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Wes Edens : Progression Through Innovation

Wes Edens is today considered to be one of the most respected and accomplished businessmen in the world. His success as at the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has allowed Wes Edens to provide thousands of jobs to communities, in addition, Wes Eden’s various philanthropic efforts have made him today a person to be revered.

Wes Eden’s success in building Fortress Investment Group from a boutique private equity firm to global leader in asset management that now grosses over 42 billion dollars is nothing short but incredible. Within his years with the company, Wes has assisted in the requirements of various companies in leading fields such as energy and infrastructure, real estate and healthcare.

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One project in particular that captured the attention of the country was the funding of the bright line railway. The financing, managed by Wes Edens is the first privately funded and operated city passenger railway system in the United States. The railway, which spans from Miami to West Palm Beach is the first of its kind seen in the country in over a hundred years.

Recently. Wes announced the creation of Fortress Energy, a company seeking to provide modern infrastructure solutions in order to obtain cleaner energy and while generating growth within the community. The beginnings of Fortress Energy was first developed by Wes Edens when he wanted his newly acquired company East Coast Rail into running on a cleaner system.

Fortress Energy first sought after to provide Jamaica with their first ever LNG. Since then the company with Wes spearheading the company has seen an explosion across the globe. Another very successful venture of Wes is his recent purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks, as a partial owner of the team since 2014 there has been a dramatic increase in the revenue that the organization has seen since his arrival.

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Information On Agera Energy

Agera Energy is based in the United States, and they have majorly concentrated on the part of the food to give guidance to clients. The path that they have taken relates to decision making of the clients on the issues of energy. Agera Energy has given guideline in terms of kilowatt-hour and therms. Additionally, they have set themselves in a position that allows clients to choose for themselves. The reason why Agera Energy have determined this is because the market that they have entered is competitive and it has a lot of clients

The main factor that makes this occupy the better position is that energy is the critical thing to all homeowners and any business. Additionally, the research as per the records of the Agera Energy indicates that clients in the market are underserved. The position that Agera Energy have taken is to deliver right information to the clients.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers: Promoting Psychological Health

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have become one of the top places to go for people who are experiencing psychological issues. The company has been operating for more than a decade, and the treatment options that they introduced helped treat those who have depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other psychological condition. People who are stressed out and having difficulty sleeping have also set up an appointment with the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers to have their minds checked. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has a special computer inside their clinics that will be used to scan what’s inside the patient’s head. Through studying the patterns produced by the brain, doctors who are staying with the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers could find out what type of approach is the best for the person diagnosed with the disorder. People who have psychological disorders would strictly obey what Neurocore Brain Performance Centers tells them to do, and right after their session, patients would notice a drastic change towards their mood and the way they feel. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is also the primary company that offers testing services to those who are trying to enter the world of sports. Teams are required to undergo psychological testing to find out if they can play under pressure, and the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers would provide the result to the sports team manager for them to decide. Athletes who have undergone the services offered by the Neurocore stated that they instantly felt relief right after the session began. Those who are having problems with depression are being provided with a different type of treatment, and this treatment would ensure that the brain would function normally in a game without overthinking. Another thing that the people enjoyed with the experience offered by the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers would be the traveling of a small shock into the brain to enhance it and make it more productive.


L’Oreal’s Art of Beauty and Fashion Accessibility with Nicholas Krafft

Nicholas Krafft is L’Oreal’s vice president in charge of the Global Business Development. He has worked in L’Oreal since the year 2014 and has served various roles including being a general manager. He went to the University of St. Gallen where he studied business management. Also, he had an interest in fashion and beauty which landed him in the Industry. His Inspiration to beauty and fashion came during his study in France and has been pursuing it in combination with his entrepreneurship skills. Being in charge of global business in the company, his responsibility is to ensure that beauty and fashion reach people all over the world in a simple and accessible way.

Nicholas Krafft got the opportunity to do his work of globalizing company products during the fashion week held at L’Oreal Paris last year on 30th of September on the Seine. This was the second of the L’Oreal’s fashion and beauty shows that are held yearly. It is in such shows that the company can air the new looks of the season and a way in which the whole world can access beauty and fashion easily.

Under the leadership of Nicholas Krafft, the firm ensured that the event was completely publicized so as to get everyone watching. He devoted himself by making early preparations including the setting up of the place. Huge screens were put up so that people passing and tourists in the place could view the whole event. There was also drones that filmed the event and broadcasting in more than 30 countries worldwide. Delegates in the fashion and beauty industry also attended the show.

