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Talkspace Partnership and Recent Activities in Raising Awareness

Talkspace is a unique therapy application which caters to its client’s mental wellbeing on an online platform. The company has grown tremendously since its incorporation, and it anticipates that this positive trajectory will continue shortly. It has thus adapted to a new strategy which is based on forming partnerships. It is evidenced by a recent collaboration with Michael Phelps and the recruitment of a chief medical officer to be part of the team.

Michael Phelps is an ambassador of Talkspace since he can relate to the mission and objectives of the company. The renowned swimming champion recounts of the events that took place in his life that led him to seek for help. Despite his successful career, he states of the days where he got into a state of depression and tried to end his own life.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

It is imperative to note that this partnership aligns to the vision that Talkspace has for the company. It is where it targets employers who suffer from losses if employees suffer from mental illnesses or breakdowns. Michael Phelps helps raise awareness to employers and employees of the adverse effects of hiding one’s disease.

He admits that he is currently undergoing treatment and the efficiency of Talkspace makes it much more comfortable. He further states that Talkspace is a complete, nonjudgmental therapy application and thus recommends it to everyone.

Talkspace recent activities are mainly focused on raising awareness on the upcoming issues that clients expect to be addressed. This range from the stigma associated with the LGBTQ when they come out. The platform shares stories which will empower others to deal with the same and educate others on the importance of acceptance.

They further inform the users on how to take a personality test to understand themselves better. Matters on cohabitation are also addressed in the article to understand the dynamics of living with a significant other. Talkspace has proven that there exists a need to address issues which affect society.

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Impact of Sahm Adrangi and Zalik

GreenSky is a tech company which has changed the real estate industry in America. The main objective of the organization is arranging loans for families which want to undertake home improvements. As a result, the organizations prides its image on a different technology startup compared to others within the market. The company was founded by mathematics guru known as the David Zalik. One of the unique characteristics of the CEO David Zalik is his shyness towards the press. In many instances, he has turned down invitations to speak at the conference as well as presentations. In addition, he does not believe in the idea of raising capital outside the business, and this has enabled the firm to experience significant growth without a huge burden of debt.

The management approach adopted by the GreenSky has challenged other Silicon Valley beliefs of the importance of staying private for the long operational duration. However, GreenSky is on the brink of launching an IPO, and according to The Wall Street Journal, the company could raise $ 1 billion at the valuation of $5 billion. In the course of going public, the company has diverted from other well-funded companies such as Credit Karma, Uber, and Stripe. The main reason why many companies have steered off the IPO debate is that of the pressure arising from the investors and other shareholders on issues to do with quarterly earnings as well as profitability. Unlike many startups which depend on the public for funding, GreenSky is different, and Zalik did the opposite by working with the bank for the benefit of raising capital. Through its partnership with large banks such as SunTrust, Fifth Third, and Regions  the ones which hold the loans in the balance sheets.

In the course of the doing business with the banks, GreenSky receives one 1% of the balance each year. In order to meet the high market demand, the company has employed the services of more than 17000 contractors  who are doing the heavy lifting. Each customer who wants to engage in homemakers can access up to $65000. As a result, each loan disbursed enables the company to generate 6% on the loan amount. The application of the loan is done online using smartphones and decision of lending or decline is received in a matter of seconds.

School Communication Has Never Been Better Thanks To ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a relatively new company within the educational market, and they have developed a learning platform for students, parents, and teachers to take part of to improve their experience for everyone involved. There are already many educational programs on the market, but none of them have met the need for communication that ClassDojo brings. Today, this communication has gone a long way to improve learning for students all around the country and even around the globe. By using the ClassDojo tool, parents are finally able to stay in contact with their kids in school as well as teachers so they always know what is going on as well as provide encouragement for their children. This also helps students with their behavior, as they regularly have their parents checking in on them.

Teachers are also able to use the app regularly within the classroom to provide encouragement, give feedback, post notes, and share classroom moments through pictures and videos that students are able to see on the story board. This tool is opening up possibilities that have never been possible in the schooling environment today, and is expected to improve conditions in schools all over the world in the future.

