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Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

If you’ve ever wanted to preserve your youth, then you’ve probably stumbled across Jeunesse Global. With the countless testimonials and positive reviews the company has garnered, it has slowly become a huge multi-million dollar success. Jeunesse Global however is more than just halting the aging process, it’s also a multi-level company that provides consumers the opportunity to earn a decent living. Becoming a distributor for Jeunesse is what many consumers result to, because many people they get compelled to try what they use. 

Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

One of their more popular products outside of skin revitalization is MonaVie. A case of MonaVie consists of 19 body-beneficial plant-derived and fruit glucosamine known to help joints stay mobile and in motion. One of the main ingredients to this drink is açai which contains a rare phytonutrient composition filled with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols. 

This Amazonian superfood ingredient has been used for centuries for the various benefits it provides for optimum health. When consumed, you will be able to internally improve the functions of your body. This in turn will help all of the external products of Jeunesse to better take effect. Every 60 mL serving contains roughly 750 mg of vegan friendly glucosamine. The glucosamine derived from non-animal substances in corn that contains no by-products of animals as well. 

Glucosamine plays a huge role in building the cartilage in the body. When the cartilage is strengthened, you will be able to combat osteoarthritis and arthritis. Mobility will be much easier and you will find your body to be more flexibility altogether as well. MonaVie is all about providing you overall wellness that regular vitamin supplements can’t give you.

Overall, it is a very effective product that will bring back the energy and physical capabilities you once had. When those around you see how strong and flexible you still are the older you get, they will want to know your secret. Becoming a distributor of Jeunesse has been said to be the easiest sales pitch out there so long as you use their products. The results they want to achieve will be seen in you.

How to Pull of the 80s Fashion Look with DonataMeirelles

Through the airing of the first installment of the program, I Want Already was featured with a double treat for fans. It features the celebration of DonataMeirelles for the launch of the Vogue Brasil February issue magazine. This was in addition to the Anne Fernandes Winter collection at the Mares store based in Sao Paulo.

The style of the magazine director chooses some of the best of the new season which has a strong affiliation dating back to the 80s. The program was aimed at enlightening the audience on the use of the trends of the past decade.

Some of the highlights of the casual fashion brand included the metal which laminates and embroidery. The 80s, according to the hosts, was a remarkable period in fashion. It features metal, lurex, and lame, which are part of the materials which made the clothes that were worn during the day and night. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

DonataMeirelles is a fashion guru and happens to be one of the biggest fashion influencers in Brazil. She has extensive thirty-year experience in the fashion industry. She started her first stint when she was in her early twenties.

She was the international buyer based at Daslu, which hails as a prominent stint in her career. The position at Daslu earned her worldwide recognition. She later moved on to become one of the five best international buyers in the world according to the French fashion magazine, L’Officiel.

Through her global experience and fashion network, Donata Meirelles sealed another opportunity with Vogue Brasil back in 2012. She currently serves as the style director, and over the years she has helped in developing the brand into one of the world’s most respected and recognized international editions of Vogue Brasil. She has an active Instagram base which boasts of close to 500,000 followers. To learn more, visit:

Maarten de Jeu Has A Passion For Science And Business

While Maarten de Jeu has a strong passion for business as a financial professional, he is also interested in the world of science and in the past had been a co-chair at the Museum of Science and Industry for their Science Spins program. This program was dedicated to teaching people about the bicycle and its history. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is known as the biggest museum dedicated to science in the entire Western Hemisphere. In order to help teens in the area discover and follow a love of science, they use an internship known as the Farrell Fellows during the summer when school is not in session. Over 5 weeks, the program works with the teens to teach them about science, public speaking, and leadership development. Learn more:


Education has always been important to Maarten de Jeu during his life and career. He is multilingual with the ability to speak French, German, Dutch, and English. He is highly involved with the community of Chicago and is part of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Economic Club of Chicago. Currently, Maarten de Jeu is working with Aviva, an insurance firm, in Chicago. He had been recruited to work with the company in their London office to help the company grow by assisting them in developing strategies and initiatives throughout Europe as well as Asia. In 2008, Aviva asked him to join their company in the United States as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development.


while Maarten de Jeu has a long history of philanthropy and serving his community, he is best known for his career in business and the success that he has helped the companies that he has worked with achieve. He first began gaining experience at TVDK Management Consultants from 1999 to 2007 where he worked on international corporate strategy before he even finished his college education. He first began his career with the company that is located in Amsterdam as an analyst but was able to move his way up in the company quickly after proving his capabilities in the field. Eventually, he obtained the position of Senior Associate for TVDK Management Consultants.


