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David McDonald is at the Top of his Game as he leads OSI into the Future

David McDonald is the COO (Chief Operating Officer), as well as President of the OSI Group, LLC. He has been with the company for more than 28 years. The company has always been on track to grow and prosper due to is entrepreneurial spirit and that is an element that McDonald has always supported and encouraged. Growth is driven by the company’s desire to be the global food provider and provide clients with the best product to help them achieve their own successful goals.

McDonald is proud to lead a team with the “can do” spirit and their ability to go above and beyond to meet clients expectations, as well as their needs. It takes creative and out of the box solutions to meet those needs and David McDonald inspires his team to strive for that level. Part of the success path for OSI is their long term strategy. When they work with a client they build a relationship for the long term rather than working towards one goal at a time. Building a relationship with a client is like building a business. The game plan might be different, but the same basic principles apply and McDonald understands this.

David McDonald’s educational background includes earning a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University located in Ames, Iowa. He is the past chairman of the North American Meat Institute, as well as a current member of the board of directors. As a young boy, McDonald had an interest in the agricultural industry. He spent many years working on a farm and his desire was to improve the operational methods for farms.

Following his college career, McDonald joined the team at OSI. Through hard work, passion for his job and determination to succeed, McDonald rose through the ranks of the company to become its present day leader. His outstanding leadership has garnered him the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He has earned the respect of his peers, as well as colleagues throughout the industry.

David McDonald has been one of the guiding forces behind OSI growth. The company has acquired Baho Foods, as well as the former Tyson Plant in Chicago. Baho Foods compliments OSI’s products greatly and gives both companies a bit more leverage with customers throughout the world. The acquisition strategy gives the company the ability to grow in a more global direction. By expanding several facilities located worldwide, Davis McDonald has created more visibility for OSI.

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How Talos Energy Made A Huge Oil Discovery Off Mexico

Talos Energy, Inc., is a firm in the energy, oil, and gas industry which was established in 2012. They are a privately held firm which was co-founded by four businessman who are Timothy S. Duncan, John A. Parker, Stephen E. Heitzman, and John L. Harrison. They do offshore exploration for oil and gas and are also do production. Their explorations take place in the Gulf of Mexico.The Zama well, which is located off the shores of Mexico, has been a big success for Talos Energy. It was only within the past few years that Mexico started allowing any private-sector companies to explore for oil within their territory outside of their state-run company.

This changed and Talos Energy capitalized on this when they made one of the first discoveries of an oil and gas deposit. Drilling of the Zama-1 well began in July 2017. It drilled down 11,100 ft and found a source of oil that they estimate contains somewhere between 1.4 to 2 billion barrels worth of oil. This was a huge discovery and an executive of one of their partners on the project, Sierra Oil and Gas’s Subsurface Director Mark Shann, commented that he hadn’t seen anything like the Zama-1 well discovery in his entire career.This discovery of oil by Talos Energy in the Sureste Basin made big headlines in their industry. It is being hailed as a super basin and will be a very highly productive well.

The team at this company is now eying a nearby basin as well called Tampico-Misantla which could potentially be another super basin with a billion to two billion in barrels of oil.Talos Energy, Inc. was Talos Energy, LLC up through April of 2018. They made this change after acquiring Stone Energy Corporation in a $1.9 billion deal. The combined company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and they also have offices in two Louisiana cities, New Orleans and Lafayette. The board of directors now has six members that came from Talos Energy and four members that came from Stone Energy. Talos Energy now trades on the NYSE under the symbol “TALO”.

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Successful Entrepreneurship, Case Study of Jose Hawilla

Some of the most successful people in the business world are not those employed or professionals. Many are entrepreneurs that make it to the top more often the rest. Despite most people being conversant with what entrepreneurship is, few people have made it up the entrepreneurship ladder. There is a lot of potential in entrepreneurship, which is signified by the number of entrepreneurship programs offered in colleges and universities. This notwithstanding, there are some fundamental entrepreneurship factors that determine the success of the entrepreneur that cannot be taught in class.


According to linkedin, for instance, entrepreneurs have a different personality that is characterized by independence and initiative taking using instinctive capabilities to the most magnificent way they can. They do not have a fixed time or working and will devote themselves wholly to working long hours even at night and during weekends. They make quick decisions in the wake of changes to effectively take advantage of prevailing opportunities as well as avert losses.


