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Why Adam Milstein Is Consider Highly Influential By The Jerusalem Post

Adam Milstein has put a lot of work over the years into Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment company he co-founded with David Hager many years ago and where he is currently Managing Partner. The company owns many high-end residential and commercial properties in California, Texas and Illinois and Milstein has been responsible for the funding and investor growth in the company. But he’s also a philanthropist that’s been active in many organizations promoting the welfare and policies of Israel, and he and his wife Gila have also started programs for teaching Jewish families Hebrew. These accomplishments earned him a spot in the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2016.

Milstein shared some insights into his business with Ideamensch, a blog that’s interviewed many businessmen to find out what’s made them successful. Adam Milstein said he had the idea to start Hager Pacific Properties while still in grad school and he felt becoming a commercial real estate broker was something he could do better than what other companies were offering him. He said his partner David Hager has been one of the most influential figures in his life due to his thoughtful insights and knowledge of world markets. He’s said that one way to be successful is to not limit yourself to too many specific goals in a given time, and also to always follow up with every contact you make.

Adam Milstein is formerly from Israel and is also a veteran of the Israeli military having fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. After completing his military service he joined his father in the building framing and construction business and also married Gila Elgrably. He attended the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology not long after and completed his bachelor’s degree in business and economics. He also temporarily ran a business selling art to the temples while there. Later he completed his master’s degree at USC after relocating to the US with his family.

Adam and Gila founded the Milstein Foundation in the year 2000, and it’s the main channel through which they support Jewish non-profit groups. Adam Milstein is also Chairman of the Israeli-American Council and a member of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs and Hillel International. He’s spoken at many pro-Israeli forums, university campuses and other special conferences.


You Can Now Earn While You Learn

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Brad Reifler Gives Advice for Successful Investing

Brad Reifler has become known as a leading authority when it comes to investing. Reifler has created an amazing career for himself around his amazing investing skills. Reifler has been a powerhouse in the world of finance due to these amazing skills he has developed over past decades in the industry. Reifler has been able to invest money in large amounts from various hedge funds and other institutional investment vehicles. As CEO of Forefront Captial, Reifler has been able to develop many investing skills that can help the average investor as well. In a recent article published in Reuters, Reifler states some basic tips that can help the average investor with their portfolio.

The first thing that Reifler states is the importance of not investing all of your money into the stock market. When you put all of your money into the stock market, you have no room for error. You must have an emergency fund, real estate holdings, commodities, or other types of cash reserves as a fall back if your investments in the stock market do not perform well.

When you are placing your money into a fund, you need to get to know your fund manager. You have to be able to trust the professional who is investing your money. Your financial goals must be well-known by the fund manager to better your chances of having them met in a respectable manner. Don’t feel as though you need to stay with a fund if you are not getting along with the professional who is managing your money.

Just like any other goal you set in life, you need to know what the final outcome is. With your finances, you need to be able to see the bigger picture. This will allow you to be better positioned in the market in order to reach your goals. You will also be able to weather the storms of volatile markets when you have the bigger picture in mind. Having a clear vision of your financial future will help you to save and invest properly over the years without making poor decisions.

Adam Goldenberg: A Marketing Legend In The Fashion Industry

JustFab is an online fashion retailer that is revolutionizing the fashion shopping experience, bringing stylish outfits at an affordable price to customers around the world. The founder and co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg has made this company popular not because he started it with advanced knowledge of fashion design, but because he is a fun-loving, creative individual who is always willing to bring new ideas to the table. He and his colleague Don Ressler have hired some of the best fashion consultants, including Kimora Lee Simmons as president and creative director, and have received funding from some top investors, including Josh Hannah, who have allowed the company to take off and market its products internationally. Adam Goldenberg has made JustFab a top-notch fashion outlet going up against the likes of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Adam Goldenberg was a creative marketer all the way from childhood. His first interest was gaming, but he decided to turn it into a business when he built his own website for Gamers Alliance, a company that advertised different gaming websites and connected gamers to their niches. Intermix Media, the company that founded MySpace became very interested in Goldenberg and his business, and hired him as Vice President of their strategic planning division. Goldenberg put his ideas to work for Intermix Media, helping them explore new markets and after just 2 years working for them, he became the youngest Chief Operating Officer for a publicly traded company on

Goldenberg had many wonderful experiences with Intermix, but none more so than meeting up with Don Ressler, another young entrepreneur who had started up his own fitness brand company Fitness Heaven, and the two became friends and partners in future endeavors. Goldenberg and Ressler left Intermix Media in 2005, deciding to start fresh with their own company. The fashion industry is what appealed to Adam Goldenberg, although he admitted when he got in he knew very little about the terminology. Still, he and Ressler decided it would be fun and worth the risk to try, so they started up Intelligent Beauty, a beta company for trying out new fashion product lines.

