A look into the world of angel investing through the eyes of Sultan Alhokair

Sultan Alhokair

Sultan Alhokair works as the project manager at the Retail Group of America and is also a Venture partner at Valia Investments. Most of his professional life has been about finance and investments. Currently, he is studying a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with special interest in Finance insurance and entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

As a regional manager at Retail Group of America, his work entails linking up several fashion departmental stores to enable them lip more through networking, brand identity and utilizing the products available. At Valia Investments, he seeks out for new start-ups that would qualify for the seed investment. He searches for the best possible investments that the firm would fund to help them come up. There are several factors that he considers when selecting a firm from a number of them for investment. Here is a breakdown of what he looks for.

Sultan Alhokair looks for start-up that has a compelling story that would show that the business really would achieve its goals if some funds were injected into it. Sultan Alhokair suggests such a business puts forward the best possible argument and its owners have the self-drive to make the idea a success.

Sultan Alhokair also looks for a business with a potential for a solid return on investments. Investors are always looking for ventures that would bring their money back as soon as possible. If an idea is able to achieve this and bring much more to the investors, angel financiers would be too happy to invest in it.

A company has to show that there is a need for the product that it is introducing in the market for it to qualify for seed funding. There has to have a gap in the market for which the product satisfies. Start-ups need to have a good projection of the sales potential of their business beforehand.

He also looks at businesses with viable exit strategies. While it may take some time for start up to get on its feet, sometimes things could be on their way down and not working out at all. A viable exit strategy enables the investors get much of their initial investment from the business before it winds up. This lowers the amount of loss the investors make from the failing business venture. Follow Sultan Alhokair on InstaGram to keep up to date with his activities.

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