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Herbalife Stock a Top Pick for 2019

In recent months, the stock market has endured a rapid decline. Many investment analysts are looking for stock picks for 2019. Herbalife is a successful company that supplies health products to customers around the world. Some people believe that Herbalife could be an excellent investment in 2019. Not only is the company growing, but millions of people want to improve their health and wellness.


Herbalife sells products to people interested in living a healthy lifestyle. The vast majority of people want to eat healthier and exercise more. One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy food is the cost. Few people can afford to spend more money on food each month. Herbalife offers products that are affordable. The products contain natural ingredients, and most people believe the supplements taste great.

Over the years, the company has expanded the product line to include numerous new options. The CEO of Herbalife firmly believes that new product growth is a crucial aspect of the future.

Financial Position

Another reason that many people are considering investing in Herbalife Nutririon is the robust financial position of the company. The company has almost no debt, and there is plenty of cash to spend in the future. Herbalife has a strong brand name recognition among customers in the health food industry. All of these factors could contribute to a profitable year.

Stock Predictions

Several hedge fund managers have tried to downgrade the stock of Herbalife to make money. Bill Ackman is the most famous example of a hedge fund manager actively campaigning against Herbalife. He eventually admitted that he was wrong about the company.

Multiple investment analysts have upgraded the stock of Herbalife in recent months. These analysts believe that the company will continue growing at a robust rate. Anyone who wants to take a chance on a quality company should consider purchasing Herbalife stock in 2019.


What Demands For Women’s Hair Care Products Include Today

Today we see many products going the Netflix route as ala carte orders, and that includes everything from entertainment streaming services to fashion and even cosmetics. Hair care products are no exception and many consumers want them customized so that they become more personalized for various hair types. Some hair care product merchants are starting to use the Amazon way of selling to customers by studying demographic preferences and even using feedback on social media to see how they can make their product better. One brand that’s done the job quite well both in quality and using data analytics to know customers is WEN by Chaz, a hair care product line created by a Los Angeles based cosmetician and entrepreneur.

The man who came up with WEN by Chaz is Chaz Dean, someone whose LA salon has been visited by many Hollywood celebrities over the years. According to, he grew up in a family who specialized in arts and crafts, and he wanted to create his own art originally through photography. But as he delved into photography, he found he wanted to do more to fix the appearance of the people he photographed, and that led him to pursue cosmetics. Chaz would attend a cosmetics school, start out working for another salon owner, and eventually start his own shop where he figured out the organic formula that his products currently use.

One thing Chaz Dean emphasizes is that WEN by Chaz is never ever tested on animals, and those who know him know he is a big animal lover who’s adopted several puppies. The WEN by Chaz products are sold in three flavors of lavender, pomegranate and sweet almond mint, and people who’ve reviewed it have talked about its effect of thicker and softer hair. Usually the WEN by Chaz products are bought online, but sometimes you can find them in the Sephora store. Learn about the 7 Best Wen Products — and the 2 Worst here. For more hair care tips, check out the Wen YouTube channel, follow Wen – @wenhaircare.

Francisco Domenech Bio

Francisco Domenech is the current managing partner of Politank. This is a government law firm specializing in strategy development that represents the interests of private parties before government forums. He is a former Director in the office of the Legislative Services of the P.R assembly. During his service in the office he streamlined a staff of over 130 employees, and expanded the services offered by the assembly’s library. He enabled access to the library by the physically handicapped and the blind. At the time, he managed a budget of about $11 million. Before taking this position he was the Chief Legal Counsel to the President of the P.R senate. In this capacity he represented the interest of the Senate before courts and provided legal advice. Read his article at

Mr Francisco graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Political Science. During his time at the University, he was the President of the Student Council in 2000. He also studied at the University College of London’s law school. Between 2007 and 2012, he served as a member of the Democratic National Committee. He was also a delegate in four National Conventions. In 2008, he was the Deputy Campaign Manager of the Clinton campaign in Purto Rico.

He has used Politank to support philanthropic endeavours. Some of the endeavors he has supported include: The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, Museo de Arte de Ponce and TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund. He practices at the US Courts of Appeals, courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, US District Court of Puerto Rico, US Supreme Court and US Court of International Trade.

