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Edwin Miranda Talks About The Future Of Marketing

Edwin Miranda, the CEO of KOI IXS, a marketing firm based in South Florida, recently sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch about his career. According to Miranda, he had the idea for KOI IXS when he was just 21 years old. Today, now that his idea is fully realized, Miranda is especially interested in the potential of predictive marketing. For Edwin Miranda, predictive marketing will allow for more personalized service in marketing, and a level of accuracy which was formerly available to only larger companies.

When asked about what advice he would give to his younger self, he replied that it is important to be bold and passionate, but at the same time be prepared to make mistakes. Although he admits that maturity puts things in new perspective, the catch, according to Edwin Miranda, is that you need to make those mistakes in order to achieve that maturity.

Edwin Miranda sees the future of marketing as belonging to performance-based consultancies rather than traditional advertising agencies. He argues that what companies really need is not viral material, but value-focused solutions that generate conversions. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, there are metrics for keeping track of everything, and this is due to the increasing complexity of customer journeys across different media. As a result, we need bespoke solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, which is mostly what traditional advertising agencies have to offer.

Edwin Miranda graduated from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

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The Job of Bhanu Choudrie

Veteran entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Dehli in 1978. He received his degree in International Business and Marketing. Just after graduation, he spent a short time interning with JP Morgan. He then moved to London where he became executive director of C&C Alpha Group. He leads this firm to invest in a number of different industries, including healthcare, hotels, and restaurants. As of 2010, he still held this position. One of the things he loves about his job is getting to meet so many different kinds of people.

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During a 2010 interview, Bhanu Choudhrie recounted a recent visit to a healthcare facility in Bury during which he met many of its assistant, doctors, and patients. This is the sort of thing he loves. He also really loves help found and run restaurants. He particularly loves this because his company has traditionally had great success with such projects. The same goes for aviation-based projects. But it did not start that way. When they first purchased an airline, they all considered it a huge gamble that might very likely end up as a huge mistake.

Another investment that ended up being hugely successful for them has been their purchase of which they later sold for half a billion pounds. In 2010 he joined the board of New Century Bank. This was not the first time someone in his family has been involved in banking leadership. He recalls how his great-grandfather led Punjab National Bank, the third largest bank in India. until 1969 when it was nationalized. In addition to his new role, Bhanu Choudhrie has also invested in the New Century Bank.

Bhanu Choudhrie says that more and more investors are looking to Asian countries for financial success. In addition to his professional life, Choudhrie is an active philanthropist. His giving both financially and through his personal time is largely based on his Hindu believes that the more you give, the more you get.



Yanni Hufnagel: The College Basketball Recruiter ‘Extraordinaire’

Born of Jewish parents, Yanni Hufnagel grew up in Scarsdale, New York where he actively played lacrosse and basketball in High School, until he was cut from the varsity basketball team his junior year. Fortunately for basketball, his relationship with the sport would not stop there, as he went on to take a position commentating games for very the team he was cut from, reaching local access and cable tv audiences, and permitting Yanni Hufnagel the opportunity to perform, if not visually for audiences, at least audibly. It was while commentating for these high school games that Yanni’s charisma and knowledge of the game would plant the seed necessary for growing his way towards a career in a game that he was once told he wasn’t good enough to compete in.

Yanni Hufnagel’s career in basketball started to take root in 2009 when he become the assistant coach for Harvard University’s Mens basketball team, the Harvard Crimson. He proved his chops as assistant coach by aggressively recruiting top talent to the school, helping to pave the way for unparalleled success in the schools modern program. During his four year reign as assistant coach, the Harvard Crimson boasted an impressive 90-30 winning record, and a spectacular showing in the 2013 NCAA tournament, when Harvard bested number three ranked New Mexico in a shocking upset.

After Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel went on to staff coaching positions with Vanderbilt, University of California, Berkley, and University of Nevada, Reno, and experienced various levels of success. During his time with the California Golden Bears, he was able to help lift the team to a 2016 NCAA playoff slot, but his success at the school was overshadowed due to allegations of sexual harassment by a female news reporter, which ultimately resulted in his termination from the University, despite his appeals for justice. Yanni would go on to become responsible for one more NCAA berth, in 2017, while on the coaching staff for University of Nevada, Reno, but it would be his last tournament appearance as a college assistant basketball coach, as the details from the sexual harassment case would ultimately prove too damaging for the perpetuation of his college coaching career, despite all his years of success.