Nicholas Krafft and his team had the company artists design 70 new makeup and hairstyles that were uniquely made for the event. They also had models for 13 brands of fashion who paraded the newest collections and jewelry from the event’s partner Chopard. The event that lasted more than eight days was all by the effort of the ethical employees led by Nicholas Krafft who will surely cross the limits to ensure globalization of the brand.

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The Growth of Agera Energy into A Multi-Location Firm

Agera Energy is a New York-based natural gas supplier and electricity supplier. Since 2014 when the company was established, Agera Energy has acquired several retail energy supply companies and has expanded its services beyond New York. Agera runs multiple locations and serves homes and businesses all over the United States.

The growth of Agera Energy

Agera Energy says that buying a single large retail energy supply company. Through this company, Agera was able to serve its very first clients. The quality of the services provided by Agera including the best customer service led to the acquisition of numerous clients.

The most attractive feature about Agera energy is the cheap rates that it offers to clients. Despite the energy industry being crowded and very competitive, the one thing that most companies have failed to offer is cost effective energy solutions. This is what Agera Offers. Also, Agera Energy also provides its clients with efficiency services.


Talkspace Partnership and Recent Activities in Raising Awareness

Talkspace is a unique therapy application which caters to its client’s mental wellbeing on an online platform. The company has grown tremendously since its incorporation, and it anticipates that this positive trajectory will continue shortly. It has thus adapted to a new strategy which is based on forming partnerships. It is evidenced by a recent collaboration with Michael Phelps and the recruitment of a chief medical officer to be part of the team.

Michael Phelps is an ambassador of Talkspace since he can relate to the mission and objectives of the company. The renowned swimming champion recounts of the events that took place in his life that led him to seek for help. Despite his successful career, he states of the days where he got into a state of depression and tried to end his own life.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

It is imperative to note that this partnership aligns to the vision that Talkspace has for the company. It is where it targets employers who suffer from losses if employees suffer from mental illnesses or breakdowns. Michael Phelps helps raise awareness to employers and employees of the adverse effects of hiding one’s disease.

He admits that he is currently undergoing treatment and the efficiency of Talkspace makes it much more comfortable. He further states that Talkspace is a complete, nonjudgmental therapy application and thus recommends it to everyone.

Talkspace recent activities are mainly focused on raising awareness on the upcoming issues that clients expect to be addressed. This range from the stigma associated with the LGBTQ when they come out. The platform shares stories which will empower others to deal with the same and educate others on the importance of acceptance.

They further inform the users on how to take a personality test to understand themselves better. Matters on cohabitation are also addressed in the article to understand the dynamics of living with a significant other. Talkspace has proven that there exists a need to address issues which affect society.

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Talkspace Hires Neil Leibowitz, a Medical Officer from UnitedHealth

Talkspace, which is an online start-up which offers online therapy via video chat has hired Neil Leibowitz a medical officer from United Health to be prescribed medicines to the patients through the app. Through the online business of meeting the needs of the patients, the company has been able to generate millions of dollars in revenue according to its CEO Oren Frank. The company claims to have reached one million users who are paying for the therapy services, and it is projected that the number will keep on increasing.

According to Oren Frank, the CEO of Talkspace, Neil Leibowitz brings the experience he has earned at UnitedHealth, and if they tap his potential, the company will benefit immensely. The hiring of a medical officer comes only when the company just built its enterprise business and a considerable potential IPO. Once Neil Leibowitz will be on the board of the Talkspace physicians he will be prescribing medicines to the patients. The company is yet to set rules on what can be prescribed and what cannot be prescribed according to Neil Leibowitz. Other independent consultants will only be able to prescribe medicines according to the rules set by the federal regulations. Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

The cost of therapy sessions

Currently, Talkspace offers a $79 weekly services, which cover talking to a therapist online, an additional $49 for messaging a mental health care professional. If the one wishes to continue consulting the therapist for further treatment the payment will vary depending on their condition and the charges of the therapist. According to Oren Frank, the company is generating millions of money from their online therapy services.

Focus on mental health

The company is mainly focused on issues of, mental health; this can be seen on the issues Oren Frank posts on his social media account. He especially focuses on the issue of depression on his twitter account. He says that Talkspace makes their patients have a different perspective on mental issues and that they can overcome any mental challenge.

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The Truth About Shervin Pishevar and His 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar’s a super angel investor, an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist and a humanitarian. Shervin is a co-founder and previous chairperson of the Hyperloop One Company. He’s the managing director and co-founder of Sherpa Capital as well. The firm acts as a venture capital fund and has put money into several companies such as Munchery, Uber and Airbnb. As a developer and angel investor, Shervin Pishevar has put capital into more than 60 companies.

