Cameron Clokie The Toronto Scientist Focusing On Regeneration

Stem therapy is one part of the medical industry that scientists are working hard to crack, which includes regenerative medicine. According to Doctor Cameron, regenerative medicine takes utilized cells, bio-materials, and molecules to fix structures that due to injury do not function well while in the body. This is why most scientists are trying to crack this quest. It bears benefits like increasing life expectancy and improvement against health-related diseases.

As much as many scientists are working on this, they are using most of their resources to come up with it. In turn, it will reduce the number of diseases substantially. It has been hard over the years with less progress, but the emergence of chip technology has breached the gap. Its primary objective is to change one type of cell to another and heal organs entirely, which is useful.

The regenerative medicine is being produced in less amount because for it to be produced in plenty, it requires a lot of funds. Roughly in every country, it lacks enough resources to meet its production costs, and the experts needed to produce it are very few. This has decreased its chances of succeeding in the medical industry.

From the Lancet report, it stated some of the aftermaths of cell therapy which leads to experienced therapy, transient and limited efficacy. It is beneficial for most people. Doctor  Cameron Clokie is working hand in hand with other scientists to reduce the costs of the regenerative medicine.

About Doctor Clokie

Doctor Clokie is an oral maxilla facial surgeon, scientist, and serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the Induce Biologics Inc, which focuses on producing medication solutions for skeletal muscle reconstruction. He loved being a dentist hence in 1998 he was named as the head of oral and maxilla-facial surgery. He was a professor at the University of Toronto where he focused on his area of specialty. He was part of other affiliations and is also a writer. He has published many papers and done tonnes of presentation on his work. Mr. Clokie creates a significant impact in the medical industry.

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