A New Sound For Mumford & Sons

No one wants to hear the same thing from a band over and over again. Diversity is what makes music great, and that is exactly what Mumford & Sons is going to give us with their new album. Fans like Brad Reifler (Reuters.com) have heard that they are abandoning their formerly used banjo and acoustic sounds for something completely different. I, for one, am excited to hear what they put out with a louder, higher energy sound. They are a great band as it is, but when they pick up the tempo and add some more music to their songs I bet they will be even better. There is so much to love in music, and even though it is hard at times to see a good band change their sound, it is also great to see progress being made. Music wouldn’t be the same without change, and I give Mumford & Sons credit for being bold enough to go out and do something new and different.

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