He used to be the chairperson and the managing director for the Menlo Ventures Company. He handled many investments in companies like Warby Parker, Turblr, the Machine Zone and Uber during his time there. He’s currently a lead strategic advisor for Uber. He held a position as the board observer for Uber from 2011-2015. He set up and operated different technology-enabled companies like the HyperOffice. He now is part-owner of Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker and various e-commerce brands.

Shervin Pishevar 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Most of you will recognize Shervin Pishevar because of how he set himself apart during his time as a super angel investor for Uber. His recent statements began because of a financial storm. He noticed the turmoil was coming many months following his initial tweets in February of last year.

Shervin Pishevar made another influential statement as he was talking about the end of the Silicon Valley after dinner. Pishevar also analyzed how volatile the bonds are and the way he believed it would ripple adversely over the market of today. The following details a few of the primary points Shervin made during the 21-hour tweetstorm.

The Usefulness of Government Bonds

Central banking has used bonds to connect markets once again by utilizing quantitative easing in the last couple of years. Pishevar holds a firm belief that this strategy is not going to work this next time around according to his tweets. He argues that this method has been used too much in the past to be effective any longer.

The Five Big Unicorns

He identified Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Alphabet as monopolies in his tweets. Shervin Pishevar predicts and warns that the trend of these companies and their acquisition of startups will fail the subsisting economy.

Fight Depression with the Help of TMS Health Solutions

“I am tired of life, I feel worthless and I don’t think there is nothing I can do with my life anymore. Nothing good happens to me”. Are you experiencing this feeling and can’t keep off such thoughts? It’s hard to cope with such strong emotions which in the first place you feel are beyond you. It can be overwhelming. The good news is you do not need to feel ashamed of all these feelings.

Research has shown that many people who suffer from depression do not talk about it. In fact, most of them seclude themselves from others which is the leading symptom of depression. Others hide from reality behind drugs. It may be very hard for relatives and friends to help because the patients break communication.

TMS Health Solutions is there to see that all patients of clinical depression get treatment. They are the leading providers of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that. FDA accepted TMS in 2008. The drug is effective and non-invasive, which is provided in an outpatient setting to ensure the comfort of the patients.

TMS psychiatrists are committed to serving the 40% group of people who don’t respond to medication. Their team is highly trained and specialized in depression treatment. They receive most insurance plans and have friendly terms.

The aim of TMS Health Solutions is to transform the lives of their patients to people they never thought they would ever be. They understand that the healing process is slow and gradual, but it eventually happens with the right team around the patient.

The logo of TMS is a butterfly. The butterfly represents the process of growth and changes TMS patients go through to become new and soar to greater heights in their next life. TMS team members encourage patients suffering from depression to sign up with them. Depression like any disease is treated easily in its first stages. However, TMS Health Solutions is ready to walk with you from any stage you are in the process of healing.

Final Verdict

If you have been silently suffering from depression, give yourself a second chance to live a fulfilling life by visiting TMS Health Solutions. It is never too late for a happy ending.


HGGC: How This PE Firm Is Both Esteemed And Challenged

In 2007, California’s financial industry gained an acclaimed middle-market private equity firm. HGGC, said PE firm, seeks to empower companies that are on the cusp of transcending success. Founded by Richard Lawson, Lance Taylor, and Steve Young, HGGC forges partnerships with founder-owners, management teams, and sponsors in hopes of “building differentiated businesses in North America.” However, Lawson, Taylor, and Young intend to extend well beyond their American roots and diversify their clientele. Since its claim to fame, HGGC’s ushered in a new era of investing. Strong proponents of advantaged investing, Young, Lawson, and Taylor infuse modern practices into their operations.

In short, the advantaged investing paradigm allows the firm to acquire scalable companies. One such business that’s reaped the benefits of HGGC’s advantaged investing model is FPX. A leader in CPQ solutions, FPX exhibits the promise and intrigue that HGGC looks for in burgeoning companies. As a result, FXP’s received substantial funding from the PE firm. Young, Lawson, and Taylor hope that their capital donations will contribute to FXP’s global expansion. Lawson states that he was eager to catapult FXP into a “prime position” and forecasts sizable growth within the near future. What’s more, Lawson applauds FXP’s “unmatched domain expertise.”

Though HGGC’s successes overshadow their pitfalls, the company has not been without its controversy. In fact, A. Schulman, a global leader in plastic compounding products, sued Young and his colleagues in 2016 after discovering some shady activity within one of the company’s subsidiaries, Citadel Plastics. After acquiring Citadel, A. Schulman conducted research that brought to light some falsified test results. Young promptly denied the accusations, claiming that nor he or his company would ever entertain such dubious practices. There’s currently a civil trial in the works, and A. Schulman is suing the firm for their alleged transgressions in the amount of $275 million.