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Stratford Shields: The Financial Guru of the 21st century

With over 20 years of experience, Stratford Shields has made a name for himself as one of the best financial experts in Chicago. Prior to working as the managing director for Loop Capital Markets, Stratford worked as the deputy director of the Ohio office of management and Budget. While most people attribute his success to his Ohio office, what they don’t understand is that Loop Capital Markets ideas started while he worked as the head of finance for Morgan Stanley. It is during a meeting with the then CFO for Ohio State University that they had a conversation on privatization. Though the initial thought was to privatize the school’s parking lot, the idea grew in Stratford and ultimately giving birth to Loop Capital Markets.

As the managing director, Stratford has a strict routine which involves arriving in the office earlier than anyone else. It is during this time that he starts strategizing on ways to benefit his clients by coming up with new innovative ideas that will benefit each client depending on their investment interests.

To keep up with changing trends, Stratford is an avid reader. He loves reading materials that detail current trends. To him, he wouldn’t be productive or creative if he didn’t keep up with current information that affects the globe. This simple feature has endeared him among his clients.

Stratford Shields has always steered clear of naysayers and pessimist. This has enhanced his ability to think outside the box. To him, there is more than one way to skin a cat. While one way may give the desired results, there is a host of other ways to also provide the same result. Lastly, he advices the younger generation to understand that in life, failures will always come, but the most important thing is to get up and continue going.

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How Chris Burch Reinvented a 1608 Hôtel Particulier

Chris Burch, a successful entrepreneur in the United States, always wanted a home with a garden in Paris. It’s something that he long imagined and carried to fruition. Not only did he achieve his goal, he worked with a friend, Marco Scarani, to reinvent a 1608 hôtel particulier. Marco solicited the help of his partner Jamie Creel.

The acquisition of the property came about when Burch joined Scarani and Creel on a day trip to a cobblestoned village in Paris called Senlis, located just outside the city. They took this trip after learning that the property was for sale. Although Scarani and Creel found the home too large and too much work to even consider revamping, Chris Burch knew it would serve as a place where he spent valuable time with his six children.

The house is 10,000 square feet within a gated wall from the 17th century. Although inconsistent renovations had been completed in decades past, there was a lot that still needed to happen. Burch’s renovations consisted of extensive work on the interior that took about three years. Some of the restoration work was completed with the help of Michel Pinet, a French architect and decorator.

The home has nine bathrooms and also contains two kitchens. One of the most spectacular elements of the home is a scenic panoramic of Captain Cook voyages. Pinet redesigned the columns and moldings in the dining room. Instead of the formality that’s common of French décor, Burch opted for a more relaxed atmosphere throughout the home.

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A Brief Biography of Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the serving Chief Executive Officer at JetSmarter. A look at the professional background of Petrossov reveals that he is a high-achieving professional thanks to his numerous achievements. The 30 Under 30 list by Forbes Magazine features outstanding professionals in various industries under the age of 30. Sergey Petrossov is one of the business personalities that made it to this years’ Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology.

Petrossov’s recent recognition by Forbes Magazine list of successful and budding business professionals under the age of thirty serves as a testament to his promising future in the space of consumer technology. Other than Forbes Magazine, Petrossov has earned recognition from various recognized and reputable institutions such as South Florida’s Top Working Professional. Sergey Petrossov’s recognition by several key players in the consumer technology space shows that Petrossov is one of the few industry professionals who continuously seek better ways of bringing their innovations to life.

Before his career at JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov had an illustrious career in the technology space. Petrossov’s success in the tech industry can be seen in the success of two firms he had co-founded. One of the firms Petrossov had co-founded had a chat system for serving online clients (website customers) while the other firm had created software for aiding communication in institutions of higher education that had Russian as the native language.

Other than serving as an executive, Sergey Petrossov’s expertise and work experience allowed him to serve as a counsel and senior trusted advisor of one of Florida’s largest operators of in-demand private Gulfstream jets.

Like many people who have had the chance of flying in a private plane, Petrossov’s underwhelming experience inspired him to revolutionize the charter of private jets. Thanks to the unprecedented growth in mobile technology, Sergey Petrossov capitalized in the booming technology to digitize and modernize the process of private jet charter.

Todd Levine Demonstrates the Qualities of a Successful Lawyer

A lawyer is someone who can read, understand, and convert the meaning of the law into something an everyday person can understand. They are individuals who represent the client in a court of law, and bring out a more positive outcome than where the case started. Todd Levine is a lawyer in the Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. firm based in Florida. They are a team of individuals who work closely with business and private individuals on their litigation cases. Todd Levine has recently spoken out about what makes a good lawyer in the modern world.

Todd Levine is an individual whose personal hobbies directly contribute to his job success. The first step into the law industry came in 1988 upon graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance. He took the next step almost imminently by attending the Florida Levin College of Law. At the end of 1991, he had completed the law program. He was thrown into the world litigation nearly upon leaving school. Todd Levine took on a major case where he had to significantly alter the case for the benefit of a client. He ended up on the successful end of the spectrum, and thus cemented his role in this niche approach. The Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. law firm was soon created and booming.

