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Billy McFarland Desire for Individuals to Live a Millionaire’s Lifestyle

Billy McFarland is the founder and CEO of Magnises, a social club whose members carry the Magnises black card. The black card can be linked to the user’s debit and credit card to effect payments via a mobile app. Using the black card, Magnises members can access great discounts at exclusive hotels, restaurants, bars, and private concerts which would otherwise be too expensive for commoners.

Nevertheless, McFarland says his primary interest is building brands that Magnises members trust. Consequently, he is not planning to have on board jut any product. The club is currently in partnership with top businesses such as restaurants La Esquina and Catch, spin studio Cyc, Finale ad Goldbar. In addition to clubs and hotels, members can also enjoy discounts on helicopter rides and attend concerts by top-flight rappers such as Rick Ross and Ja Rule.

Society places great value on education, and people who drop out of school may receive harsh judgment. Dropping out of school is considered a misnomer and people believe nothing good can ever come out of a person who suddenly quits school. However, this has not always been the case. Billy McFarland, 25, dropped out of college in his freshman year to become an entrepreneur. Now, thanks to the young man’s invention, Millennials can afford to live the lives of millionaires.

Owing to its growing membership, Magnises has relocated to a penthouse on Rivington, Lower East Side. Members can host many events here ranging from cocktail parties to late-night DJ shows. What is more, members can use the premises to hold meetings or carry out their work-related tasks. Space can accommodate up to 200 people per night.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland stands to reap heavily from this enterprise. With a membership of more than 6,000 individuals who pay $250 every year, it won’t take long before his accounts begin to swell with dollars. He is reaching out to young professionals in the field of finance, technology, and fashion. One becomes a member by filling out an online application form. This form must be approved by the Magnises team to accept a new member.

Thanks to the Magnises black card club, young professionals can live like millionaires.