Boraie Development Set To Break Ground On Paulines Prairie

Almost half a decade after Pauline’s Prairie, a notable property in Atlantic city was cleared with the view of using it for redevelopment; a company decided to break ground and set its foundations for a real estate property that will transform this landscape into a beautiful one.

The company responsible for this is Boraie Development, a company that has been known for transforming the city of New Brunswick, taking it from its humble roots and building it into a cultural hub like no other. The company is set to build an apartment complex that is worth over $81 million and is aimed at attracting millennials who want the best of everything in the space that they are living in. The residential complex will be fully equipped with multiple open spaces, a gym, a garden, a clubhouse, a pool and several other wellness and leisure amenities. The complex will be home to 250 apartments, which will be provided semi-furnished to residents.

This is one of the first apartment complexes of its kind that is going to provide as many amenities as this one. Boraie Development is pulling out all the stops for this one and wants to indeed make it an amazing project. The project has been given the name ‘The Beach at South Inlet.’

The project has been incredibly well received by the community around this area. Moreover, people are now happy that Pauline’s Prairie is now being used to create something that can benefit the society in such a huge way. In addition to making use of this land, the apartment complex is going to be able to open up so many residential spaces for people who are already living in Atlantic City, and for those who are looking for a new place to come home from outside the state as well. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Omar Boraie is the primary person behind this project, and the one leading the charge at Boraie Development. Boraie first entered the field when he came to America from Egypt to attain his Ph.D. Back home, his family was already involved in the real estate business. Seeing the untapped potential of the city of New Brunswick, Boraie thought that this would be a brilliant real estate opportunity, leading to the first Boraie Development Projects. Since then, the company has been responsible for transforming the entire landscape around the city and has managed to make a difference in the lives of countless people living in the community there. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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