Many teachers who have used the app have been delighted by how well it works at engaging their students and getting them involved with school activities. This is greatly helped by the fact that parents are also able to stay involved and participate in their child’s schooling much more often. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the men who founded ClassDojo back in 2011, did so after traveling around the country and seeing the conditions as well as hearing the statements from teachers on what they think of the current standards in education. This lack of communication was just right, since ClassDojo has been widely successful after releasing their platform for communication, and it has also gone a long way in improving various school communities around the country. Today, ClassDojo has made its way into the classrooms of more than half the schools in the entire country, and will continue to spread in the near future into many more schools around the world.

Educations App Hits It Big With Teachers and Parents

Sam Chaudhary Had an educational app startup in mind and traveled to California to conduct his research in order to make one important discovery. In order to make it successful he had to discover what teachers considered the worst part of being a teacher. he aimed to create proactively create a solution to their problems in order to create a positive culture with the classrooms and schools. After conducting interviews and partnering with Liam Don, his co-founder of the startup ClassDojo, Chaudhary returned home after his tourist visa expired to continue developing his educational app.

After five years, ClassDojo has successfully expanded. In fact, Every 2 in 3 schools nationwide use the platform. This includes public private and charter educational communities. The app is also utilize in the over 90% of the school districts and operates in over 180 countries around the world. last summer, more than half a million people downloaded the app each day during the back-to-school season. This number is above and beyond the count downloadable apps like Yelp and Tinder.

Even though Chaudhary did not imagine the level of success his startup would experience from the beginning, he and his cofounder were able to raise $1.6 million in seed funding when the startup company was first introduced in 2012. During the following year, ClassDojo was able to attract $8.5 million in first round venture funding. Two years later, the company performed their second round of venture funding and raised an additional $21 million. Educational professionals, venture investors and analysts alike were obviously impressed with the quality of the app and fully supported the company’s hopeful achievements.

ClassDojo is an communication platform that is similar to a social media platform. It allows teachers, parents and students to connect inside and outside of the classroom on a consistent basis. Students are empowered and encouraged to participate in class and behave well by receiving points as incentives on the app. Students are also able to share their classroom work with their parents by downloading their assignments.

Parents can monitor the increase or decrease in their child’s account balance in order to evaluate the activity in the classroom as well as review their childs’ assignments in order to identify areas where the child needs additional assistance. Parents can collaborate with their childs’ teachers to All of this can be accomplished without the parent physically being in the classroom, which is empowering for concerned parents.

Teachers can communicate with parents in order to provide feedback on a regular basis as opposed to waiting for periodic parent and teacher conferences. Teachers also have the ability to utilize the app in order to create a community of support, encouragement and collaboration that is beneficial to the students. Chaudhary may have needed more than 90 days and visa to get the app created, but it appears he has identified what makes a teacher’s job difficult and successfully created a solution that not only makes the role of the instructor easier, it also strengthens the communication between all parties involved.

ClassDojo Rolls Out Plans To Reach More Users

A Series B round of venture funding saw ClassDojo raise $21 million. The funding is meant to grow the tech that creates a connection between educators and the students’ parents. The communication platform also helps in creating constant communication about the activities that the children are carrying out in school as well as their social and behavioral development in school.


The capital raised is directed toward growing the team and figuring out the features and kind of content that parents who use the app would appreciate. These features are meant to be used both during the day when the children are in school and at home. This is to assist parents in guiding conversations back at home while providing support for the kids while in school.


Since being founded in 2011, other education tech businesses have not been able to catch up. When the company was started, the Sam Chaudhary, one of the co-founders, noticed that there lacked a free, easy-to-use app that would bring together teachers, students, and parents to form a community. He, however, pointed out that the company faced competition from other firms like FreshGrade, Kickboard, Remind, and Nearpod.


Currently, ClassDojo is widely used in schools in the United States. 2 in 3 schools have embraced the communication platform. The schools range from the largest public schools to private and charter schools. Most of the 85,000 teachers actively using the app are teaching kindergarten through 8th grade.


Currently, ClassDojo is still distributing its app to even more teachers and parents. The company is yet to begin generating revenue. However, the founders of the company have clearly stated that the company will not make any revenue from the users’ data. Liam Don, a co-founder of the company, pointed out that when kids are involved, privacy becomes a huge concern. The company will seek other ways of creating revenue such as introducing premium features for sale.


