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Warren Wages A Million Dollar Charity Bet

Working to combat the constant turns of the financial industry, investors have struggled to find a permanent solution. As young working Americans collectively place longterm money aside in accounts or financial funds, the threat of loosing potential capital is always there.

Some investors such as Tim Amour believe the key to long-term financial growth is complex. Whether individuals save aggressively or conservatively, 401K packages and other investment opportunities bring hope. Tim believes long-term investing will yield the greatest financial growth over time.

Serving as the CEO and current Chairman of Capital Group, Timothy holds an impressive 30 plus years of investment experience. Managing accounts for Capital Group, Tim has overseen portfolios totaling over a million dollars.

Tim explained the importance of staying afloat in market down turns. Performing above competitors despite the market allows investors to “build a better nest”.

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Global entrepreneur and businessman, Warren Buffet has recently waged a million dollar charity bet for national investors. Warren believes he can stimulate longterm financial growth by simply investing in S&P 500 passive index fund. By simply investing in a lower priced funds, individuals can expect a greater and longer lasting financially secure investment. Warren has dedicated a vast amount of time and knowledge explaining the importance of “bottom-up” investments. Lower priced investments would generally create a less risk. Safety and security is the goal for all new and young investors. However, smaller investments will turn smaller rewards according to established financial investors.

Although there is no way of telling which funds will outperform the next, experience and time has helped establish a long list of successful investors. Techniques are applied to help predict and ensure a greater gain for all involved in investing funds. With Warren wagering a million dollar bet, other investors will wait patiently to see the outcome of Warren’s particular investment technique.

Helping Others Create Their Web Presence

President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, is busy making a name for the digital marketing and reputation management firm he is representing. He is doing a great job of managing public relations and handling an online crisis while doing some of the visual effects for Superman and Avatar. He helps political figures get their own digital presence. Darius Fisher is a man of many talents. He enjoys playing soccer and traveling. One of the places he likes to visit is his home in London. Darius was one of the smart and well-rounded individuals to attend Vanderbilt University.


Darius does an awesome job when he takes on a web company and gives it a web presence. He offers the unidentified company a name and a place to succeed. Darius works to provide the company with the quality it needs to succeed. During the recent presidential debates, Darius could have used his social media website to launch a site outlining the debate and the difference. This could help people get to know the politicians better. Darius helps by contributing his time and his money to Forbes and the Huffington post. The information in these two publications is invaluable to the success of the candidates.


Becoming the President of something like Status Labs gives Darius the voice he needs to get his word out. He is also a co-founder of the organization. Status Labs specializes in digital marketing, social media, and reputation management. These marketing tools have become the reason why success comes for those who follow the Status labs example.


Recently Forbes wrote an article about increasing employee satisfaction. He also was named business development individual of the year. He hopes to expand his knowledge and his business to include his daughters in the future. Status Labs and Darius Fisher both hold high hopes for the company. Darius is helping others to overcome the possibility of someone hacking your computer identity. It is important to make sure to remove any tracks when exiting a computer. Make sure to change passwords frequently. Change personal information and try to google yourself to see where you stand with your presence.

JustFab Is For True Lovers of Fashion

Adam Goldenberg is a true visionary in any type of business that he takes on and decides to attach his name to as a CEO or co-CEO. He knows that his name stands for a lot in business and that is not something he takes lightly or for granted. He has proven to have a certain level of success in business and when people hear his name, they tend to stand up, pay attention, and take notice. This is the same Adam Goldenberg that dropped out of high school to pursue his dreams on He is not the type of person to wait around for life to begin or for a business to grow. He pounces on it right away.

As a businessman, he knows that timing is truly everything. If the timing is right and the product is a good one, people are going to flock to it. Goldenberg has keep his eye on the fashion industry and has seen all the ebbs and flows of it. Because of this, he decided to team up as co-CEO with his business partner Don Ressler to create JustFab, which is a product that is a monthly subscription service for the low cost of $39.95 and it provides the customers with shoes, bags and accessories.

One thing they emphasize with this product is quality on They know that quality goes a long way and people can tell when something is poorly made or cheap. They want customers to get the most bang for their buck and be satisfied with their monthly bag of goodies. They do not want the customer to feel as though they have gotten ripped off or cheated every month at Every month is going to be better than the next and the great thing, as mentioned, is the price. When someone is able to combine quality and a low price, that is a successful business product.