Additionally, successful entrepreneurs can identify environments that will bring the best out of their business ideas. For example, they can pick countries that have better entrepreneurial success rates due to some factors such as tax incentives, support groups, and availability of business loans. For instance, the US is ranked 1st by the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index, followed by Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Sweden.


Looking at the example of Jose Hawilla who is Brazilian sporting industry entrepreneur mostly in football, the factors as mentioned earlier stand verified. He is a journalist by profession who went ahead to found Traffic Group, Brazil’s leading sports marketing company. He has taken the group through critical footballing competitions since 1980 mostly in South America. Traffic Group markets TV rights and enters into promotional and sponsorship deals with teams. The group has different companies engaged in event production, sports marketing, video production and television broadcasting.  You can visit to see more



When identifying markets, like previously the US is a good entrepreneurship ground and Jose Hawilla has started and partnered Traffic Group with franchises in the US soccer league, English football, Olympic events, and World Cup activities. Clubs such as Fort Lauderdale Strikers an American NASL side and Estoril Praia in Portugal add to the entrepreneur’s list of franchises. They enjoy broadcasting rights to numerous events in South America such as Copa Sudamericana, Copa America, Copa Libertadores, and others. To ensure global presence, Hawilla has founded Traffic Sports bases in USA, Portugal, and Netherlands.



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OSI Group is not Stopping at Anything in the Global Food Market

Being honored ahead of other worthy competitors shows remarkable success and progression especially in the business world. OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2015. This follows development by the company efforts in ensuring safe, healthy and eco-friendly working environments for it employees. The awards honor firms that have demonstrated health and safety risks management at work earning a maximum of five stars in both categories. The company was among eight other organizations to win the global award.

Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has made remarkable expansion into the global market in the recent year. The leading global food provides supplies custom food solutions and has 65 facilities spread over 17 countries. In Europe, the company increased its presence when it bought Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, convenience food industries, and snacks. Baho Food owns five affiliate companies in Germany and Netherlands whose management will work with OSI in coming up with a growth strategy. They have been expanding and acquiring food companies as an expansion strategy in the last three years.

OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group in December 2016. Flagship Europe makes sauces, pies, poultry, sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, dips, marinades and dressings for the UK market. These additions will help OSI fulfill their customer needs and expand their resources in Europe. This was followed by the purchase of a high capacity production line in Toledo, Spain that will increase the production to 24,000 tons of chicken products annually. There is an increased demand for chicken products in both Portugal and Spain, allowing the company to have a more significant share of the market. OSI Food Solutions Spain will meet the demands increasing their products, customers and new jobs in the process.

In 2015 when Tyson Food Plant in Chicago was closing down, OSI Group offered and acquired the 200,000 square feet plant. Preparing meals such as omelets, meatballs, crepes, and tempura chicken, the plant will see OSI diversify its products serving a bigger number of clients. Located near one of OSI North America plants, the Tyson plant will serve as an expansion plan for storage and processing. OSI offered to retain 250 employees of the plant providing those jobs.

OSI Group, a holding company for meat processors, which provides food for restaurants and other food outlets, was founded in 1909. It has over 20,000 workers with annual revenues of $6.1 billion producing food products such as meat patties, pizza, vegetables, poultry, hot dogs, fish, and bacon.

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Desiree Perez Has A New Plan Going Forward

You can’t look at anything happening in the music industry today without realizing that the people behind it all just aren’t getting the recognition that has allowed it to happen. Desiree Perez has played a major role in making sure that Roc Nation, the company created by hip hop mogul Jay Z, is able to stay afloat regardless of what situation comes up. Her work has allowed Roc Nation to produce billions as she helped seal some of the most prominent deals out there. There simply aren’t too many people out there who have the same drive and have contributed to the same extent.

Desiree Perez is going to be remember for the way that she stuck with the people who got her into the music industry helped them expand. She understood that the company had the potential to expand into new territory in sports and other areas with the right mindset. Now, we can understand that what she thought is quite true because Roc Nation has entered sports with all of the success you would expect. The success that Perez has generated is giving Roc Nation the potential to go down the same route as other prominent entertainment companies.

