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Envoy Adopts OneLogin SCIM User Provisioning Integration

Envoy is a San Francisco company specializing in visitor registration. Envoy helps customers from multiple industries manage millions of identities around the world. Envoy’s products allow employees and visitors to sign in, create id badges, and manage on- and off-boarding of people, all through an iPad.

Recently, Envoy worked with cloud-based identity and access management provider OneLogin to integrate SCIM user provisioning, eliminating a lot of the redundant activities IT specialists have had to deal with in the past, like multiple people entering, removing, and changing user data across multiple applications, one at a time. The new integration allows your people to make changes to individual user accounts that automatically update to all linked and authorized applications, helping to manage access and identities instantly across entire networks.

SCIM stands for System for Cross-domain Identity Management. Integrating SCIM accelerates adoption of new enabled applications by synchronizing user attributes seamlessly and automatically. Changes to users data are updated automatically across all enabled applications.

Visitors can also more easily connect with employees, since non-existent employees will be removed from your entire system, eliminating dead ends.

Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy says, “With this integration, any changes you make to your directory are automatically sent to Envoy. This saves time and improves overall office security by ensuring that only current employees can be selected as a host when visitors sign in.”

Envoy views SCIM as a new standard to be adopted. SCIM provides a format for more accurate and constantly-up-to-date user data that allows employers to make educated decisions, helping their companies grow and become more productive, as well as more secure.

OneLogin supports developers wishing to enable SCIM, and have seen a significant increase in SaaS vendor traffic seeking to integrate SCIM in new apps.

Wells recalled the experience of working with OneLogin, saying, “OneLogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support made it very straightforward to integrate with Envoy. We’re always excited to work with partners who share our vision of creating effortless workplace experiences, and OneLogin perfectly fits that mold. We look forward to continued growth together!”

Talkspace Brings Therapy to the App World

Talkspace has become the app that people are utilizing because it gives them a helpful way to sort out their problems without going to an office to see a therapist. This has always been something that people have been on the fence about, and this issue still exists today. Many people feel a certain type of stigma that is attached to seeing a therapist. Some of these same people also are looking at the stigma that comes along with things like depression. They may have an issue with going to a therapist, and they may also have issues with dealing with the possibility being depressed. That may be the main reason that an app like Talkspace can exist successfully. So many people utilize this app because it allows them to text with the therapist and discuss their problems.

Sometimes the issue can be with the person that you are breaking away from. There are times when it may be a divorce from a sociopath and you have to cope with how you are breaking ties with someone that may have become so co-dependent. On the opposite end, you may be the person that has become co-dependent on someone else that is getting a divorce from you. These are also people that can benefit from therapy.

Alicia Winkle knows all too well that people can go through problems like this and have a really tough time coping with daily activities. A person that does not get the help that they need on these issues may find it difficult to even get out of the bed in the mornings. This is why I Alicia Winkle does the work that she does through Talkspace. She wants to help those people that have become saddened by the events that are unfolding in their lives.

Sheldon Lavin’s Success In The Food Industry

Running a successful business requires undying dedication and a high level of professionalism. A profitable company requires a strong leader who has the ability to bring his team members together and guide them towards a specific goal. Leaders should put even more efforts in enhancing the success of international companies. Management of global companies includes complex processes and varying factors like government regulations, tastes and preferences, and talent pool. An organization requires highly dedicated team members with vast experience in navigating these processes. Sheldon Lavin is one of the leaders who have demonstrated high level of professionalism while conducting their duties. Sheldon is the owner and CEO of OSI Group, a global food company that supplies meat products and other items to leading retail and food service companies.

Sheldon Lavin’s work at OSI is celebrated due to the transformation he has brought in the company since he acquired full control. He has grown OSI Group from a local hamburger supplier to a leading brand in the global food market. Presently, OSI Group and its subsidiaries operate in North America, Europe, Brazil, China, Australia, Philippines, Japan, India and South Africa. The brand has a workforce of over 20,000 employees. The family-oriented culture that Sheldon has cultivated at the company has played an instrumental role in enhancing employee retention. OSI Group has more than 55 factories across 16 countries across the globe. The company ranks as the world’s largest supplier of protein products to McDonald’s. Sheldon focuses on growing and expanding the brand to new markets.

