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Tidal’s Renaissance With Desiree Perez

There has been a lot of positive changes at Tidal recently. A lot of it has come as a result of Desiree Perez’s involvement. She has been someone that is very close to Jay Z and has been working with him for 20 years. She has a husband that runs Roc Nation Sports. One thing that could be said for Perez is that she is very tough with an impressive street cred. She is also very good at negotiating with people in order to find a deal that will make everyone happy. For one thing, it is important to know that the Rihanna Samsung deal and the Beyonce Formation Stadium Tour would not have happened without the involvement of Desiree Perez.

Tidal has revised its purpose as a music streaming service provider in order to focus on some of the more recent hits and new releases as opposed to its older style of catalogs. This allows people to keep on top of the new releases. Among the features of the new Tidal service is the list of new releases called Tidal Discovery. Then there is another feature called Tidal Rising which allows people to look at new artists that have released some of their tracks. Then there is the live performance feature called Tidal X which keeps customers knowledgeable of the new live performances that are being presented by Tidal.

Jay Z himself knows about good music. He has a very exceptional taste in music which allows him to be able to pick out which new artists are going to bring something great to the table. He is also very passionate about bringing about strong relationships with his artists. He encourages his artists and helps them develop their craft so that they could have something that is very successful and game changing. Desiree Perez is also helpful in making things happen for people who are in the industry and for people that are just listening to the tracks that have been released. Desiree is one of the powerful influences behind Tidal’s streaming service. She has a creativity and a thickness of skin that allows her to make sure everything happens to her satisfaction.