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What Leadership Skills You Should Develop Based on Desiree Perez’s Success

Desiree PerezIf you’re a dedicated, determined, and ambitious woman looking to have a successful career, then you likely pay attention to a lot of the other women leaders in the world. After all, there never seems to be enough of them. One of those leaders that you should your attention on is Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez. She’s the COO at Roc Nation and has been here for a decade. Before that, even, she was part of a smaller business that was no less successful. The music industry can be one of the toughest places to find success as a woman. For those who want to make a successful career for themselves, you need to develop and this key leadership skill as demonstrated by Desiree Perez.

At her very heart, Desiree Perez has been able to have an almost uncanny ability to innovate. She sees something that could be improved and she devotes her full attention to seeing that become a reality. New artists, new partnerships, new services are all aspects that she considers in order to keep making Roc Nation relevant to its listeners and fans. With innovation comes success.

Desiree Perez

Consultant, Susan McGalla

Most of the companies that show a level of gender balance and ethnic miscellany have been believed to perform better than those that do not. This is because such companies are open to new ideas, and thus their developments do not take long. However right or compelling some statistics on these beliefs may be, it is still a fact that women occupy very few top positions in institutions and firms.

Susan McGalla in profession been successful. She struggled and found her way to the top positions in the firms, and organizations that she worked with. Currently, she is comfortable working with both men and women; and tries to help other women find their way to leadership positions since it was never impossible for her.

The American Eagle Outfitters is where she began climbing the ladder. It took her time, but before she left the company, she was already the President; despite the fact that the high ranking positions were all filled by men.

Opportunities that Susan found are very encouraging, but not all women find them. But the good news is that groups that provide opportunities for women to rise in business have come up. What these organizations do, is support women leaders and give them with a chance to exchange ideas among themselves, and also plan adequately for their businesses.

Susan McGalla was born in Ohio. She was brought up by his father who at that time was a local football coach. The fact that Susan was the only female among her two brothers and father did not make her special. She came to learn that if she wanted something, then she had to work for it. Her father taught Susan to be confident and hardworking, encouraging her that an audience should not be an issue, but her confidence. This confidence took her to high positions, like the ones she currently holds.

McGalla went to Mount Union College. She achieved a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, after graduation. She is married to Stephen McGalla, and he is a wealth manager. Susan is currently the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, where she consults on branding, operational efficiencies, and other issues. She is also on the boards of HFF Inc, the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institution and Foundation; and Mount Union College.

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