Blake Mallen Shifts People’s Beliefs on What Should Be

Blake Mallen has a wise idea- Let’s shift the script and instead of living the way we’re told to live, live the way we’re meant to live.

The idea came nineteen years ago after a conversation with a friend of his. The friend asked Mallen why he did all the required things to go into law- from graduating college early with honors to interning at a District Attorney’s office if he wasn’t excited about it.

It was his response that took him by storm. He said, “It’s what I am supposed to do”. As soon as he said that, he began to take action to do what he felt was what he wanted to do and not somebody else’s ideal for him.

Blake Mallen had the idea started as a blog entitled Life Off the Script. It became popular because after stopping what was and beginning his true life, he and some friends started Vi, a number one health and fitness brand.

In addition to being Vi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Blake Mallen has helped co-found the #LivList as well. This company allows everyday people to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences through a service which allows them to turn their bucket lists into liv lists that they’ve already checked off or will soon.

When Blake Mallen recognized that millennials were starting to have their quarter-life crisis, he decided it was time to step up and start talking about this to the masses. In order to do this, he gave a TEDx speech where he talked about his life transformation since that moment when he was nineteen.

The masses listened. Out of seventeen hundred TEDx videos uploaded on YouTube on July 2018, his was the number one most watched video. After all, every generation needs someone one to believe and why not a Millennial Lifestyle Entrepreneur who took the status quo and flipped it on its side- rocking everyone’s ideas for what should be.

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