enhancing city’s real estate industry.

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The Association Between Andrew Rolfe And Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is presently serving as the Senior Managing Director with Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. This is where he looks after investing opportunities in both Europe as well as the United States. His focus is on acquisitions in several sectors that include retail, besides food service along with hospitality.

Currently, Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of Ubuntu Fund. This Ubuntu Model has been recognized internationally. The approach has managed to completely redefine development landscape in Africa. It has changed the theory of scaling also in accordance.

The Ubuntu Model has its focus on how much impact it is making. It focuses on at the depth and not the breadth of impact here. Hence the Ubuntu Model operates at the most basic level. It focuses on the smallest unit of society, the family.

Now in a family, children will always be cared for by the adults. This means providing customized plans for them. They have to be highly flexible so that they can address all those challenges which the kids may face in their life. This same principle will apply to the Ubuntu Model also. It has a really simple guiding philosophy. But there are very few organizations that operate on such a principle. This is why it is considered as an innovative and unique approach.

This Ubuntu Model is very successful as it is linked to the stability of the household besides being based on the health and education sectors too.

It seeks to fundamentally bring a change to the life of a child. Hence it is important that all the obstacles being faced by a child are addressed. This would also include preventing all obstacles which affect children and are preventing them from coming out of poverty.

Under the Ubuntu Model by Andrew Rolfe, once children are able to spend a few years here, they can move on. They would be able to make a place for themselves in the world and get access to higher education along with employment. This way Andrew Rolfe has ensured that they grow into healthy adults who take responsibility for all their actions.

Why Investors Are Turning To ClassDojo


In a Series B round of venture funding, ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million in capital. The funding is meant for tech that links educators with parents and helps in consistent communication about the development the children are undergoing at school. To date, the company has raised venture funding to the tune of $31 million.


The Series B round was headed by General Catalyst. Among the new investors were Reach Capital, GSV, and SignalFire. ClassDojo graduated from Imagine K12, an education tech accelerator, which is now part of Y Combinator. According to Hemant Taneja, the Managing Director at General Catalyst, ClassDojo started as a tool to help in teaching good behavioral traits and has graduated to a parent, teacher and student collaboration.


The deal between General Catalyst and ClassDojo serves as the only education tech investment from the company to date. Taneja compares the growth of the communication platform to the growth of messaging and other social networks like Snapchat or Instagram. However, the app is built purposefully for education.


In talking about revenue generation by the company, Taneja said that monetization needed to be driven by the needs of the parents and teachers. He does not find it hard for parents to use the app to purchase products such as custom yearbooks, videos, lessons and discussion guides to use at home with their children. The app could also evolve into including features such as paying for lunches, supplies or field trips.


The capital raised is meant to expand the team while also focusing on features and content that is meant to improve the usability of the app. This is according to the co-founders of the San Francisco-based startup, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The app is meant to assist parents to direct conversations at home and monitor development and progress in school.


ClassDojo is an education tech company based in San Francisco. The company provides an app that provides a communication platform between teachers, students, and parents. ClassDojo started out as a tool to reward good behavior by awarding points to students who behave well or show a new skill. The tool has grown to become a communication platform.


ClassDojo is becoming more popular in the U.S. as more schools are embracing the technology. The platform has found a home in 2 in 3 schools, from private schools to public schools. The future of the company is bright as more investors come on board to facilitate its growth.

Netpicks: One of the Best in the Business

Netpicks is a well-known trading company that is quite famous for their unique trading education programs. The company was first founded in 1996, as just a simple online trading company, but the company started to grow rapidly, day trading began to emerge, thus making the company one of the best options to pick for regular training programs and educational training. They covered everything starting from Forex, Stocks, Futures, Signals, & ETFs in swing trading and day trading. Overall, the primary goal of the company is to help aspiring traders achieve the success in the markets.

The NetPicks Company currently holds office in Irving, Texas and managed by Mark Soberman and his team of real trading professionals. Mark’s team brings a wealth of experience in trading that is dedicated to helping all kinds of people become the marketing professionals that they want to be, as well as those who have experience, who want to improve their skillset in trading.

All of the professionals who train you at the NetPicks company have experienced the highs and lows of trading, which makes them one of the best people to study with. NetPicks has a variety of trading systems that were designed with specific goals for individuals who want full-time careers, part-time income, and work that can be done in minutes. NetPicks usually allows their customers to choose what kind of system they will be using, and the objective that fits their needs the best. For further tips, click on

Regarding NetPicks and the courses that they offer, Forex is one of the most popular. Net picks posts all kinds of lessons there for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. They cover everything starting from trading tips, patterns, spreadsheets, custom trading indicators and other topics which will be of enormous benefit to students and professional traders. For a more extensive look at the product, check this.

Through the years that this company has been operational, they have managed to make an excellent reputation for themselves and have been very influential towards the growth of aspiring traders and marketers by sharing many of their tips and tricks in the market. For contact info, click this.  Today, they continue to be one of the best in the business. Read feedbacks here on

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Greg Stecker and The Importance of a Positive Attitude

When you think of trading, do you think of risk and loss? In the past, starting out as a financial trader was a high-stakes game. It was very difficult to get started, and the road to success was filled with ups, downs, and difficult losses. Greg Secker is an English business man who wants to change that. Through his companies such as “Knowledge to Action” and “Learn to Trade”, Stecker hopes to make the road to trading success an easy one.

Greg Stecker was born in 1975. He started out in an average position within the financial trading industry, but quickly rose in the ranks. He is known for his expertise in foreign exchange trading, which he became knowledgeable about through experience. As The Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation, Stecker traveled extensively, and was often involved with foreign exchange centers.