ClassDojo is an education tech company that provides a communication platform that draws parents in and keeps them informed on the development of their children. The company achieves this by use of an app that allows teachers to snap photos and videos that can then be shared with parents anytime to allow parents to get involved in the progress of their children.


ClassDojo has been built around the opinions of teachers. Most teachers agree that for better learning, the classroom has to be a fun place. This has led ClassDojo to embark on creating a positive culture in classrooms all around the US.
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Talk Fusion is the Winner

There was an article in BusinessForHome about Talk Fusion. This company had gained international recognition. Talk Fusion had been recognized as a top communication program. This was in countries all across the globe. Talk Fusion Video Chat had caught on and spread like wild fire. It had only taken a couple week before they had won a major industry special honor. TMC or Technology Marketing Corporation made the announcement that Video Chat is a winner in 2016. This would be for Product of the Year. WebRTC.

A large congratulations has gone out to all of the winners of the 2016 Product of the Year Award. Each recipient has shown and displayed innovation. This is groundbreaking innovation and success that has been earned. Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, had mentioned that this award had been a major win for everyone involved in Talk Fusion. Technology must solve defined needs and must be useful to people. The award has honored Talk Fusion for meeting the needs of many with their groundbreaking innovation.

Video Chat is highly innovative and beneficial. This is a communication tool that will enable face-to-face communication to users at anywhere and at any time. This can be done on almost any device. This includes a desktop, tablet, and even a smartphone. It is a Video Chat app that is now available for free. This is available in the following:
* iTunes
* Google Play Stores
These are free trials that Talk Fusion is offering. Talk Fusion continues to receive deserved recognition for meeting the needs of customers around the world.

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina. He is the founder who had thought ahead of the technology times. This is now considered to be a global leader. They lead in video marketing solutions. This company was established in the year 2007. A sample of their innovative products include:
* Video Chat
* Live Meetings
* Sign-up Forms
* Video Newsletters
* Video Email
Innovation is making many dreams come true thanks to Talk Fusion.

Handy is an Ideal Candidate for Quality Spring Cleaning Services

Spring-cleaning is a tradition for most homeowners. It enables them to freshen up their homes and prepares them for the spring and winter seasons. Hiring a professional cleaner to assist during the cleaning process is a good move. The expert will find a way to get rid of unwanted stuff. Handy is a firm that specializes in offering quality home cleaning services.

Factual Details on Handy

With an Internet connection and a smartphone or an iPhone, Handy allows clients to book a home cleaner, handyman, or plumber. Handy has transformed the home cleaning industry by offering personalized services tailored to address the unique needs of homeowners. The firm, which was previously called Handybook was established in 2012 by Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, and Ignacio Leonhardt. Despite the constant evolution that Handy is experiencing, it has managed to maintain its services at a top-notch level.

Handy has its offices headquartered in New York, and it has an incredible presence in 28 cities. On mid-2015, the firm raised a record $64 million that was used in launching Handy Delivery, which is a service specializing in delivery and assembly of furniture. Handy conducts thorough background checks and face-to-face interviews before hiring cleaners and handymen. To make sure all the clients are always satisfied, the firm provides a 100% money return guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the service offered.

With handy, clients are assured of convenience. They are saved from the hassles of hiring unreliable and complicated cleaning agencies and maid services. Some of the services offered by Handy include TV mounting, plumbing, furniture delivery and assembly, interior painting, home cleaning, electrical work, moving help, and much more.

Experienced cleaners box up the unwanted stuff and donate them to needy people. Each home has its unique needs; hence making a universal list of cleaning supplies is difficult. However, once a professional cleaner inspects the home, she or he can identify appropriate cleaning reagents perfect for the home.
Dusting Supplies

The lifestyle, allergy issues, and décor of homeowners, friends, and family determine the frequency of dusting. Microfiber cloths are recommended for intricate and general dusting while vacuum cleaner that has a dusting attachment can clean walls, corners, and high ceilings. Trashcans, Baking Soda, Recycling bins, and trashcan liners can take care of wastes and trash.