In 2010, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to go big by starting up a company that would deliver a fun unique shopping experience. And that’s when JustFab was born, a new enterprise that would change the online retail scene at Goldenberg and Ressler’s friend Kimora saw the potential of this company, and she brought her ideas and twitter followers over to it, helping it become a very popular brand. The company has been able to generate millions worth in revenue since.

A Brief Timeline of Adam Goldenberg’s Success with Fabletics

JustFab is a commonly heard name throughout the world, but few realize that Fabletics by Kate Hudson is a branch of JustFab, and was established as a means to abolish the theory that athletic wear is too expensive, ineffective and, frankly, uncomfortable. Co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, believes in the product rather than the marketing that builds it up, so there is no denying the general quality of Fabletics, and how anything less than amazing would not be approved by the meticulous CEO at

A Brief Timeline of Fabletics and Its Success

* Established in 2013 as a means to eliminate the stereotypes associated with athletic gear by offering quality fabrics and patterns at affordable prices.

* Less than a year later, Fabletics launches in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

* A few months later, Canada welcomes the brand.

* In February 2015, the line heads to Australia.

* In June of 2015, the company that is led by male CEOs finally launches a male line.

The quirky personality of the Fabletics team is depicted in all of their actions as well as their success. With an unfaltering mission to deliver a quality product to communities across the world, the company remains an important part of people’s lives and, well, their closets, too!

Trendy patterns picked by experts and, of course, approved by Adam Goldenberg accent every piece, while their mantra of “Live your Passion” is heard from consumers willing to give their testimonies.

In conclusion, Adam Goldenberg morals and vast business knowledge allow him to operate such successful companies that do far more than improve people’s style choices, but motivate them to make better decisions and to maintain their general self-esteem. Adam Goldenberg believes in listening to consumer feedback in all of his business endeavors and, generally, uses the information as a means to strengthen weak portions of his companies. A vibrant personality that is eager to please rather than simply succeed has allowed him to do what he enjoys each day; improving the lives of thousands is just an added bonus. It will be interesting to see where Goldenberg’s ideas take him next!

CCMP Capital President Stephen Murray Leaves Behind Impressive Legacy at 52

Those who were fortunate to know him, all say that Stephen Murray was a tremendous investor and deal maker who knew how to grow a business like no one else.   Sadly, the former CEO and CCMP Capital President died in March of 2015 after an illness.

He was 52-years-old and left behind his wife, Tami A. Murray, and their four sons.  Murray had stepped down from his New York-based firm in February of 2015, because of what the company called “health-related reasons.”  Murray left his business footprint in many areas (read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees) and had recently served on these well-regarded boards- LHP Hospital Group; Crestcom International; Octagon Credit; Strongwood Insurance Holdings;  InvestorsInfogroup Inc.; Jetro JMDH Holdings and  Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Stephen Murray was known as an industry pioneer, someone who had the magic touch when it came to making businesses a lot of money. Murray had joined JPMorgan’s merchant bank in 1989, helping to create a major private-equity business.

At one point, JPMorgan Partners was branded as one of the largest, global private equity firms.  JPMorgan Partners changed its name to CCMP in 2006, after it was spun off as a separate business. Murray took over the helm as CEO in 2007 and helped the firm create a new identity with investors. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

During his last year running CCMP, the company raised a $3.6 billion fund.   A 2011 article in Institutional Investor magazine mentions that Murray grew up in a New York City suburb in Westchester County, New York. According to CCMP, he graduated with  a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University in New York.

CCMP specializes in middle-market leveraged buyouts and growth-equity investments. A few investments of CCMP have included Quiznos Corp., Warner Chilcott Plc. and Cabela’s, Inc. CCMP’s main focus caters to firms in the health care, industrial, consumer and energy sectors.

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