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Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

If you’ve ever wanted to preserve your youth, then you’ve probably stumbled across Jeunesse Global. With the countless testimonials and positive reviews the company has garnered, it has slowly become a huge multi-million dollar success. Jeunesse Global however is more than just halting the aging process, it’s also a multi-level company that provides consumers the opportunity to earn a decent living. Becoming a distributor for Jeunesse is what many consumers result to, because many people they get compelled to try what they use. 

Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

One of their more popular products outside of skin revitalization is MonaVie. A case of MonaVie consists of 19 body-beneficial plant-derived and fruit glucosamine known to help joints stay mobile and in motion. One of the main ingredients to this drink is açai which contains a rare phytonutrient composition filled with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols. 

This Amazonian superfood ingredient has been used for centuries for the various benefits it provides for optimum health. When consumed, you will be able to internally improve the functions of your body. This in turn will help all of the external products of Jeunesse to better take effect. Every 60 mL serving contains roughly 750 mg of vegan friendly glucosamine. The glucosamine derived from non-animal substances in corn that contains no by-products of animals as well. 

Glucosamine plays a huge role in building the cartilage in the body. When the cartilage is strengthened, you will be able to combat osteoarthritis and arthritis. Mobility will be much easier and you will find your body to be more flexibility altogether as well. MonaVie is all about providing you overall wellness that regular vitamin supplements can’t give you.

Overall, it is a very effective product that will bring back the energy and physical capabilities you once had. When those around you see how strong and flexible you still are the older you get, they will want to know your secret. Becoming a distributor of Jeunesse has been said to be the easiest sales pitch out there so long as you use their products. The results they want to achieve will be seen in you.

Jeunesse Global’s Secret

Jeunesse Global is a hard company to characterize. Many people assume that, because they are so successful today, they have been met with widespread acclaim throughout the entire course of their careers. This is sadly not the case. Any company, regardless of how good they are, needs to prove their worth to the public before they are even considered as a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

This is only more so the case for Jeunesse Global. The people who are buying health products and anti-aging products, which is what the company specializes in, are far beyond wary of prevalent scammers in the market. Every purchase they make is made with utmost caution.

Only someone who has been involved with such an unstable industry can fully grasp the effect this will have on business. Those who live ignorantly thinking that every person in the field of health and wellness has it easy are proven wrong by the struggles and tribulations Jeunesse Global has had to overcome before. getting to where they are today.

When they first started, Jeunesse Global was nothing but a small company built upon the dreams of two individuals, the co-founders of the company. They decided that, with their platform, as they had already made themselves stand out in the world of business, they would try their very hardest to improve the lives of those around them. It is safe to say that they have, at the very least, accomplished this much.

Many people have benefited from the results that Jeunesse Global can provide. Not only do they tote supplements that can help improve your well-being, but the company provides many anti-aging products that, while they do not literally make you younger, are some of the top-of-the-line products in the category. Many people think that anything labelled as “anti-aging” must be nonsense, because no one can counteract aging, right?

Jeunesse has found methods of proving that this impossible feat can be made possible with the right team and the right amount of devotion. It is due to the hard work of all their employees, as well as the good nature of their board of directors, that such miraculous products are able to be actualized.

Your Skin’s New Best Friend-Sunday Riley

So I’m sure you are wondering, what makes Sunday Riley set apart from all other skin-care products? Well let me tell you!

This Houston bred independent company is one of a kind. The products are primarily botanical, which is extremely “green friendly,” who wouldn’t be excited about products that will make your skin smile. Sunday Riley brings you some spectacular products such as their Luna Sleeping Night Oil, Ceramic Slip facial cleanser, and Auto Correct Eye Cream.

Who wouldn’t want to have a daily spa experience? For instance, the ceramic slip cleanser, helps to clear out trouble pours, and it treats and helps to counteract acne and blackheads making your skin looks at smoother and lessons the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s so awesome about this product is the active ingredient is tea tree oil, how amazing is that? Natural products to help purify our skin, and make you see & feel a whole new level of beautiful.

So if you’re a lady like me, and you have major issues with the baggage under the eyes after a long evening, their Auto Correct Eye contouring cream is your answer! They’ve taken into consideration the ladies who may have very sensitive skin, and can’t just use everything on the market. So, even with this product it’s packed with natural ingredients such as caffeine, ginseng root, all of which help to drastically reduce those pesky dark circles us ladies seem to be troubled with at times.

Sunday Riley is surely taking off as a major skin care company their following on social media is hitting skyrocketed levels. With so many people becoming so health conscious regarding all natural products, Sunday Riley has positively etched its foot into a demanding arena, and surely will become the success that its owner has dreamed for it to be. In such a short time in the market, this amazing company has even received the stamp of approval from the Sephora VIBs which says a lot about the quality of this awesome product line. So who’s going to be next in line to try Sunday Riley, I think I’ll be that girl!