Sheldon Lavin started his career by working in the financial industry. However, he has achieved overwhelming success in the food industry. His involvement in the food industry began in 1970 when he arranged funding for Otto & Sons, the predecessor company of OSI Group. Otto & Sons supplied hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation in the Midwest. Sheldon became a partner with the two sons after the father retired. He assumed full ownership of the company after the two sons sold out their shareholdings. Since then, Lavin has ensured that OSI Group grows with its major client, McDonald’s. Sheldon participates in various charities in the community. He is a trustee for Ronald McDonald House of Charities, a board member at Goodman Theatre and Rush University Medical Center, and president and director at The Sheba Foundation. Lavin has supported numerous organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago and The Multiple Sclerosis Society. Notably, the executive has received numerous awards for his professionalism and engagement in philanthropic activities.

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How Anthony Petrello is Contributing to the Success of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is among the highest paid and compensated CEOs in the U.S. He is an executive officer and board chair of an oil and gas company known as Nabors Industries. Petrello’s success can be attributed to his several years of hardwork and ambition.

Education and work experience

As an alumnus of Yale University student, Petrello scored good grades in mathematics. He was enrolled in the university’s bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics programs. His college professors advised him to pursue a career that is related to mathematics, but his dream was to venture into law. Anthony Petrello decided to enroll in Harvard Law and later earned a Juris Doctorate in law.

Petrello debuted his law career at Baker & McKenzie working as an associate. At the firm, he specialized in general corporate law, international arbitration and taxation. He managed to help Baker & McKenzie close deals and was promoted to managing partner. He resigned from the lucrative job and decided to accept a top-notch opportunity at Nabors Industries. He was officially elected as the firm’s COO and president back in 1991.

Besides Nabors Industries, Petrello has other executive duties that he carries out. For instance, he is an executive director of two companies known as Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. As a board member of the trustees’ board of the famed Texas Children’s Hospital, Petrello usually advocates for kids ailing from neurological disorders. Hos advocacy is aimed at improving the facility’s research and clinical programs.

CEO role at Nabors Industries

Since 2012, Nabors Industries has been benefiting from Petrello’s CEO and board chair roles. His role at the reputable company entails providing strategic planning advice with a goal of enabling the firm to be productive in the competitive oil and gas industry.

Nabors Industries established a name for itself in the energy industry due to its commitment to excellence. The firm is also known for its sustainable exploration and exploitation operations on oil fields. It is safe to say that Nabors Industries managed to rank highly in the energy thanks to the efforts of Anthony Petrello and members of its professional team.

As an executive officer of a publicly-traded company, NYSE: NBR, helping a business venture maintain its top position is Petrello’s ultimate goal. Nabors is classified as a venture with one of the world’s largest offshore drilling rig fleet. Nabors also serves companies and individuals with directional drilling services, innovative solutions and performance tools.

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David Giertz’s Discussion On How To Come Up With A Solid Retirement Plan

Are you prepared for life after retirement? Most people would answer this with a ‘NO’ or will be unsure of where they stand. David Giertz talks about the meaningful retirement plans and strategies that one can use to ensure that he or she continues to enjoy his present lifestyle even after retirement.

Securing a financially stable retirement life depends on how early one starts savings. This is because the earlier one starts, the better the returns. However, planning for early retirement can be tricky. This is because it is quite difficult to estimate exactly how much one will need and save for it. However, due to inflation, you may need more money in your retirement life than you are actually earning.

It is important to increase the number of people opting for investments instead of saving for retirement. According to Giertz, this approach needs one to research extensively. Factors like when, where, and how one invests will directly affect the money available to them during their retirement life. It is beneficial to consult widely before committing your hard-earned cash in any investment.

On saving, the rule of the thumb is to save six times your annual income by age 50 and 10 times by age 60. Moreover, early retirement at 55 requires you to save up to 33 times your annual salary while retiring at 65 requires you to save just over 13 times your annual salary. One can work the figures backward to see how much he or she needs to save per month.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a renowned financial expert with vast experience in retirement plans and savings. Over the years, he has been providing investment advisory services to individuals and companies across the United States. Notably, he is Nationwide Financial’s president in charge of sales and distribution.

The transformative leader is a certified industry arbiter with FINRA and a certified business coach with WABC. David is an alumnus of Millikin University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. In addition, David holds an MBA from the renowned University of Miami.

Dr. Edward Honig; Dedicated to Prolonging Lives in New York City

Dr. Edward Honig is an illustrious NYC-based cardiologist, a discipline focusing on heart treatment and other things related to the same. Dr. Honig operates from Glen Clove in NYC where he exercises his duty to humanity. He has been serving in internal medicine, and he has earned several plaudits in reward to his excellent performance. For people who know Dr. Edward, they can attest to his unmatched operational standards, which have continually put him in the limelight. The American Board of Internal Medicine bestowed on him a highly-coveted certification as proof of recognition of Edward Honig’s selfless devotion to the discipline of cardiology. What mostly fuels his already distinguished reputation is the many successful surgeries that in return win him a positive feedback from his patients.