They knew they had something special when they started out with this, and they have gone on record to say they were very confident in what it could do. That is the type of attitude a business needs in order to succeed and go places on With two creative and visionary minds like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler behind it, it is sure to grow even further and reach bigger heights. They do not settle once something is successful. It just motivates them to take it to the next level.

James Dondero’s Stock Market Strategy with Argentina

When you think about the stock market in general you will consider many different points of view before you can truly understand what is happening. If you are going to buy ownership in a given company or organization, or even if you just want to lend out funds or make bets against the current market, then you still have to have a strategy on what makes the most sense with respect to your risk tolerance. Each and every day there are new companies, new bonds, new funds, and even new financial vehicles to put money into that has never been done before. That is why it’s not just about understanding what you want to do with respect to investments, but you also need to know exactly how you can do it.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have started to grow their reach not just because they have a fundamental understanding that is greater than many who trade on the markets today, but also because they just have a better understanding when it comes to risk evaluation. When you consider the idea that risk is what you are compensated for in the financial world, then you want to continue to pursue risk, but you also want to pursue risk that is manageable and calculable in general. That is why low risk types of debt instruments such as the emerging Argentinian bond market is the perfect strategy for Highland Capital Management to venture into under the leadership of James Dondero.

James Dondero has not only laid a solid foundation out for all of the employees at Highland Capital Management, but it is also his ability to hand pick the top employees to come work with and for him. By understanding there is a significant focus placed upon bringing in the right people, and also by making hiring the right people just as important as training and coaching up those employees, James has continued to increase the overall efficiency of Highland Capital Management and has helped to grow the organization like no other firm.

Dondero has excelled in his role of being both the co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management not just because of his management ability, but also because of his ability to convey the power of finances and investing. Whether with his own employees or to potential investors, James Dondero’s vision is able to be seen by all who speak with him.

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Brad Reifler on Smart Investments for the Common Man

Founder of Forefront Capital and CEO, Brad Reifler, gave an interview to Reuters where he talked about the investment options open to people outside the traditional finance industry and ways to manage their money along the way.

Wikipedia indicates that Reifler himself lost a bundle on a personal investment that he believed would help his kids through college. Having been on either side of the investment divide, and knowing that the average person is without options to make even the most sound of investments due to regulations put in place, he’s in a position to offer some solid advice.

For those looking to get into investing, Reifler suggests that people set reasonable goals for themselves while considering the risk involved and the capital necessary to invest and covering all applicable fees. This will help allay the uncertainty first time investors may feel. Developing a relationship with your financial manager will also help with this, making them more confident in the person in charge of their money. But even if with a professional managing your money, Reifler cautions new investors to be safe with their money and know how much and in what they choose to invest in.

While these tips are helpful, not everyone will have the opportunity to act on them. Keeping the average individual from throwing money at the stock market at this moment are regulations put in place by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They decide who has the permission to go ahead and invest, and it’s tied into net worth. For an individual who has $1 million or more in net worth, or who receives more than $200,000 in annual revenue, receive the status of accredited investor and can interact with the investing world easily. These income brackets, however, doesn’t apply to the overwhelming majority of people.

These regulations were put in place to protect investors from predatory money managers or unnecessary risks that may have made the market volatile in the past. But with the passing of Dodd-Frank and the formation of the Investor Advisory Committee, Reifler sees many of these investments as intrusive and unnecessary.

Offered as an alternative, Reifler has redirected the focus of his firm, seeking to attract more investors who’d fall beneath high-income requirements to better secure their own financial future with knowledgeable managers to service them. Even with the skittish nature of investors following the 2008 global recession, he’s confident that people who want to can take investing into their own hands.  From Brad’s official website.

Development of Organogold

Everyone wants to enjoy a beverage without fear. One that hydrates you, tastes great and leaves you refreshed. An enriched beverage is one that has been added micronutrients that leaves the consumer nourished and healthy. This is what Organogold is about, designing such beverages, natraceuticals and personal care products. Through a dedicated team of leaders, marketers and trained personnel, OrganoGold provides the very best of these products, claiming it’s a title as one of the fastest growing multi level Network Marketing Companies in the world.

OrganoGold began in 2008 in RichMond, B.C, with Bernado Chua as the founder. Though an already successful business man, he had a vision and commitment to bringing the ancient Chinese herb known as ganordema to the rest of the world. He was committed to sell a range of healthy bioactive beverages such as coffee and tea made with Ganoderm lucidum fond in the lingzhi mushroom for promotion and sale through an established multi-level marketing distribution network on a whole sale basis, which are offered to consumers for a retailed price. To realize his dream, he brought a board Shane Morand, a Global Master Distributor who was able to motivate and develop leaders all over the world, helping expand the company into 6 continents. Holton Buggs was invited to join the company and promoted and is the executive vice president of international sales. What started as a small shop with only three employees is now a grown Network Marketing Company, now operating in thirty five (35) countries.