Jay Z has created an empire and he uses the people who have been with him since day one to help him. They have proven to be loyal and ambitious on a scale that others can’t hope to copy. Where the future is going to take them is certainly a major theme of Desiree Perez’s story now. She is tasked with helping this company become so much greater than what it started as. Her desire to make the most out of every move is going to prove to be an important part of everything going forward from now on.

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WAX, Malcolm CasSelle’s Offshoot That Is Causing Blockchain Enthusiasts To Salivate

OPSkins is also the leading bitcoin merchant because it provides a platform on which traders can transact on the virtual market.

Despite the success of OPSkins, the technology encounters several limitations such as centralization. This is a peril in virtual transactions because it is exposed to security hazards.

For this, they only charge a dismal transaction fee of 10 percent. This makes OPSkins the leading forum of in-game virtual resources.

To counter this threat, OPSkins created WAX. This is an improvement on OPSkins. The platform is based on a blockchain technology that allows for decentralization while allowing the maximum security of transactions.

This innovative technology eliminates the two biggest problems facing virtual trading — fraud and centralization.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins. The MIT graduate also holds a Master’s degree in Computer science from the University of Stanford. He has amassed business experience from working in various organizations.

Before joining WAX, he was the president and CTO at Tribune publishing; he mentored Plug and Play Bitcoin Company, and he has been an advisor at Votocast, Bringhub and many more.

He has a passion for building companies, e-commerce, gaming, digital currencies and disruptive technologies. Malcolm CasSelle is accredited for taking PCCW, a firm he co-founded, from startup to $38billion in just 18 months.

He also raised the customer base and raised the value of the firm to $500 million within a year. Such accomplishments can be traced back to his technology and exceptional marketing capabilities.

Malcolm CasSelle expresses confidence that the WAX platform will revolutionize the gaming industry because it solves problems associated with the current technology, and it provides the traders with security for all their transactions.

This platform will also allow traders to store the value in the form of Wax tokens, which they can exchange regardless of their geographic location and without switching off their game.

Sucess Story of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a well-known name in the world of business. Many of us have heard about this great Canadian businessman who has brought great difference in many companies he has sat as the Chief Executive Officer.

The History Of Louis Chenevert

He was born and brought up in Montreal, Quebec. He joined HEC Montreal which is an affiliated Business Institution of the University of Montreal. He graduated in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In May 2011, HEC Montreal awarded him a doctorate honoris causa while Concordia University awarded him with an honoris causa in 2014.

His Contribution To The Success Of UTC

Louis Chenevert has entered into the United Technologies Corporation’s legacy book. This is due to his great and unbelievable accomplishments before he became the CEO of this company, during and after his CEO tenure.

Louis Chenevert was a steward and always looked forward to the betterment of UTC. His main driving force was his desire of leaving UTC a better place than he found it. He was a fully dedicated, self-driven and focused leader. He not only thought about UTC’s short-term goals but its long-term goals as well. He took time to invest in people and technology and this resulted in the merger of Pratt & Whitney and United Technologies Corporation.

Louis Chenevert great desire of investing in technology became the key to driving UTC’s future growth and development. His vision when he was the CEO of UTC is now a key contributor to the growth of U.S economy. Today, Whitney and Pratt have different manufacturing plants in Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, Florida, New York and Michigan.

One of his greatest achievements

He has had great achievements in his career as he moved from General Motors to Whitney & Pratt and finally to United Technologies Corporations. He focused much on changing how businesses production, maintain the quality of UTC products while trying to cut the cost of production.

Another greatest achievement noted under his name is the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation. His aim of acquiring this company was basically to get its help in aircraft component manufacturer which in return would reduce internal production cost expanding their market share even more.

Louis Chenevert: The Builder of UTC

Louis Chenevert is a crucial person to mention if you want to have a discussion about the growth of United Technologies Corporation, or UTC. Much like the current CEO, Louis Chenevert believes that it was his job as CEO to leave the company better than when he found it. He focused on three things as CEO of United Technologies Corporation: investing in innovation, long term goals for the company, and the people that make up the company.

Short term results are important, and the CEO of a company must deliver tangible results in the short term. But the CEO must also maintain a long term view for the company that he or she leads, and develop steps to work toward long term goal for the company. United Technologies Corporation has always been focused on delivering training to its employees, as well as investing in technology, so that future goals for the company can be met by working on the problems that the company faces today. Louis Chenevert is someone who always comes up when talking about the United Technologies Corporation and it’s investment in technology. Louis Chenevert and his vision with the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engine changed the company and its future.

