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The Phenomenal Helane Morrison and Compliance Practice

The fact that risk and compliance officer are assuming bigger roles in corporate affairs isn’t a surprise at all. In recent decades, the practice of risk and compliance has grown tremendously and gained relevance. Every major enterprise has such a department within the organization structure.


Risk and compliance officers also perform an essential task. They preserve the integrity and transparency of organizations. Compliance practitioners also harmonize organizational goals with resources available especially the workforce who must work towards the shared objectives. Another important role is that of linking their organizations to the government and regulatory authorities.


Practitioners in this industry, therefore, have to keep up with loads of new information hence the need for knowledge sharing. The Risk and Compliance Journal was established for such purposes. It assists members and corporate executives to understand the dangers that threaten their organizations lead to stakeholder apathy. The Journal goes a step further into analyzing the risks that come with expansion into global markets as well as laws and regulations unique to every industry. It then stops after highlighting actions taken by other firms to comply with expected standards.


One of the most experienced figures in the practice of compliance and risk happens to be a phenomenal woman. Helane Morrison has dedicated her career to gathering knowledge and using it to provide practical solutions. She serves as the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Hall Capital investment bank. Her background in law also makes her assume the lead counsel role. Overall, the investment firm has also trusted her to take on the duties of a managing director.


Apparently a busy woman, Helane was always an active student in her early days. She did her first degree in Journalism at the Northwestern University. She then proceeded to the University of California for a law degree at the Berkeley School of Law. It’s worth noting that she rose to the position of Editor- in-Chief at the California Law Review at the same time.


Helane Morrison is a respected figure in the community. She serves as a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation. At the American Bar Association, she sits on the Hedge Fund Subcommittee. Helane also published articles, journals and seminar papers as part of knowledge sharing in addition to giving a public lecture on risk and compliance matters.

Learn more about Helane’s career on Crunchbase.

Brad Reifler: A Successful Entrepreneur

Bradley Reifler is best known for being the Founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC, as well as its subsidiaries, Forefront Capital Management, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Markets. Brad founded this business in June 2009. Forefront Group specializes as being a boutique investment banking firm, meaning they are small and only deal with high quality clients. They are also a wealth management firm. They offer services of investment advice to both individuals as well as institutions. The company works for global companies, distributors, and investors to help them reach their financial goals. Forefront Management uses banking and portfolio management, as well as leaders in distribution and coalitions of business to advise their clients.

Brad Reifler also founded Pali Capital earlier in his career. As an entrepreneur, he acted as the Chief Executive Officer until late 2008. Under his watch, Pali Capital grew from a small company into a large corporation, bringing in over $200 million per year. They have over 200 employees, and additionally they now have offices outside of the United States in the United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America.

Reifler has led a career of entrepreneurship and been successful in the financial industry. The companies that he starts continue to grow throughout the years.

The Genius of Brad Reifler

In many instances, the term genius is used when perhaps it does not apply. However, for people with an intimate knowledge of the financial industry, they agree the word genius definitely applies to Brad Reifler. Having established himself as one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs for more than three decades, his keen attention to detail and unmatched ability to analyze facts and figures has led to him starting various companies and succeeding with each and every one.

Beginning with Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980s, Brad made it clear from the beginning that he was something special. Using a unique combination of institutional research, information dissemination, and global advisory services, Brad grew the company into one of the world’s largest futures operations companies. In fact, by the time he chose to sell the company in 2000, RTC was considered one of the biggest and most influential futures companies in the industry.

While incredibly successful at RTC, it was his next company Pali Capital that put the world on notice that Brad was here to stay. At Pali, he perfected his use of the strategies used at RTC and also incorporated new ones such as derivative structures and in-depth credit analysis to develop strategic planning that took Pali to new heights. Believing strongly that these strategies were the keys to success for himself, his sales team, and investors, Brad put his theories into practice and produced stunning results. When he ended his wildly successful run as the company’s CEO after 13 years, his company and its investors had reaped the benefits of more than $1 billion in commission income. As he continues to look toward the future as CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad realizes it is hard work and determination that keeps a company on top.


Brian Mulligan is the current CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a media, entertainment and sports advisory company. In addition to this he has served as Managing Director of Deutche Bank Securities Inc, and at Joseph E. Seagram & Sons Inc. Mr. Mulligan he was Executive officer also served as a CFO and Executive Vice President of the Seagram Company Ltd. While there, he handled all corporate financial and strategic business matters.

Mr. Mulligan is a highly educated man. He attained both his BSBA and BBA from the University of Southern California. He graduated with an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

He is also an avid writer, especially sports. This is quite evident on his blog. He writes a lot about golf, basketball and any other sport that interests him. He jokes that he loves golf more than golf loves him! He got invited to co- produce the movie: The Legend of Bagger Vance and as much as he wanted to learn more about Golf, he passed because he thought he would lose half the audience, and hence revenue from other markets considering that golf is a mainly American and Western European sport. He is also served as a commissioner for youth basketball leagues. Apart from sports, he also writes about charity, inspiration and success.