OrganoGold products are a wide range of gourmet beverages, natraceaticals and personal care products. These products are specially designed, and are enhanced with ancient chinese herbal remedies to suit any life style. These products are accompanied with knowledge of these special ingredients to the global community. From coffees to teas, toothpaste just to mention a few of OrganoGold products, the company has successfully created new levels of wellness, prosperity and balance.

Besides the above mentioned products OrganoGold, has created an opportunity for the world to benefit through by sponsoring the Og cares foundation. The OG cares foundation is a non-profit organization that is helping create the leaders of tomorrow by enriching the lives of young people around the world. The foundation bridges the youth ho believe that they have no future with the skills they need to be successful in life.

Needless to say, Bernardo Chua has maintained high standards in both quality of products and organtiion skills as the CEO the OrganoGold to ensure a longer life and a future for both the company and the consumers all over the world.

Why Kevin Seawright Has Continued To Champion for the Rights of the Oppressed

Over the years, business and technological executives have emerged across the world offering professional services to improve the living standards of people. This has led to increased human interactions thus leading to the emergence and development of new business ideas. Such personalities have contributed immensely in the advancement of human growth and development thus ensuring increased understanding of our environment. Kevin Seawright is one such personality that has invested in the technological advancement in order to better the living standards of people across the United States of America. He is the current Chief Finance Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation which is an organization to help the poor and less fortunate in the community to understand their rights in the society. In a recent interview on worldclassmagazines, he has outlined the success story behind him and what steps he took to reach greater heights in life. At the organization, Kevin Seawright intends to develop and improve the lives of people living in Newark through providing accessible internet connectivity through WI-Fi and building a network that will benefit all citizens.

Kevin Seawright started financial management practices while still a young boy when his parents introduced him to financial stewardship in helping to change the lives of Philadelphia people. Here, he got the moral strength to develop interest in advancing the career in ensuring the poor are always protected from the oppression of the rich. He benefited a lot from formal education and encourages people to seek formal education since it’s the key to success in life. Online education has also provided a good platform for people to get education since majority of higher education students receive lectures through the platform. This has provided the best initiative for many people to engage in education process all round the clock. He acknowledges that success revolves around a healthy relationship with family members and as such people should foster unity with family members. Contributing and giving back to the community is another way of promoting success. The organization is helping the less fortunate and small business people access loans for development since they are often turned away from major banks. As a result, the network has gained a lot of prominent in the region and has continued to attract a lot of attention from people.

Staying happy always contributes to a successful individual. This is according to Kevin Seawright who attributes his success from the strength and love he gets from his younger daughter. This has made him contribute positively through community development programs and lifting the lives of people living in Newark. Sports is another major parts of Kevin Seawright’s life with preference in basketball playing. This initiative have made him source for qualified and upcoming teenagers to train them on the importance of sporting activities.  Kevin is also well known for his love of music, and he frequently posts new tracks he discovers on SoundCloud.

The Success Story of Kyle Bass in Fostering Financial Development

Over the years, the financial situation of many countries has been dictated by the economic development indicators. As such, many people have developed interest in development of financial management structures to help and manage economic development of different countries. This has led to the emergence of professional personalities like Kyle Bass who has contributed immensely in the development of financial institutions in United States of America. He is the founder of Hayman Capital Management which is an investment firm that has contributed in the advancement of economic growth in US. Kyle Bass has contributed his opinion on economic development forums and predicted the development of successful economic development indicators in the recent years. According to a release on CNBC news, he has joined other like-minded and professional personalities in discussing the market outlook in 2016. His contribution comes at a time that many people are focusing renewed energy in opening and expanding their business platform in 2016. As such, investors are the biggest beneficiaries of the financial opinions since majority of players have focused their energy in the emerging market structures of 2016.

He has compared the economic situation of China with United States of America where he attributes clear similarities between the two economies. On his blog he compares what is happening to China with the European crisis where the financial banks are experiencing slow growth in profit returns. This is because the banking system of China outgrew the gross domestic product. As a result, the banking systems have experienced growth capital of 35trilion dollars compared to the GDP of 10 trillion dollars. This has reduced the lending rates thus plunging China into an economic downfall and subsequent crisis. This is one area investors should focus before embarking on investing in any given field in China. As for US, he attributes a slow growth of economy of between 10-20% and will not be affected much with the global crisis facing many countries in the recent years.

