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Serge Belamant is a pioneer in the development of blockchain technologies. He used his knowledge as a software and system developer to invent technologies that are now a crucial part of most financial systems. His innovations helped banks and governments to keep track of how money was being used in various departments. Through Serge’s technology, fraudsters were easily caught up with. Visit Serge Belamant is also behind the invention of many cryptocurrencies known today. Serge grew up in South Africa with his family after his father moved there to seek better job opportunities. Serge Belamant attended an all-boys school where he was taught how to talk and write in English. Serge was an exceptional student with good grades and an athletic body. He played rugby and was a champion at it. Serge also played chess and athletics while in high school. Serge had a charming personality that attracted people, and this prompted him to be nominated as House Captain and Head Prefect at his school. Serge Belamant is an alumnus of the University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University. He enrolled as an engineering student at Witwatersrand, but his real passion lay in Software and Information systems. He, therefore, changed courses to follow his passion but this messed with his degree, and he ended up not graduating. This was not scary for Serge as he had gained enough knowledge to start his career. Serge Belamant proceeded to work at Matrix using his skills to develop applications that were useful to the South African government. The applications were used to check water levels in South African dams and keep track of future droughts. Belamant was also part of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he contributed to advancements in statistical methods and digital mapping. From the research, Serge got to increase his knowledge on network analysis of roads which became instrumental in his career later. Belamant worked with Control Data to increase his income. At Control Data he worked as an analyst and in 1980, Serge was recognized for his exemplary work. Serge later worked at Databank and is behind designing the first financial system that was scientifically driven. Read more on

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