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Handy Company History

Handybook, sometimes shortened to Handy, is a new company that likes to compare itself to Uber, but instead of driving cars and transporting customers, they clean homes and fix appliances. The company was founded by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, who were roommates at Harvard together, and has already seen thousands of customers across the United States. The idea of the company was was worked on for a few years between Dua and Hanrahan before a few core values started to stick. From their they added rules and regulations, always making sure that both of them were always in agreement.

Handybook launched in 2012 and in the first year since it was created they saw a $12 million in revenue. That has almost tripled in the past three years. People who have a background as a handyman or a maid can apply to work at Handybook. Once accepted they fill out a profile that indicates what skills they have. Then all they have to do is wait until a citizen needs them. Depending on how experienced each employee is influences how much they are paid. A portion of their payment does go back to the company. Only about 3 percent of the people who apply are accepted. It is a very exclusive market.

Handybook is easy for customers to use. Instead of trying to play phone-tag with a trade worker that could be unreliable or sketchy, Handybook customers can choose from reliable experts who have gone through a background check. All they have to do is sign up through the Handybook website or download the Handybook smartphone app to get started. After signing up customers can fill out a form that asks for their zip code and a few questions about the job that they need done such as when they would like a employee to start, what item needs to be fixed, or home many rooms in their home they need cleaned. When they are finished the customers are given a quote which includes tax and a tip. Both parties are sure that they will receive and pay the correct amount for the service provided. If something is done wrong or an object broken within a customer’s home Handbook fronts the cost.

Handybook owners believes that the reason that their company has been able to grow so quickly is because of the large amount of freelance workers that they hire. Freelance workers give the company the ability to be open every hour of every day of the year. This allows customers to always have someone to help them, even in the middle of the night. Freelancers are also attracted to Handybook for similar reasons, but also the employees have access to an income that they can report. Unlike the more common, under the table method of receiving payment, Handybook workers have an income that can be used as proof for rent, credit cards, or a car loan. The freelance workers have been able to find enough work that they can be working full time if they want to.