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Sunday Riley Is Hands On With Her Cosmetic Line

Sunday Riley is no secret to the world of social media. The brand is being praised all over the internet. Even though the world may be in love with the beauty brand, there is a lot more to know about the woman behind it all. Sunday Riley herself completed an interview with The Cut right before her Manhattan pop-up store appeared. She explained why she feels Good Genes has become so popular, and how she came up with the new foundation for the brand.

The Missing Link

Sunday Riley launched her makeup brand in 2009, and at the time, she felt that green technology was missing. Makeup did not have the balance of both botanicals and scientific active ingredients. Sunday Riley says she wants to live a long time while looking young, but that requires active ingredients. She says she enjoys other ingredients such as botanicals, but the right mix was not available.

Learning By Trial And Error

Sunday Riley says a lot of what she knows about cosmetic formulas she learned with experience. Each day she learns, and she tries to update her knowledge with every product she makes. She has learned about five new methods for this new foundation alone. She says now she focuses on the ingredients as an art form instead of a chemistry experiment. She looks at what is being created, the goal for the texture, the scent, and the overall 360 experience.

Taking Pride In Her Creations

Sunday Riley is proud of all of her products and if ever she loses her pride in one, then she removes the product from the lineup. She was asked before how many of her original products are still in the line. The answer is one. All the other products were cut. If she feels she can improve a product, she will start over. She spends lots of time on her products to make them just right.

Managing All The Products

When it comes to being proud of Good Genes, Sunday Riley says she’s proud to have it in their lineup, but she’s careful not to call it her favorite. She see’s her products as her babies. She tries to keep from being emotional about them because she will drop them if they don’t perform well. Good Genes is one of the hardest products she has ever made. She made the formula and she made it available in 20 shades.


Boraie Development, the Leader in Property Development

Boraie Development is a company that specializes in real estate. It handles real estate development, property management, and property marketing. The company has a good record of accomplishment in real estate. It has developed approximately one million square feet of property in ten years. The Aspire, New Brunswick is among the landmark properties Boraie Development has built. The property is a luxury apartment with 238 residential units that combine contemporary design and convenience. It consists of studios, one and two bedroom layouts to meet distinct renters’ needs. The apartment features a modern fitness center, free bike storage, 24/7 doorman lobby, rooftop garden, and parking facility.

The Aspire is near social amenities such as hospitals, restaurants, and shopping centers. Remarkably, the NJ Transit Train Station and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital are in the neighborhood. The Aspire has excellent interiors and high-end finishes with carpeting in the bedroom and hardwood floor in the living area. It has big windows to allow natural light and enhance its appearance. The kitchen is state of the art and features custom cabinetry and quartz countertops. The apartment is also pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your best friend. It has a residents’ portal that lets you pay your rent, receive notifications, and report maintenance issues. Life is good at The Aspire because a doorman accepts your packages and notifies you through the portal.

Boraie Development has collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal to build a rental complex in Newark in a bid to bring development in this distressed area. Shaquille is a basketball star and an entrepreneur who engages in various business ventures. The project is worth $60 million and will be the first of its kind in the area in five decades. Shaquille provides the financial resources for the project while Boraie Development offers its expertise. In addition to this project, Boraie Development and Mr. Shaquille will collaborate to develop various properties in Atlantic City including a retail complex and movie theater.

Shaquille believes that investing in property development is a good way of giving back to the community. It is a smart investment because, with the right property, you will always have clients and dollars. Although real estate ventures do not go well with athletes, Shaquille is not afraid to invest in them. Many athletes have gone bankrupt because of real estate deals that went bad.

Find out more about Boraie Development:

Alex Pall’s Perspective of His Dance Music Career

The Chainsmokers have over the years built their brand to become one of the most popular electronic music bands curving their own space among peers. Alex Pall’s passion for dance music was evident while growing up in Westchester, New York. He had a day job in at an art gallery in Manhattan but still spared time at night working as a DJ. He got hooked up with Andrew Haggart by his manager Adam Alpert and quit his job to pursue his career in music fully.

Alex Pall is a confident personality and from the onset was sure of what he had to offer as an artist. He has passion in his career and has the ambition to build something out of what started as a hobby rather than a profession. It came as a plus when he had met Haggart who luckily shared in the same ambition of creating music that would transcend age and gender.

Alex Pall has been dedicated in his career, spending much of his time with his partner creating music and brainstorming. Haggart’s skills in producing music and Pall’s expertise as a DJ, have been complimentary, allowing them to combine forces to produce music that enables them to connect with their fans emotionally.

