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Omar Yunes Entrepreneur with a Passion for Restaurant Business

There are hundreds of entrepreneurs in Mexico, but in the food and restaurant business, Omar Yunes has taken a clear lead, especially after winning the Best Franchisee in the World Competition. Omar Yunes has always been passionate about starting his restaurant and running it successfully, and thanks to his hard work and determination, he currently owns 13 Sushi Itto fast food restaurants. In the future, Omar Yunes has exciting plans to expand his business and add more franchise units in his portfolio. Omar Yunes says that there is a lot of potential in the Sushi Itto brand to continue to succeed in the fast food business as it offers healthy fast food, which is a new concept that is liked by the people these days.

Omar Yunes winning the Best Franchise in the World Competition didn’t come as a surprise to many individuals, especially the ones who already knew him. Omar Yunes even after so many years continues to supervise the daily functioning of all his restaurants carefully and takes the customers feedback and reviews very seriously. Thanks to the world of social media and internet, it has become very much possible to stay connected to the clients and know what they are talking about any particular business on the web. Omar Yunes ensures that the corrective measures are taken immediately to provide higher customer satisfaction to every customer that walks through the door of his restaurants. Omar Yunes easily beat hundreds of other participants from 34 countries that took part in the event. The organizers of the show also said that Omar Yunes was a clear winner among all the participants as he scored high in all the judging parameters. Click here to know more about him.

Omar Yunes started first Sushi Itto restaurant at the age of 21 and since then has continued his success journey without looking back. After winning the BFW Competition, he said at the stage while accepting the award that winning such a highly competitive event is only made possible due to the collective efforts made by his workforce consisting of 400 employees. His workforce is proud of the achievement of their boss and is happy that Omar Yunes shared the credit of his success to the employees.

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Josh Verne: Not Just Being Heard, But Listening

The common dream for people is to be heard. Everyone has the right to be heard. It doesn’t matter the circumstances. There are businesses where the employees are not happy. Among the reasons that employees are not happy is that they are not listened to. When employees are not happy, then they are not going to make it easier for the employer. A good employer is someone that listens to what people are saying. While the employer does have to make sure that the employees are doing their job, he has to also present a situation that is good for all sides.


Josh Verne has learned the value of listening to employees. For one thing, he has learned that employees that are happy are going to make positive changes in the businesses. Also, another thing that he has realized is that people are becoming more aware of their options. One thing Josh wants to see is a business where employees are treated fairly. It is an uncomfortable situation where an employer is making things miserable for the employee. Even the employee that is the most willing to work for the company is going to find himself looking for a way out when he is faced with a bad work situation.


One thing that could be done for employees is to provide a platform for employees to voice their opinions. Among the things employers and business owners could do is run meetings. Even though many companies run meetings, a lot of those meetings are lectures of the employer to the employees. However, another option for meetings is for employers to leave room for the employees to leave their input. Not only that, it would not hurt to at least take in some of the suggestions of the employee. This would encourage the employee to work for the company more.


A large part of business is making things easier for the employee among others. The whole point of business is to provide benefits to people so that they will have the very thing they need or want in their lives. Every aspect of the business has to be treated with care.