Ara Chackerian interests in functional healthcare

Health sector around the world is the most crucial type of investment. Regardless of one location, a healthy population is ideal for productivity. A story of modern health investors is incomplete without mentioning Ara Chackerian. As part of the trendsetter ASC Capital Holdings, he has been instrumental in establishing working medical entities. By way of being the managing partner, he has been instrumental in the overall running of this organization. Additionally, he is also a crucial part in TMS Health Solutions. In all these medical companies, his contributions, especially on an entrepreneur point of view, have made these entities to be the trendsetters in their respective medical field.

Equally, an investor in the medical world, Ara Chackerian wears many other hats. He is a respected entrepreneur and philanthropist. As a business graduate from the prestigious Florida State University, he is fortunate to be a board member of exceptional medical boards such as Hatlen Centre (which deals with blindness) and Mint Medical (education). His contribution to these important medical organizations has been of great help in elevating service delivery, policy formulation, and implementation. His ability to blend into the health sector with the business world has made him one of the most innovative medical inventor.

As an inventor and an entrepreneur, the health sector is dear to him. For example, he has written exclusively on health issues, especially in the developed world. One can automatically assume that the developed world health sector is perfect and systemic problems are non-issues. However, Ara Chackerian disagrees with this notion. He points out that most of the health sectors in these developed countries face some fundamental issues such as funding, fears of inconsistency (in research and technology) and in some cases the fear of the unknown. Check out


Ara points out that in most of these countries, universal health is common. The global health, however, faces some issues such as fear of incomplete funding by the respective governments. In other cases, as much as health technology is highly advanced, the question of human resources remains a fundamental issue. If for example, a person has no insurance cover in the USA, securing an appointment with a doctor is not simple especially when it is not an emergency.


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