If You Don’t Know Who Brian Torchin is Then it’s High Time You Find Out!

It would appear as if Brian Torchin was pre-dispositioned for success. He began his studies at the University of Deleware. His chosen major was exercise science.

The university is where Torchin finally came to obtain his undergraduate in pre-med. From the University of Deleware, he traveled to New York and began his studies at New York Chiropractic College. Brian graduated Chiropractics with his doctoral degree and became a board-certified chiropractic practitioner.

Anyone who knows Brian Torchin says he is a very personable but professional man driven by his passion; medicine. He has seen his share of fine accomplishments along the way. One of his major accomplishments is HCRC Staffing. Through his development of this company in 2007, he has once again found a way to assist others. More about of Brian Torchin at

Torchin, and his business, now serves more than 200 companies, four countries and is still expanding.

HCRC Staffing connects qualified professionals to the jobs where they are needed and where they can excel in their field. This company assists the majority of the medical field and some legal firms in obtaining to of the line professionals to fill desperately needed slots within 72 hours or less.

HCRC is not a company just for nurses, doctors, and attorneys, but he connects office personnel, billing, management, and front desk personnel to the companies where they are needed most. Brian said his goal, in the end, “is to find a qualified candidate to fulfill a critical job role.”

He understands how critical it is to be fully staffed when it comes to helping people, and he wants to make sure that the right connections are made in time to make a difference. This statement is especially true due to the high turnover rates within the industries of law and medicine.

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From Lime Crime To Poppy Angeloff: Doe Deere’s Plight To Success

Companies tend to come and go no matter the size of the business. The beauty industry has been on fire over the past decade, and a lot of this intensity has come from a company named Lime Crime. This particular company produced some of the most radiating colors for its makeup products. These products included foundation, lipstick, lip topper, lip gloss, palettes and more. Lime Crime was cruelty-free as well as paraben-free. Doe Deere was the creator of this phenomenal brand, but she has ventured into new territories. Jewelry is another popular industry that’s filled with a boat-load of brands. Of course, this is the route that Doe Deere has chosen to tackle because this method has truly worked in the past.

“I guess you can say that I accidentally stumbled into the jewelry business,” said Deere. In other words, serendipity has played a key role in the foundation of her new company. This particular company is based on vintage jewelry. Yes, this is 100 percent correct, and Deere’s family has plenty of heirlooms. These heirlooms have sparked a sense of ambition for Deere. Her sister has been planting seeds of encouragement for starting a new business. Poppy Angeloff is looking to pickup where Lime Crime has left off. Deere and her husband sold the beauty brand recently, but they’re still fractionally involved with the beauty brand to some degree. All eyes are on Poppy Angeloff as of 2019. Deere is looking to expand this line of classical jewelry so that it can become a huge success.

“I have put in a ton of research, and I’ve done a lot of studying in terms of this industry,” said Deere. Poppy Angeloff is looking to mimic the success of Lime Crime by utilizing the brightest of hues, which has been a recipe for success.

Wes Edens : Progression Through Innovation

Wes Edens is today considered to be one of the most respected and accomplished businessmen in the world. His success as at the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has allowed Wes Edens to provide thousands of jobs to communities, in addition, Wes Eden’s various philanthropic efforts have made him today a person to be revered.

Wes Eden’s success in building Fortress Investment Group from a boutique private equity firm to global leader in asset management that now grosses over 42 billion dollars is nothing short but incredible. Within his years with the company, Wes has assisted in the requirements of various companies in leading fields such as energy and infrastructure, real estate and healthcare.

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One project in particular that captured the attention of the country was the funding of the bright line railway. The financing, managed by Wes Edens is the first privately funded and operated city passenger railway system in the United States. The railway, which spans from Miami to West Palm Beach is the first of its kind seen in the country in over a hundred years.

Recently. Wes announced the creation of Fortress Energy, a company seeking to provide modern infrastructure solutions in order to obtain cleaner energy and while generating growth within the community. The beginnings of Fortress Energy was first developed by Wes Edens when he wanted his newly acquired company East Coast Rail into running on a cleaner system.

Fortress Energy first sought after to provide Jamaica with their first ever LNG. Since then the company with Wes spearheading the company has seen an explosion across the globe. Another very successful venture of Wes is his recent purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks, as a partial owner of the team since 2014 there has been a dramatic increase in the revenue that the organization has seen since his arrival.