Greg Stecker has founded many companies, but he states that the most satisfying moment of his business career was when first launched “Knowledge to Action“. He knew that the company was going to play a huge roll in people’s lives, and he felt excited to see that process begin.

Through all of his work, Stecker hopes to help people improve their lives, and not settle for what life seems to have given them. He knows that he made great changes in his life and became successful with trading, and he hopes to share that gift. He maintains a positive attitude and always looks for the opportunities in life rather than the barriers.

In his own words, he puts it like this: “I have been stating that I am not a guy who asks why, but rather a guy who asks why not”. This mindset has carried him far in his career; Stecker has founded companies, written books, and become financially successful on his own terms. His attitude of “why not?” is one that we can learn from. Stecker goes on to say: “there is no such thing as a limit on what a person can do, so I ask why not go ahead with something and give it a try”.

Why UKV PLC is a Wonderful Choice of Investment

UKV PLC isn’t necessarily a vintner that should be considered as being ordinary by any means. They’re a wine merchant that’s taken the place of many of today’s top vintners by manufacturing a product of wine that’s been well known for undergoing a fermentation process that’s incomparable to the processes that wines of other vintners undergo.

UKV PLC is a vintner that’s been known to produce high qualities of wines for some time now. Whether you’re aware of it or not, they’re a vintner that’s been well known for having their wines undergo a fermentation process in which some of today’s most technologically advanced machinery and equipment are utilized. Fermentation consists of having the sugars of the ingredients’ fruits convert into alcohol that is basically a natural process.

By visiting the website of UKV PLC, you’ll be able to retrieve many valuable pieces of information that could be a major help in your decisions of purchasing one of their products. The company is currently operation a small team of wine consultants who are absolutely dedicated to guiding you through options that are available for you to take advantage of in which you may be able to utilized the wealth of knowledge that they possess. It is undoubtedly a rewarding and exciting market in which one is capable of selecting the most appropriate champagnes or wines for any purposes or occasions. If you’re wishing to discuss your requirements, one of the vintner’s consultants will be able to contact you to provide you with a better idea of how they may be able to assist you.

UKV PLC is completely focused on delivering services at personal levels to meet unique preferences of their own respective clientele base. They’re assisting clients who are seeking to attain brands that are prestigious from some of today’s leading vineyards in Frances, Spain, and Italy. It may be greatly advantageous for you to learn more about the company, as you may find their products are some of the tastiest and provide the best feelings in the market.

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Paul Mampilly As An Author, Editor, And Investor

Paul Mampilly is an Author, an editor, and an Investor. His career began in the year 1991 when Wall Street employed him as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He later advanced to a new position where he managed Dutch bank and the ING. This was a prestigious position as he managed multimillion dollar accounts. His new management style saw the company assets rise to 25 billion dollars.

Paul’s performance was put to the test when he was invited to participate in one of the prestigious investment competitions by Template Foundation. This was during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. Paul Mampilly surprised everyone when during this time he was able to grow the returns in a single year from 50 million dollars to 88 million dollars.

As an investor, he has founded two major consulting firms. In the year 2013, he founded a consulting firm known as the Capuchin consulting. The idea behind the firm was to provide professional investors with money making ideas. He founded the second company in the year 2016 when he decided to join the Sovereign Society where he is a Senior Editor. In an interview with the Investing Media, Paul discloses that he decided to retire from employment to help the common investors achieve their dreams. He does this by carrying out researches and publishing his findings of both products and market behaviors. Capuchin consulting firm provides the professional investors with ideas and helps these investors realize money from their investments. That way many investors have received assistance and are making money through their investments.

Paul Mampilly studied Finance and is a holder of two MBA degrees from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business and Montclair State University. He lives in Durham, North Carolina. Paul Mampilly spends most of his time reading magazines and analyzing the current markets. He also knows that for one to succeed in giving the right information, a lot of research has to be done. He carries out researches together with his team before publishing any information. Paul believes that success is associated with consistency. Paul makes sure there is no information released in the market that passes without him noticing.


Bruno Fagali is a Man of Great Integrity

Brazilian attorney Bruno Fagali is an individual fit to uphold law and order. He is a man of great integrity and the will to do what is right. Systemic corruption affects every industry and institution even law. Knowing this Bruno Fagali specializes in public law and anti-corruption law.

His law firm, FAGALI Advocacy, is one of the largest law firms in the country because of its devotion to offering sound legal advice to clients. It specializes in urban law, administrative and civil liability processes, regulatory law, and bidding law.

With countrywide corruption taking place, Bruno Fagali has had his hand in several initiative with the aim of cleansing the system. Bruno Fagali knows this is a tough uphill battle but he is determined. Following the unveiling of many corruption scandals, more people have begun lending Bruno Fagali their ears. He has even convinced organizations within the corporate world to be more transparent about their business practices with special training and ethics drives.

Bruno Fagali comes from humble roots. He was hired by the law firm Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns as an intern at the start of his career. While with the law firm he mostly dealt with cases that involved domestic violence and family law. Though he did see other forms of civil procedural law cases added to his workload from time to time. Bruno Fagali began acquiring knowledge on regulatory law, bidding, and administrative contracts once he departed from Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns and accepted jobs as an intern for two different law firms.

You can say Bruno Fagali wasn’t taken serious until 2012 when Radi, Calil and Associates Law hired him as a certified lawyer.

Bruno Fagali attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Palo in Brazil where he completed his bachelor of law. It was here when he got the idea to start his own law firm.

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