The daily life of a lawyer can take you places you never thought possible. Todd Levine frequently spends his days driving around the state to meet various clients. However, there are times when he is stuck int eh courtroom to win a case for the client. Outside of work, Todd Levine uses his creative mind in other areas. He is a music writer, and often reads about new things. He believes that knowledge is truly power in this industry.

Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. is a law firm that puts an emphasis on consumer satisfaction. Winning cases is important, but truly understanding the client ensures. Todd Levine spends each day working on and refining his approach to solving whatever litigation case appear.

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Article Title: Top Agera Energy Values

Some states in America do not have the choice to improve their gas and electricity energy conditions. But for those that do, companies like Agera Energy Company contribute to keep the decision simple.

There exist several ways Agera Energy uses to meet their customer expectations. Some of them are efficient LED replacement which manages to reduce unnecessary electricity costs.

However, Agera Energy has been more focused on clean energy technologies lately. The team believes providing these components to their clients can substantially enhance their business buildings and residential properties while following ecological purposes.

The combination of all Agera Energy’s creative and efficient solutions makes them be viewed as a responsible brand that is committed to create a better future as a potential leader in their industry.

From water heaters to LED lighting and renewable energy technologies, Agera Energy is convinced they can make a positive impact in people lives while caring about the environment.

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OSI Industries and Its Extension to Over 65 Facilities Internationally

The food sector is sensitive in that it involves direct concern of health and thus the reason behind the tough path towards being a well-known supplier of food. However, some stand out and walk the journey successfully to be among the best. OSI Industries’ growth has transformed it into the category of the biggest value-added suppliers of food globally. Currently, the firm operates over sixty-five facilities having employed employees exceeding twenty thousand. It is classified to be among the largest firms privately across the United States. The resources of the company offer a business partnership to food-related sectors linked with unparalleled strength, global reputation, and responsiveness.

Founded in 1909, OSI Industries’ start was in the form of a small market for meat within the Oak Park, Illinois. Even though the firm has preserved the connection to the beginning by remaining headquartered within the state of its establishment, there are more to add to its exciting story. Otto Kolschowsky is the founder that recently settled in the United States have originated from Germany. By 1928, the firm was already named Otto, $ Sons. After that, the firm kept establishing an excellent reputation within the local society through the provision of the best quality meats across the region. Eventually, they started expanding beyond the local area before making a meaningful partnership with the early history of the firm.

In the same year, an entrepreneur situated in Illinois attained the franchising rights by opening a chain of the burger restaurants based on the model connected to two Irish brothers. 1973 marks the year in which Otto & Sons had set its first meat plant set to process a variety of products. Situated in West-Chicago, specially set machines were used in shaping the meat patties including the tunnels set for the cold liquids through liquid nitrogen. After two years, the name of the company had been transformed into OSI Industries. 1990 witnessed several partnerships that led to the enormous growth across the nation and the globe. GenOSI refers to its collaboration with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation. The objective behind the partnership was behind processing and shipping foods across the Philippines. OSI Industries set another wing of the headquarters at Aurora and called it the Culinary Center of Innovation.

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Louis Chenevert- Highly Experienced Personality in Leadership and Management and Execlusive Advisor in Goldman Sachs

Louis Chenevert mostly referred to as Louis R. Chenevert is an American from Farmington in Connecticut. He is mostly found in the north eastern side of us in the east coast new England. Louis Chenevert is the Exclusive advisor in Goldman Sachs. He is also the chief executive officer and the chairman of the united technologies corporation. As the chief executive officer, he was elected in the year two thousand and eight April while as the chairman he was elected in the year two thousand and ten. He began his commitment in united technologies corporation in the year two thousand and six march. Louis Chenevert is a post graduate in the university of Montreal where he pursed his course of bachelor of arts in production management.

Before Louis Chenevert began working in united technologies, he was there before the president in Pratt and Whitney company since the year nineteen ninety-nine April to march two thousand and six. Prior to that also, Louis Chenevert worked in general motors as the production general manager that was St. Therese operation.

Among the position that Louis Chenevert holds currently, is being the member of committee’s executives in business roundtable where he manages as the chairman in the fiscal and tax policy department. Similarly, he is a member of the committee in business council and US-India CEO forum. Thirdly, he works in Cargill as among the board of directors. This is the congregation medal honor foundation. Also in Yale Cancer Center, he works as the chairman.

Back in the year two thousand and five, Louis Chenevert was elected as a partner of AIAA which is the American institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics. Louis Chenevert is the chairman of Montreal’s international board of advisors and has also the seat of the chairman in friends HEC Montreal of the board of directors.

It’s through the high experience that Louis Chenevert has been through that he has been able to play his role in different companies he works in. Similarly, her earned education has helped in implementation of the expected skills in the business world.

Seasoned Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie Transforms Entrepreneurship Through C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India in 1978. He grew up in the city with his brother and parents. His diligence earned him a place at Boston University where he went to study International Business and Marketing. After college, he gained experience interning at JP Morgan. His experience gave him an upper hand in his recruitment at C&C Alpha Group in London.