Since he became the co-chair of Hillblazers Francisco Domenech has been a stronger supporter of Clinton. His movement provided the younger professionals, students and first-time voters who supported Hillary Clinton’s presidency in 2008. He managed several fundraisers to support her campaigns. Even before the Hillary campaigns, he acquired political experience from voter registration, canvassing and fundraising.

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Outfitting Your House With The Right Selection of Comfy But Cool Furniture


Looking for that comfy recliner or the best sofas? You’re in the right place, I will break down which companies offer quality furniture. ACME Furniture offers great deals on all kinds of traditional style recliners usually for under five hundred bucks. Barcalounger offers 3 unique collections, all with really strong recliner reviews, including a casual comfort collection, metro living collection, and a vintage reserve collection for chairs or recliners.

They offer a more high value product with their Dandridge 2 power recliner starting at $1,140.00 but it’s worth the price.Next up is Flash Furniture. They offer a cool selection of club chairs starting at $129.99 and for the flashy style it is worth the buy. They also offer kids recliners starting at $94.99. Chelsea Home Furniture is the place to go for a reliable reclining loveseat. Get a ambrose transitional style faux leather reclining loveseat off of them at a fair price. Need a sectional sofa? Go to Bass.

They have the best selection of finely crafted sofas with mesmerizing design and color. Want a more wooden or old-fashioned look for your sofa? Go to A.R.T. Furniture. A sofa collection from them starts as low as $1,419.00. Don’t live your life uncomfortable, live like a king on one of their Giovanna wood trim sofas, a unique piece.

As a conclusion to this dialogue, go to one of these brands and you won’t leave without your money’s worth. There are many places and blogs you can read but this is a solid guideline for your sofa and recliner shopping!

South Alabama and Air Force Meet in the Arizona Bowl

The Arizona Bowl is looming. South Alabama and Air Force are squaring off in an event that has garnered a bit of interest from the sportsbook world. is absolutely a great resource for news, information, and insights on betting odds and point spreads. has published an editorial examining the big South Alabama vs. Air Force event.

From an NCAAF odds perspective, South Alabama is designated the underdog here with a current point figure of -13.5. The season win-loss record of the team supports the reasoning behind the point spread. South Alabama is 6-6 for the season. Air Force has done far better with a 9-3 record. In terms of college football odds, placing Air Force as the favorite here makes absolutely perfect sense.

The 57.5 over-and-under threshold is somewhat interesting. Clearly, oddsmakers do not think this is going to be a game with a lot of touchdowns on both sides. Teams have a tendency to be very aggressive when playing for a championship. The past performance of the two teams seems to be leading sportsbooks to believe neither is going to score very well over the other.

There are a few other factors associated with the point spread on this game.

As the outstanding site points out, South Alabama has suffered many losses on the road. The team’s road game losing streak is fairly embarrassing. Since the Arizona Bowl is not in front of hometown fans, South Alabama may end up at a real disadvantage.

The event still is quite special for South Alabama as this will be the second bowl appearance in the school’s history. The historic nature of the team’s participation in the Arizona Bowl is not translating into NCAAF odds in its favor.

Air Force has done well this season, but the team has experienced three straight losses. Normally, college football odds would be negatively impacted. Since South Alabama’s record is much weaker, Air Force is in a better position to pull out a win with the odds.

The game does still brings a chance for excitement so fans and gamblers are both looking forward to the event.

Soros Worries That This Market Is Like 2008

The 2008-2009 stock market is one that most will not soon forget. It was a market where investors lost a lot of money in a very short period of time. It was painful for many, particularly those who needed that money to retire right as the market was taking this tumble. Different people associate it with different causes, but there is no questioning that people do remember it. What is scary to hear is that George Soros is now predicting that the current stock market will be similar to the 2008 market.

Soros is someone to listen to because of the money that he has made in the market. In fact, he has made billions of dollars in the market. He is known for making bold predictions and for being more right than he is wrong. That is how he has gained a reputation that gives him a special reason to pay extra attention to what he has to say.

According to Marketwatch, Soros has stated that problems in the Chinese markets are a big part of what has him worried. He sees that the markets in that country have been behaving very wildly. There are a lot of stocks in the Chinese market that are plummeting at the moment, and the market has a whole has had to be halted multiple times just this week.