To understand how the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engine and United Technologies corporation came together, it is crucial to know that Louis Chenevert saw that the engine was going to become crucial to global development. When Louis Chenevert became the CEO of United Technologies Corporation in 2006, he brought the new engine to the company and made it a company focus. It took $10 billion and two decades to design the jet engine, but it changed the industry for the better.

Competitive market advantage is still the cornerstone of the United Technologies Corporation strategy today. Louis Chenevert has left a legacy and changed the culture of the company so that it could continue to make a positive impact on the global economy.

Glen Wakeman: Business visionary

Glen Wakeman is more than a globally recognized businessman. He is also a mentor, entrepreneur and a revolutionary in the workplace.

A University of Chicago graduate who holds an MBA, Wakeman was instrumental in the development of mergers and acquisitions, established new performance methods and has provided guidance to start ups around the world.

During his more than three decades with GE Capital, Wakeman lived in six different countries and worked in more than 32. He co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015. The Software as a Service (SAAS) firm provides online business planning services and advice to entrepreneurs just getting started in business.

Wakeman is also the president and founder of Nova Four, a company that offers strategic advice and financial access to businesses that are just getting started. Wakeman also coaches CEOs and performs board duties as a means of ensuring the improvements he suggests.

A prolific blogger, Wakeman has authored numerous articles on everything from business transformation to emerging markets to global affairs and leadership. Wakeman provides his readers with advice on everything from financing to strategy.

Wakeman brings his ideas for business transformation to fruition by simply explaining them to others. He said this forces him to not only outline the plan, but think critically about what he is proposing. This enables him to not only develop the plan, but to defend it to those he is presenting the proposal to.

Thriving on growing businesses, Glen Wakeman has developed a methodology that bolsters five different components of performance, which include: Preparing the company for a change in leadership; ensuring that the company’s vision, tactics and strategy are aligned; making sure that the company’s technology, processes and people are working together; minimizing business disruptions; and that the culture allows for constructive criticism.

He is currently interested in using machine learning to help solve business problems and believes the most important thing an entrepreneur can do is to stay in touch with everyone they know. Maintaining those contacts, Wakeman believes, can propel a business to success.


Paul Mampilly Warns Investors to Dump These Losers.

Paul Mampilly has been a professional investor for over 25 years. He’s seen many market ups and downs. He’s managed money for the royalty of Europe at the Royal Bank of Scotland. He managed money for a hedge fund named as one of the world’s best by BARRON’S. He won an investment contest put on by a foundation that carries on the work of John Templeton, one of the most famous investors of all time. Every month, in his newsletter Profits Unlimited, he tells subscribers what companies to buy so they can get wealthy by riding on the five megatrends he has identified. In 2016, he began predicting this bull market would go to 50,000 and on up.

Paul Mampilly is a bull for the overall stock market and, especially, for the companies he has uncovered that are going to grow from the megatrends. However, in a recent blog post he tells readers they should sell some of their investments.

The first asset class he advises everyone to dump is corporate bonds. The safest bonds in the world are the 10-year Treasury bond issued by the United States Treasury. In recent years, the interest rates the federal paid on Treasury bonds was very low, nearly zero. Therefore, investors around the world bought corporate bonds because they paid out a little more money in interest. However, the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates on government bonds in late 2015. Now, United States Treasury bonds pay out as much as old corporate bonds. Therefore, there is no sound reason to own these corporate bonds. They pay the same interest as Treasuries, but have more risk. Corporations can go bankrupt and fail to make the interest payments.

According to Paul Mampilly, the strong global business recovery makes the traditional hedges or safe shelter types of investments bad assets to hold in your portfolio now. That includes low growth dividend stocks. That includes Kellog and Campbell’s Soup. Their stocks have gone down 20% to 30%, and will continue to decline in value.

Paul Mampilly also says to sell the kinds of assets people typically buy when they are expecting the market to crash. This includes such hard money assets as gold, diamonds and collectibles. The world is not going to experience another Great Depression anytime soon.

Although they are new, not traditional, cryptocurrencies are another example of investments that people are buying because they are inaccurately expecting a stock market crash.

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