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Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger’s father started Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas company, in 1970. Growing up in that sort of environment, Fleeger learned all he could about the job of business executives before heading off to college. In 1985, he graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in business, focusing on finance and marketing. Soon after, he embarked on what would become a successful career.

Between 1986 and 1993, Fleeger worked for several oil and gas companies throughout Texas. This included the one founded by his father, Gulf Coast Western. He also held the position of Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company from 1990 to 1993. It was during these years Fleeger gained experience dealing with corporate structuring, debt private placement, and joint ventures.

In 1993, Fleeger went outside the world of oil and gas for his next business venture. He formed the company MedSolutions, Inc. The business specializes in the transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes from hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In just a few years, MedSolutions became the regional leader in dealing with medical waste. He also expanded into other areas, including serving as a director for Palm Beach Tan, Inc., the nation’s largest chain of indoor tanning salons.

In 2007, Fleeger sold MedSolutions to Stericycle, Inc for $59 million. Following the sale, he returned to Gulf Coast Western to serve as its President and CEO. He also continues to build up his indoor tanning business. Fleeger was a founder for Mystic Tan, which has grown into the world’s largest spray on tanning service in the world. Mystic and Palm Beach Tan make a combined $100 million in profits a year.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western excels in the exploration, development, and acquisition of domestic oil and gas reserves in the United States. It serves as the managing venture of oil and gas general partnership, also known as joint ventures, and operates primarily in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. In addition, they’ve acquired thousands of acres in active producing areas across the country, with plans to continue expansion for years to come. It is their mission to ensure that the geological and geophysical attributes of an area always meet their stringent criteria for improving the likelihood of geological and financial success for all their partners.

Since the company’s founding in 1970 in Dallas, Texas, Gulf Coast Western has maintained consistent commitment to the utilization of its extensive industry network and strategic partnerships. It has secured opportunities and properties that have yielded significant returns while balancing quantified downside risk for participating partners. Building relationships through mutual trust and respect has earned Gulf Coast Western an enviable reputation. They provide over a thousand accredited partners throughout the country a deeper understanding of the oil drilling process. Their informative representatives go out of their way to keep investors in the loop and up to date. They maintain steady communication, providing ample information and encouraging investor involvement through regular teleconferences. Their commitment to professionalism paired with strong leadership skills is key to their ongoing success.

And, their reach doesn’t end there. By supporting organizations such as Shriners Hospitals for Children, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, and North Texas Food Bank, they demonstrate not only a commitment to look after their partners, but a willingness to build strong communities as well. With open and transparent relationships, Gulf Coast Western provides partners with the confidence they need and the integrity they deserve.

End Citizens United Shares A Common Goal With Beto O’Rourke

Just a year ago it would have been unthinkable to suggest that the state of Texas would send a Democrat to the U.S. Senate. In the ultra-conservative Lone Star State, even the abrasive and fantastically unlikable Sen. Ted Cruz seemed a lock to be re-elected based on his Conservative-Republican bona fides.

But fast forward to today. The race between Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke is dead even. In recent months, O’Rourke has been surging in the polls as Ted Cruz appears ever more desperate — so desperate he has invited his once bitter enemy Donald Trump to come to Texas and hold a rally for him.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Beto O’Rourke has rejected all corporate contributions and big money from Super PACS and special interest groups. His effort is strictly grassroots. He accepts only small donations from average American citizens. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

That’s part of the reason why O’Rourke has earned the backing of End Citizens United, also a grassroots group based in Washington D.C. End Citizens United is organized as a PAC, but one of a different kind. Like O’Rourke, this group is fueled by hundreds of thousands of small donations that average just $14.

The goal of End Citizens United is campaign finance reform. It wants to get Big Money out of our election system. The PAC gets its name from the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court ruling that came to be known as Citizens United. It was this ruling by a conservative-dominated court that transformed the American election process into a kind of money-controlled free-for-all. Big corporations and billionaires were suddenly unleashed and able to donate as much money as they wanted to candidates they could subsequently control.

Like End Citizens United, Beto O’Rourke has vowed to do everything in his power to nullify the effect of Citizens United and return the legitimacy of the U.S. election system to the people.