To have to use circuit breakers to stop the market means that something desperate has happened. The government does not like to halt trading when they can avoid doing so. Halting trading simply brings about more chaos over time, and that is certainly not something that anyone wants to have.

Aside from the start and stop nature of the halting of markets, China has other underlying problems that seem to have certain traders having a case of the jitters. The growth in China has slowed incredibly. There were years recently when growth in China was between 7 and 9 percent annually. Now, there are whispers that the growth rate for the year in China may well be zero percent. It is troubling investors and it should.

Not everything parallels the 2008 markets of course. It would be rather difficult to find a perfect correlation like that, but there are reasons to be worried. 2008 saw problems with the housing markets that caused a near collapse of the entire system. Today, we are seeing problems with China and there are still lingering debt problems in Greece as well.

The Greek debt issue is something that Soros says that may be an even bigger problem than the whole issue in China. He feels that a lot of people have taken the Greek issue off the table in their minds, but it is far from over. If the issue starts to spread into other markets in the region or in the world, then the overall stock market situation could be dramatically worse than it is today. There are reasons to be worried about a 2008 style market say George Soros and many others.

Top Advice for Those Looking to Invest in Brazil

Brazil, one of the most powerful countries in the world and the most powerful country in South America is becoming one of the best places for investors to flock to. Brazil, being one of the most beautiful countries to visit, is easily becoming one of the most popular attractions for foreign investors. Brazil has the eighth most powerful economy in the world and is one of the most up and coming countries to invest in especially with Brazil’s powerful trading partner.

Igor Cornelsen, one of the foremost experts on Brazilian investment is both a successful businessman and also a savvy advice giver. Cornelsen states that by 2015, the investors are what make the Brazilian economy so powerful. However, Igor advises that for those looking to invest, it is important to understand the world of the Brazilian market first.

Here are a few tips that Cornelsen gives on the topic of investing in Brazil:

1.) Know the Major Players in the Brazilian Economy

Brazil has a strong economy thanks to the investors. The foreign investors are what makes the Brazilian economy such a powerful and sought after economy. One thing that is important to know before ever getting involved with the Brazilian market is that the market is owned by private and state owned commercial and investment banks. There are 10 of these sectors that are backing up the eighth most powerful economy in the world.

2.) Learn About Brazil’s Trading Partners

One thing to know before ever getting involved with Brazil is the fact the Brazil’s major trading partner is China. A stronger economy in China means that Brazil will have good prices on the important raw materials. Keeping an eye on Brazil’s trading partner will lead to more success which in turn means making more of a substantial profit.

3.) Brazil’s Overvalued Currency

It is not a hidden fact that Brazil’s currency is currently overvalued. This, in turn, has created huge amounts of account deficits. To avoid fast depreciation, the Central Bank in Brazil has been selling dollar swaps to the local markets. The currency is currently way over appreciated. The economy is currently the perfect economy for industrialization as well as the perfect economy for investors. The sparking of investments will make the export of manufactured more competitive. Though this may happen, the disequilibrium of the economy should decrease within the next few years.

Financing Rental Property Repairs

Are you considering entering the world of real estate investment for the purpose of leasing to tenants? Renting homes is undoubtedly one positive approach to building your financial portfolio while creating passive income. But have you considered your means for the repair of your property once a tenant vacates? Here are three financial factors to consider before venturing into ownership.

1. Credit cards and good debt. The economy often categorizes finances and its associated debt as either good debt or bad debt. Arguments have even been made that the financing of rental property repairs is labeled as good debt. The use of credit cards to finance repairs may be an avenue you are considering. Although a viable option, this method has the potential to decrease your revenue and negatively effect your debt to income ratio. As you are granted additional credit cards you may begin to use these to finance mortgage payments, repairs from tenant damages, and court costs. You can also find yourself acquiring more credit to meet the monthly expenses that incur after the vacate of the tenant.

2. Funds after closing. If you are unable to purchase your property with cash only and are approved for financing, can you secure enough capital after closing to set aside for future repairs? You may plan to use these funds at closing for other necessities, but eventually a time will come when an appliance must be replaced or the purchase of a new roof is inevitable. Even though you are ultimately paying interest on the cash received at closing, this rate will likely be less than those of credit cards.

