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A few years back, terms like buttock augmentation were considered somewhat foreign, or reserved for hopeless cases like accidents. The narrative keeps changing today, with tons of research and increasing numbers of women turning to this procedure hoping to gain, or regain a more sensuous appearance. Needless to say, current celebrities knowingly or unknowingly carry out campaigns in support of it, as many have undergone the surgery and never deny it publicly. It therefore comes as great relief to an ordinary person considering it to hear of doctors recommending it, or willing to enlighten one on the whole process. One such doctor goes by the name of Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery since many years. He completed his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and went on to The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he competed his medical degree, an advanced craniofacial research fellowship and also completed a training in general and plastic surgery. Mark Mofid is widely recognized in the United States as one of the best and most vocal plastic surgeons who continues to do intensive research on gluteal augmentation specially where he has even sought the knowledge and expertise of world renowned Brazilian, Dr. Raul Gonzalez. He has particularly earned the trust and respect of many due to his strict adherence to medical safety practices, especially his deep knowledge of the body’s fat, muscles as well as skin as these are most crucial when it comes to any form of plastic surgery.

Having been in the industry for more than 8 years, Mark Mofid has since been certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He currently performs surgeries at several hospitals in San Diego and La Jolla where he is board certified. Over the course of his career, Mark Mofid has introduced a new implant that has improved ratios and intramuscular positioning and continues to replace the previous generic ones that would sag due to incompatibility with the body.

Lime Crimes Matte Velvetine Lipstick Colors

Velvetine lipsticks are one of the most unique products on the market right now. One of the top brands to offer matte velvetine lipsticks is Lime Crime Cosmetics. They are one of the top makeup companies in the world and offer a wide range of high-quality products. These are just a few of the many different matte velvetine shades they offer as well as some of the other products they have.


The Lime Crime matte velvetine lipstick collection comes in a wide range of fun and interesting colors. One of the newest colors Scandal is a deep rich plum shade that has hues of plum as well as black and purple. Another great shade is the alien shade which is a black light reactive green shade. It is one of the most unique colors that the company has to offer. Another unique shade is squash which is a light orange shade.


Some of the more basic shades include True Love which is a vibrant pink red shade as well as Beet It which is a deep berry pink. The matte velvetine lipsticks are also available in other colors such as Black Velvet which is a dark true black as well as Red Velvet which is a true bright red color.


Aside from the matte velvetine lipstick collection Lime Crime also offers a variety of other great beauty products. One of their most popular products is there unicorn lipstick. The unicorn lipstick was one of the first and most unique products that the company ever offered. They are still one of the top selling products and are available in fun shades such as red, pink and even yellow and have a delicious cupcake scent.


Some of the other top products include the super foil eyeshadows as well as the liquid eyeliner which is available in a bold jet black color. One of the best things about all of Lime Crimes products is they are vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. The company is backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny which are two of the biggest animal care agencies in the world.