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Information On Agera Energy

Agera Energy is based in the United States, and they have majorly concentrated on the part of the food to give guidance to clients. The path that they have taken relates to decision making of the clients on the issues of energy. Agera Energy has given guideline in terms of kilowatt-hour and therms. Additionally, they have set themselves in a position that allows clients to choose for themselves. The reason why Agera Energy have determined this is because the market that they have entered is competitive and it has a lot of clients

The main factor that makes this occupy the better position is that energy is the critical thing to all homeowners and any business. Additionally, the research as per the records of the Agera Energy indicates that clients in the market are underserved. The position that Agera Energy have taken is to deliver right information to the clients.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers: Promoting Psychological Health

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have become one of the top places to go for people who are experiencing psychological issues. The company has been operating for more than a decade, and the treatment options that they introduced helped treat those who have depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other psychological condition. People who are stressed out and having difficulty sleeping have also set up an appointment with the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers to have their minds checked. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has a special computer inside their clinics that will be used to scan what’s inside the patient’s head. Through studying the patterns produced by the brain, doctors who are staying with the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers could find out what type of approach is the best for the person diagnosed with the disorder. People who have psychological disorders would strictly obey what Neurocore Brain Performance Centers tells them to do, and right after their session, patients would notice a drastic change towards their mood and the way they feel. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is also the primary company that offers testing services to those who are trying to enter the world of sports. Teams are required to undergo psychological testing to find out if they can play under pressure, and the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers would provide the result to the sports team manager for them to decide. Athletes who have undergone the services offered by the Neurocore stated that they instantly felt relief right after the session began. Those who are having problems with depression are being provided with a different type of treatment, and this treatment would ensure that the brain would function normally in a game without overthinking. Another thing that the people enjoyed with the experience offered by the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers would be the traveling of a small shock into the brain to enhance it and make it more productive.


L’Oreal’s Art of Beauty and Fashion Accessibility with Nicholas Krafft

Nicholas Krafft is L’Oreal’s vice president in charge of the Global Business Development. He has worked in L’Oreal since the year 2014 and has served various roles including being a general manager. He went to the University of St. Gallen where he studied business management. Also, he had an interest in fashion and beauty which landed him in the Industry. His Inspiration to beauty and fashion came during his study in France and has been pursuing it in combination with his entrepreneurship skills. Being in charge of global business in the company, his responsibility is to ensure that beauty and fashion reach people all over the world in a simple and accessible way.

Nicholas Krafft got the opportunity to do his work of globalizing company products during the fashion week held at L’Oreal Paris last year on 30th of September on the Seine. This was the second of the L’Oreal’s fashion and beauty shows that are held yearly. It is in such shows that the company can air the new looks of the season and a way in which the whole world can access beauty and fashion easily.

Under the leadership of Nicholas Krafft, the firm ensured that the event was completely publicized so as to get everyone watching. He devoted himself by making early preparations including the setting up of the place. Huge screens were put up so that people passing and tourists in the place could view the whole event. There was also drones that filmed the event and broadcasting in more than 30 countries worldwide. Delegates in the fashion and beauty industry also attended the show.

Nicholas Krafft and his team had the company artists design 70 new makeup and hairstyles that were uniquely made for the event. They also had models for 13 brands of fashion who paraded the newest collections and jewelry from the event’s partner Chopard. The event that lasted more than eight days was all by the effort of the ethical employees led by Nicholas Krafft who will surely cross the limits to ensure globalization of the brand.

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The Growth of Agera Energy into A Multi-Location Firm

Agera Energy is a New York-based natural gas supplier and electricity supplier. Since 2014 when the company was established, Agera Energy has acquired several retail energy supply companies and has expanded its services beyond New York. Agera runs multiple locations and serves homes and businesses all over the United States.

The growth of Agera Energy

Agera Energy says that buying a single large retail energy supply company. Through this company, Agera was able to serve its very first clients. The quality of the services provided by Agera including the best customer service led to the acquisition of numerous clients.

The most attractive feature about Agera energy is the cheap rates that it offers to clients. Despite the energy industry being crowded and very competitive, the one thing that most companies have failed to offer is cost effective energy solutions. This is what Agera Offers. Also, Agera Energy also provides its clients with efficiency services.