Agora Financial: Financial Advisement Outside of the Mainstream

Agora Financial is a provider of independent economic commentary and analysis. They do this through a combination of print and online publications including videos seminars and conference calls. They are a privately held publishing company based out of Baltimore Maryland and are focused on providing advice in the financial industry as well as marketing predictions and financial market commentary. First founded in 1979 they have managed to help individuals in America grow their savings by helping to educate over 1 million Americans on how to build wealth and manage their money. With educational opportunities from how to pick companies that are ready for rapid growth to wealth management, all of their research is unbiased and independent.

One thing that sets Agora financial apart from other financial analysts companies is that their analysts do not sit in an office but rather work by going on site to various companies to see how the operations are run providing a wealth of first-hand experience in their predictions. With over $1 million a year spent on finding profitable investment trends which are not well known to the general public Agora financial promises to deliver better returns than your typical financial advisement center.In the world of finance by the time a company has hit the mainstream the majority of the money has already been made by early investors, this is where Agora financial poise is to make a difference by allowing the typical investor early access to promising companies. The executive team of Agora financial is made up of a diverse cast of financial professionals with credentials ranging from Harvard trained geologists, a self-made millionaire, and philanthropists and even award-winning novelists and filmmakers.

This means that they have expert opinions in all industries of the financial market.With a record of financial predictions going back to 1999 where they predicted the rise of gold as well as a prediction of the housing market crash in 2008 as early as 2004 and even the prediction for the spike in oil prices in 2008. All of these predictions made several years in advance of mainstream media outlets.This is allowed Agora financial customers a sense of peace of mind rarely found in the world of financial advisement. With a history of consistently eating mainstream financial media to investment opportunities, members of Agora financial have made out ahead of the mainstream financial investors.Starting out of one small building in Mount Vernon Baltimore Maryland they now operate out of over a dozen individual buildings including several mansions whichhave been converted into office space as well as typical offices. They have a presence on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube.

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