He does not just write about charity, he is also deeply involved in various charitable activities and political causes. Some of these are:
• City of hope
• MCA charities
• United Way
• Land of free foundation
• USC Marshall School Dean Scholarship fund
• UCLA Lifetime Associate Member
• He has helped raise $90 million for schools
• A better LA
• UCLA Anderson Dean Society.

On inspiration, Mr. Mulligan believes that every young person can and should aspire to be great. He challenges young people and players not just believe in their dreams, but to go out and pursue them. To do whatever they’re interested in to the best of their ability. Just reading inspirational posts on his blog gives you the nudge you need to get up and explore your talents.

His other fields of expertise are, but not limited to:
• Film
• Recorded music
• Music publishing
• Cable channels
• Video games
• International entertainment

Brian Mulligan obviously wears many hats and is one of the most interesting people to write about. He is quite accomplished and still approachable which is quite an exciting combination. He wears success like a crown.

Francisco “Frank” Guerra IV Named as Co-Counsel in Litigation Against Syngenta Corn

A recent press release on Business Wire has confirmed that Francisco “Frank” Guerra IV has been made the Co-Lead Counsel by the Honorable Thomas M. Sipkins in the litigation case against Syngenta Corn. In addition to being made Co-Lead Counsel, Guerra will also serve on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee.

The litigation against Syngenta Corn is currently a multi-district litigation case involving both Minnesota and the United States District Court for the District of Kansas. The judge who appointed Guerra as Co-Lead Counsel is a Minnesota judge. The litigation against Syngenta Corn involves their use of genetically modified corn and how that impacted the price drop in the corn market of the United States. Guerra’s law firm currently represents over 21,000 claims against Syngenta Corn. This is roughly 90% of the cases that are part of the litigation against them.

Guerra has said that he is honored to represent the farmers, workers, and businesses of America in this case. He is hoping to bring financial gains to those who finances were damaged by the use of genetically modified corn by Syngenta Corn.

Frank Guerra is part of the law firm Watts Guerra LLP which is based in San Antonio, Texas. Guerra’s litigation partner is Mikal Watts, who actually started the firm in 1997. Frank Guerra joined the law firm in 2009 and it became Watts Guerra LLP. Together, the partners and their law staff handle cases such as product liability, commercial trucking negligence, catastrophic personal injury, commercial litigation, and other areas of law.

Mikal Watts is originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. He attended the University of Texas where he received his Bachelor’s degree before he went on to graduate from the University of Texas School of Law where he received his law degree. He started his career as an assistant to a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas before he went on to open his own successful law firm. Over the years, Watts has expanded his firm to include five cities in Texas, 29 other lawyers, and over 100 support staff employees. YouTube postulates that his law firm has handled some of the biggest corporate litigation cases including the litigation against the Ford Motor Company and Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.

Visual Effects: The Importance of Timelessness

There are some visual effects spectacles that date badly. However, some of them stand the test of time. This is not necessarily because they were groundbreaking at the time. As a matter of fact, some of the films that were considered very groundbreaking at the time of release have aged badly due to it being a dying trend. Being timeless is tricky when it comes to media. For one thing, it is not a good idea to try to be “new” or “different”. Often times, when filmmakers go for that, it often backfires. Even if they seem new at the time, in about ten to fifteen years, they age horribly. This is also true for visual effects.

When people try too hard to be creative with visual effects, it often brings about the opposite effect to what they want. Even if the audience were mind blown by the presentation, they may become tired of it five to ten years down the line. Subtlety often proves to be the better choice. When one focuses more on telling the story he wants to tell with the use of visual effects as a means to an end, he may achieve a timeless as well as satisfactory result.

Visual effects artists such as John Textor works well with keeping visual effects subtle. It is subtlety in visual effects which bring out a more realistic as well as mind-blowing results. With visual effects, it is important to keep the audience invested in the story instead of taking them out of the movie.

Joseph Bismark Successfully Injects Spirituality Into Business

The business world looms highly challenging and competitive. The blog “Bring on the Random” reports that Joseph Bismark believes including spirituality in a business strategy guarantees success. He puts this belief into action as a founding director of the QI group and managing director of Qnet, an Asian direct selling company owned by the group. Bismark’s beliefs stem from his unique past.

Born and raised in the Philippines, at age nine he left a comfortable home to live in a monastery as a monk. He left the monastery eight years later and developed the business principles that brought him to the attention of Qnet. The company handpicked Joseph Bismark to act as managing director for the QI Group. He is largely credited for the company’s success and founded the their Corporate Social Responsibility platform RHYTHM.

Bismark is also the author of “Gems of Wisdom,” a collection of succinct life lessons, and a captivating motivational speaker eager to share his wealth of wisdom with others.

Though his methods of conducting business might seem unorthodox to traditionalists, Bismark’s success speaks volumes. He strives to share the peace within himself with his business associates and puts an emphasis on cooperation. Joseph Bismark proves himself adept at balancing spiritual and practical business considerations.