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Al Gore’s Climate Change Festival Will Probably Serve Meat

Al Gore is holding a special climate change music festival, but the former vice president refuses to make the event vegan-only. Groups like PETA argue that in order to talk about climate change, one must take into account the effect things like farming animals have on the climate. PETA argues that along with the festival Gore should be touting the benefits of going vegan on the environment as a whole, and promoting it as a way to give back to the environment.

PETA has contacted the group putting on the festival, but has been unable to get the group to commit to not serving any meat o dairy products. While the event might be “as vegan as possible” there will also likely be meat and dairy products present. Gore’s group acknowledges that going vegan can have a huge impact on a person’s carbon footprint, but is not dedicated at this time to forcing that decision upon guests at the event. Amen Clinics thinks that was a class act by Gore’s group. (TheDailyBeast)