O’Rourke still faces a brutal fight as the midterms loom less than two months from now. But with the help of End Citizens United, he just may cross the finish line as the next Senator for the great state of Texas.



Fortress Investment Group and its Operations

Fortress Investment Group was the first organization that is privately held to have gone public. The company had its shares trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The organization has been acquired by SoftBank, something that will make it be delisted from the stock exchange market. SoftBank is a global holding corporation which is ranked top 58 when it comes to organizations whose stocks are traded publicly in the world by Forbes. With the acquisition, Fortress will be running its activities independently. Moreover, Fortress Investment Group will maintain its leadership team including Wes Edens, the co-chair and Randal Nardone, the CEO of the group. Many will wonder which kind of acquisition is this, but there good reasons behind it.

SoftBank had to go through a lot to acquire Fortress Investment Group. However, all the details of the deal were finalized in December 2017. The deal got approval from the shareholders of Fortress Investment Group, and this came as a surprise to many. SoftBank is a company that is devoted to funding technology-based organizations while on the other hand, Fortress Investment Ground concentrates on alternative asset management. Both organizations are leaders in the world when it comes to their sectors. This move displays the interests that SoftBank has in the alternative asset management sector. It clears indicates that the Japanese corporation wants to become the largest organization in the world dealing with investment management. The fact that fortress Investment group has a lot of assets under its control must have been the attraction part that motivated SoftBank into acquiring it.

According to Softbank, it has not been a smooth ride to acquire Fortress Group. Being a foreign organization, it had to go through the Committee on Foreign Investments to purchase an organization in the United States. This takes place to ensure national security. This made SoftBank sign a deal that it will have almost no say concerning how Fortress Group handles its assets.

However, this did not come as a surprise to SoftBank’s founder Masayoshi Son. He knew what was ahead of him when it comes to acquiring an organization in the United States but he was ready to go through it all to attain his goals. He had tried early to charm Trump in one of his Visits to Trump power and even promised to invest $50 billion in the United States. The shareholders of Fortress Group will achieve 8.08 per share after Softbank paid 39 percent of the deal.


Wes Edens’ Contributions in taking Fortress Investment Group Public

Wes Edens is a United States Citizen who was born in 1961, and his official name is Wesley Robert Edens. Currently, he resides in New York City. 1984 was the year when he left Oregon University where he undertook his undergraduate studies in Bachelor Degree in both Business Administration and Finance. In pursuit of his career, erecting Milwaukee Bucks and Fortress Investment Group is some of his achievements. Also, Wes Edens is indeed an asset to many especially those who are experiencing a problem in managing their resources since he offers financial advice to them.

The players were Wes Edens’ frequent clients because he was able to identify that they mostly face difficulties in allocating and managing their salaries. Due to the enormous salaries that they get, players tend to leave expensive lifestyle with a misconception that they are not vulnerable to poverty; therefore, they tend not to save for future. Thus, this exposes them to experiencing financial constraints and vanishing in debt for all of their retirement life. He also does not forget to share a motivating experience that he had when he was young and cautions them not to land in the same blunder of making a poor financial decision. According to Wes Edens, more than 50 percent of these NBA players end up bankrupt after retirement despite having considerable returns in each season.

In conclusion, when Wes Edens featured in an interview, he revealed that his main aim is to educate and inform the players on how to manage and allocate their salaries for them to have a better tomorrow, especially after retirement. Also, before they founded Fortress Investment Group, he got an opportunity to serve in several financial Institution where he acquired a lot of skills and knowledge on issues relating to investment; therefore, rendering him to be highly experienced in this field. Under his stewardship, Fortress also managed to become the first private equity firm to be a Buyout Company. Under the guidance of Wesley Edens, the process of announcing the Initial Public Offer for Fortress became successful, with the company raising billions of dollars from the public.