Maarten de Jeu is an international strategy advisor along with a corporate development strategist. He has worked with several companies in Europe and the United States leading growth initiatives that were successes. He attended Leiden University where he majored in Public Administration along with a Social Science M.A and graduated from in 2001. Maarten de Jeu went on to attend the University of Oxford where he attended their Said Business School and earned his executive MBA in 2005. In addition, he graduated at the top of his class and had earned several finance specializations. Connect with Maarten on LinkedIn

HGGC on Growing the World Around Them

People are frequently perplexed when they come face-to-face with HGGC, one of the country’s biggest and fastest-growing middle market private equity firms. The reason they cause so much confusion is the sheer level of revenue and companionship they have generated throughout their running; it is very uncommon to find a corporation that both has the potential to grow and cares for the people around them.

Luckily, caring for others is a top priority for HGGC, and it has been ever since they launched over ten years ago. They exist as a means to find and appreciate great businesses that have a chance to change the world. The folks who operate HGGC are all united by one common characteristic; they all have a knack for spotting businesses with this sort of potential within the investment firm industry. Because of their natural talent for this, they have been able to cement themselves within a world that desperately needs the talents they have to offer. Some might say that it is only due to their talents that they were able to make themselves a global force to be reckoned with, but this is far too undermining of their other positive characteristics.

Besides the team’s talent to make proper investments, HGGC has been known to place integrity at the forefront of concern. When they are met with an issue that requires a decision to be made, the question for their board of executives becomes focused on how to help as many people as they possibly can. Aiding their community is something that has pushed HGGC to grow extremely rapidly even in times of seemingly low levels of business. They operate on a simple principle, and this principle is as follows: if you treat others as they would like to be treated, you will find fortune within your life. This much has shown to be true for everyone within their company, as they have all proven to care for others even more than themselves and it has shown only to aid in the expansion of their business. Some people are built to watch the world as it grows around them, but others are built to grow the world around them.

Louis Chenevert- Highly Experienced Personality in Leadership and Management and Execlusive Advisor in Goldman Sachs

Louis Chenevert mostly referred to as Louis R. Chenevert is an American from Farmington in Connecticut. He is mostly found in the north eastern side of us in the east coast new England. Louis Chenevert is the Exclusive advisor in Goldman Sachs. He is also the chief executive officer and the chairman of the united technologies corporation. As the chief executive officer, he was elected in the year two thousand and eight April while as the chairman he was elected in the year two thousand and ten. He began his commitment in united technologies corporation in the year two thousand and six march. Louis Chenevert is a post graduate in the university of Montreal where he pursed his course of bachelor of arts in production management.

Before Louis Chenevert began working in united technologies, he was there before the president in Pratt and Whitney company since the year nineteen ninety-nine April to march two thousand and six. Prior to that also, Louis Chenevert worked in general motors as the production general manager that was St. Therese operation.

Among the position that Louis Chenevert holds currently, is being the member of committee’s executives in business roundtable where he manages as the chairman in the fiscal and tax policy department. Similarly, he is a member of the committee in business council and US-India CEO forum. Thirdly, he works in Cargill as among the board of directors. This is the congregation medal honor foundation. Also in Yale Cancer Center, he works as the chairman.

Back in the year two thousand and five, Louis Chenevert was elected as a partner of AIAA which is the American institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics. Louis Chenevert is the chairman of Montreal’s international board of advisors and has also the seat of the chairman in friends HEC Montreal of the board of directors.

It’s through the high experience that Louis Chenevert has been through that he has been able to play his role in different companies he works in. Similarly, her earned education has helped in implementation of the expected skills in the business world.