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A New Leaf

There’s no hiding the fact that many of the alternative wellness companies in the business of reversing and stanching age-related complications have a sketchy science to back up their claims and even sketchier results to go with them. It’s a mixed bag, but that means there are good companies in the mix as well, and Jeunesse Global represents the greener side of the fence with their thoroughly developed offerings.

Formed on September 9, 2009 at 9 p.m. by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse is entrenched in the noble concept of delivering a product that promotes longevity and healthfulness while training people’s awareness on just how many hazards exist in the environment every day. The results of the company’s finer grasp of the body and what causes breakdown over the years has lead Jeunesse into the direct-sales fast lane, helped along by its multi-level marketing (MLM) foundation that has formed the Jeunesse Family.

To this day, the company continues to hone its Youth Enhancement System to deliver a better product straight from the labs of their research.

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The Youth Enhancement System works by buffing the natural armamentarium of the human body with resources that are usually obtained in scarce amounts; these resources are supposedly responsible for the body’s inability to repair itself over the course of a lifetime where continued sedentary living and exposure to harmful conditions results in faster aging. Jeunesse understood that while we certainly live longer these days, we don’t seem to show more life in the years that we have, and this reflects a larger problem on the whole.

By equipping the body with specific nutrients that are delivered across nine categories of youth-enhancing products, you can see blemishes disappear within two minutes, restore your youthful glow and smoothness in the long run, maximize brain function and promote the conversion of fat to muscle with fitness powders that curb your appetite and give you that much-needed workout boost. Also included are immune boosters, sleep aids and daytime lethargy fixes to optimize your daily potential and stay on top of the game.

Jeunesse Global Creates Innovative Products Using All-Natural Ingredients

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided for the third time that they would try the life of retirement, they truly believed that, this time, they would be able to step away from the alluring world of business for good. But as the days of golf and daytime televisions dragged on, what was supposed to be an enjoyable way to spend more time with their grandchildren slowly became a restless reminder of how much fun they were missing from their former lives.


When Wendy Lewis began to sell a few health and beauty products out of the couple’s spacious garage, it didn’t take long for her husband Randy to jump in. Before long, the couple was operating a rapidly expanding direct-marketing firm. The company, now known as Jeunesse Global, was doing nearly $1 million in sales within its first year. By year five, the couple had grown the fledgling business into a ten-million-dollar-plus business. See Also:


Today, Jeunesse Global is among the most rapidly expanding health and beauty suppliers on the planet. With a product lineup that reflects the decades that both Ray and Lewis spent in the industry, Jeunesse has been able to successfully market a full lineup of products from East Asia to East St. Louis. The couple has been able to use their extensive experience with both marketing and product development to put together one of the most successful product portfolios of any direct marketing firm around. Read Working at Jeunesse to learn more about the company.


One example of the highly innovative products that Jeunesse Global has developed is its AM PM Essentials vitamin package. The product represents a completely unique blend of some of the most vital nutrients in existence. The AM vitamins are designed to help users wake up and face the day with vigor and lasting energy. The nighttime formulation allows users to slow down naturally, getting a good night’s sleep. See This Page for related information.


It has long been recognized by anti-aging experts that getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important factors in staving off the ill effects of aging and maintaining a high level of health into one’s later years. PM Essentials optimizes the body’s natural circadian rhythm, allowing for a full and restorative sleep.

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New Lime Crime Velvetine In Scandal

Lime Crime is a popular cosmetic company known for their many great lip products. They recently released a new matte velevetine lipstick in the color scandal. The matte velvetine lipsticks are a cool and unique item that Deere the CEO and founder of Lime Crime created herself. It is a creamy lipstick that goes on silky smooth and dries to a nice soft matte finish.


The matte velvetine lipsticks are touch proof as well as kiss proof. They are intended to last for a very long time and will not fade or smudge. Although they come in a large variety of nice colors Scandal is just one of the newest additions to the line. It is a gorgeous violet shade that has hues of pink and purple in it. It looks great on every skin type and color.


The matte velvetine lipsticks are very easy to apply. Simply rub a tiny bit of chapstick or vaseline on the lips before applying for even better results. The matte lipsticks will not smudge or fade. They are rich bold pigmented colors with great lasting power.


The new Scandal lipstick is vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. Lime Crime products are free of any animals and animal by-products and are never tested on animals. They are backed by Peta as well as other animal abuse agencies. Most Lime Crime products are widely available online. They are also available in a few select retail locations around the world. Scandal is now available online and is already one of the most popular selling colors of the matte velvetine lipsticks. .