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A Visual Search Technology for Businesses and Mobile Users

Slyce visual search technologies offer applications that work with a business’s existing e-commerce system to allow mobile users of Slyce search technologies to snip coupons, snap photos, and make purchases all within seconds of discovery. Using drivetrain technology, they can easily incorporate a business’s existing system into visual search marketing. Through applications available for your portable devices and using programs such as SnipSnap for coupons, Pounce for shopping and keyword recognition, and Craves to keep abreast of the latest fashion offerings, Slyce delivers the customers to the retailer.

For the retailer, Slyce offers the chance to turn your existing #hashtag campaigns into available merchandise ready for the mobile user. They can help you to build that special campaign that will be a cohesive transition to the devices they offer mobile shoppers, to include Lookbooks and embedded URLs. The Slyce technology can take your catalog—tag it for social sites—and/or convert it for use in the mobile applications it offers customers, using relevancy technology.

Physical recognition convergence will enable mobile users to snap photos of your existing ads to find more relevant information or to make a sales transaction. The technology works best with mobile devices, but can be used from a home desktop. The many uses for visual search technologies allow the customer to search from anywhere they want and find what they want quickly.

SnipSnap turns your IOS or Android device into a coupon clipper-saver that will never get lost or forgotten. You can search a large database of coupons available for retail partners and snip it for use at your leisure. When it’s time to use the coupon, the application carries barcode recognition. When the coupon is nearing its end-date and you’re shopping with that coupon’s dealer, it will warn you of the expiration. In 2015, Snipsnap celebrated 4-million users and 50 retail partners.

Pounce uses scan technology to upload photos of objects you want to buy. Just snap the photo, allow the application to search and purchase the item you want. It’s as easy at that. It will be delivered to your doorstep. It uses iPhone technology and the visual search applications are available through the Slyce website.

Craves is a fashion application that allows you to find the latest in trends, or follow those trending. Craves analyzes photos and converts them into keyword searches to find the most similar product to the one requested. You can take snaps from Instagram, Facebook, etc. and find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Apple CEO Donates $6.5 Million in Shares to Charity

Records from the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) show that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently donated 50,000 shares of Apple stock to charity. With the price of each share at $130 this hefty donation tips the scales at a whopping $6.5 million.

Cook is known as a generous man according to CPA coach Ivan Ong. He has previously donated to causes such as Project One America, an LGBT support community. Cook has always taken it upon himself to promote charity throughout the Apple organization. He has started employee charity programs along with hosting an array of different charitable events.

The SEC report does not reveal what charities Cook donated the shares to. It did however show that Cook did not sell off any of his shares for profit.

Cook says that he plans to continue giving away his fortune for as long as he lives. As CEO of a corporation like Apple giving away all of his money might be impossible. If you’re reading this Tim Cook: I could use a little cash if you don’t mind.