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The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Over the decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced diverse challenges. Founders and investors have done cycles that have lost and gained billions. Tech leaders such as Yann LeCun, Andrew Ng and Geoffrey Hinton as well as neuroscientists such as Weisel Olshausen have continued to try to make breakthrough in Neuromorphic Engineering, brain research, machine learning and robotics. The technology sector waited for an annunciation of the discovery of Artificial Intelligence and days passed by without the big bang event.

Unknown to most of us, AI has crept into our lives and settled without a fuss. It might be through the Siri voice recognition app by apple, the predictive search by Google or by the automatic friend tagging by Facebook. We have gone for so long without realizing that we heavily depend on Artificial intelligence. In the past years, AI has been able to join the shopping and eCommerce world. These applications came and have continued to grow without people even noticing their existence. A number of these applications are trying to carve a niche that will make them appear different in the market.

Imaged based learning and big data analytics are among the firms stepping in to help companies differentiate their services. According to Deccan Herald, personalization and product discovery has made this quite possible. Online shoppers can now choose the sites that they want, the brand, the pricing and the quality of the product they want. Owing to the various sites and different products, you can narrow your choices by using filters and search key words to get the product and service that you need. AI’s potential can be seen in these applications. However, there are still a number of developments that have to be put in place before these goals are fully realized. This information was originally reported on Deccan Herald.

Slyce Inc is a visual search and recognition firm. Slyce is based in Toronto, Canada. It is the brainchild of Erica Racicot and Cameron Chell. By using images and photos, Slyce has created visual search technology that allows users to identify and shop for the products of their choice. The application has been made available in both mobile and web version.

Slyce has continued to perfect its technology in order to make it easier for clients to use. It has incorporated a universal scanner that makes visual recognition more accurate. This has helped Slyce carve out its niche in the market besides enabling it to partner with retailers offering online shopping services. The universal scanners can easily handle QR codes, coupons and images.