World at C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie teamed up with his friends to form C&C Alpha Group. The company is a private investment firm that offers investment advice to clients on various matters. He rose to the role of Executive Director in 2001 and still maintains that role to date. Some of the investments that CCAG has amassed over the years are care homes in the United Kingdom and luxury spa hotels in Mauritius and India. Apart from his business interests, he is also a firm believer in assisting the less fortunate in society by donating to charity.

Bhanu Choudhrie firmly believes in teamwork. As such, he collaborates with other leaders at the company is steering C&C Alpha Group in becoming a formidable investment company. Their central role is offering consulting and investment advice to venture capital investors. Bhanu and his partners are involved in sourcing and identifying new deals for emerging markets that provide positive returns. Additionally, CCAG also prides itself in being on the forefront in promoting agriculture, healthcare, aviation, and hospitality. Visit about Bhanu Choudhrie

Further Studies at Harvard Business School

Education is a crucial ingredient to success. Bhanu Choudhrie believes in this age-old adage and also reiterates that education is a continuous process. Therefore, he enrolled at the Harvard Business School in the Owners and President Management Program. The skills he acquired at the program played a crucial role in his service at Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. as the director. He accepted working as the company’s director in 2018 shortly after they had raised their IPO.


Bhanu Choudhrie’s work was recognized in 2008 at the Asian Voice Political Awards. His dedication to his work earned him an accolade as the Entrepreneur of the Year. He says that the award reinforced the fact that you can find an opportunity in a foreign country and still emerge successfully.

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The Spectacular Growth of OSI Food Solutions

Many factors influence the growth of a corporation. For starters, there is the presence of quality products and services which means there will be a higher client retention rate. Additionally, there is good leadership. Since OSI Food Solutions is the specific company under the limelight, it is good to note that the company has been under the guidance of visionary individuals. For starters, there was Otto Kolschowsky. He was not only a visionary, but he was also passionate and determined to succeed in all his ventures.

An Overview of OSI Food Solutions

The food processing company usually deals with meat products. At the moment, the company has offered employment to over 20,000 people in more than 17 countries. To make sure that they have met the needs of its clients, OSI Food Solutions has established 65 facilities internationally. The company is also listed as a privately owned corporation. There are also other food processing firms that have gained a lot from the resources present at OSI. The firm is also very responsive, and they have also attained an excellent reputation worldwide.

Although OSI Food Solutions has been ranked as a leading corporation internationally, the corporation was once a butchery situated in Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky was the man who established the butcher shop. Despite not knowing that his business would turn into a multinational entity, he forged on, and he even began to work closely with his sons in the meat business. While working with Arthur and Harry, his two sons, Kolschowsky changed the name of the company to Otto & Sons.

The business was growing tremendously since they were offering quality meat to their clients. After forming a symbiotic business relationship with McDonald’s, the company would make more money since they were supplying more meat products. Since Otto & Sons was determined to maintain the working relationship with McDonald’s, they started utilizing other forms of technology including cryogenic freezing. The nitrogen would ensure that the meat was frozen during the transport process. As a result, OSI Food Solutions was always able to deliver quality meat products that were also fresh despite the long distance from the food processing plants.

Betsy DeVos Never Stops

Betsy DeVos is a bona fide American heroine, and people the world over are more than aware of that. What are the things that make her a heroine, anyway? There are an abundance of truthful responses to that. She epitomizes all sorts of characteristics and traits that are commonplace in heroines. She’s the kind of person who behaves in a selfless manner at all times. She’s the kind of person who consistently puts other people first, too. There are so many individuals out there who can confirm that as well. DeVos’ husband is just one prominent example. Dick DeVos is a businessman who can back all of the things that make Betsy so exceptional nowadays.


President Donald Trump is in no way unfamiliar with DeVos’ incredible traits. He chose her to work for the administration with good reason. He had witnessed in the past just how motivated a person she is. She’s motivated in politics, philanthropy and charity. She’s a motivated family woman as well. She’s been 100 percent devoted to Dick and to their union for decades. She’s been equally devoted to her children who are now adults. This is something that’s priceless in this day and age.


Betsy DeVos never lounges around without a care in the world. She realizes that time on this planet is brief for all human beings. That’s the reason she chooses to use her time wisely day in and day out. Being bored just isn’t a concept that’s part of her brain. She’s perpetually thinking about the educational system in the United States and all of the things she can try in order to strengthen it. Educational choice is undoubtedly among her preferred topics. Other preferred subjects for DeVos are charter schools and educational vouchers. Dick has a penchant for discussing both of these things as well. They’re not people who simply sit around talking about things, though. They’re people who like to take genuine action. They lobby against things that they believe are detrimental in society. They even set up not-for-profit organizations that can promote things that mean a lot to them in this world. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been a strong force in the United States since way back in the eighties.


DeVos has a rock-solid working relationship with the American president. The two individuals interact in a manner that works consistently. If they have thoughts that vary, they accept it without complaints. DeVos has always been a person who has placed a lot of emphasis onto tranquility. The people who are around her a lot identify that. She’s never going to be the type of person who creates a fuss out of nothing. She works hard on being serene all of the time.


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