Madison Street Capital: Hiring a New Managing Director

The Madison Street Capital is an investment and financial assistance firm that helps middle market businesses around the world prosper. The company managed to become known globally after they decided to expand their markets in Africa, Europe, and Asia. One of the reasons why the company succeeded in the industry is because they hire only the best people for the job. Recently, the Madison Street Capital announced that they hired a new managing director who will be working for their Capital Markets team. The new managing director, Lawrence Alioto, stated that he is pleased to join the company and he is ready to share his knowledge to contribute to the company’s success. He is expected to provide advice to their clients, especially those who are asking about the technology sector and the company’s financial transactions.



According to Charles Botchway, the chief executive officer of the Madison Street Capital, the advancement in technology helped a lot of businesses around the world. He also stated that there would be an increase in the demand for technology, especially for new startups which will be basing their operations on different technological platforms. He is confident with the tech background of Lawrence Alioto, and he said that his capabilities would help the company in so many ways. The Madison Street Capital is currently preparing for their expansion in the city of Austin, Texas, and hiring new personnel on board would make it easier for them to adapt to a new environment.



Lawrence Alioto worked for numerous companies before being hired by the Madison Street Capital. He was with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before the 1990s, where he started his career in trading. He then transferred to the Paine Webber Company to work as a registered representative. During the late 1990s, he decided to work in private equity firms, and it developed his interest in the financial industry. He continued his career with a tech company called the VeriTrainer Corporation, serving as its principal and eventually, the president. He decided to transfer to the Madison Street Capital later on because of the opportunities waiting for him.



The management team at the Madison Street Capital welcomes Lawrence Alioto into the company. They are optimistic about the things that he can do for the company’s success, and they are hoping that through his background in the financial and technological industry, he will be able to bring drastic changes within the company. The Madison Street Capital has a lot of clients, and most of them are relying on their services, especially when dealing with their financial needs. The company sees the addition of their new managing director as a great start in providing their clients with more reliable services that will help them with their business.


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Brazilian Champion Race Car Driver And Entrepreneur Rodrigo Terpins

Champion race car driver Rodrigo Terpins has been a formidable competitor in the annual Sertoes Rally for a number of years now, and is recognized as one of its most decorated participants. Along with his brother Michel and the two other drivers on their Bull Sertoes team, he has managed to conquer the rough terrain of the challenging contest to win a high ranking on several occasions over the years. The Sertoes Rally is a multi-state racing competition that consists of 7 exhausting stages. In order to navigative their way through the rocky roads of the rally, the Bull Sertoes team uses a machine they call T-Rex because of its powerful V8 engine that was built by their sponsor MEM Motorsports.


Although Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of athletes and has always had a big interest in sports, particularly speed racing, he also pursued a career in the business industry. After attending Saint Hilaire College, where he earned a degree in Business Administration, the talented driver secured the position of CEO at Lojas Marisa, one of the most popular women’s clothing stores in Brazil. He was the leader of that business for 15 years, and while he was there, he helped it grow into the financial success it became. After leaving Lojas Marisa, he went on to run his own company called T5 Participacoes. For more details visit



His father, Jack Terpins, was also a professional sportsmen, having played on a basketball team back in the 1960s and 1970s, and when his athletic career was over, he went into the corporate world and became a real estate executive. His brother and driving partner Michel shared his same passion for cars and speed when they were growing up in Sao Paulo. Michel had always been fascinated with how cars functioned, so he learned how to fix them, and the brothers later began training to race with them.


Rodrigo Terpins continues to have a deep passion for the racetrack and looks forward to participating in the Sertoes Rally every year. He is very appreciative of his large fan base who stay connected with him on social media.


How Hussain Sajwani Established a Successful Property Development Company, DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is successful business mogul focusing on property development, marketing, and management. He started his marketing career in the hotel industry, and through his catering venture which he founded in the year 1982, he could effectively manage over 200 projects and also serve more than 150,000 meals a day. His focus markets included Africa, CIS, and the Middle East. By the year 2002, his main focus shifted to property development and management which led to the birthing of DAMAC Properties in the Middle East. The company has grown through the years and has become one of the leading global property development companies operating in different cities such as Doha, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Dubai, and Riyadh. DAMAC Properties has managed to deliver more than 17,900 homes and has a wide development portfolio of about 44,000 units all at different stages.

