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L’Oreal’s Art of Beauty and Fashion Accessibility with Nicholas Krafft

Nicholas Krafft is L’Oreal’s vice president in charge of the Global Business Development. He has worked in L’Oreal since the year 2014 and has served various roles including being a general manager. He went to the University of St. Gallen where he studied business management. Also, he had an interest in fashion and beauty which landed him in the Industry. His Inspiration to beauty and fashion came during his study in France and has been pursuing it in combination with his entrepreneurship skills. Being in charge of global business in the company, his responsibility is to ensure that beauty and fashion reach people all over the world in a simple and accessible way.

Nicholas Krafft got the opportunity to do his work of globalizing company products during the fashion week held at L’Oreal Paris last year on 30th of September on the Seine. This was the second of the L’Oreal’s fashion and beauty shows that are held yearly. It is in such shows that the company can air the new looks of the season and a way in which the whole world can access beauty and fashion easily.

Under the leadership of Nicholas Krafft, the firm ensured that the event was completely publicized so as to get everyone watching. He devoted himself by making early preparations including the setting up of the place. Huge screens were put up so that people passing and tourists in the place could view the whole event. There was also drones that filmed the event and broadcasting in more than 30 countries worldwide. Delegates in the fashion and beauty industry also attended the show.

Nicholas Krafft and his team had the company artists design 70 new makeup and hairstyles that were uniquely made for the event. They also had models for 13 brands of fashion who paraded the newest collections and jewelry from the event’s partner Chopard. The event that lasted more than eight days was all by the effort of the ethical employees led by Nicholas Krafft who will surely cross the limits to ensure globalization of the brand.

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