Kyle bass has been very vocal in matters economy which has brought him much recognition in the media industry. He came on the international front after establishing the Hayman Capital Management in 2006 and later successfully predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Through this initiative, he has been hosted on many global television stations talking about the extent of economic development and how it is affecting the living standards of the poor people. He has defended his country Argentina from much criticism from the international community. He defended the country from the attacks where it had defaulted in paying the sovereign debt in the second year running. When the US judge granted Paul Singer of Elliott Management to be paid full amount he is owed Argentina. Kyle Bass came on strongly opposing the initiative as oppressing the poor nation.  Although Kyle Bass continues to be criticized by some outlets, like UsefulStooges.

Susan McGalla: the Force Behind Pittsburg Steeler’s Success

The company launched a brand new fashion line and a new website, which is geared towards connecting with the fans and members of the team. The fashion line has been well received by the fans who are currently demanding merchandises to suit their styles. According to Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn, who is the current director of strategic planning, the new fashion line is available on the firm’s website. The online selling is preferred because it makes it easy for the customers to get what they want in a convenient way. The firm has been able to launch new products in 2015 such as the Pandora Jewelry, Tommy Bahama, Victoria Secret, and Nike Golf labels. Lots of pink items were also launched for the girls who love the Steelers, including neon yellow and the metallic gold.

Susan McGalla is an experienced lady in the retail business. Before she joined the Steelers, she used to be the chief executive officer of the Eagle Outfitters and later the Wet Seal. The Wet Seal Company specializes in the provision of services in the real estate market. Previously, she also used to work as a board of trustee at the University of Pittsburgh, and she has also worked as the president of the Allegheny conference. Susan McGalla is very experienced in marketing, talent management, and branding.

Susan McGalla had begun her illustrious career while working for the Joseph Home Company. At the company, she held several managerial positions, and she eventually left to join the American Eagle Outfitters, where she established herself as a buyer who concentrated on women clothing. At the company, she served in various positions, and because of her hard work, she was promoted to serve as the president of the enterprise. It is at this time while she was serving as the leader of the organization when she launched the famous 77kid’s brands. Susan McGalla spends her free time advising young women on how they can be competitive and succeed in business. She does offer motivational talks to the students, and one of the organizations that has benefited immensely from her speeches is the Girl’s Foundation that is situated in Pittsburgh.

Known Shaygan Kheradpir Takes helm at Coriant to lead in its growth

Coriant Company, a leading telecommunications company that started in the year 2013 has emerged as a leader in providing technology solutions worldwide. Because of its expansion, the Coriant Company appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the chief executive officer and the board chairman.

The new CEO

Coriant operates in over 100 countries and its expansion means appointing top executives to turn it around. Shaygan has been a senior manager within the company, taking the role of Operating Partner. Here, he oversaw the company strategic planning and managing. The new CEO was appointed by Coriant to ensure the company growth and strengthen its business solutions. Before his appointment, Shaygan Kheradpir has worked at GTE Company rising through the ranks and getting his experience, thereby making him one of the leading executives.

Shaygan Kheradpir is known to be a leading business executive and operations manager, having a 28-year experience in executive positions. Therefore, Coriant is expected to turn around the client demand on data and expand the market such as the construction of hyper-scale data center and long haul transport deployments. Shaygan Kheradpir studied electrical engineering and holds a bachelor, masters and then a doctoral degree. Previously, he had had stints working at GTE, Barclays, Juniper and Verizon, where he was tasked with developing various products that enhance client relationship with companies.

The Coriant connection

After holding executive positions in charge of product developments at Barclays, Verizon, GTE and Juniper, Coriant poached the famous Executive. Something that attracted Shaygan to this company is its comprehensive portfolios for data networking and packet optical solutions, innovations in technology, worldwide service to clients and the need to expand and reach hundreds of clients. With the current expansion and efficiency, Coriant will be in a position to give clients cost effective solutions as outlined at FierceTelecom’s site.

With its expansion, Coriant has proved itself as a company supplying innovative networking solutions to clients. Today, the company boasts of having the top clients in the world comprised of Tier 1 Communication and Service Providers, government, cloud providers and business enterprises. Today, the company provides mobile backhaul solutions and in class packet optical transport. One of the company achievements is world record transmission capacity at 57.6Tbps using hollow core fiber.