Hussain Sajwani studied Economics and Industrial Engineering in the University of Washington and through his entrepreneurial skills he has led to the exceptional growth of DAMAC Properties. He has proven that a vision can be translated into a corporate reality and a successful venture. Apart from flourishing in the property development sector, Hussain Sajwani has also invested in equity and capital markets, and this makes him an astute businessman.

During an interview, Hussain Sajwani said that the idea of establishing a property development company came from his experience in a family business, his inherent entrepreneurial skills and willingness to take risks. Once he was sure that he could start his own business, he began by developing his catering business, then to developing small hotel buildings which grew into developing towers. He said that his typical days involve meeting business partners and this includes expanding his business network by adding new contacts that are business minded. Hussain also values family time and thus said that he spares enough time for them.

Hussain says that he brings his ideas into reality by first envisioning his projects and then taking calculated risks after disregarding fear of failure as long as he believes in the potentiality of the project. When asked to name among the things that excite him, his response was the evolution of digital marketing and social media. To him, these two developments have improved communication and marketing experience than ever before. Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) also said that as an entrepreneur, it is good for a person to travel and experience new things and start viewing everything from a different and sometimes better perspective.


Herbalife Athlete Recap and Company History

Herbalife sponsored athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo, grew up in a family of soccer lovers and was destined to play the game himself. With his father as a trainer; he discovered his own passion for soccer. That passion would lead him to become a professional soccer champion. Ronaldo admits to not focusing on nutrition when he was younger, but he later learned just how valuable nutrition is to a professional athlete. He chose to partner with Herbalife to increase his recovery rate after a game or practice session so he could be the best professional athlete that he could be. Besides his athletic goals, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a loving father and takes pride in teaching his son values. He teaches his son to believe in himself and to work hard while earning respect. Cristiano Ronaldo is also a positive man. He focuses on what is happening now and doesn’t worry about what the future may hold. He says that he’s confident that the future will bring good things to his life.

Created in 1980, Herbalife is a nutrition-themed company founded by Mark Hughes. The company had a humble beginning and originated from the trunk of Mark’s car. He sold protein shakes to help people manage their own weight and nutrition after his own mother died at an early age. Mark Hughes claims that his mother’s unfortunate death was the result of unsafe weight loss habits and poor nutrition. Now, the Herbalife company is a global company that boasts a variety of products and advanced marketing techniques. The company features a line of nutritional supplements, weight management supplies, and nutritional supplements that are specifically aimed at athletes. The company is self-sufficient and handles its own development and marketing needs for its products. Herbalife follows a multi-level marketing formula and allows people outside of the company to partner as distributors of their products.

Francisco Domenech Bio

Francisco Domenech is the current managing partner of Politank. This is a government law firm specializing in strategy development that represents the interests of private parties before government forums. He is a former Director in the office of the Legislative Services of the P.R assembly. During his service in the office he streamlined a staff of over 130 employees, and expanded the services offered by the assembly’s library. He enabled access to the library by the physically handicapped and the blind. At the time, he managed a budget of about $11 million. Before taking this position he was the Chief Legal Counsel to the President of the P.R senate. In this capacity he represented the interest of the Senate before courts and provided legal advice. Read his article at

Mr Francisco graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Political Science. During his time at the University, he was the President of the Student Council in 2000. He also studied at the University College of London’s law school. Between 2007 and 2012, he served as a member of the Democratic National Committee. He was also a delegate in four National Conventions. In 2008, he was the Deputy Campaign Manager of the Clinton campaign in Purto Rico.

He has used Politank to support philanthropic endeavours. Some of the endeavors he has supported include: The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, Museo de Arte de Ponce and TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund. He practices at the US Courts of Appeals, courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, US District Court of Puerto Rico, US Supreme Court and US Court of International Trade.

Since he became the co-chair of Hillblazers Francisco Domenech has been a stronger supporter of Clinton. His movement provided the younger professionals, students and first-time voters who supported Hillary Clinton’s presidency in 2008. He managed several fundraisers to support her campaigns. Even before the Hillary campaigns, he acquired political experience from voter registration, canvassing and fundraising.

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