Doe Deere Achieved Her American Dream of Success

For many people from other countries that are exposed to the media and see the portrayal of the successful American dream coming to America becomes part of the dream. Becoming a successful entrepreneur was Doe Deere dream and one that she thought she would fulfill if she lived in America. At the age of seventeen Doe and her family moved to New York and the reality of the big city was a shock. The television shows and movies that showcased did not come close to explaining how big the City of New York is. The family struggled to earn money and a few times ended up in homeless shelters.

To earn money Doe Deere and her family did several odd jobs like dog walking, pet sitting, and house cleaning. Times were tough, but the family refused to give up and continued to work hard. Doe Deere escaped the harsh reality of her circumstance’s by dreaming of a better future as a fashion designer. Though it seemed like nothing would change meeting Dorchen Leidholt a lawyer for the organization Sanctuary for Families changed their lives. Leidholt helped Doe Deere’s mother obtain a job in Accounting and helped Deere enter the Fashion Institue of Technology based on some of Deere’s fashion sketches.

Doe Deere took a chance to start selling some of her fashions on eBay and then expanded into the beauty market. It took some time, but eventually, Doe Deere decided to concentrate only on the beauty industry and started developing and selling her own cosmetics online. From selling small on eBay to developing her makeup line, Doe Deere worked hard to create her own cosmetics line, and the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand was created. Doe Deere’s dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in America became a reality and she continues to look for new business ideas. Deo Deere recently founded the Poppy Angeloff Jewelry Line.

Doe Deere Views on Fashion Market

Doe Deere is one of the investors that have in the USA and around the world. Although she was born and partially raised in Russia, her dream of living and working in the USA was alive. She confesses that her love for American fashion and American culture started when she was still young. During this period, the only interaction Doe Deere had with the American culture was mainly through print media and different fashion magazines. When the time came to move in the USA — at the age of 17 years — she knew her dream of becoming a fashion icon and an investor in fashion was not farfetched.

Living in New York City was an eye-opener for the young Jewish girl. Although the economic reality was harsh and sometimes unpredictable, it was a chance for her to learn about the USA and more importantly — learn about her abilities. The late 2000s was her season for experimentation and more importantly, a season for her debut in the fashion industry. Her first company — Lime Crime — later became one of the biggest fashion start-ups in the USA. Doe Deere points out that through the company, she learned more about the fashion industry and more importantly, the customers’ expectations from a fashion product.

Doe Deere understands the value of research in the fashion world. For the last six years, she has worked with different entities — all with the aim of improving products’ quality. Deere points out that understanding the value of working with other professionals has assisted her in growing her company. Some of the areas she has collaborated with other professionals include — doing market researches and product branding. Thanks to this brilliant understanding, her company is one of the few fashion companies that have grown at a faster rate while retaining initial clients. In the next five years, she hopes to change the face of fashion — with brilliant products.

She is now the CEO of Poppy Angeloff — an innovative cosmetic and jewelry brand. With a huge online following, she believes that the company is slowly changing the business dynamics of this competitive niche.

Seasoned Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie Transforms Entrepreneurship Through C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India in 1978. He grew up in the city with his brother and parents. His diligence earned him a place at Boston University where he went to study International Business and Marketing. After college, he gained experience interning at JP Morgan. His experience gave him an upper hand in his recruitment at C&C Alpha Group in London.

World at C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie teamed up with his friends to form C&C Alpha Group. The company is a private investment firm that offers investment advice to clients on various matters. He rose to the role of Executive Director in 2001 and still maintains that role to date. Some of the investments that CCAG has amassed over the years are care homes in the United Kingdom and luxury spa hotels in Mauritius and India. Apart from his business interests, he is also a firm believer in assisting the less fortunate in society by donating to charity.