An Overview of the Services Offered by Cardiologists in New York

First, a cardiologist assesses a patient’s health as they also review their medical history. Before getting conclusive results, these specialists also perform a physical test where they obtain vital symptoms on the lungs, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, blood vessels, and the heart. A rigorous examination forms the basis for their report, where they may even detect a potential problem. Upon finding out what the issue is, these heart doctors discuss those findings with their patients before formulating an efficient treatment plan. At this point, the patient gets counseled as they are also allowed to ask any questions relating to their cardiovascular issues. In case of surgery, a cardiovascular surgeon comes into the picture for effective treatment.

Practices Making Heart Diseases Common

According to Dr. Edward Hogin, some of the practices leading to heart diseases and strokes include leading high-stress lives, untreated oral cavities, and blocked arteries that come out of genetic predisposition or even poor nutrition. Edward among other cardiologists advises people to avoid high-stress lifestyles because the body releases hormones, which even though they are useful, should not be released due to pressure from job, finances, or the everyday problems. When a body maintains an overdrive mode, the blood pumps more furiously, and this could eventually overwork the body. Again on clogged arteries, the issue comes about when one feeds on a lot of saturated fats such that they concentrate too much and clog the arteries and veins.

Niceties About Disorders Falling in the Realm of Cardiology

Some of the essentials you will learn from Dr. Edward Hogin include the causes of coronary artery diseases and congenital flaws. As it is, one should always avoid habits that could lead to these conditions especially because their remedy is surgery. Coronary artery disorders come about when plaque accumulates on the interior walls of your arteries. Such a scenario prevents sufficient nutrients and blood from accessing the arteries. The ailment is likely to cause heart attack although its symptoms are quite conspicuous and could be corrected early. The congenital disabilities, on the other hand, disturb the muscle’s pace by affecting blood flow. In most cases, congenital flaws are not detected and that is why you should consider frequenting a cardiologist.

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The Remarkable Life of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, sports person, father, and philanthropist. He grew up with only his mother and the challenges they were facing motivated him to work even harder. He grew up with a winning spirit always striving to do well in everything he was involved in. This was evident in his high school sporting career where he played both basketball and baseball. He was good at both sports and won several awards to show that. During his time at the University of Dallas, from where he obtained his Business degree, he was an outstanding basketball player.

Logan’s love for the game and helping people has led to him developing two outstanding organizations which are IDLife and the Dallas Patriots. He established Dallas Patriots with the aim of providing young baseball enthusiasts an opportunity and ground in which they could grow and nature their skills in baseball. With his experience of playing and coaching baseball in the World Series, he has managed to develop Dallas Patriots to becoming one of the largest basketball organizations in the world.

Being a sportsman, Logan struggled with finding the best nutrition and supplements that worked for him. The clinics he went to for advice gave him products to use without actually giving him proper instructions. This made him develop IDLife which is a company that gives its members personalized nutrients according to their bodies. Each member is guaranteed of a program customized for them after they have been properly examined.

Logan is also a family man. Currently, he is based in Texas where he lives with his wife and two sons. His only other family is his mother and brother. Logan enjoys interacting with people and sharing with them so that he can find help for them if they need it. He has several publications which he sends out to his readers. The publications consist of different topics from health matters to tips on how to become successful as a baseball player or coach. Logan’s goal in life is to bring out the best in those who have potential and the will to grow. He has various programs in which he supports different groups of people and helping them grow.

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AI and the Evolution of A/B Testing

It is fascinating what computers will do next! When the World Wide Web was fresh it was amazing at what computers could do. From research to commerce it seemed do everything! What was even more fascinating, however, is what it couldn’t accomplish. Even with all their power computers still needed extensive human input, from web design to keywords. But advances in AI technology are automating many of these processes, and the illusion that your computer is diligently doing the work itself may soon become the veritable truth. We’re going to focus today on what many of us consider a basic process, designing WebPages.

Web-based commerce is big business these days . Companies specializing in online gaming, newspapers, and other services generate considerable income. But while advertising revenues and micro transactions are often what we talk about in e-commerce, instead we are going to focus on something simple. What does a website have to do to draw customers to buy?