Talk Fusion Video Chat: Blazing a Path Into the Future

Talk Fusion has become one of the leading authorities in video chat technology. A recent article on reviews the launch of Talk Fusion Video Chat. Since it’s release, Video Chat has been enjoying instant popularity. Video Chat is a quality HD program that is fast and compatible with any device. Currently the app is able to be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. Talk Fusion is planning to launch a free 30-day trial of the program with no credit card required.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Lead by Reina’s vision, Talk Fusion is blazing a way into the future of video communications. They offer Talk Fusion Connect which includes video chat, video email, live meetings, video newsletter, and a voice blog. The Connect package is offered in three different bundles, Executive, Elite, and Pro Pak, to ensure that a person can select the perfect plan. With their line of video products, Talk Fusion helps their clients to catch the eye of their customers, watch their business grow, and improve retention.

Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association. They pride themselves on conducting business with the highest code of ethics. Their owner, Bob Reina, is passionate about giving back to the society, and he shows this through his charity work. He is recognized as a respected member of his community.

Talk Fusion and Video Chat are an international sensation. Bob Reina has created a powerful product that is changing the way that people throughout the world communicate.

Making a Difference in The Virtual World

I have been a rather large computer geek since the age of 14 and not once have I came across one video chat software that I actually enjoyed using. Normally I find one to two flaws in the system that make it almost unbearable to use. Well, needless to say I stumbled across a new software yesterday that caught my attention and did not let me down at all. It was called Talk Fusion, which was created by a man named Bob Reina. Bob has something like 20 years of experience in relationship marketing which is really huge in this type of business. For him to create something as easily accessible and clear viewed as Talk Fusion is absolutely stunning. Like I was saying, not many video software products are 100%. A lot of them have to many glitches to make it through a full conversation with someone.

I believe that Bob took the time to create Talk Fusion for everyone that is separated from a loved one. Between his compassion for people and his even deeper compassion for animals and contributing to causes for them, he seems like a respectful businessman and friend to those that are around him. I myself have always wanted to get a little more into the business world, but I cannot seemingly get my face out of a computer. Hence the fact why I am a computer programmer and designer. If I was to make it to the business world some day, Bob would be someone I would use as a steading post to get started. By this I mean someone to look up to and sort of be like by setting the goals that have reached for themselves. By having some type of role model when starting out in any new career, it makes it easy for you to know where you going.What really kind of sets Bob in the position of my role model is the fact that he works in the business field and created such a brilliant video software program. I am getting pretty good at software designing and am hoping that maybe someday I will be able to create something as popular as Talk Fusion. Maybe not a video chat, but something that will benefit people around the world and make something in their life a lot easier because of a software product I created. Being able to do something like this is a huge accomplishment for anyone. Bob’s creation of Talk Fusion is by far worthy of being considered a great accomplishment.

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Handy Home Cleaning Service Makes Your Life Easier

Are you in need of professional cleaning service to keep your home looking clean and tidy? Want to find a great company that is well known for providing top notch cleaning services for home and other residential places? Handy Home Cleaning Service can help.

Cleaning services are one of the best ways to make your life easier, as these individuals enable you to concentrate on other areas of life than keeping your residential property well-maintained while trying to maintain a very busy schedule. Utilizing the services of a cleaning company guarantees you always come home or apartment to a clean environment and keeps your residence looking its best at all times.

With the services provided by Handy professionals, you never have to worry about doing your own home cleaning, because a licensed home cleaning professional will come to your residence and provide that service. Even when you are away they can thoroughly clean every part of your residential home according to your requirements.

One of the main benefits to hiring good cleaners, such as Handy professionals, is that they will be able to work directly with you to create a specific work plan that meets your needs and requirements. Handy will want to find out exactly what you cleaning tasks you want performed and then schedule a service date for you.

Establishing a specific professional cleaning plan not only ensures you are absolutely satisfied with the outcomes you get from the home cleaning services, but also that you are provided the specific cleaning service you expect. And Handy definitely is a reputable company and meets the needs of customers.

One of the most important things you should consider when looking for a home cleaning service, is many references, as these individuals can tell you whether they have been pleased with the house cleaner service provider you are thinking about choosing. Handy has numerous satisfied customers across the country and can provide references upon request.

Many people have posted positive reviews about the top quality services they have received from Handy Home Cleaning Service.

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