Bhanu Choudhrie firmly believes in teamwork. As such, he collaborates with other leaders at the company is steering C&C Alpha Group in becoming a formidable investment company. Their central role is offering consulting and investment advice to venture capital investors. Bhanu and his partners are involved in sourcing and identifying new deals for emerging markets that provide positive returns. Additionally, CCAG also prides itself in being on the forefront in promoting agriculture, healthcare, aviation, and hospitality. Visit about Bhanu Choudhrie

Further Studies at Harvard Business School

Education is a crucial ingredient to success. Bhanu Choudhrie believes in this age-old adage and also reiterates that education is a continuous process. Therefore, he enrolled at the Harvard Business School in the Owners and President Management Program. The skills he acquired at the program played a crucial role in his service at Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. as the director. He accepted working as the company’s director in 2018 shortly after they had raised their IPO.


Bhanu Choudhrie’s work was recognized in 2008 at the Asian Voice Political Awards. His dedication to his work earned him an accolade as the Entrepreneur of the Year. He says that the award reinforced the fact that you can find an opportunity in a foreign country and still emerge successfully.

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The Spectacular Growth of OSI Food Solutions

Many factors influence the growth of a corporation. For starters, there is the presence of quality products and services which means there will be a higher client retention rate. Additionally, there is good leadership. Since OSI Food Solutions is the specific company under the limelight, it is good to note that the company has been under the guidance of visionary individuals. For starters, there was Otto Kolschowsky. He was not only a visionary, but he was also passionate and determined to succeed in all his ventures.

An Overview of OSI Food Solutions

The food processing company usually deals with meat products. At the moment, the company has offered employment to over 20,000 people in more than 17 countries. To make sure that they have met the needs of its clients, OSI Food Solutions has established 65 facilities internationally. The company is also listed as a privately owned corporation. There are also other food processing firms that have gained a lot from the resources present at OSI. The firm is also very responsive, and they have also attained an excellent reputation worldwide.

Although OSI Food Solutions has been ranked as a leading corporation internationally, the corporation was once a butchery situated in Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky was the man who established the butcher shop. Despite not knowing that his business would turn into a multinational entity, he forged on, and he even began to work closely with his sons in the meat business. While working with Arthur and Harry, his two sons, Kolschowsky changed the name of the company to Otto & Sons.

The business was growing tremendously since they were offering quality meat to their clients. After forming a symbiotic business relationship with McDonald’s, the company would make more money since they were supplying more meat products. Since Otto & Sons was determined to maintain the working relationship with McDonald’s, they started utilizing other forms of technology including cryogenic freezing. The nitrogen would ensure that the meat was frozen during the transport process. As a result, OSI Food Solutions was always able to deliver quality meat products that were also fresh despite the long distance from the food processing plants.

Jojo Hedaya Creates a Solution to the Junk Mail Epidemic

Despite smartphones giving us access to email 24/7, many Americans have begun to ignore their emails. This because their inboxes have become a mailbox full of random newsletters, subscriptions, and overall junk. 80% of all emails are nothing but junk and this includes work email accounts. This junk buries important work emails and has made email a less-effective means of communication. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald have sought a solution to this problem. This solution comes in the form of an app known as Unroll.Me.

Unroll.Me works by scanning through your entire inbox and it then sends you an email of all your subscriptions. With one click you can unsubscribe from any subscription. The service was launched in 2012 and has since grown into one of the most popular organization apps with over a million users.

Jojo Hedaya grew up in New York and while in college had the opportunity to study abroad in Israel. It was during his time in Israel that he met Josh Rosenwald a fellow New Yorker. They both were interested in starting a business and were trading ideas back and forth when Hedaya noticed that Rosenwald wasn’t answering his emails. This was due to Rosenwald’s inbox being full of junk. The idea hit them and they both knew they had to create a service that would clean out their inbox. The pair of New York entrepreneurs were only 24 years old when they launched Unroll.Me in 2013.

Hedaya was the Vice President of student government and three credits shy of a degree at Brooklyn College when he dropped out to start Unroll.Me. He knew it was a big risk, but he knew with hard work and the right mind set his idea would succeed.

When Unroll.Me was first launched, it was very buggy and didn’t work properly. However, the press caught on and the app quickly grew to over a million users. Hedaya and Rosenwald were able to secure funding and turn the app into what it is today. Jojo Hedaya’s ability to execute, strategize and maximize his personal strengths have helped grow Unroll.Me into a success.