Betsy DeVos Never Stops

Betsy DeVos is a bona fide American heroine, and people the world over are more than aware of that. What are the things that make her a heroine, anyway? There are an abundance of truthful responses to that. She epitomizes all sorts of characteristics and traits that are commonplace in heroines. She’s the kind of person who behaves in a selfless manner at all times. She’s the kind of person who consistently puts other people first, too. There are so many individuals out there who can confirm that as well. DeVos’ husband is just one prominent example. Dick DeVos is a businessman who can back all of the things that make Betsy so exceptional nowadays.


President Donald Trump is in no way unfamiliar with DeVos’ incredible traits. He chose her to work for the administration with good reason. He had witnessed in the past just how motivated a person she is. She’s motivated in politics, philanthropy and charity. She’s a motivated family woman as well. She’s been 100 percent devoted to Dick and to their union for decades. She’s been equally devoted to her children who are now adults. This is something that’s priceless in this day and age.


Betsy DeVos never lounges around without a care in the world. She realizes that time on this planet is brief for all human beings. That’s the reason she chooses to use her time wisely day in and day out. Being bored just isn’t a concept that’s part of her brain. She’s perpetually thinking about the educational system in the United States and all of the things she can try in order to strengthen it. Educational choice is undoubtedly among her preferred topics. Other preferred subjects for DeVos are charter schools and educational vouchers. Dick has a penchant for discussing both of these things as well. They’re not people who simply sit around talking about things, though. They’re people who like to take genuine action. They lobby against things that they believe are detrimental in society. They even set up not-for-profit organizations that can promote things that mean a lot to them in this world. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been a strong force in the United States since way back in the eighties.


DeVos has a rock-solid working relationship with the American president. The two individuals interact in a manner that works consistently. If they have thoughts that vary, they accept it without complaints. DeVos has always been a person who has placed a lot of emphasis onto tranquility. The people who are around her a lot identify that. She’s never going to be the type of person who creates a fuss out of nothing. She works hard on being serene all of the time.


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