Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Sharing its Knowledge

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has released a statement announcing the merger with Allscripts and NantHealth to launch a wonderful and innovative tool known as eviti®. The tool is a repository of cancer treatment data, which the center hopes will illuminate the guesswork used by oncologists when treating cancer patients. With real time functionality, the tool will be invaluable in the fight against cancer. what’s more, the tool can be used to fast track patients insurance claims and approval by offering faster access to critical patient treatment information.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was established in 1988. With various location across the United States, they are easily accessible to all patients and families affected by cancer. The goal of the center is simple: To provide cancer patients with a tailor-made treatment plan specific to their unique form of cancer. Moreover, the centers believe in coordinated care, effectively they help you take care of every aspect of your life in order to eliminate the additional worries so you can focus on getting well. Furthermore, the Doctors believe in treating the whole person and not just cancer. Together with multi-disciplinary Doctors they formulate an individual full body plan. They do this on the basis of their belief that cancer affects the whole person and in turn, the whole person needs to be treated in order to fight off cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues support of their patients after they have left treatment and has a support page that offers many helpful tips and recipes for patients or anyone who wants to eat healthily. If you would like to learn more about the treatment centers or maybe need an idea for dinner then please follow the link here.

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