Cassio Audi’s Early Music Career

Cassio Audi’s early years were dedicated to the music industry. It is important to note that Audi was a founding member of the Viper Rock Band in 1985. During this time, Cassio specialized in playing the drums alongside his band mates Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Pit Passarell and Yves Passarel. Viper Roc Band was inspired by Iron Maiden and British heavy metal music.

First Album Release
Audi was an excellent drum player, and this was highlighted to the world through the band’s first demo album titled The Killer Sword. After this demonstration, there were a few adjustments done before the first release in 1987. The group produced great music with massive support from the Brazilians and Cassio used his talent on the music platform to establish good working relationships. Through his extraordinary musical talent, Viper Rock Band was able to produce high-quality songs. As a result, Viper reached the top charts in United States, Europe, and Japan.

Cassio’s Education Background
In 1989, Cassio changed his career course from music to business. After the successful second album release, Theatre of Fate, Cassio Audi quit his music career and enrolled at the University of Sao Paulo to pursue an MBA in finance. His fans were highly disappointed with his move towards the corporate world. Audi keenly observed the Brazilian financial industry and then decided to invest in companies that can assist Brazilians. Cassio took advantage of the stagnant Brazilian economy to develop portfolios that can help the old retirees as well the youth.

Furthermore, he is well acquainted and has expertise in the real estate sector and stock exchange market in Brazil. Cassio has over 23 years of financial management experience and is well equipped in handling several management accounts. Also, he has managed private, public and equity funds and had the expertise to handle investor relationships, IPO, business planning, and resource management.

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