This is where “A/B Testing” comes in. It tests the rate of “conversion” of a customer visiting their site to one later making a purchase. Tests are designed to determine if a change in a website, such as with font or organization, will change the customer “conversion rate” negatively or positively. This testing may now become automatic.

Jeremy Miller, director of marketing at veteran AI developer Sentient, has this to say about his company’s program.

“The marketers can give the AI all of their ideas, and then based on the traffic that comes to their site, it starts to understand which ideas increase conversions better. The ones that increase conversions better get to live on and the ones that do not convert better get pruned away and do not get to live on.”

In short the AI does a variety of pre-determined varieties of A/B Testing all on its own.

“With evolutionary algorithms, it mimics the process of evolution. It takes all of those ideas and does continuous optimization,” Says Miller.

It may just be one step forward, but a future computer run internet may be soon on the horizon.

Drew Madden’s Extensive Experience In Healthcare IT

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT entrepreneur with a passion for building attractive and unique company culture, high caliber teams, and trusted partnerships. Between 2011 and 2016, he served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, one of the largest Epic Consulting companies in the world. During Madden’s term in office, the company was able to receive several KLAS for its consulting excellence that included the first ranking in 2012 and 2014 for outstanding implementation services. Drew has vast experience on Electric Medical Records (EMR). The executive has spent more than 10 years in collaborating with the brightest and the best professionals in the industry to optimize, implement, and handle complex issues associated with EMR projects.

Before joining Nordic Consulting, Drew worked for Cerner Corporation where he implemented inpatient clinical solutions for more than four years. He also worked for Healthia Consulting from 2015 before Ingenix Consulting acquired it in 2007. While at Healthia Consulting, Drew focused on implementation roles before assuming a business development position. As the president of Nordic Consulting, he was responsible for business development, client relationships, and recruitment. During Drew’s tenure, Nordic Consulting grew from a workforce of 10 to 725 employees and three to 150 client partners.

After leaving Nordic Consulting, Drew co-founded the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a renowned consulting firm that offers IT expertise to its partners across the country. They focus on providing advisory services and implementation of specialized healthcare technology and multiple EHR platforms. With decades of experience, the partners seek to spend extra time on finding ideal opportunities that are based on goals, skill sets, and preferences to create a foundation for an established partnership. As part of its continued effort to offer innovative solutions to its healthcare partners, the company has launched the Talent Management Solutions.

Drew Madden and his colleagues are seeking to offer innovative solutions that enable clients to recruit, develop and retain the best IT resources and set up dynamic, high-performing teams that can address the biggest challenges facing healthcare IT firms. Adding Talent Management Solutions to their offing allows them to further help their client partners to focus on their long-term objectives. Drew Madden graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering from the College of Engineering of Iowa University. He specialized in medical systems.

Omar Yunes Entrepreneur with a Passion for Restaurant Business

There are hundreds of entrepreneurs in Mexico, but in the food and restaurant business, Omar Yunes has taken a clear lead, especially after winning the Best Franchisee in the World Competition. Omar Yunes has always been passionate about starting his restaurant and running it successfully, and thanks to his hard work and determination, he currently owns 13 Sushi Itto fast food restaurants. In the future, Omar Yunes has exciting plans to expand his business and add more franchise units in his portfolio. Omar Yunes says that there is a lot of potential in the Sushi Itto brand to continue to succeed in the fast food business as it offers healthy fast food, which is a new concept that is liked by the people these days.

Omar Yunes winning the Best Franchise in the World Competition didn’t come as a surprise to many individuals, especially the ones who already knew him. Omar Yunes even after so many years continues to supervise the daily functioning of all his restaurants carefully and takes the customers feedback and reviews very seriously. Thanks to the world of social media and internet, it has become very much possible to stay connected to the clients and know what they are talking about any particular business on the web. Omar Yunes ensures that the corrective measures are taken immediately to provide higher customer satisfaction to every customer that walks through the door of his restaurants. Omar Yunes easily beat hundreds of other participants from 34 countries that took part in the event. The organizers of the show also said that Omar Yunes was a clear winner among all the participants as he scored high in all the judging parameters. Click here to know more about him.

Omar Yunes started first Sushi Itto restaurant at the age of 21 and since then has continued his success journey without looking back. After winning the BFW Competition, he said at the stage while accepting the award that winning such a highly competitive event is only made possible due to the collective efforts made by his workforce consisting of 400 employees. His workforce is proud of the achievement of their boss and is happy that Omar Yunes shared the credit of his success to the employees.

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