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Dr. Jennifer Walden Stewarding Plastic Surgery in Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not a new face in the media. Her face pops up, every now and then, in various magazines and TV shows. Mention plastic surgery in Austin or the larger America and her name will definitely come up. She is one of the best plastic surgeons in America.


Early Life

Doctor Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She is one among the five children born to a surgical nurse and a dentist. With her family deep-rooted in medicine, it was a predicament that Jennifer Walden would follow the footsteps of her parents. Dr. Walden comes from a background where achievements and education are highly regarded. Perhaps, the reason why she took the rough road, medicine, and decided to give it her all.



Dr. Walden graduated from Anderson High School. She was then admitted to the University of Texas. Here she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Later on, she applied to be admitted in the University’s medical Branch. She was put on a waitlist, but was lucky to be among the chosen on the waitlist. With hard work, she was able to graduate salutatory



Walden’s career began in Manhattan. She was accepted for a post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program in the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Nose Hospital. She worked under the guidance of Sherrell Aston, also her mentor. Upon completion of the program, she collaborated with Aston to start a practice in Manhattan. The practice was no doubt bound to be a success, given the years of experience that Aston had and the extensive knowledge that both partners had in the field.


Eight year on, Walden got pregnant through and in-vitro fertilization and had to move back to her hometown, to get the support of her family. Jennifer Walden decided that she would be in Austin in the long haul. Therefore, she set up her a new plastic surgery office there. In her various interviews, Walden speaks of how afraid she was about her practice not doing well in Austin. Besides, this is a green city. However, everything has been great. She even got her first booking immediately she landed Austin.