3. Rental property emergency fund. The concept of a personal emergency fund has been well known and well discussed, but you may choose to consider bypassing all forms of financing and begin your venture by saving ample business funds for unknowns. You can place these funds in a higher yielding money market account and still have quick access to these funds in the future should an urgent repair be required.

At first glance, the easiest and most viable option for many investors is to simply finance all costs. That’s what Igor Cornelsen had to do to make it big. But if you possess the cash to finance your own repairs, your rate of return will always be more beneficial in the long term to help you meet your passive income goals.

Marc Sparks is changing the way business works

Marc Sparks is the owner of Marc USA, which is one of the the largest advertising agencies in the Pittsburgh area. Mr. Sparks is a highly successful businessman, and he has long had a desire to help small businesses start up. Marc USA recently rolled out a new program that is looking to help start up programs have access to some of the best marketing available.

The new program is known as Marketing Sparks. This program is meant to give start up companies access to some of the best experts in the marketing world, so that they can be much more successful. The program takes the form of intense three hour sessions, that allow the start ups to walk away with a much better idea of how to manage and market their business, so that they have a better chance of being successful.

According to the leadership at Marc USA, programs like this have been extremely successful throughout the United States. One of the best programs is located in Boston and it has been quite successful. The leadership believes that Pittsburgh has an extremely diverse pool of start-ups that are all primed for future success.

As found in a Bloomberg article, Marc Sparks has definitely walked the talk on this issue, and he intends for this program to be extremely successful. He has recruited some of the best experts around in public relations, research, digital, and media relations, to help with these three hour seminars. These experts will definitely provide some high quality advice for those that are looking to take their start up to the next level.

There is already some major support for Marketing Sparks and it appears that the program is well on its way to success. This investment in the future of Pittsburgh is definitely looking bright so far.

The first Marketing Sparks event will be held for the winners of the Randall Family Big Idea competition and from there the program will spread out. The winners of this competition will not just get $20,000, but will also have access to some of the best advice available in the industry. Marc Sparks has had a long and successful career and his corporation has left a wonderful mark on the world of marketing. Now Marc Sparks has decided that he wants to give back to the city that helped make his company so successful and he is going to do so by helping new and exciting businesses.

The Man With A Wealth of Knowledge, Jared Haftel

Every once in a while there is a person that comes by who is worthy of taking a second glance at. For me it was Jared Haftel and his incredible journey as an investment banker. I first started following Haftel when he was on CNNs broadcast about finding a job. At that time I was out of a job and trying to find one. The job market is very rough these days, and it seems the more I looked the worse my frustration grew. It was during this broadcast that some things that were being said caught my attention.

My resume was quite filled, but it was filler information that wasnt of any use really. I just needed to fill the page and make sure I looked impressive. Haftel told about his days as sitting on the hiring committees and watching interviews into the banking field. What he said really hit home. He told about how people put a whole lot of fluff on their resumes. Fluff can actually be a detouring to employers. Its like the person has something to hide, or isnt really qualified for the position.

Haftel had a great deal of knowledge, but I wanted to know the basis for all this. Lots of people can say anything, but do they have the goods to back it up. I found out that the man really does have an extensive background in the things that are most important. He doesnt have one, but three Bachelors degrees from Duke University. I was lucky to get one, but this man has 3. It tells me he has a great deal of education. He went on to obtain an MBA from Stanford Universitys school of business. Armed with a vast amount of knowledge, he is able to give sound advice that I needed.

I found that he started working with an impressive firm right out of college. Bank of America was his first job, and then he moved over to Vector Capitol where he still is. I found he has a blog and has done many seminars and articles that have enhance the job hunt for many people. Its all about simplifying the job search by modifying the resume. I love to hear the stories he tells of people and their resumes. You wouldnt believe what people try to pull past the hiring committee even in high paying jobs. Its about being transparent on the resume and during the interview process.

So many people want to focus on their education, but the focus should be placed on the experience. Its like that old saying, dont tell me what you can do, show me.Employers need people that can hit the ground running. They dont need over educated people who have no real work experience. Haftels blogs are inspiring and addicting. I follow him and his works and so do several of my friends. While I did land that great job, I dont think I could have ever done it without the help of this inspiring mentor.

Investment banking is a job that takes a special person. It’s a difficult field to get into and can be overwhelming. Haftel seems to simplify the job hunting experience and give tools that are about to be utilized immediately.