Taking note of the continually changing face of music, Alex Pall constantly questions possible ideas and tries new things to remain exciting and relevant in the industry. With the concept of change in mind, Alex is happy to explore new ideas that will take care of the needs of their expanding audience, including efforts to improve their visuals and enhance their live performances. In the same spirit, Alex together with Andrew does not shy away from incorporating talented musicians like Halsey into their productions.

Alex is focusing on producing music that all people can relate to as opposed to concentrating on a specific age group. It is for the same reason that most of the time he creates music about his personal life and experiences.

Two years ago, Alex gifted himself with a house in the Hollywood Hills, whose architectural design and the artistic display has attracted the media.

Indeed, Alex Pall embodies the spirit of “you can make it as long as you put your mind to it and act”. To this far, his achievements to the point of winning a Grammy award is a gesture of to hard work, determination and surrounding himself with like-minded people.

Marc Beer Takes the Fight Against Pelvic Floor Disorder to the Next Level by Raising $42 Million for Renovia

Marc Beer closed two deals worth $42 million for Renovia Inc, a women health start up. The startup is going forward with its plan to develop several products for treatment of pelvic floor disorder in women. The renowned entrepreneur closed $10 million in venture debt and $32 million in Series B round of financing.


The Boston-based medtech startup endeavored to develop diagnostic as well as therapeutic products for treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is one type of pelvic floor disorders that has been found to be affecting over 250 million women around the world. The start-up’s Leva product received the approval of FDA early this year.


The Longwood Fund is an investment firm focused on healthcare. It invested early in Renovia and it also participated in the Series B round. The Series round was led by New York-based Perceptive Advisors as well as Missouri-Based Ascension Ventures. The funds will go into development of 4 main therapeutic and diagnostic products.


Mr. Beer, Renovia CEO, said that they were thrilled to get the support of leaders in the healthcare sector. He went ahead to say that they share the same vision of seeking to improve the lives of women affected by the disorders through advanced diagnostic and treatment products. Marc Beer’s company uses advanced technologies and platforms that drive generation of valuable data for its customers. The data informs better treatment options and ultimately build on the knowledge of pelvic floor disorders. The better understanding of pelvic floor disorders will at long run lead to reduced healthcare costs.


Marc Beer worked at OvaScience (Nasdaq: OVAS) as a strategic consultant. Recently, OvaScience is considering a merger option with Millendo Therapeutics. Learn more:


Who is Marc Beer?


He is the Chairman, Co-Founder and CEO of Renovia with over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization in biotechnology, devices, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. He founded Renovia in 2016 alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yoland Lorie. Beer closed Series A successfully when Renovia was getting off the ground.


Marc Beer played a major role at ViaCell serving as a founding CEO. He juggled his roles at ViaCell with the role he played at Erytech Pharma Board of Directors as a member. He rose through ranks at the biopharmaceutical company to become the Vice President of Global Marketing. He was in charge of marketing as well as sales roles in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions of Abbot Laboratories. He was a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. He is the Chairman and Founder of Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. The medtech entrepreneur holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University (OHIO).


Wes Edens Is Now Forging A Partnership With One Of The World’s Most Famous Entrepreneurs:

The Brightline train line that is the creation of Fortress Investment Group’s co-founder Wes Edens has had a great early run of success since the service was launched in South Florida. The impact that this privately financed, intercity train service is having on the commuters in the South Florida region is impressive, to say the least, and it is catching a lot of attention as well. There have already been significant plans to expand Brightline now that the Miami to Fort Lauderdale service is doing so well. Orlando to Tampa could well prove to be the next move that Wes Edens makes with this service and there have been rumors of the Brighline coming to city combos such as St. Louis to Chicago and also Charlotte to Atlanta. Now with all of this great news, Wes Edens and the Brighline team have recently announced a new and exciting development that involves partnering with world-renowned firm Virgin Group which is headed up by none other than Richard Branson. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

Richard Branson will now team up with Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group as Virgin takes a minority stake in the Brightline train service that will now be renamed under the title of Virgin Trains USA. Virgin is a company that has its hands in may different types of business models ranging from travel to the commucations industry. The company is already involved significantly in the intercity train business with its Virgin Trains service that operates in the United Kingdom. This makes the partnership with Wes Edens and his train service a perfect match. Virgin Trains USA represents the next step in the marketing and expansion of this exciting new concept in public transport.

Wes has had his hands into a lot of different business ventures in recent years. These range from his constant presence at Fortress Investment Group to his pro sports ownership of teams like the Bucks of Milwaukee and the Aston Villa Soccer Club. Now with Virgin Trains USA beginning to expand, the future looks to be full of many more exciting chapters.